Does 240Hz Matter for Gaming ft. Gav from Slow Mo Guys

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Does a 240Hz monitor ACTUALLY make you more responsive when gaming? We asked Gav from The Slow Mo Guys to help us investigate this bold claim!
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Jun 26, 2019




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Comments 80
Adam The Human • 69 years ago
Gavin lowkey looks depressed💀
Saketh Voora
Saketh Voora 3 days ago
Ahhhh! I am so satisfied that he started with explaning basic logical cause and effect !!!!!!
AbdEl Leon Cooper
5:42 :-P
Jimmy N
Jimmy N 6 days ago
I wish you compared 240hz with 144hz also
Ambrosine Girardi
affiliate link is broken
Karai 7 days ago
I think that 144 hz is the best, why didn’t you use it?
Mr.Milky 8 days ago
You guys added the scout sniper effect instead of the auto sniper sound effect.
icore 8 days ago
im buying that backpack just because they sponsored linus
Dawid Mikan
Dawid Mikan 8 days ago
"Medic or whatever" *every cs:go player triggered*
Christoph L
Christoph L 8 days ago
6:56 right in front of his chin XDD
Sum Yin Zhang
Sum Yin Zhang 9 days ago
skill improve over time so...
Bronson Baden
Bronson Baden 9 days ago
You should of brought in Shroud lmao
avalon NewWay
avalon NewWay 9 days ago
- KTD Music Schkhermer
Canyon Smith
Canyon Smith 10 days ago
i was the dood outside in blue
ᘺᓍᘺ 11 days ago
This is the best collab in the world
RandomNudeGuy 11 days ago
Why dont u bring someone who plays games to test it?
YesnightsRBLX 12 days ago
Why does this feel like an SCP Subject tape?
Maximus 12 days ago
I honestly don’t have a problem with 60hz, I choose to play on 60hz simply because it never drops below that
aiRCoft 12 days ago
Auto scrubs.
Eclipse 13 days ago
Unfortunately, Gav is correct that there were too many extra variables not taken into account to make this experiment capable of reaching a definitive conclusion. On top of that, there isn't a big enough subject pool or an adequate test run count to reach more accurate averages. Here is my proposal: Redo the experiment with 4 randomly selected test subjects from a pool of players with very similar skills (identical K/D ratios, W/L ratios, average score per game, etc.), with 2 players who normally play at 60Hz and 2 that play at 144Hz+ (these are the subject groups, group 1 for 60Hz, group 2 for 144Hz+) Prohibit all forms of external stimuli (in-game and external sounds, test administrator reactions, etc.) Run a control experiment to measure the players' normal, relaxed, and focused gameplay stats in a standard private match against bots; 6 tests per category, 3 at 60Hz and 3 at 240Hz. Test each subject for reaction time on 60Hz using this setup 4 times (measured in ms); one shot only per test. Test each subject for reaction time on 240Hz using the same rules as before. Test each subject for accuracy 4 times on 60Hz (measured in pixel distance from target); 3 shots per test. Test each subject for accuracy 240Hz using the same rules as before. Test each subject 2 times per refresh rate at random for overall response time and accuracy with no limit on fired shots; do not disclose which refresh rate they will be testing for each test, or tell them the number of tests (blind test). Have each subject provide feedback after each test run. Hypothesis: Group 1 will have significantly better results in 240Hz gameplay versus their 60Hz gameplay. Group 2 will have slightly worse results versus group 1 in 60Hz gameplay (due to overcompensation), but slightly improved results in 240Hz gameplay. Group 1 will have slightly worse overall results versus group 2. Group 1 will be optimistic about their results in 240Hz while group 2 will be slightly more pessimistic/self-critical about their results in 240Hz. 240Hz gameplay will be decidedly better than 60Hz for gameplay.
VidjahPulse 13 days ago
Ask not for whom the train choos. It choos for thee.
birdyLOL 13 days ago
that slap cracked me up LOL
Steven Desprez
Steven Desprez 13 days ago
8:10 Linus turns into a giggly school boy
RB86_Racing 14 days ago
I have to first get to 60fps God damn it
Nyle006 14 days ago
Wait someone answer me, I’ve been playing on a acer predator helios 300 and I think it’s 60hz But u get 140 FPS have I been playing on 60fps this whole time?
Pepijn Krijnsen
Pepijn Krijnsen 12 days ago
@Nyle006 HDMI older than version 2.0 can handle 120hz at 1080p res :) so you should be good
Nyle006 12 days ago
Pepijn Krijnsen thanks one more thing I’m getting a bowQ monitor and my laptop doesn’t have a display port so I have to use a hdmi. Any way I can still get At least 120hz with hdmi?
Pepijn Krijnsen
Pepijn Krijnsen 12 days ago
Yes and no. Check out the follow up to this video. tl;dr you're only refreshing at 60Hz but your video card is getting and sending more up to date information to the monitor than it would if FPS is reported 60-80.
Tezorus 14 days ago
Wait a minute there. Gav looks small when he's doing slow mo guys's videos but there... how tall is Dan god damnit?
Belestair Mamoru
Belestair Mamoru 14 days ago
if you are slapping someone as a joke or a prank, or a test like this. never clap the ear, its not nice.
CaputTrianguli 15 days ago
the hair on linus's ear is longer than the hair on his head
Shiki Aikawa
Shiki Aikawa 15 days ago
They should probably make a paper out of this experiment 😂
Sticky Mist
Sticky Mist 15 days ago
When it’s 1 o’clock in the morning and you’re laughing at train noises on Linus tech tips
Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers 15 days ago
At exactly 7:19, you can see the 1.5" long hair growing out of his ear.
Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers 15 days ago
I forgot to say, this is a really cool video. Great topic!
Abdualziz 15 days ago
I don't think it's worth it when my ping always in 90 ~ 130 it'll only make me see my death just a little bit smother.
Linventor 15 days ago
Protip for sniping: Instead of trying to get the crosshair to the enemy, let the enemy come to the crosshair. in other words, if you're using a slow firing long range weapon like the AWP, SCAR, or Machina, you shouldn't try to immediately aim directly at the enemy - instead aim where they're _about_ to be and shoot when they get there. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but it can really improve your accuracy.
Yigit Kucuk
Yigit Kucuk 16 days ago
That slap still feels SO GOOD even after a year boyz ! #neverforget
parsa shafiee
parsa shafiee 17 days ago
What about 144
Diddlyono 17 days ago
did this lad just miss with the auto sniper?????
Abdullah Bhutta
Abdullah Bhutta 18 days ago
I don't like EDZEL. whenever I see him in a video I want to punch right into its face.!
Tanner Eanes
Tanner Eanes 18 days ago
bro that high fps in that 1st slow mo shot, really made the game look fake af xD
Alexander Stainton
Alexander Stainton 18 days ago
Can we please get some stats based minimum sample size? At least a data set of 30 per category.
Swastick i0i WIZARD
While I am over her playing csgo at 20fps on my ancient laptop
f f
f f 19 days ago
Shooting the head is much harder go for the body then the head
Leonardo H.
Leonardo H. 19 days ago
17:45, there you go...
yang jeonghun
yang jeonghun 19 days ago
if i had the gear i could go pro
Ninja Tokes
Ninja Tokes 20 days ago
To me, it just seems like people with good gaming skill would opt to buy better gaming stuff because they are actually good at it? Look at it this way, you don't need a 100,000 bucks guitar if you're not Carlos Santana or Jimi Hendrix. You definitely don't need 10,000 bucks microphone if you're not running a professional quality studio. People with higher skill level just generally require better equipments because they notice more of the details and little things that would make a world of difference to them, but not to most average users.
DJ Buenavista
DJ Buenavista 20 days ago
Ed: "I'm sure I'm fine." LOL
Grinstopher 20 days ago
I somehow feel this would be much easier and conclusive if you just put twenty people in front of an aim trainer
Raymond Reddington
Raymond Reddington 20 days ago
You should have for that at least 16k mouse. Because it makes follow the target easier and shot them.
Jelkiin 22 days ago
Did we just see a 90ms reaction time? VERY impressive
M Co Tech TV
M Co Tech TV 22 days ago
i literally yes i literally cant understand what they are talkin about
Raj n Cor Vlogs
Raj n Cor Vlogs 23 days ago
I don't play fps games so 60 to 80 fps for me is good enough.
Kitarp 23 days ago
I mean they all are trained in close to the corner instead of a little bit off the corners as you do when holding an angle like that, but its still interesting
Brandon1rt 24 days ago
Yo he’s my ad
Enxz 25 days ago
1:07 linus look like he could bench 240
Alexander Büchler
Alexander Büchler 25 days ago
Everybody knows that the human eye can't see more then 399 Dollars of Gaming Chair
A Fellow 9yr Old
A Fellow 9yr Old 25 days ago
As a csgo player that have played for over 4 years, it really hurt my eyes watching the guys using the autosniper
Snarky Lark
Snarky Lark 27 days ago
follow up on this one bois!
T 27 days ago
Nice pure pwnage reference, rewatching the web series as we speak.
Onion Master360
Onion Master360 27 days ago
Joao Pedro Zeni
Joao Pedro Zeni 28 days ago
You guys should have done with an awp cuz its 1 shot so as soon as you realized the enemy your reaction time would twinkle
Abed Amaya
Abed Amaya 29 days ago
Skill>refresh rate
Aris Junio
Aris Junio 29 days ago
Do you guys configure your DPI and in-game sensitivity settings before each round or do you guys just go with what's already being used?
Sami Lesarge
Sami Lesarge 29 days ago
Love the collab
Alex leBlanc
Alex leBlanc Month ago
I just got 60Hz lol
huntermun YT
huntermun YT Month ago
i was waiting for train sound#4 whole video
Romel Gonzales
Romel Gonzales Month ago
From 60hz to 240hz real quick. I just downloaded a 240hz from a secret site. If you wanna know the my secret, pm is the key.
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Month ago
"A correlation doesn't mean causation." Instant like. Never thought I'd hear that from Linus. P.S: Could it be that Linus reads XKCD? (Since this originally came up on their website.)
Pepijn Krijnsen
Pepijn Krijnsen 12 days ago
What do you mean originally? That principle has been around for decades if not centuries.
Kay Èm
Kay Èm Month ago
i never thought these two together would be so entertaining
EmeraldBorne Month ago
8:00 but 0.5ms monitors are a thing?
Luis Lebrón Aponte
Ok, so basically, you would get stronger after moving from a certain weight to another one, right? Same with the fps. The more frames you get used to, the faster you can play(or more like, react) and become a 'better gamer'. Personally, I've experienced 240fps at the university I go to and when I got back home to my PS4's 60fps, the difference actually makes a difference. Even if you have the skills, the frames can actually hinder you. So, in conclusion, even if ur the best 30fps or best 60fps player, it would be an uphill battle against not even the best +60fps player. .-.
Maximilian Murassa
The global Elite in auto-sniping :D
Grumpywinter Month ago
Gavin: I feel like I'm improving. AH Fans. Oh man, well we know what's happening now.
Chimpy Month ago
i feel like they should get him back and get a pro csgo player try would love to see the results
OMEGA Month ago
Me:- YEAAA YEAAA FPS REALLY MATTERS Also Me:- watches this video in 144p
Raghavendraa Goswami
Tbh it's way more likely that people who spend more time playing fps and other shooter games are more likely to invest in more high end displays, graphics cards, etc. Thus it appears that a better gaming rig makes you a better player but in actuality it's just that gaming enthusiasts have better machines to run these games. The amount of time invested into a game has much more bearing in your ability to frag newbs than the exact specs of your machine.
Scytar Month ago
Damn I really wanna see part 2
TMacleod46 Month ago
Just got a 144Hz monitor. 60-144Hz is a massive change, I would definitely recommend 144Hz
DDG Month ago
i play on 60 and i have never had a problem
Roswell Anthony
Roswell Anthony Month ago
seems like gav really dosent like lunus
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