Doflamingo's speech about future Throne Wars! | One Piece | 746 | 1080p

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One Piece | Anime | Episode 746 | HD | English Subtitles
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Jan 26, 2017




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Comments 24
Liffo 7 days ago
dang bruh Doflamingo is like, the Franz Ferdinand of One Piece
hafizul mohardin
Hideyuki tanaka=voice actor doffy Always love his voice♥️
Hama Cris
Hama Cris Month ago
This scene is definitely in top 10 OP moments.
Jed Montes
Jed Montes 2 months ago
he is refering to the seat of the Pirate King not the Empty Throne because he knows it's not really an empty throne. only the seat of the Pirate King is empty right now.
Jan Francis Mangona
Jan Francis Mangona 3 months ago
Epistemix 4 months ago
What I'd give to see Doflamingo several times still commenting about One Piece's World stakes 💘
Xwartu 4 months ago
I like how everyone thinks the seat he's referring to is the Pirate King but now it's more likely the empty throne.
Mr Fapple
Mr Fapple Month ago
paranoid android bro it’s gonna be crazy!
paranoid android
@Mr Fapple That sounds pretty legit tho tbh.
Mr Fapple
Mr Fapple Month ago
paranoid android no, he was talking about the pirate king throne cause he even mentions how whitebeard took the reins only, if he hadn’t mentioned that then it’ll make more sense for it to be the WG throne but since whitebeard was a pirate and roger was a pirate king it’s only logical that he’s talking about the pirate king throne because he’s talking about pirates and he even says that pirates are ballooning more than ever
paranoid android
@Mr Fapple He was talking about some seat that is totally empty. And that the fight for supremacy is about to begin. It may be due to poor translation but he didn't exactly call it the 'pirate king throne', so it could be both. *edit: imho WG throne is more likely, because the struggle for pirate kings title had already started back when Roger was executed.
Mr Fapple
Mr Fapple Month ago
But he is referring to the pirate king throne lol not the world government throne
Leukresnt122846 4 months ago
2:57 - 2:58 The event will be in Wano Country
miss 623
miss 623 Month ago
@MarsWeasel oh thanks for the info
MarsWeasel Month ago
@miss 623 he means how the Marines are starting to utilize the SSG which is supposed to be greater than the Shichibukai. With Kaidou & Big Mom teaming up for the first time since Rocks D. Xebec, the Marines & the World Government cannot be neutral when it comes to Wano Country. The event will be greater than Marineford because a lot of factions are involved in this.
miss 623
miss 623 3 months ago
Wdym sir?
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Its scary on how Doflamingo predicted pretty much everything that is happening now
Wretchedegg 4 months ago
Nicholas D. Wolfwood he not predicting, he already know the true secrect of the world he part of the celestial dragon he know everything
warren robete
warren robete 11 months ago
I thought this video was deleted,, thanks for re uploading
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