Dodgeball: 2020 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

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Dodgeball: 2020 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Ali Phillips
Ali Phillips 2 hours ago
Howler Day ago
These dodgeball referees suck
Parker Adams
Parker Adams 3 days ago
Lamar jaxson
Dab Ort
Dab Ort 3 days ago
5:47 not even close Devante Adams is not out
MegaNerdyJock 5 days ago
Gotta learn the 5D’s of dodgeball
Cantaloupe 6 days ago
am I the only one who noticed that everyone in the dodgeball was black lol Edit: from up here Cameron Heyward looks black xD
Noah Foley
Noah Foley 8 days ago
Bruh imagine Mahomes throwing fast balls in this
Briggs Fam
Briggs Fam 12 days ago
Cameron Hayward got all five of them the first round!!!! Dang
Triple D Texas
Triple D Texas 13 days ago
How hard did Jaylon throw that ball at the end ?!? Landry flew back !! Lol
Alonso Medina
Alonso Medina 15 days ago
So nfl just gonna delete every comment about russell wilson being faded?
lukas holmes
lukas holmes 16 days ago
I go so tryhard in school doge ball
WILDTHING99 20 days ago
whaat a catch
Nathaniel 24 days ago
Love seein WHODEY out there!
EPIC Alex 25 days ago
Fun too see Football players play dodgeball
scouserdan3 25 days ago
Landrys hands wow....
Hermy 26 days ago
where the mas- oh this is precovid
Moritz Müller
Moritz Müller 26 days ago
Blocking with a ball is a stupid rule.
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G 29 days ago
When you have too much money.....
Akatsuki Mi
Akatsuki Mi Month ago
Looks like a party game.
João Guilherme
João Guilherme Month ago
Ave magia
João Gabriel Gomes
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke Month ago
You should play Quaterbacks against Receivers. Let's decide this once and for all.
Kyle Ernst
Kyle Ernst Month ago
Just eliminate the Pro Bowl already #SMH
BIG DC Month ago
Jarvis "I just work here" Landry
100,000 subs with no vids ?
Do these guys know how to throw?
RSTiger says lufu is better than lazarbeam
That one kid who gets headshot
Swish Gamer
Swish Gamer Month ago
Who play madden? Subscribe to me if you want me to make a epic video on madden 21 Also we just watched a bunch of millionaires play dodgeball
longshot7601 Month ago
Today on ESPN 8: The Ocho!
ComebackRonald .-.
So Landry can catch bur not in the regular season
Pamal Mangat
Pamal Mangat Month ago
Good to see these dudes not tryna break each other’s necks for a second 😂
minka obviously got somebody at the start
Sean Denham
Sean Denham Month ago
Look, its the same people who kneel for our Nationsl Anthem while getting millions. Now they host game activities and still make money playing silly games. NFL players are a joke
Ted modda Sokka
Ted modda Sokka Month ago
*Legend! This was actually me in high school when we would play dodgeball*
StormingCobra55 Month ago
Why is Landry such a beast at this?
Dominic Apicella
Dominic Apicella 2 months ago
Who would rather watch this or the pro bowl
MrAwesome 04
MrAwesome 04 2 months ago
I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I hate to say it.....but Jarvis Landry is a living legend
Bloxy Edmist
Bloxy Edmist 2 months ago
CALVIN BANKS 2 months ago
I got a idea, EA sports should add this in Madden it will be much fun. Like if you agree.
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster 2 months ago
Image a quarter back vs wide receivers dodgeball
Lucas Arteaga
Lucas Arteaga 2 months ago
Jarvis Landry been a legend on the dodgeball field for years now
AJ Green is top 3
AJ Green is top 3 2 months ago
That's why he signed with the browns, to play dodgeball every year
dry 2 months ago
I want to make it to the NFL, not to play football, but to play dodgeball with the boys.
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony 2 months ago
That was definitely fun to watch!
Nehemiah Bynoe
Nehemiah Bynoe 2 months ago
he did not cross mid line
Jeffrey Cain
Jeffrey Cain 2 months ago
Probably the dumbest question ever asked: “Why do you grown men like playing dodge ball so much?”
Chubby Pigeon
Chubby Pigeon 2 months ago
Did nobody see the ball at 1:24?
Matt Smart
Matt Smart 2 months ago
The Browns may not be very good at football, but we got it in dodgeball.
Adaptive_Atlas 2 months ago
Did not think NFL would play dodgeball or I just never heard about it
TJ L 2 months ago
Ok, I get that watching the afc vs the nfc is cool and all, but I wanna get in there
Mr Moss
Mr Moss 2 months ago
1:23 look at the ball getting stuck in the railing lol.
X Fortnite
X Fortnite 2 months ago
the pro bowl was kobe death
20K subs without any videos challenge
Who's watching this in quarantine?
Ronzy Nation
Ronzy Nation 2 months ago
i'm only watching this because i have nothing else to do
Rance Douglas
Rance Douglas 2 months ago
i am also watching this in quarantine lol
Punch Doug
Punch Doug 2 months ago
i am bro
Killanoid 2 months ago
The afc team the second round “Clutch or kick”
Jackson Usherwood
Jackson Usherwood 3 months ago
AFC be like “We suck.” Jarvis Landry: “I got u bro.”
James Beagle
James Beagle 3 months ago
Russel lookin chunky
Malik Salem
Malik Salem 3 months ago
Dodgeball is a poorly designed game, catching the ball should not result in an elimination
Identity Withheld Wrestling
NFL and "Dodgeball" dont go together like Peanut butter and Chocolate
Laura Prado
Laura Prado 3 months ago
Lamar is overated
Desmond Jackson
Desmond Jackson 4 months ago
at my school we were about to play dodgball and this one kid says "man i been dodging balls my whole life"
Caleb salyers
Caleb salyers 4 months ago
56 pulled a dak Prescott there
TOPCLASS 4 months ago
scuffed call on adams
gaming with jackie
gaming with jackie 4 months ago
4:28 slow mo
Bill Mclean
Bill Mclean 5 months ago
Lamar mvp🥇🏆
Dixe ᰔ
Dixe ᰔ 5 months ago
I wish I can played there iam a faster then all of the
gnggnng ggn no tntf
gnggnng ggn no tntf 5 months ago
Miss the old pro bowls
AK-Gaming 5 months ago
Devonte Adams got juggling skills
urmumgae_123 69
urmumgae_123 69 5 months ago
Wasn't able to watch the pro bowl and haven't seen this but for some reason I feel like Lamar just going to juke the balls they throw at him
RaymondPlayz 5 months ago
Jarvis Landry: *catch every ball* Madden:THIS IS NOT 99 CATCHING
Jackson Bennett
Jackson Bennett 5 months ago
Landry Can’t play twice in a row...
Paul Selvadurai
Paul Selvadurai 5 months ago
This is great! Made me smile
Storms litz
Storms litz 5 months ago
Lamar was offsides
Matthew Dempsey
Matthew Dempsey 5 months ago
5:39 the refs called davonte adams on a mid-line cross when his foot wasn't close to the mid line.
StormingCobra55 Month ago
P Cass
P Cass 5 months ago
It’s like he’s a pro bowl wide reviewer or something
KFlo- 5 months ago
Linemen can do anything they just don’t show it
Nickolas Maruyama - RTM Student
Nickolas Maruyama - RTM Student
AFC is the best
Nickolas Maruyama - RTM Student
Nice AFC
polo camelot
polo camelot 6 months ago
i can see me
Kavin Kumar
Kavin Kumar 6 months ago
Image a normal human being in this game
The Morrisons
The Morrisons 6 months ago
Jaylon Smith got Jarvis Landry but they didn't say he got him
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray 6 months ago
this is weak stuff compared to the NBA's all star weekend , basketball is a more skills based sport i guess that's why
东Physicsfn 6 months ago
3:39 he was out of bounds so he’s not out get his as back in
StormingCobra55 Month ago
That’s not how it works...
Ari Livingston
Ari Livingston 6 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *how much excitement there is* 1:13 💖💛🖤 👇👇👇💖
Diego Diaz Sanchez
Diego Diaz Sanchez 6 months ago
R6 Yeet
R6 Yeet 6 months ago
Who else is here when the world is dying to cornovirus
CoelhoCoin Tech
CoelhoCoin Tech 7 months ago
Dodgeball is not their game looks like it, but it’s still the worlds greatest sport and best sports movie
William Mason
William Mason 7 months ago
Put them in the NCDA and they wouldn’t survive 5 minutes
Kyler Jeffrey
Kyler Jeffrey 7 months ago
This was fun to watch
Traynor Covert
Traynor Covert 7 months ago
Jarvis is only invited to the pro bowl so he can beat everyone in dodgeball
Zoe Wheeler
Zoe Wheeler 7 months ago
Valamalla subramanyam
TJ Strong
TJ Strong 7 months ago
"Why do grown Men Love playing Dodgeball?" what kind of stupid question is that? Its Dodgeball woman,, jeez
TJ Strong
TJ Strong 7 months ago
Char Greatestofalltime
Jarvis Landry SHOWED UP & OUT
EliteDavid Horne
EliteDavid Horne 7 months ago
Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.
Bruce A
Bruce A 7 months ago
Finally the Browns won something
StxgeLxg 7 months ago
where is my boy derrick henry
Patches O'houlihan
Patches O'houlihan 7 months ago
Gotta show these boys how its done
Carleton Rutherford
Carleton Rutherford 7 months ago
ROFL!! They all turn into a bunch of 8 year olds immediately after the first game starts!! Hahahahaha!!!
Lewis Anker
Lewis Anker 7 months ago
i was just talking about how there should be arcades with dodge ball AND THEN I SEE THIS 2020
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