Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat - BURNOUT, REVS, ACCELERATIONS!

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During a car meet in The Netherlands, I have filmed this amazing Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat. The video shows you this beast in action, including burnouts, accelerations and more!
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Comments 80
Gumbal Year ago
This Hellcat is absolutely mental! What a brutal car 😱 I Like! 👍
THE MLG SHOTZ 25 days ago
@Jax Wins they still produce SRT8s so they didnt drop it
Jax Wins
Jax Wins Month ago
SRT HELLCAT NOT SRT8 THEY DROPPED THE SRT8 nAme when the hellcat came out
John Anderson
John Anderson Month ago
FX that’s ironically the point I would never want a slightly faster import because I love spinning my tires at imports, drifting around corners without precision by trying to fishtail it and then smoking pretty much every other brand out there after 30 mph. I have a scat pack not the hellcat because I like the naturally aspirated sound I wouldn’t want the supercharger wine which is another reason I don’t want an import. All are fun in their own way but the only non-aerodynamic feminine sports car is a Dodge
Alexandre Ghost
Alexandre Ghost Month ago
HELLCATT is pure brutality.
moi meme
moi meme 11 months ago
I like this car and dodge hellcat are not millionaires cars .. a real rebel car a beast between bentleys ferraris lamborghinis mc laren or bugatti ....with us muscle cars no need to be millionnaire to have the swag...
Nate Heyward
Nate Heyward 11 days ago
WTF is a SRT8 Hellcat 🤣
Ivan Soedjono
Ivan Soedjono 12 days ago
You don't see a Challenger often in the Netherlands, let alone a Hellcat
CSAR392 T/A 13 days ago
This is the best looking modern muscle car
I.A. I.A.
I.A. I.A. 14 days ago
Philip Miller
Philip Miller 19 days ago
There back!!😎
RATED ROD Woods 19 days ago
Hellcat made all them cars look weak thaT muscle body
Viktor Fadeev
Viktor Fadeev 21 day ago
There is no this soul in European cars, this unbridled savagery, this inner freedom, which is in American muscle cars...
davesid1477 23 days ago
American muscle baby
Aaron Raub
Aaron Raub 25 days ago
707k views 707hp what are the odds
DevinMendoza 26 days ago
An srt8 hellcat 😂there’s no such thing tf
leaf 27 days ago
It's really dirty. He needs to take care of it.
Keep it up guys 👍 Suport and sub my new channel. My hellcat rebuild journey 💪😊
dodge challenger
Why wasbt there a badge on the ducktail
Hangtime Month ago
Can’t wash your car before an event? Lmao
Marcel Month ago
Dream car i love the sound🔥
Isaiah. Month ago
Srt-8 ? They cant be from America lmao
Bobatos Gaming
Bobatos Gaming Month ago
Wow power, Check out Bobatos Gaming 👍🏻
African ultra
African ultra Month ago
I don't usually watch porn but today I had to make an exception
Hi Joi
Hi Joi Month ago
Justice Tarris
Justice Tarris Month ago
When its not even a hell cat 😂😂😂😂hellcats have 2 air flows on the hood 😂😂😂😂😂
pl9cok Month ago
I want hellcat!
Fuck You
Fuck You Month ago
Dodge is like fuckin a fat bitch....its good but nothin to brag about
GT86 Month ago
This is why lap times are just stupid and irrelevant, in the real world you're going to spend 99% of your time doing things like this.. burnout, acceleration and revving the engine... not driving around a track.
Anthony Gonzalezs
that’s awesome damn beautiful !
CHRRG R Month ago
Srt,no srt8 ¡¡¡¡
Duarte Papa Vicente
Europe ain’t ready for America Muscle. And I’m European lol 😂
kanervatie Month ago
Hemi Heritage
Hemi Heritage Month ago
After seeing the widebody challys and chargers I don't rhink I coukd buy one without the fender flares and the extra wide tires. Better traction as a result of the need for wider tires and just looks so much more muscular. I don't actually think this chally has aged well in lieu of the new widebodys. The pull to one side needs to be addressed with a limited slp
Ry Love
Ry Love Month ago
He at least should have wash the damn car
MXZN FF Month ago
Esse carro é bruto demais mano slc
Vegasdude89 Month ago
3:36 that girl approves
p930turbo Month ago
Das ist kein Hellcat, es fehlt am Heckspoiler der Katzenkopf neben dem "SRT" und das Singen des Kompressors. Ebenso fehlt am Grill die Katze ;-)
Cottard Month ago
Already saving money!
Matt275 Month ago
Where’s the supercharger whine?
eddie brown
eddie brown Month ago
It's always called American Muscle, but we don't make it. It's made in Canada....but she is a brute. You can get used ones here for around $50,000 now. Not cheap, but considering the power for the money, hard to beat it.
Second Coming Of Jesus Revelations 2
He doesn’t deserve a hellcat, cant drive it for sure
Frank White333
Frank White333 Month ago
I don't care how much horsepower that dodge has, it doesn't belong with any of those other cars. It's kinda like Roseanne Barr being in a miss universe pageant.
dani tar
dani tar Month ago
American power, it’s very brutal because V8 Hemi engine ...the best
miggs 10
miggs 10 Month ago
Wtf is a srt8 hellcat?
AMG Bretheren
AMG Bretheren Month ago
This is what true engineering looks like
Frive blu
Frive blu Month ago
best rare supercar
Dan Hayes
Dan Hayes 2 months ago
MOPAR OR NO CAR !!!!!!!!! PURE CHRYSLER POWER. and I mean Chrysler power. Since its inception in the 1950,s Chrysler Power has dominated the horse power wars off the factory floor.
Carro bunito cara
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola 2 months ago
'Murican v8s have such a visceral character of its own. In the dying age of supercharged v8 cars, I want one more than ever!
Grape Eggplant
Grape Eggplant 2 months ago
Not called an srt8 anymore just srt. That's like calling a shelby a cobra
Волк Одинокий
Marcus 2 months ago
This guy sucks at driving
Bryan Sager
Bryan Sager 2 months ago
Should have saved a little money in your budget to get it cleaned.
J. I.V.N.
J. I.V.N. 2 months ago
Beautiful car😃 El poder americano🚘
Alpha KING2REAL 2 months ago
The Hellcat put every last one of those cars to sleep to be honest with you I think the car has🤯 mental issues especially When you rev It Up ... 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Nenad Redžić
Nenad Redžić 2 months ago
meybe laborghini
Carl Taylor
Carl Taylor 2 months ago
One bad ass helllion
CrAcKa JaXxX
CrAcKa JaXxX 2 months ago
Nothing can compete with the sound of a big V8!
Mopar485 392
Mopar485 392 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure that was a Regular SRT 392 lol look at the badges on it on the side they're crooked lol!! The guy just bought a Hellcat hood and badges and slapped it on. Also, you cant hear a supercharger at all.
p930turbo Month ago
Yes, the supercharger is missed to hear. But i´m not shure, if the seen driving-condition lets us hear him? But you are right, missing the badge at the rear spoiler too.
slickkapone 3 months ago
Why is it so dirty??..have some pride in your ride bruh...no car like that should be that dirty EVER
Abe Raham
Abe Raham 3 months ago
Can’t be stock tho right?
C Hardin
C Hardin 3 months ago
American muscle showing out 🦾
dennisbecker79 3 months ago
Fu** Greta *lol*
Stolen Productions
Stolen Productions 3 months ago
Just bought my hellcat yesterday sooo excited
Ernesto Chang
Ernesto Chang 14 days ago
Its such a shame the maximum speed even when everything is clear is 110km/h and if you go a kilometer over 119 you have the right to remain silent and out of $350 cash or some sheet like that. Makes me wonder why they create these beautiful cars in the first place with such ammounts of horsepower yet you cant use it in any scenario even if you try to do a burnout they can get you for "stunting" and charge you a hefty sum more for the burnout then what fuel you put in it. Its a stupid concept really they create such amazing masterpieces just to say that the limit is 100 km/h most of the time is not even 80 km/h its 60 km/h and that... thats very sad, ive always wanted a dodge challenger SRT in plum crazy and get a feel of what a 1970's was all aboot... now as i grow older im starting to see why these cars (no matter how much you love them) are completely useless, seems like these days all you need is a minivan with 150 hp seating for 7 and away you go because the truth of the matter is, youre never gonna go over 120 km/h in any situation, the cops are getting smarter everyday, seems like in this generation they dont even need to patrol the streets, they have these cameras from fucking outer space, nobody can escape a ticket :( "Even if you find a car thats for racing that you really love real world trouble hits you faster then that car could ever go"
Callsign_Rack 25 days ago
@Cesar Morales good luck
Stolen Productions
Stolen Productions 26 days ago
@Cesar Morales good luck man gonna love both of them
Cesar Morales
Cesar Morales 26 days ago
Im trying to get the 392 hemi so i can Drive it for a little bit and then sell it and get a hellcat
Callsign_Rack Month ago
@Stolen Productions will be needed!
John L
John L 3 months ago
gtr is like a pussy beside the helcat
Edmundo Romero
Edmundo Romero 3 months ago
Nice car, but horrible driver. Burnouts suck
Allen Griffith
Allen Griffith 3 months ago
All the exotic and super cars there but everyone flocks to the Dodge 🇺🇸
Daniel Brudzinski
Daniel Brudzinski 3 months ago
How about washing you're car before a event like this. Otherwise not bad.
HemiOcentric 3 months ago
Daniel Brudzinski: Too busy driving, I guess.
Marcos Prim
Marcos Prim 3 months ago
Quem Aki tem vontade te ter um Hellcat mas não tem dinheiro igual a mimkkkk
auto entusiasta
auto entusiasta 2 months ago
Sou moparzeiro, se um dia eu pelo menos ver um Hellcat, zero a vida
John Goe
John Goe 3 months ago
Is that level of camber stock? I'm neutral towards camber but that does seem a bit over the top
Crok 3 months ago
is it crazy that im getting a brand new one in a few months?
Callsign_Rack Month ago
@Crok Mercedes and BMW's are boring!
Crok Month ago
Callsign_Rack ally has changed since, I might settle with an e class coupe
Callsign_Rack Month ago
Got it yet?
Fabian 2 months ago
Congrats enjoy it👏🏼
ProfessorDuck 429
ProfessorDuck 429 2 months ago
Congrats bro
Daniel gemdpr
Daniel gemdpr 3 months ago
He just flashing her 60k car that funnt
Joel Ellenberger
Joel Ellenberger 3 months ago
Is thatca supra?
Robert E Green Group
Dodge is Trashy as hell a Death trap
HemiOcentric 3 months ago
Robert E Green Group: You criticize what you can’t afford. How inbred of you.
Aaron Davila
Aaron Davila 3 months ago
Srt8 hellcat???😂😂😂
unsub me
unsub me 3 months ago
1:35 albert hein
ABO RDS 3 months ago
*7 0 7* Baby...😍💪🏻
S god
S god 3 months ago
My 392 scat pack will do for now i will upgrade to Hellcat one day but my 392 sounds wicked and very fast cool vid bro.
i Can
i Can 3 months ago
This car is aging well after 5 years
자전거여행 4 months ago
dog screaming
James Powles
James Powles 4 months ago
It’s SRT, not SRT8. This isn’t 2005 anymore 😉
اٰرٰتٰہٰٖوٰاٰء ،
Christopher Huff
Christopher Huff 4 months ago
Never really that impressed w it.
kiimo gfac
kiimo gfac 4 months ago
Haha the c63 w205 sounds like a baby v8 compare to the screaming us muscle v8.
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