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Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador?
Want more drag race action? Here's a McLaren 720S vs the electric VW ID R: ruvid.net/video/video-2aY3uhARp0A.html
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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4
Matt LeBlanc: bit.ly/TG-MattLeBlanc
Series 25: bit.ly/TG-S25
Chris Harris Drives: bit.ly/ChrisHarrisDrives
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Feb 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Top Gear
Top Gear 2 months ago
Want more drag race action? Here's a McLaren 720S vs the electric VW ID R: ruvid.net/video/video-2aY3uhARp0A.html
Da Bomb
Da Bomb Month ago
The most powerful V8 engine in history is Koenigsegg’s V8..
Caudahy Hall
Caudahy Hall Month ago
Y did it get beat by a Tesla roaster ???
Epic Outdoors
Epic Outdoors Month ago
Epic Outdoors
Epic Outdoors Month ago
Tom Hatch
Tom Hatch Month ago
@Bush Truck I love he Dodge collection !
Dave Micolichek
The Demon is NOT an Italian sports car, it is NOT meant to be. It's an AMERICAN muscle car. Period.
2 MFS 3 hours ago
what a fair race
Ethan Long
Ethan Long 5 hours ago
I love that boat.
Amjad Ali
Amjad Ali 13 hours ago
Demon is a cheater it has turbo while Aventador is naturally aspirated true raw power🏁😎
Muhammad Abdul Aziz
Muhammad Abdul Aziz 13 hours ago
thought he was gonna say that for 2 more dollars you could afford an old aventador lmao
I love roblox and forza horizon 4 Ok
The dodge demon is not the most powerful v8 in history that title goes to the Koenigsegg Jesko absolut top speed and insanity
FiLiP _
FiLiP _ 15 hours ago
Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming....
Ionatan Marta
Ionatan Marta 19 hours ago
The agera has more powerful v8
Mitchell Burrows
Mitchell Burrows 20 hours ago
I have enough demons of my own
wild style
wild style 20 hours ago
Раньше топгир был круче
Irakli Chikashua
Irakli Chikashua 21 hour ago
This guy looks like that dude from Friends
Ebrahim Sayed
Ebrahim Sayed 21 hour ago
Is that you Joey?
pramod kumar
pramod kumar 23 hours ago
Wow another race expected
Will Howe
Will Howe Day ago
this dude talks so much smack in the beginning comparing it so super cars, and then finallyyy mentions it’s 1/4 of the cost
Aglassact77 Day ago
5,000 launches without a Single glitch? 2 please !
Francis James
The Demon came straight from Hell to Reign Terror on the Streets!!
I love roblox and forza horizon 4 Ok
Electric power stop destroying the air
I love roblox and forza horizon 4 Ok
The Tesla roadster or the rimac concept 1 and 2 can beat it
I love roblox and forza horizon 4 Ok
The demon is slower than a cheap Lamborghini aventador
Zilch YT
Zilch YT Day ago
The dude in the demon looks like the dude from the show Friends
EddyRd Ty
EddyRd Ty Day ago
joey tribioni 🐐
Sabitry Das
Sabitry Das Day ago
Lambo : what the hell. I just loose by a demon .No way. Aggghhhh👿👿👿👿. Demon : big american ice cubs bruv .youll not understand that . Lambo : why? Demon : because you r not a. Demon like me 😝😝😝
Glow Day ago
Jesus Christ this car whines more than my sister
Jun Jun
Jun Jun Day ago
They make good Friends!
DXB多 FAIS Day ago
3:17 that demonic look maaaaan 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sony Beats
Sony Beats Day ago
I see joey. I hit like.
I forgot my name
I forgot my name 2 days ago
But is it fuel efficient?
LOKISlog7 2 days ago
Was "Ross" driving the Lambo?
Axel De Avila
Axel De Avila 2 days ago
Haha dodge go eeeehh nyoom also the guy in the dodge damn big American balls
Mateusz Kosiński
Still I prefer the lambo :)
madjh 2 days ago
Lamborghini any day every day. It is a dream car, not the demon. You don´t need to drive the Aventador to feel it.
Maggi 2 days ago
2:39 doesnt the koenigsegg agera r have more horsepower then the demon
Sidney Sanders
Sidney Sanders 2 days ago
To get 840 hp out of this thing you need 100 octane fuel. So that's telling me that, along with the supercharger, they put as much timing advance in the ignition timing as they could without detonation!
Octavian Macicasan
Is that joey from friends?
Aoru 3 days ago
Its pointless to build a powerful car that can only go straight......Cars are more fun in corners.
Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh 3 days ago
Put them on a race track, the story will be different.. Both cars are made for different purpose.. One is muscle car for straight lines, another is track focused supercar for long races with corners..
DineroDevo 3 days ago
I might get this car when im in the NFL.
John Jelar
John Jelar 3 days ago
Technically no the fastest Accelerating road legal America street car is the 2017 copo camaro only 2 are legal and has a 0-60 in 2.2/2.1 seconds
I love roblox and forza horizon 4 Ok
The dodge demon is not the fastest accelerating road legal car ever leave that term for the 2020 tesla roadster 1.9 seconds 0-60
Leonardo Glavan
Leonardo Glavan 3 days ago
Those big american ice cubicles would melt by that V12 if they dared to race them on a 1/2 mile strip
Ad_thegoatZZ 3 days ago
Wait..... How about the camera man HOLY-
ravagebang 3 days ago
Thanks to this video, I chose 2017 Camaro ZL1.
Stefan Malchev
Stefan Malchev 3 days ago
whats the price of the demon?
Leonardo Rodriguez
4:50 thank me later
Alex Huurman
Alex Huurman 3 days ago
matt is the single reason i sometimes consider to maybe watch an episode of this version of top gear
Jithendranath J Pillai
IISHEEVAII 3 days ago
no se, todos los programas gringos ponen que lo suyo siempre es mejor, apuesto a que ni siquiera aceleraron a tope ese lambo en la salida, y no digo que no me guste el challenger solo digo que los gringos siempre fingen ser los heroes en todo.
Milky & Choco
Milky & Choco 3 days ago
Damn Joey Tribbiani out here drivin Dodge Chargers, last time I saw you in the car you were driving a Porsche or Porshaaaa
Razman Rafeek
Razman Rafeek 4 days ago
Dodge vs Ford? I mean Dodge vs Junk..
Ki 4 days ago
Im pretty sure this guy was on friends
Florian Maschke
Florian Maschke 4 days ago
No Clarkson, Hammond or May? Can't be Top Gear.
Dr. Nirmal Raj
Dr. Nirmal Raj 4 days ago
So unfair that they banned such an awesome car which is not even a million just 85k....... But still this is my favorite car of all time even though it is banned
leo vargas
leo vargas 4 days ago
How you doin?
Xx_RobinH_xX YT
Xx_RobinH_xX YT 4 days ago
The top gear is now shit without Jeremy, may and hamond
Danny Daniel
Danny Daniel 5 days ago
When you get a raise at work, a big raise.. and still can’t afford one of these babies
paparazzizi 5 days ago
I'm just imagining the next spontaneous race at a traffic light ... "stop, wait a minute, I have to change my tires quickly" ... and cornering unfortunately falls flat
justin dawson
justin dawson 5 days ago
Let the demon drag race Ferrari or maybe a chinron or a veyron?
Shabana Abdul Noftall
My favourite car is the Dodge srt but do an Ferrari
Gagi 5 days ago
Piece of shit,Lamborghini is god
GHoSted AK47ア
GHoSted AK47ア 5 days ago
My son is fast🤔
george klk
george klk 5 days ago
al bundy should made this video not Matt LeBlanc
Alpha Orionis 911
Matt is more confused than Michelle Obama's gynecologist
Gary Ugarek
Gary Ugarek 2 days ago
and Trump's Proctologist
Bij Dikh
Bij Dikh 6 days ago
It's a great car for people who don't have to turn left, or right.
Mid evil
Mid evil 6 days ago
Na the cobra jet runs 8,s and someone broke 7 stock. Even though it's far far from stock. A shelby super snake is 1000plus hp now and will kill it also.
Mid evil
Mid evil 6 days ago
To many steps
Des Valentine
Des Valentine 6 days ago
I can't be the only man to shed a tear watching this, omg that supercharger sound is soooo addictive
Ubaldo Martinez
Ubaldo Martinez 6 days ago
JOEY FINALLY GOT HIS CAR 🤣 and still single I see how you doin Joey 😳😏
Emma Schulman
Emma Schulman 6 days ago
The dodge demon is by far the sexiest car I've ever seen
Taxiarchis Moschos
Lambo totally failed the launch
Wyatt Walker
Wyatt Walker 6 days ago
That is cool, your American car beat the Aventador, now go around a corner.
Cameron Andrews
Cameron Andrews 6 days ago
Lamborghini: Ok, in order to make the aventador fast, we need a V12, we need it to be aerodynamic, we need cabin fibre chassis to make it light etc. Dodge: **laughs in American**
Gottlieb Dee
Gottlieb Dee 6 days ago
The Demon is a one trick pony with a woefully cheap interior. I'd have it over the Lambo though.
dark eyes
dark eyes 6 days ago
my buddy has a 2600 whp lambo huracan and he raced a demon for pink slips and won
Ali Coralic
Ali Coralic 6 days ago
5000 launches without the exhaust valves sticking open? Yeah ok
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas 6 days ago
Yes sir I do! Unfortunately all four pockets 👖 say I can’t afford it.. 🤦‍♂️
Clayton Swallow
Clayton Swallow 7 days ago
Not the fastest accelerating production car anymore thanks to Tesla
Soggy Diaper
Soggy Diaper 7 days ago
go through the wind with brute force
Avinav Pradhan
Avinav Pradhan 7 days ago
He says that doing the drag race is addictive for me watching this is addictive. I am watching it again and again.
S 7 days ago
Matt, It's meant for the 1/4 mile Race, not no winding roads, for a 1/4 mile race it's pretty quick!
Moses H
Moses H 7 days ago
id trade one of my kids for that thing
prathamesh deshmukh
4:24 that's dope.
Jack Poole
Jack Poole 7 days ago
I'm surprised they didnt just stop doing top gear after the trio left, it's quite hard to watch if I'm honest. Just feels like they've took some famous people and threw them in and called them car enthusiasts. Something just doesn't seem sincere.
shaan aman
shaan aman 7 days ago
Now its official, americans have taken over the top gear and they'd do anything to make an american thing win. This race was ridiculous. I bet if it was eurofighter against the demon the eurofighter would loose.
Cranberry Beepbeep
What r u doing here joey! I thought ure a porsche guy
PB08 AKKI 8 days ago
MrAbuse96 8 days ago
Sadly the roads are'nt made entirely out of straight lines... Nor are tracks...
SuperGoldnut 8 days ago
It may be the fastest accelerating road car on the track but it is NOT the fastest accelerating road on the road. It also does not have the most powerful v8 of a production car in history, That would be Koenigsegg
jamie k
jamie k 8 days ago
What i dont like about dodge is that they are not in my country anymore😔
suzxq 8 days ago
its a v8 brrrt
Kaleb Vargo
Kaleb Vargo 8 days ago
If i had a muscle car id want it to sound like a banshee screaming for mercy
Street Judas
Street Judas 8 days ago
That sound
Wither Skeleton_52
Demon for life💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 and this is my dream car
Carter Few
Carter Few 9 days ago
Leonardo Dantas Miranda
Do you know a Tesla? Mabe you can see the tail Lights kkkkkkkk
Kahu Down
Kahu Down 9 days ago
Imagine spending millions to get beaten by a V8 legend
Alonzo Sloniger
Alonzo Sloniger 9 days ago
my dream car
Tanmay Singh
Tanmay Singh 9 days ago
so joey finally let go of his porshe.......i mean porshaa
Mooch Buster
Mooch Buster 9 days ago
I would go to hell for this Demon 😍
Allen D
Allen D 9 days ago
hoooolllyyyy,blew his fricken scissor doors rite off!!
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