Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

Doctor Mike
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
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7 фев 2019

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Jimmy Alderson
Jimmy Alderson 54 секунды назад
Doctor: here's a vaccine Person: but my child could have a reaction Doctor: they almost certainly won't Person: but they might Doctor: but if I don't give them this then they might die Person: but they might not Doctor:... The odds of your child dying because they weren't vaccinated is very high but the odds of them having a serious reaction to a vaccine is very low Oerson: yeah but this anti-vax website said...
DerDerImmerLaaagt Минуту назад
I have gotten every vaccine i needed to get until now and hat not really any reaction, my last one was the first HPV vaccine i got and exept for a bit of pain in my arm for a few days i had nothing, and that was the worst and only reaction i ever had, im never getting seriously sick to so thx scientists who made this to stop me from dying
Jimmy Alderson
Jimmy Alderson 7 минут назад
3:30 that reminds me of a conversation a saw on reddit where someone said "my wife is very anti vaccination but I want my children to be vaccinated, what should I do?" and someone replied saying "show her the pictures of my daughter, she died of polio last year"
eXSe Gaming
eXSe Gaming Час назад
Whenever I hear stuff against vaccination, certain clip comes to mind from my favorite show. House MD vs Anti-Vaxxer: ruvid.net/video/видео-urZLTobAfJc.html
Rick Ridenoure
Rick Ridenoure Час назад
Aleisha Roche
Aleisha Roche Час назад
Actualy if the child got a autoamune disease (somehow) like type 1 dieabeates or celiac vaciences help espiciely type 1 dieabeates beacause they have poor immune systems (i know from personal experience as my brother has type 1 dieabeates and i have celiac)this means they can get for e.g the flu they would get it bad and it can cause with type 1 dieabeaties when they get sick their blood sugers can go low or high. Just tellin....
Bearly Sims
Bearly Sims Час назад
You can destroy anti vaxers with one word: polio.
Fresh Apple
Fresh Apple Час назад
Vaccine = Greatly reduces death/can make you disabled. No Vax = High chance of death. choose wisely.
LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone 2 часа назад
I got vaccinated as a child and every year as I grew up my penis got larger. Now my penis is much larger than when I got my vaccinations...CHECK MATE anti-vaxxers!
Geoffrey Kidder
Geoffrey Kidder 3 часа назад
Call me anti-vax but I refuse to shoot up EVERY vaccine the government tells me I need to give my kids. The US government is the scummiest entity in existense. Also, the same people pushing vaccines are anti-cannabis.... if theyre so smart shouldnt they be out there pushing for legalization?
John Black
John Black 5 часов назад
As someone who has a autoimmune disease and sometimes can’t get certain vaccines because of this, PLEASE vaccinate your kids and yourself!
//最高Yawwie_ 5 часов назад
I'm a person who's mother didn't decide to vaccinate me, not because she was anti vax, it was only out of the fact that she didn't deem it necessary at the time, I've never gotten the flu and I haven't experienced any other type of sicknesses in my life above a common cold. So i don't really know where i would stand for this.
Shonnaye Vekar
Shonnaye Vekar 5 часов назад
100% agree with everything Doc, the one thing that kills me as a pro vaccine parent is when anti vaxxers say thats how my daughter got high functioning autism because i got her vaccinated! Trying to make another parent fearful to get there child vaccinated is insane in my opinion.
bubblyg37 6 часов назад
Dr. Mike, you are amazing. As someone with an immunocompromised friend (Wegener's) who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, I find it easy to be hostile regarding those who CHOOSE not to vaccinate their children. She's vaccinated, but of course vaccines don't 100% prevent the disease, and it makes me angry to think she could catch something from someone's kid whose parent has been allowed to choose not to participate in herd immunity. You are absolutely correct, though - hostility is not the answer. It's so easy for parents to look a figure like 1 in 3000 and imagine their child being that one. They are emotionally reacting and I can't blame them - we all get emotional about our loved ones. Instead, the idea of connecting with them emotionally is beautiful, and powerful. Thank you for what you do - I look forward to seeing more of your videos, and will definitely be sharing this!!
li d
li d 6 часов назад
Question for anyone who knows one of these anti vaccine people, because I don't. Do they vaccinate their pets? If they are a farmer do they vaccinate their stock? Thanks Li D Australia
Azura Izhar
Azura Izhar 6 часов назад
Is the science settled on vaccines?
Aka Best One
Aka Best One 6 часов назад
I am from Afghanistan and in here government sends people to your house to vaccine your kid and they give you a card with which you can vaccine your kid in any hospital in Afghanistan for free.
Janie Smith
Janie Smith 7 часов назад
If I could like a video a thousand time, I would. THANK YOU. VACCINATE YOUR KIDS
Kiko 7 часов назад
I love how some people aren’t even fully educated in medicine yet they think they know more than a an actual doctor about vaccines... 😑
Spellbound46and2 8 часов назад
I got tendonosis from ciprofloxacin, I'm not anti-antibiotics.
Holly Turrell
Holly Turrell 8 часов назад
Oh my god how hot is this doctor?! Take me to the emergency room ❤️
Deborah Heuzen
Deborah Heuzen 10 часов назад
I just remembered i also have a story about the horrible side effects of not vaccinating your children. My Indonesian cousin jumped of a bridge in a river to swim once. He hit some rusty metal, the next thing he should have done (he was 18 so his childhood vaccination was no longer active) was get a tetanus shot. To save his poor family the cost he did not(even with the support we try to sent their way they just have if very difficult over there) this cost his family much more however. When they found out a few days later that he was indeed infected with tetanus, it was already too late to save him. He died not long after. Vaccinate people, not because of the risks if you do, but because of the risks if you don’t!
jonathan Willis
jonathan Willis 11 часов назад
I’m really interested in any anti-vaccine people who can come up with a logical argument against vaccines after watching this video
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 11 часов назад
When I was vaccinated as a child in 1989 I was given a total of seven vaccines. Now children are given upwards of 16 different vaccines. These vaccines should be spaced out over a longer period of time, and not combined into mixed vaccines. To many vaccines at once or to close together, are what causes problems in my opinion. So take it slow and do the vaccines one at a time over a number of years, not months or weeks. See if there isn't a dramatic drop in negative reactions in children, who get vaccinated.
• McKenna •
• McKenna • 11 часов назад
There are people who need to get vaccines. I have heart issues, and I’m more susceptible to infection, so I have to get vaccines to fight serious risks to my health. I understand that you may not want to give your kids vaccines because they have a bad reaction, but that’s a small minority of people, pal. That choice puts other people in danger. I’ve gotten sick before from vaccines, not a serious illness, but that’s not going to stop me from getting them because I understand that the benefits far outweigh the risks.
Leandro Escobar
Leandro Escobar 11 часов назад
The only symptom I have from all these years of being vaccinated is being questioned when I call out sick. I can't remember my last cold.
Corrupt Pastels
Corrupt Pastels 11 часов назад
People who are anti-vaccine are just helping us with natural selection. Also, "it's safe-ish." Would you rather have your kid be safe-ish or just die from a disease that you could reduce that chance if you gave them the vaccine? And, just because *you* had a bad expierence with the vaccines doesnt mean other people do.
PandemicLui 11 часов назад
im glad how far the medical field has gone since the 70s. im glad kids these days dont have to suffer from small pox.
Maxwell Lecuyer
Maxwell Lecuyer 12 часов назад
Anti- vaccinatiors confound me
overcast201 13 часов назад
"darwin says let them die" - gregory house
Skye Way
Skye Way 13 часов назад
What should someone do if a doctor (many doctors) have no idea what's wrong and just keep throwing pills at you hoping to get a result for the better?
Brittany Hussey
Brittany Hussey 13 часов назад
I have so much to say on this topic. 1. I'm autistic, I was born this way. Vaccines don't cause autism. 2. I had an allergic reaction to the pertussis vaccine as a baby. That doesn't mean that I didn't get the rest of my vaccines. I didn't get that vaccine until I went into the military and they gave it to me without me knowing until later. Nothing happened, just because something bad happened once doesn't mean it always will. 3. As far as vaccines being "safe-ish", so are seatbelts, so are airplanes, so is CROSSING THE STREET. Life is safe-ish. 4. A lot of people who talk about the diseases vaccines prevent end up talking about things like the measles or polio, diseases that aren't typically seen in first world countries where all the anti-vaxxers are. You also get vaccinated for tetanus, good luck next time you cut yourself on something rusty.
Charlotte Olander
Charlotte Olander 14 часов назад
dude like I got a "reaction" from an HPV vaccine but there's no way I would ever not get vaccinated. Also, like what are these "reactions" people are having. I had a small flu and got sick for a few days because of the vaccine. If these are the kinds of reactions, why are people not getting vaccines?
rusty 14 часов назад
thank you Dr. Gosling
Mirjen 14 часов назад
I'm doing a internship in the field of childnurse/youthnurse (almost finished nursing school, just a few months left and than i have a bachalor in nursing). This is a job where you monitor the development (motorial, speech, physical, behaviour, etc) of a child from 0-18 years old during consults and doing some 'tests' like what can they do and what not and if it is conform calendar age. But also look for signs of early child abuse, help parents if they can't handle it anymore. But we are also the people who give the vaccinations to the children. So we are also getting parents who are worried that vaccinations are bad for the health of their children. Other parents won't allow vaccination because of certain religion beliefs. When the parents are worried or won't allow it, we explain why it is important and what can happen if they dont. Besides that we schedule an appointment with a child doctor (maybe the same as a family doctor in the USA, not sure though) for further explaination. It is not obligated in my country to vaccinate your children. We always have had a high number of vaccinated children about 97% of all the children, but in the last years it is lower than 95-93% (that's overall in the country some regions don't go higher than 80%). Seeing the dropping percentages we see an increase in people who get infected with certain diseases what could esay be prevented. I also read the stuff on the anti-vaccination websites just to know what kind of information it says about vaccination. Nowadays most parents aren't stupid but are overly researching stuff. Only they don't have the right sources. As a childnurse you get the right information about vaccinations included where the vaccinations are made of, the production and who is responible for what and all that jazz. Besides that you get information about how you can go in conversation with the parents. I think it is very important to know the right information about vaccinations and the information on the anti-vaccination website. That way you know what kind of infomation they can find if they do a research themselfs. -sorry for the avarage/bad english, it is not my native language- But please guys, if your children don't have special things like a very weakend immune system. Please vaccinate your children for their own good and for all the other children who can't have that vaccination.
Randy Clark
Randy Clark 14 часов назад
In Oregon. .. I have given vaccines to over 600 children AGAINST the parents consent... If a child is over 12 and wants vaccinations.. I give vaccinations right after school right across the street from schools... #SavingLives
Mt W
Mt W 15 часов назад
Can you answer why in NA or USA more specifically we don’t get or have the option for the TB vaccine I wish I had one or given option for it as Europe gives you tb vaccine also as a child
Luam Hannan
Luam Hannan 15 часов назад
All I got from this is that the woman that got arthritis from a vaccine would rather have her kids get whooping cough and straight up probably die instead of arthritis which I'm guessing has a rather low chance of happening? Am I missing anything or?
Hey It’s Issy
Hey It’s Issy 15 часов назад
I hate how anti-vaccinators are like they downplay the side effects and that there's a risk lets not vaccinate. Everything has risk. Let's use the transportation the anti-vaccinators used to get to the studio/set *Walking* You could get hit by a car, get struck by lightning, bit by a stray animal, and step in poop *Driving* You could get into a crash and die, get paralyzed, go brain dead, get into a coma, and many other things. *Biking/Skate/Scooter* You could fall and break your head open, get hit, break a bone, and die *Public Transportation* You could be on a bus that someone takes hostage, then you get shot and die. You could be on a train that crashes and blows up, or you could be in a taxi where the driver has a heart attack and drives you straight into a river. What I'm saying is that everything you do has risks, but we don't usually think about this because the *pros* of transportation outweigh the cons. And before people say, but the risk is 1 in 3,000, your chance of getting into a transportation accident (i.e. pedestrian hits, car crash, biking etc.) is 1 in 77. Yes, you heard me. But people don't think about that before they walk out the door or into the driver's side. All I'm saying is just because something has a risk to it, DOESNT MEAN you have to be against it.
Rachael E
Rachael E 15 часов назад
I have no problem with the woman whose daughter has adverse reactions not vaccinating. She just needs to acknowledge that she needs to rely on the rest of us whose children can be vaccinated to protect her daughter. That’s all.
Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson 16 часов назад
A good portion of my family is Anti-vax. My husband and I aren't planning on having kids for a few years, but we've already been making noise that we'll be requiring vaccine records from those family members if they ever want to meet our future children before the kids get all their shots. I don't think I could live with myself if I knowingly let someone unvaccinated hold/touch/breathe on my child and then my kid died from whooping cough or measles or the flu or something else. And no, none of my family has had actual reactions or are allergic to vaccinations. I've asked.
Ballzo916 14 часов назад
Did you see the dad who got paralyzed because his daughter asked him to get vaccinated to see the new baby. Think he was in Vegas. My guess is his daughter feels pretty bad about it.
Rachael E
Rachael E 16 часов назад
I’d rather my kids get arthritis in their hands than die from polio. Or meningicoccemia. Or measles. Or influenza. Or any of the myriad other illnesses that led to high childhood mortality rates all through human history.
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
Dr. Mike is proud of Dr. David because he has a damaged child. WTF. Why in the hell would that be. That Dr. failed his child and I wouldn't take his advice in a million years. And if you follow the arrogant advice of a young doctor like this with 0 kids of his own your chances are good that you too may end up with a damaged child for him to take of. This is one hell of sick ass religion. These Doctors have gone full blown scientismist. My duty to protect the herd? You're f-n nuts. I didn't signup any of your Scientology bullshit. Holy cow they are N U T S. Thats why I hate stepping foot into a hospital. Never know when you'll get one of these nut cases. Keep your hands off my kid you sick-o.
Emilie Taylor
Emilie Taylor 16 часов назад
So speaking out about being harmed isn't a good idea?
Phoenix Smith
Phoenix Smith 16 часов назад
Fake news, fake science, fake hate crimes, about 350 of them at FakeHateCrimes site. Where does the FAKING END ? Not in science with 40% admit to FRAUD ! How many actually do it but don't admit it ? Over 40% is already almost half so easy to change opinions with FAKE SCIENCE !
Ballzo916 14 часов назад
Were in a bad place today. We're so far off track nobody knows whats real and whats not.
Phoenix Smith
Phoenix Smith 16 часов назад
see The Crisis of Science, and how over 40% of scientist admit to FRUAD !!! see The Weaponization of “Science” _ The Corbett Report see RFK Cover up Simsonwood Memo Part 1 And the RFK cover up from CDC scientists. But it's only emotions, right.
Phoenix Smith
Phoenix Smith 12 часов назад
+Aimee May So if Corbett refers to CDC scientist it means the CDC scientists are conspiracy theorist ? OK.... is the U.S. gov't too ? Am I also part of the conspiracy to promote it ? Logic ? So is Google since they can be found with "CDC Whistleblower" search !
Phoenix Smith
Phoenix Smith 13 часов назад
+Aimee May You clearly didn't watch. it was from CDC scientists ! Those crazy CDC scientist again with their conspiracy theories ! Or with more details of the cover up in the Simsonwood Memo, from CDC scientist. So now the CDC science is only emotion based ? Or my 105 - 106F when I got my shots. Thermometers now have emotion too and the ER doctors that said it was a COMMON REACTION to the shots and not to worry. Or the U.K. doctors reporting "Chronic Fatigue" from the H1N1 vaccine. And why do they give it in the US in 2019 when the CDC says the "threat" was over in 2010 ? Why give a vaccine for 9 years after the virus is gone ? And where was that HUGE H1N1 pandemic in the US ? Or Ebola ? Or swine flu ? Like 60 Minutes story on the Swine Flu, they knew of the vaccine problems and had a SAFER version but chose to give the shot with MORE PROFIT instead. Those 60 Minutes conspiracy people again. Or the vaccine court and the crazy US gov't that paid out over 4 BILLION to 43% of the people that went to it. Doesn't the U.S. gov't know better ? Right, that was why they set up the court, because PEOPLE WERE HURT and they didn't want it costing the vaccine companies ! Crazy CDC scientist, doctors, judges, and the legal system all set this up because it DOESN'T EXIST. Right ? And we should trust the over 40% scientist that admit to FRAUD mostly for MONEY ! Tobacco science. Remember doctors recommend Lucky Strikes !
Aimee May
Aimee May 13 часов назад
WOW. Ok. You look for "evidence" of something you want, you're going to find it. This is all conspiracy theory bullshit. Fun that at least 2 of your sources are the Corbett Report. You really think all over the world there's a massive coverup? You think that EVERY....SINGLE.....study, of the THOUSANDS done, even independent studies, are completely wrong and covering up "the truth"? I feel sorry for you.
Judy Kharchou
Judy Kharchou 16 часов назад
Start looking at the larger picture, stop turning your kids into *biological weapons*..
Judy Kharchou
Judy Kharchou 10 часов назад
I don't say this from a disrespectful side but history is full of examples on how carriers of diseases caused great deaths, like using the bodies of the dead Black-death carriers in wars , doctors have done their best to stop these diseases and they did, Humans are cruel and ready to use anything against each other including diseases, we need to stop diseases because we know very well that humans won't stop.
Judy Kharchou
Judy Kharchou 10 часов назад
+Ballzo916 no, by making them carriers of diseases "ps: un vaccinating children causes them to carry diseases even if they don't show it (mentioned in video) so it turns the child to a walking disease carrier
Ballzo916 14 часов назад
by injecting biologics into them. Thats smart!
LightningGrace 16 часов назад
I think Melissa(?) hasn't realised her case falls under the people who need protecting by everyone else being vaccinated. she doesn't know that there are these kind of two groups
Mary Sierk
Mary Sierk 16 часов назад
I’m one of the people, that is protected by herd immunity. I am allergic to the chicken pox vaccine. I have the potential to die/become disabled bc of a disease that is considered common. I’m lucky I have never caught it, but the potential still is present.
Kendal 16 часов назад
*psst autoimmune diseases are genetic* also, you made great points and i totally agree.
Solonel Canders
Solonel Canders 17 часов назад
Die of Polio orrrr Suffer from Arthritis HMMMMMM
Ballzo916 14 часов назад
The last death in the us from polio was 1995. Thats almost 25 years ago. Wonder how many cases of Arthritis there is today. Wait, found it. 54 million doctor diagnosed cases. I like your odds.
Ashley Bostick
Ashley Bostick 17 часов назад
I have an autistic brother who is vaccinated and an anti-Vaxxer told me that I was insane because I’d rather my brother have autism (which isn’t even caused by vaccines) than potentially get a deadly disease and kill him. I’m sorry but I’d rather help take care of my brother more than normal than not have him there at all...
K. W.
K. W. 17 часов назад
People still die wearing their seatbelts. So let’s not wear our seatbelts?? Ugh.
Never Give up
Never Give up 17 часов назад
I know you posted this a while back but I cannot agree all the way with your arguments because having children with autism so bad that one child cannot be controlled, acts on impulses, and can harm even themselves, is not trivial or small impact. Especially knowing that their autism was not inherited or was there initially but was caused by something, that something was a combination of vaccines. The child went into combating state at first where there was high temperature and the child was just withdrawn from all activities and it grew into an autism.
jbuggy21 17 часов назад
My first daughter actually got very sick from her first vaccines. Working with the doctor, we decided that we shouldn't bundle so many vaccines into a single visit. It was a lot of extra trips and injections, but she tolerated everything well after that. Recently (she's 16 now) she heard about this controversy. I told her there are always risks. A small number of people might react very badly, but it's beneficial for most people. And I told her no vaccine is 100% effective and not everyone will be immune, but enough people become immune that it makes these diseases statistically improbable to spread. This not only benefits her directly, but also benefits society at large. And so in my mind, the benefits generally outweigh the risks. She appreciated hearing both sides.
Sheila Medeiros
Sheila Medeiros 17 часов назад
I know you are not a supporter of supplements Dr. Mike, but what do you think of essential oils? Are there any health benefits?
Deňá Šutoova
Deňá Šutoova 18 часов назад
So many years of medical progress and for what?
Candice Childers
Candice Childers 18 часов назад
So what happens to healthy not as susceptible or vaccinated individuals if herd immunity breaks down and not enough of the population is getting vaccinated? Is there any effect on them? Or does it manly effect susceptible individuals in the population as it spreads and not the healthier vaccinated part of the population?
Shahina Anjum
Shahina Anjum 18 часов назад
I agreed and I really like it👍👍👍👍
Aren Sereathy
Aren Sereathy 18 часов назад
I honestly feel Marisa should have been removed from the conversation. Reasons and elaborations. She interrupted the other speakers numerous times. In a proper discussion you let the opposing opinion speak then you speak. That is back and forth. If you interrupt the opposition it becomes nothing more then a shouting match. She came to the discussion in bad faith. "The reason I think this is X" Marisa: No, no, you don't get it. "Ok why don't I get it?" Marisa:you just don't If your not going to engage in proper civil discussion kindly_LEAVE_ . In a proper debate a moderator would have reprimanded her every second sentence for interrupting. While bad faith is subjective, it raises the point on why she even showed up?
Turtle With Tophat
Turtle With Tophat 18 часов назад
Children should learn about vaccines in school so things like anti-vaxx people wouldn’t happen. Everything can kill you but vaccines help prevent germs and other diseases getting you.
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
+Turtle With Tophat You did write that though?
Turtle With Tophat
Turtle With Tophat 16 часов назад
Ballzo916 That’s not the point...
Ballzo916 17 часов назад
Actually there are not studies showing vaccines prevent germs.
April rich
April rich 18 часов назад
Those chicks are morons. A kid with an autoimmune disorder and she's antivaccine... and the other one's kid can't get vaccines. They're either not real people or they're dumb af.
Thomas French
Thomas French 19 часов назад
Fleur C
Fleur C 19 часов назад
I completely agreed with every one of his points
Jason Ballsack
Jason Ballsack 19 часов назад
Antivaxx: had a cough as a child Also antivaxxer: it was the vaccine
Xylophone lmao
Xylophone lmao 19 часов назад
sciencebasedmedicine.org/appeal-to-brady-bunch-vaccine-fallacy/ www.forbes.com/sites/emilywillingham/2014/03/23/worried-about-measles-dont-call-dr-bob-sears/#59fb59057242
Lucia Roca
Lucia Roca 20 часов назад
Great video with good information and reasonable, peaceful arguments and responses. Congrats!
ana sensilla
ana sensilla 20 часов назад
I was so happy you talked about this. I saw the video a day before. And it’s something that I see a lot in the media of anti/pro
Sophia Ellis
Sophia Ellis 20 часов назад
People who don’t vaccinate themselves and their children are selfish. IF YOU OR YOUR CHILD HAD AN ADVERSE REACTION TO VACCINES THEN THAT MEANS YOU ARE PART OF THE COMMUNITY THAT RELYS ON VACCINATED PEOPLE TO NOT MAKE IT MORE LIKELY TO GET A DISEASe. They put children and people who medically can’t get vaccinated at so much unnecessary risk and through so much pain. It is also selfish to your children. YOU CHILDREN AND THE CHILDREN OF OTHERS COULD DIE OF YOU DO NOT VACCINATED THEM. There is a reason small pox and measles are nearly extinct and that is bc we are vaccinated against them. If vaccines didn’t work then we would still be dying from the Black Death. Don’t be idiots. Don’t be the reason people loose their children and family members.
Kelly Fay
Kelly Fay 20 часов назад
Quitting math and science ASAP in school does not give you the required knowledge to talk about health for anyone else but yourself and they should not have a forum to explain their emotions behind what Google University taught them.
Caitlin Murphy
Caitlin Murphy 20 часов назад
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
They've been brainwashed in med school. They're f-n sick with some god complex from med school. Think everything they were told is gospel.
Evie Frew
Evie Frew 20 часов назад
I don't think anti-vax parents realise that just because they had a reaction to vaccines, their children probably won't. Would you rather have a life-threatening disease or have arthritis?
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
You asked, I'd rather have a life threatening disease, good care and be done with it.
Katie Smith
Katie Smith 21 час назад
Is it just me or is this doctor hot as holy hell.😍
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
He's hot and one sick f.
Katelyn Whitaker
Katelyn Whitaker 21 час назад
I fine myself so hostile toward anti vaxxers because I feel information is so readily available there’s no excuse to be misinformed. But I think it’s easy for me to forgot I’ve spent so many years of my life learning how to read and interpret scientific studies to know if it is good information or not. I’m glad dr Mike raised that point so I can be more understanding and compassionate. I think I spend too much time in the lab and not enough time talking to actual people.
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
How might you explain the injury/death information in the VAERS system and the money paid out to vaccine injured families and that the industry is not liable for any damages due to its products?
Warcodered01 21 час назад
1/3000 sounds a lot scary then 1/1000000 but wait lets look at it that's still only a .03% chance of it occurring.
Unorthodox Streamer
Unorthodox Streamer 22 часа назад
It was irritating that Everytime one of the doctors started to speak, the anti-vax side would immediately start saying "no" or laughing at what they were saying. Just because you feel smart for googling something, that doesn't mean you're smarter than someone who went to school for 10+ years..
h d
h d 22 часа назад
This anti-vaccine hysteria is such the product of the echo chamber that is online culture.
Jim R.
Jim R. 23 часа назад
gee, i wonder if the hordes of unchecked border crossers have anything at all to do with the resurgence of once-eradicated diseases...........hmmmmm.
Ballzo916 16 часов назад
Nope, they're positive its only American anti-vaxxers spreading disease. Makes perfect sense.
Jack Bragg
Jack Bragg 23 часа назад
1 name..... Andrew Wakefield
Ballzo916 15 часов назад
1998, 21 years ago.......you do realize most people vaccinating their kids today weren't even born yet. Try again....
Karen Aenlle
Karen Aenlle 23 часа назад
Dude you seem open to thinking, I challenge you to go to ICAN ( informed consent action network) examine the data and refute it. If you can do that antivaxxers will go away.
indoctus41 23 часа назад
The situation, in part, comes down to trust. The AMA did a study and found that a number of US doctors, esp those receiving gifts from pharmaceutical companies such as trips to Hawaii for conferences or new office computers, were prescribing predominantly medicines from those companies, sometimes when other medicines were proven more effective and/or cheaper. That can erode the trust between the medical community and patients and be fodder for the anti-vaccine movement. So the anti-vaccine movement is a danger and needs to be challenged, and doctors need to detach themselves from their seemingly cozy relationship with pharma companies, which detracts from the legitimate and important research that is going on.
小霧Kokiri День назад
It's something I really don't understand, of course there are some risks, and I very much agree on the part that some people can't really get vaccinated because they can't tolerate it for some reasons. Then it's the job of others that can, to protect these vulnerable victims from catching diseases that could potentially be mortal or very damaging. There's a reason why we have doctors and specialists studying in that specific field, it's not some random people on google that can tell you if vaccines are bad or good. Your own experience can't weight more in the balance than millions of others that are vaccinated and are perfectly fine. There are so so so many societies and people that would LOVE to get vaccinated, but can't. Yet there are those who could (excluding those who are physically unable to) get vaccinated, yet decide not to. It's really sad that kids and vulnerables ones are put at risk because of blinded decisions.. And I think those who were in this debat (on the side of the anti-vaccine) had obvious reasons to why they don't want to, one of which is okay because her daughter can't handle it at all. The problem is, indeed, when you're trying to convince others to not vaccine their kids and themselves because of your own experience. It's like saying : Don't go to school because I was bullied Don't run too much because I once had a heart attack Don't let the doctors try to save your life or make it better by operating on you because my son died
Ballzo916 15 часов назад
The problem is, they want you to damage your child first to find out if you can become exempt. Now I have a damaged child who in many cases will never fully recover. Thats ridiculous but Dr. seem to be perfectly find with that model of care. Not sure why. Its very barbaric IMO. I'm not trying to convince people to not vaccinate, I just want to let them know that Dr's aren't giving you the full picture. Its not so simple but thats what they want from us......to not even think about it. Thats dangerous. If you want to get a peek at the thousands of potentially damaged from vaccines. Go over to the VAERS database at www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/index.php. Go down to the bottom, select died=yes and then hit the find button. Almost 7600 deaths related to vaccination listed there. Read through some of them. Infants, elderly dead from vaccination. D E A D.
Kenny Collier
Kenny Collier День назад
I would rather have my daughter have a possible short term side effect than die of a preventable disease.
men yoongi
men yoongi День назад
loved this
Caleb Carrigan
Caleb Carrigan День назад
To the lady who thought a vaccine caused her arthritis :I had rheumatoid arthritis whenever I was 8 years old. Guess what got rid of my arthritis? A VACCINE!
Ballzo916 15 часов назад
Vaccines cure arthritis. Which one?
Delilah GUI
Delilah GUI День назад
When I had my 11 year old shots I did have a reaction where a large red bump, but I just went to urgent care and gave me a liquid injested by my mouth and the next day it looked like a small misquote bite. So yes I am a pro vaccinator and I want to vaccinate my kids in the future.
Hanna Pyrkh
Hanna Pyrkh День назад
OMG, Powerful story?!?! You doctor are dumb. You think that people who are not doctors are stupid. We don't need a powerful story or emotional arguments, we need facts. Are you 100% sure it is safe for my child to get the vaccine? Well, I actually don't care, because you are dumb.
Elisabeth Hawkins
Elisabeth Hawkins День назад
All my children are vaccinated as was I as a child. Despite everything I've either read or been told, it never crossed my mind not to get my children vaccinated.
Ballzo916 15 часов назад
Thats exactly what these dr's want. Full compliance without thinking. Thanks for your honesty.
jimmelay71 День назад
Sometimes it feels like you are just slamming your head into a brick wall.
Jessica McElroy
Jessica McElroy День назад
I think a lot of what allows people to become anti-vax is that there are risks with vaccines and people generally don't know about it and so something happens and they fall victim to conspiracy theorist and what not. And I think that's what they were trying to get to in the video when they said downplaying the risks. they don't feel they ever got to make a fair risk assessment because they didn't actually understand the risks even though if they had known they would have probably gotten the vaccine anyway but they could have been prepared for any side effects.
Jake Sanders
Jake Sanders День назад
I'm not anti-vaccine, I get vaccines, but I would be very against the government enforcing vaccines as a mandate.. THAT'S the only way in which I am anti vaccine.
screetchgamer День назад
end of story, if you are anti-vaccine you're wrong. There's more chance of you getting the disease that you would be vaccinated if you didn't have the vaccine than having adverse reactions. Your being very selfish additionally if you were unfortunate enough to experience these adverse reactions to spread misinformation and lies based on your feelings towards them and how you associate those with vaccines in general therefore saying they are bad. Luckily they seem to be the minority (due to yet again these reactions leading to these beliefs being uncommon) so many just ridicule them which is not good but also helpful as it prevents people thinking this. Diseases in the past that have been eradicated have come back due to people like this and it's just not fair on others. I do understand the feelings though, after all we are all just people.
Ballzo916 13 часов назад
Can you site any references that support your claim "There's more chance of you getting the disease that you would be vaccinated if you didn't have the vaccine than having adverse reactions."
Icee Vice
Icee Vice День назад
People are so crass and rude to Anti vaccine people. You have to show a little understanding and see where they’re coming from. In my opinion, this entire discussion was based solely on emotional and personal experiences, as well as their opinions. They all experienced something that gave them a reason to have their beliefs. Don’t look at it like they’re stupid, don’t look at it like they’re wrong. They’ve made a conscious decision based on personal feelings. Put yourself in their shoes, if your child was one of those three thousand that was hit with the side effects you would be hesitant put them in that jeopardy again after seeing how badly it hurt them. Everyone is so quick to judge these people as unintelligent or misguided when all they’re trying to do is be safe, or keep they’re children safe. There are pros and cons to both sides, whether or not one side has more pros than cons shouldn’t matter, they are both risks. People seem insensitive when they jump to saying the pros outweigh the cons as if the side effects don’t matter just because it’s mostly good, and yes that is what you’re saying. I’m personally pro vaccine but I have respect for others decisions and beliefs. I’m not going to try and convince someone to get a vaccine or bombard them with pros for vaccines. And I would never mistreat them, like many people clearly are.
david reznic
david reznic День назад
An anti vaccine Pediatrician?? Right and i'm an atheist priest, and also a socialist republican
سعود القحطاني
سعود القحطاني День назад
i'm a vaccinated 24M: once I was asked why are you afraid of non vaccinated kids told her if you're wearing a bullet proof why are you afraid of bullets it risks your life. stop it. get rational, get real, get vaccinated seriously you're risking us all
Queen Chanty
Queen Chanty День назад
You know that one side is pro-vaccine and the other side is anti-vaccine..?
Dr. Mikhail, Russian name yeah?
Jack Snap
Jack Snap День назад
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann День назад
The Doc needs tighter sleeves.
King Sloth50
King Sloth50 День назад
My moms an anti vaxxer and I used to be as well.Now I start freaking out when my mom refuses to give me vaccines
Ballzo916 15 часов назад
Well at least you're an adult now. If you harm yourself you only have yourself to blame. Its part of being an adult.
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