Does Planet 9 Exist?

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A planet has been predicted to orbit the sun with a period of 10,000 years, a mass 5x that of Earth on a highly elliptical and inclined orbit. What evidence supports the existence of such a strange object at the edge of our solar system?
Huge thanks to:
Prof. Konstantin Batygin, Caltech
Prof. David Jewitt, UCLA
I had heard about Planet 9 for a long time but I wondered what sort of evidence could support the bold claim: a planet at the very limits of our ability to detect one, so far out that its period is over 60 times that of Neptune. The planet 9 hypothesis helps explain clustering of orbits of distant Kuiper belt objects. It also explains how some of these objects have highly inclined orbits - up to 90 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system. Some are orbiting in reverse. Plus their orbits are removed from the orbit of Neptune, the logical option for a body that could have ejected them out so far. The fact that the perihelion is so far out suggests another source of gravity was essential for their peculiar orbits.
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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 9 553
Plinio Barra
Plinio Barra 16 hours ago
Don't know why, but the "Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt" guy reminds me of Giorgio Tsoukalos...
Wayne Clark
Wayne Clark 17 hours ago
Suggest y’all read the Bible y’all don’t even realize how ignorant y’all are . Nibiru isn’t coming but Jesus is , dumbest smart person read the Bible people it’s only truth we have
GoldenTreesYT Minecrafter
*sad Pluto noises*
Lucas Miertschin
this guy is really named konstintine
Efrain Crespo
Efrain Crespo 2 days ago
Could it be a much larger object much further away?
DR.NEGA 2 days ago
R Fox
R Fox 3 days ago
Here is what I think, maybe the black hole that they think may be orbiting at the edges of our system is actually the drive from an alien generation ship and somewhere hidden out there is a giant alien ship.. Think about it maybe they saw earth using an advanced telescope but saw it several hundred to a thousand years ago when no civilization was detectable. They needed to flee an impending disaster or something. Also, it would explain why the UFOs we see are not very large They are just run-about's. If there were an alien generation ships that came here and their biology is just not quite right to live in our atmosphere, that would explain a need to gather human and animal specimens; to do bio engineering. They could even be aquatic. In addition the location of the orbit is perfect for a incoming giant ship to slow down. A few other possible thoughts is it is a black hole in Dyson sphere or even a worm hole end point ( I like this one too). There is just starting to be to many real sightings lately. Check out the UFO in orbit with the ISS for 20 minutes that just all the sudden takes off away from earth and of course the navy videos.
Chris Odom
Chris Odom 4 days ago
Konstantin is an rc guy! That's great
Jeremy B.
Jeremy B. 4 days ago
mercury, venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, pluto - 9 planets, I think their trying to find a tenth planet. theirs only 9 dimensions. the ancients knew their stuff, they even called pluto hades.
Joseph Hornbuckle
Wouldn't the Voyager Satellite have found it by now
Hanka Novackova
Hanka Novackova 5 days ago
How come we can see planets 300 light years away and not able to see objects 50 AU from earth
ggracie_m 5 days ago
good question
Shadow Coyote
Shadow Coyote 5 days ago
Does Planet 9 Exist? Short Answer: Probably Long Answer: Yesn’t
Shadow Coyote
Shadow Coyote 2 days ago
bagged malk DON’T TELL THEM THAAT!
bagged malk
bagged malk 2 days ago
yesn't is shorter than probably
Ai 5 days ago
Name it Plunov/Plunove
Jim McClarin
Jim McClarin 5 days ago
Millennia before the putative first discovery of the telescope the Sumerians are said to have recognized the asteroid belt and the outer planets invisible to the naked eye, including an outermost planet with an extremely eccentric orbit that today’ s astronomers have only recently postulated and are now seeking. They numbered the planets beginning with that outermost planet and working inward exactly as a space traveler might.
ebiros2 6 days ago
Planet 9 might be a micro black hole, about 11 inches in diameter. If it is, chances of it getting found by observation is practically nil.
Lets Suck
Lets Suck 6 days ago
we should call planet 9 "dolos" which is a greek got of trickery if we find it because for how long it hid
rohan daniel
rohan daniel 6 days ago
those who are into ancient civilization astronomy have heard of the planetary disasters that happen every 10,000 years. what if planet 9 plays a role in that?
Martin Edwards
Martin Edwards 6 days ago
“That’s a good question” Clean your offices.
Heather Gray
Heather Gray 6 days ago
How can the older gentleman deny planet 9 when you can clearly see it's gravitational pull on his cup of coffee.
john abbot
john abbot 6 days ago
Can't they calculate the best they can and point the Hubble telescope in the best calculated guess?
Yours Truely
Yours Truely 7 days ago
Always interesting to see how many ways there are to explain why you are wrong and not admitting it.
reynoldsmathey 8 days ago
Yeah, it's called PLUTO. Suck it, Neal de Grasse Tyson!
Steve Deasy
Steve Deasy 8 days ago
I'm surprised Konstantin didn't suggest a name of Dick Sock for planet nine after noticing his Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt.
Bonny Pop
Bonny Pop 8 days ago
How could you not call it nibiru?
blech71 9 days ago
Slade AF
Slade AF 9 days ago
It’s 4am... I need to go to sleep
Edison's Cat
Edison's Cat 10 days ago
Um actually ... It would be Planet 10 because Pluto is a planet.
Rhan 10 days ago
Planet 9 is so racist to pluto !!!
Melvorgazh 10 days ago
It's named PLUTO !
Bland 10 days ago
ok but who found the Kuiper belt
Chirchy 10 days ago
Bruh why don’t they just use Hubble to search the solar system
Stacy Mackenzie
Stacy Mackenzie 10 days ago
Only on Friday morning at 935..
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 10 days ago
Was "Planet 9" and even others extra-solar and were considered wandering "Stars" or wondering planets from former collisions of other galaxies or even ours ? This might define the off angle. Just a thought. I don't consider all of the planets and space junk started from the junk box our star started with to create a system.
Tengou 10 days ago
"It used to but then we redefined it."
Awe Dee.0
Awe Dee.0 10 days ago
Samuel Banks
Samuel Banks 11 days ago
How many moons could it have
Ivica Jaranovic
Ivica Jaranovic 11 days ago
Oh Nibiru, Nibiru where are you?
HoKy 11 days ago
Helping in the search: LSST. Not helping: SpaceX' Starlink satellites. Would be interesting to find though :)
Bal Loney
Bal Loney 11 days ago
I know for sure CLOUD 9 exist... and I always enjoy it!
Time Traveling Reader
Yeah, you planet snobs--people like you and Neal DeGrasse Tyson--need to stop trying to find and adopt new planets and start accepting Pluto as one. Pluto is the ninth planet.
E 10
E 10 12 days ago
Your never gonna see thay planet again Your moving through space And That planet isnt conneted with earth solar system
Carbon No6
Carbon No6 12 days ago
The old fossil that is wrong about people being psychologically misconstrued about the undiscovered planet.. there may not currently be any conclusive evidence, but until you can rule it out with 100% certainty a slim chance can become reality.. he’s the type of dunce that values his opinion over everyone’s. Also expects people to believe his word without question..
Jan Petersson
Jan Petersson 12 days ago
Also my grandma told me when I was Young; -What a hell are they doing, shall they try to cheat us we live on a glob? ruvid.net/video/video-2K87w1B019s.html
Brandon E. Smith
Brandon E. Smith 12 days ago
It's not a planet. It's a black hole.
Ganesh Mourya
Ganesh Mourya 13 days ago
You came to Caltech and didn't ask for Rajesh kootherpali, so disappointing....
Planet 9
Planet 9 13 days ago
Of course I exist!
T F 13 days ago
Thanks for the vid. Always great.
SDMF5000 13 days ago
I keep waiting for Sheldon to walk in.
Talk ID
Talk ID 13 days ago
Is there a possibility, planet nine is once existed and become rogue planet that escape sun gravity bcs too elongated orbit?
Follower of Jakob Lorber
Long time ago there was another planet in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter. The name of that planet was Phaeton or Mallona, Mallona means broken planet. Mallona was destroyed during a nuclear war, only the four moons of Mallona survived. You will know everything about Mallona and more if you read the books of Jakob Lorber (1800 - 1864) and Leopold Engel (1858 - 1931).
Dare BGD
Dare BGD 14 days ago
Ok, but how all of this fits into the flat Earth theory ?
Wayne Wayne
Wayne Wayne 14 days ago
Apparently a dress code is not enforced at their universities.
Norman Thornton
Norman Thornton 14 days ago
This theory is based on the perturbations of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune from a gravitational perspective. That is some mass at some distance is causing through gravity the anomalic behavior of these Planets. What is not considered is the real reason of the perturbations in each of these bodies orbits. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all beat to a different drummer as far as time goes.The value of a momentum of duration of a second on each body is slightly shorter than it is on Earth and each other. Time is based on the distance from the seat of the Sun plus the mass of the object it is being measured on. At our distance and mass we place a value of momentum as being one interval known as the second. It is not the same on Mercury, Venus nor Mars nor in the Asteroid Belt nor Jupiter. Based on the astronomer's calculations of Planet nine's mass, they should be able to pinpoint its location relatively easy, but they find nothing at the appropriate distance. . .
John Farrell
John Farrell 14 days ago
Me: Where is the washroom? Konstantin: That's a great question. Turn left third door on the right.
Tanya Sapien
Tanya Sapien 14 days ago
see, people, this is why Pluto needs to be a planet. If Pluto's planet 9, then that makes this new one Planet 10, AKA Planet X. Who doesn't want to go looking for Planet X?
rmyukon 15 days ago
@3:14 - The statement here perfectly sums up the Democrats insanity over Donald Trump, AKA Trump Derangement Syndrome. Even though there is NOTHING there, they believe there is. And they believe it so much that, even though he's not a fascist, racist, Hitler-ish puppet of Putin, they are convinced he is. #Trump2020
The Symphony of Science
Finally, Nibiru ;))
Mr.DeadLifts 15 days ago
Just name it "The Planet 9"
Stephen Dickens
Stephen Dickens 15 days ago
And 10, 11, and 12, oh wait were not there yet, my bad.
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