Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

Doctor Mike
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
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Feb 7, 2019

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Comments 35 033
Why don’t you redo this on a del bigtree video? You know someone who actually knows what they’re talking about instead of random morons from the internet? Hell talk to Jim Spears from the Drs he knows del and all about the manipulated MMR study done by Julie gerberdings CDC, Julie is conveniently the head of Merck’s vaccine division now... y’all wanna rail on the government and big pharma but they’re suddenly 1000% right when it comes to vaccines L O FUCKING L And while your at it doc Can you please list the ingredients of the MMR vaccine for us? Or would you rather not let your patients know theres potassium chloride, the same chemical used to stop hearts in executions, is in their vaccine. That’s just the worst one there’s plenty of other harmful chemicals in the vaccines as well. what ever happened to “my body my choice”
Sam A
Sam A 2 hours ago
Melissa looks scary as shit
Xanderqwerty123 2 hours ago
Plot twist, she has arthritis because she is a full time blogger with carpal tunnel.
Hayley Shen
Hayley Shen 5 hours ago
natural selection will play its role
Katherine 8 hours ago
Parents (in most cases) do know their child best, but they don't know the medicine best. That's why it's important to work with a doctor. The parent knows the child, the doctor knows about health. Working together is how you figure out what's best for the child.
Carlo Lechadores
Carlo Lechadores 8 hours ago
Why werent you on the video lmao
S Foster
S Foster 14 hours ago
Being an Anti-vaxxer is the same as being Anti-Coffee Tables because you might stub your pinky toe on one someday. bottom line is vaccines are good for the population as a whole. if you have an adverse reaction that sucks, i feel bad for you, but tough shit. You are one of very few and when weighed against the benefits that they give to everyone else, it doesnt matter you had an adverse reaction because 99% of others didnt.
Zëbäz Tiiän
Zëbäz Tiiän 16 hours ago
I don't understand WHY people normally speaking, in English, use the word "doctors" to describe medics. Most of the scientists who understand what a doctorate is (pHD) call doctors whenever they're talking to someone who's done a doctorate, a medic is a medic, not a doctor unless he's or she's done a doctorate, simple as that.
Christian Dzwonkowski
Probably because that is the correct usage of the word -"noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈdɒk.tər/ US ​ /ˈdɑːk.tɚ/ doctor noun [ C ] (MEDICINE) ​ A1 (written abbreviation Dr) a person with a medical degree whose job is to treat people who are ill or hurt: The doctor prescribed some medication. You should see a doctor about that cough. dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/doctor
Irene Dagami
Irene Dagami 17 hours ago
I understand that they went through something and I hope it was addressed. However, I hope the anti-vaccine group would also consider that for a lot of people, vaccination has helped them live a longer life. Living longer is a privilege we have that those in the middle ages didn't have. Imagine living everyday thinking that your 5 year old son could die of measles. Now we could live to 76, then people could only hope to live through their school age years.
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea 19 hours ago
Vaccinated newborns is a bit much. Who the he'll travels or takes a baby around people too much.i understand waiting for vaccines till they are older.
May04bwu Day ago
1:20 How could she be too young to have arthritis in college? I've had arthritis in my knees since I was 15 years old.
"You are not contributing to the conversation" . In other words you are not blindly agreeing with me.
"The assumption they are a risk to everyone". That's not an assumption.
psiak ciapkowaty
I had a bad reaction to a vaccine and kept on vomiting and had to be hospitalised for a day. I still am for vaccines, and ill continue to get vaccines. like so what if I vomited for a week at least I won't get polio
You are pro-vaccine until your child develops autism an you loose your child while being alive.
Christian Dzwonkowski
You remain antivax even if your child dies from a preventable disease because you blame others while failing to understand the science.
Costello romano
I am pro vaccination as being a former nurse. But I want to clarify these generalizations on anti vacinators being "uneducated", or. "Stupid". The chair of the University I attend, has a PH. D does not believe in vaccines. This person is far from these stereotypes. This hostility is redundant.
Michelle Marin
Dr Mike: * makes sense* Erin: ThAtS nOt VeGAn
Bravenwolf 9000
The real reason for some of these people is that they don’t want to spend a couple bucks on their own children for vaccines but for their own greedy purposes
Mk Rickard
Mk Rickard Day ago
My brother had a bad reaction to one type of vaccine my mom and him still got him vacations for everything other than one type.
Simon Roy
Simon Roy Day ago
I can't stand random people arguing a doctor on a health topic.
Simon Roy
Simon Roy 46 minutes ago
@Tim Account if you insist that much there you go. www.webmd.com/children/vaccines/news/20150107/long-term-study-finds-measles-vaccines-safe
Simon Roy
Simon Roy 48 minutes ago
@Tim Account omg you're so ignorant. It's because of herd immunity. It limits the danger of measle as a whole. And i don't need to provide long term studies. because it is the only good option available right now. What are the long term effects of vaccines according to you ?
Christian Dzwonkowski
@Tim Account What made you decide to be pro-disease Tim? Were you picked on as a child? Approximately 110,000 people died in 2017 (from a disease you say isn't fatal over and over) and currently measles infection rates are up 300% of the previous years which will lead to more deaths. What did those people who are going to die do to you?
Christian Dzwonkowski
@Tim Account Except that contrary to what the World Health Organisation asserts www.who.int/immunization/newsroom/measles-data-2019/en/
Tim Account
Tim Account Hour ago
Simon Roy - Are you not going to supply any long term safety studies?
Zipperhead3213 Smudge
As someone who can't have the DTaP vaccine because of being allergic to the Diptheria part of it I still believe that people should vaccinate their children. I was unfortunate to have a child that was born with a very low immune system and even a cold could land him in the hospital so vaccines were his life allergist were his life and mine. So I don't understand why so many people even those who have adverse reactions to the vaccines don't vaccinate their children!
Tim Account
Tim Account Day ago
@Zipperhead3213 Smudge - You said that vaccines are safer than not having them, but how do you know that if no long term safety studies have ever been done. Serious question. How do you know they are safe with no long term studies to prove it? Vaccines have known carcinogens and have been associated with autoimmune diseases and cancers. You are asking others to take a drug that can possibly cause serious harm without any long term safety testing. You can possibly see why others do not want to do that. If you want to take the risk, that is your business. It should not be imposed on others.
Zipperhead3213 Smudge
@Tim Account you're totally missing the point of vaccines! They're much safer than not having them. Especially for those who are immunocompromised! As I stated in my comment just because I can't have the Tetanus vaccine doesn't mean I won't vaccinate my kids. I see the safe side of them that out ways the risks such as a fever or an occasional fever induced seizure. BTW seizures run in our family #epilepsy so we need not worry about every little seizure that pops up. There are side effects caused by every med you take are you gonna stop taking it because you are having blasting diarrhea? No you are going to continue to take it because you want to get better so you can get to work! Unless you can come up with a med that is legal for all 50 states that is side effect free and helps with everything then I best you stop on your antivax!
Tim Account
Tim Account Day ago
Zipperhead3213 Smudge - It’s because vaccines have not been proven safe. No long term safety studies have ever been done.
Malec Fanatic
I watched that video a couple days ago and I just remembered, about a quarter of the time, the doctors were being interrupted by the moms and being partially invalidated 😅.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Day ago
9:11 So is it also bad if some kids are homeschooled? Since some parents are like oh my child is the best at everything so it cant be wrong etc.
Steve P
Steve P 2 days ago
Anti vaccine folks are playing Russian roulette based on herd immunity. When enough people are brought over to their point of view epidemics will sweep our population. My parents had us standing in a line hundreds of people long in the summer heat to get the polio? vaccine as a drop of fluid on a sugar cube because they had seen the ravages of people in iron lungs or crippled. There are instances where a seatbelt causes injury and death but we still require the wearing them because many more people are saved than harmed.
Oge Nwafor
Oge Nwafor 2 days ago
I get reactions to vaccines all the time. But it only last like two days. And I go about my daily life.
Steve Griswald
Steve Griswald 2 days ago
Doctor Mike, I love you with all of my heart. I even showed my mom, a head RN at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, your channel. She loves you too. I am 100% Pro Vax. I have a son and he's received all of his vaccinations to date. Seeing people that are anti-vax truly get under my skin. Like they make me lividly angry with their nonsense arguments. Could you give me one possible word to make me not feel this way? I've lost friends due to them being anti and they're people i've known since childhood. In my mind there's no logical reason to not protect your child. I would rather my son suffer from a seizure than ever experiences the horrors of polio or measles. Basically what i'm asking is can you calm me down? Because the video you reacted to made me livid.
Mama L
Mama L 2 days ago
Do “ Doctor reacts to Vaxxed : From Cover - Up to Catastrophe “
Judith  Gray
Judith Gray 2 days ago
Hottest doctor I've ever seen! 😍
How funny that all of these side affects, while maybe debilitating, are all treatable and/or curable, yet the diseases that were prevented are all deadly. I mean I'm just saying that I would purposefully choose arthritis in my child's hands instead of possible death, you know cause one of them is forever and what not.
@Tim Account I actually agree with you on some points and disgree on others. You are clearly better informed than a lot of so called anti-vaxx people, but what I believe you are describing is being pro-choice, which I can understand to a degree. I will make the argument that if someone is pro-choice in terms of vaccines they should identify as such instead of identifying as anti-vaxx. I think that many real anti-vaxx people are highly uninformed and actually scared that vaccines will cause autism, that the gov. is trying to control us, that vaccines don't actually work, that essential oils are heal-all, etc. This does absolutely nothing, for the common good. There are unfortunately going to be many changes to immunity happening and many of them, I theorize, is going to be due to globalization instead of lack of vaccines in some people, but I suppose that's a different discussion.
Tim Account
Tim Account Day ago
@RealisticallyCandid - The disappearance of diseases does not *prove* that vaccines are effective against disease transmission. However, that is not the argument most anti-vaxxers make. They do not say vaccines do not work, although the mumps vaccine works only 2/3 of the time and we are now seeing antibody resistant pneumococcal because of the use of vaccines. There are other reasons that contributed to disease disappearance such as better nutrition and availability of medical care. The fact that polio rates started decreasing BEFORE the vaccine was developed should indicate that much. But again, I am not saying vaccines do not work. It depends on the particular vaccine. The argument that anti-vaxxers are making is that vaccines have not been proven safe and they should be allowed to make the decision to vaccinate or not and not be forced to do it. Herd immunity is actually better with natural infection compared to vaccination. Immunity by vaccination is short term, which is why the last 2 major outbreaks of mumps occurred in previously vaccinated people. You have named the groups of people that are at risk of any disease, not just ones preventable by vaccines. Babies, elderly, etc. are at risk and they should take precautions generally. They are also at risk from vaccinated people because they can still transfer disease even if they do not show symptoms. That is shown by the vaccine strain of measles. As the doctor said in the video, there is no shield of protection over a vaccinated person and they can pass diseases to the at-risk groups too. If a person is at such a risk, then they need to take precautions, which most of them do. The point I was making about the one person that died from measles was not about vaccine safety. The point was to say that measles in the U.S. is not deadly. Practically nobody dies from it. A person should be allowed to decide to not vaccinate against things that are not deadly.
Also ,I notice that you mentioned one person who was vaccinated died from the disease, but that is one example against the millions( if not billions) of vaccinated people who have been vaccinated and have not died from the disease. I don't think that point should be ignored.
@Tim Account your point actually proves my point that vaccines are working. The fact that herd immunity is still a thing is good, but it won't last if we stop vaccinating enough people. You are right that they are not all super deadly to healthy adults that can probably fight off one of these diseases with treatment, but babies, elderly, and immunodefficient or compromised people won't be as able to and that's where the death toll will start. You know it takes onco patients in treatment more than two months to get over a cold? Yeah, imagine if they got measles. They would likely never make it. If I get vaccinated and get a complication such as one mentioned in the video, I would gladly rather have that than pass on a disease to my own kid or a bunch of other people more likely to die from the disease. This is one of thise cases where we have no idea how good we have it because we haven't seen how bad it can get. Its nice that medicine has advanced to the point were previously deadly diseases can be treated better, but it doesn't mean that they are gone.
Robus WhiteWolf
Robus WhiteWolf 2 days ago
Anti-vaxer: Just because you went to an eight year college and have a doctorate in medicine and I only spent 10 minutes in a place that literally ANYONE can post whatever they want doesn't mean you're smarter than me. Me: Bitch, that degree is official, legal, and documented proof that they ARE smarter than you.
JayIsAnEmoNobody 2 days ago
Using the argument that you shouldn’t get vaccines because you may get a bad reaction, and they don’t always work. Is the same as saying that you shouldn’t use a condom because it may have a hole in it, and you could have a latex allergy.
David Smith
David Smith 2 days ago
So pro vaccine people should use personal stories, but anti vaccines people shouldn't base their beliefs on personal stories?
Tammie Maree
Tammie Maree 2 days ago
I'm anti-vax because when I was vaccinated I tripped over leaving the room and bruised my knee. They obviously down-played the side effects because I wasn't even told this could happen!
salamipitza 2 days ago
i havent got vaccs for 20 years and im being fine all day
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
Vid should be called : reacting to dumb people talk to doctors.
Creeper, Aww man 10k subs no vid
Me E
Me E 3 days ago
Soooooo glad he did this!!
Willem Neuefeind Lessig
9:25 this woman looks like a karen that doesnt know anything
Nikedylan 2
Nikedylan 2 3 days ago
I got the hpv vaccine and almost passed out do I support anti vaxxers no no I don’t
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 2 days ago
No maybe allergic reaction if it is an allergic reaction then soround yourself with vaccinated people
Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia
What if your kid isn't vaccinated n there healthy ???
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 2 days ago
@Tim Account then they will get iffected by another infected individiual
Tim Account
Tim Account 2 days ago
@busygalaxy YT - What if they are not surrounded by vaccinated children and they are healthy?
Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia
Okay relax bitch
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
Its because their surrounded by vaccinated children or they have more memory cells. Memory cells remember the disease and know what that specific disease does so it activates the memory cell and it goes super syan and it kills the disease ..
Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia
Regardless of what ur opinion is on vaccines we as parents have a right to choose to vaccinate period...
Pattyzulemalosangeles Anastasia
What about the kids that die because of vaccines they don't get second chances
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
They die because their allergic and they are not sorounded by vaccinated children
Stzven Z
Stzven Z 3 days ago
I had a friend once whose father survived a car crash because he WASNT wearing a seatbelt. She was always an anti-seatbelt apologist after that. This isn’t a parallel but anti vaccine logic reminds me of this.
Oscar Xu
Oscar Xu 3 days ago
No my parents be like It’s that damn video games
Glyzar ͔
Glyzar ͔ 3 days ago
“Vaccines cause autism!” No they don’t it’s you that transferred the STD!
Mike Wolf
Mike Wolf 4 days ago
i've been vaccines since i born and til maybe 10+ years old and stopped because it does nothing to me i still can get sick when i'm vaccines i'm 14 years old and stopped vaccines myself my healthy is good idk if i still need vaccines or not i'm curious
Wander With Purpose
Appealing to someone on an emotional level is how you resonate with an illogical human being. The anti-vax community refuses to use logic. If they did, they wouldn't be in that community. That goes for any community that refuses to see how their stance is completely illogical, ie climate change. The anti-vax issue boils down, especially in the US, to an education issue. Too many people are completely illiterate in the sciences, many not understanding even the most basic of principles like the scientific method and have also not been given the proper tools to reason their way through things. Schools don't promote the use of logic, they promote memorization, especially in the lower/average levels. Well this is what ya get. People that can parrot off studies, but lack the ability to truly understand them.
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 2 days ago
@Tim Account he just did a quick google search
Not Amused really
Tim Account This is an unvaccinated vs vaccinated study. It might not be long term enough for you but I’d say it’s pretty telling. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/2260220/
Tim Account
Tim Account 3 days ago
@Not Amused really - I do not know by what you mean that "nothing is accurate." Regardless, a simple retrospective study looking at vaccinated vs. unvaccinated groups would be a start. It would at least propose a correlation. Not being able to prove vaccines are safe over a long term projection is a HUGE black mark on vaccine activists. One should not in good conscience criticize another for not wanting a medical product that has not been proven to be safe. The "proving you wrong" part is the fact that no long term safety studies have ever been done. I already knew that, but I wanted to see if you did.
Not Amused really
Tim Account Nope, because nothing is accurate! Why do you think the waiting period is so long for each vaccine? After a certain amount of days anything that happens can’t be attributed to the vaccine, but does that mean any small cold that happens in that grace period is caused by the vaccine? No! If you’re so interested in proving me wrong, do your own research, I’m not doing your homework for you.
Tim Account
Tim Account 3 days ago
@Not Amused really - Ok, great. So, what you have provided shows the number of times a case was filed alleging a vaccine caused an injury vs. the number of times a person was rewarded for an injury. This says nothing about injuries that occur that were not petitioned to the HRSA and it says nothing about long term safety data - attributing vaccines to autoimmune illnesses, cancers, that sort of thing. Do you have anything showing long term safety data? That would be nice to see.
TheJuiceBox 4 days ago
What never gets old? Memes, anti fax jokes, and lastly, kids without vaccines
TheJuiceBox 4 days ago
What happens when a 4 year old doesn’t get his vaccines? “He’s in mid life crisis”
Effy TheOne
Effy TheOne 4 days ago
What would you rather have? An autistic kid or a dead one?
Ilario Michelini
Ilario Michelini 4 days ago
I m a kidney transplanted. TY for getting vaccinated and avoiding putting my life at risk
Michael Boland
Michael Boland 5 days ago
It seems like most people who are anti-vax are people who make emotionally based decisions based on hearing or experiencing 1 bad reaction. That’s clearly not smart, that’s why statistics on this kind of thing have no room to factor in emotions... because they don’t matter when it comes to the numbers. Emotional people don’t understand data, you’re more likely to be blind to something if you’re emotionally close to it.
Cassandra Flannigan
I have epilepsy I fell and hit my head and I took 2 seizures and I've been taking medication ever since I haven't had anymore seizures so I know that vaccinations never caused me to have epilepsy nobody really knows what causes epilepsy
Jordan Tahirou
Jordan Tahirou 5 days ago
I had a vaccination and I got very Ill would I do it again definitely
Heavy Metal Kitten
They wonder why their kids die from these preventable diseases. Anti-vaxxers really make me mad.
Mags Ph
Mags Ph 5 days ago
Excellent review ! Really pointed out interesting and strong arguments about this matter! Couldnt relate more !
measl 5 days ago
*No, lady, not **_anyone_** could be carrying (fill in disease of your choice)! By getting vaccinated, you **_cannot_** be spreading anything around. That's the POINT! Any medicine or vaccine has a risk, however, the rate of vaccine adverse advents are one in anywhere from one in a thousand or five, to one in the hundreds of thousands: clearly an **_extremely_** rare complication. These people believe that anything which happens to them after they are vaccinated is **_caused_** by the vaccine. Utter crap.* *Mike, after you've been in practice for more than a year or two, explain to me again how these people don't **_infuriate_** you!* (measl PGY-37)
measl 5 days ago
*I just **_hate_** anti-vaxxers. Cannot **_stand them!_** The problem is that nobody under 50 remembers how devastating these diseases were. Chickenpox was literal torture. Mumps was the **_most_** terrifying thing ever: here I was at 3-4 years old, literally afraid I was about to die (couldn't swallow or speak - **_terrifying_** for a young kid! I could go on, as I had EVERY ONE OF THE "CHILDHOOD DISEASES" (Polio aside, as I was vaccinated for that).* *Yeah, what Mr. ICU said! (Measl PGY-37)
smolbean bangtan
smolbean bangtan 5 days ago
i done my commerce assignment on this thanks to doctor mike, because he really inspired me and i was really interested! 😄
oneplantiboi XD
oneplantiboi XD 5 days ago
I'm anti vax because they make adults and adults are mean to me jk
Rabbit 5 days ago
Can ya’ll really stop comparing those anti-vaxers to garbage? That’s rude. *to the garbage*
DarcWolf Gacha
DarcWolf Gacha 4 days ago
@Rabbit *_OoF 1000_*
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn 5 days ago
Vaccines still get recalled the H1N1 so they arent for sure safe
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
Their not for sure safe but its better than getting measels though. Vaccines kill 1 in a million but measles kill children and give the dagerouse diarrhea
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn 5 days ago
Google ryan white and what year that happened and tell me why disease isnt as prominent
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn 5 days ago
Ryan White. Period.
Home Decor, Crafts& Gift Shop
what about the children that got the shots and still get the virus. look at the new info the movie Vaxxed.
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
The children who got the shot then got the disease.got lower the chance of death because there's memory cells their memory cells kill bacteria like measles so their good
Christian Dzwonkowski
The nonsensical mockumentary directed by a proven fraud and discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield? I would rather look at science than fiction for decision making purposes.
BDB 6 days ago
The perfect answer for the antivaxer. ruvid.net/video/video-urZLTobAfJc.html
BDB 6 days ago
I find it interesting that the parents who were all vaccinated have opted to jeaperdize the health and safety of their children and everyone around them. I have a hyperactive immune system as a result I had a severe adverse reaction to a flu shot. The answer from my doctor was go without a flu shot until I got older However I still vaccinated my children.
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn 6 days ago
We didnt used to know what aids was they thought it was some kind of illness you had to protect your kids from didnt know if you could catch it through your saliva or whatnot. Theres a lot of things we didnt know and a lot of things that still havent been researched and people havent tried to research it theyd rather make assumptions because the chemical makeup in the vaccines are separately safe for human consumption. But combine the chemicals and the reaction within your body because everyone reacts different but similar in some way. Ryan got aids from a hospital he trusted. From a blood transfusion didnt have it before the blood transfusion either was just some hemophiliac. Times were different we smoked in hospitals in 1990 like we didnt and still dont know causes of medicine. I cant believe how ignorant you all are just because you dont wanna believe what can happen to your child you havent seen it to be true for yourself so you just hide in ignorance. People are suffering i am 20 years old with chronic cystic acne had it since i was 6-7 when i got my last shot i had an allergic reaction. Now i have osteophytes growing in my hips in my knees and my elbow. Im 20 years old with arthritis vaccines have caused all kinds of tragedy in my family it might even be the cause of cancer you cant always trust the governments word. Obviously.
Christian Dzwonkowski
You appear have forgotten how to use paragraphs. It also appears that the only point you have to make is that we don't know everything in medical science. I agree. However, the science is rather clear on vaccines saving lives, the statistics for reactions is approximately 5 thousand in 3 billion proven reactions to vaccinations. www.hrsa.gov/sites/default/files/hrsa/vaccine-compensation/monthly-website-stats-2-01-18.pdf If you want to claim that we shouldn't take any action until absolutely everything is known in full then you would be suggesting that we return to the days when approximately 2.6 million per year died to measles which fell to approximately 110,000 as a direct result of vaccines. It is easy to see the benefits of vaccinations www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/measles Perhaps you should reexamine the subject and actual material in the matter?
Kade Connorz
Kade Connorz 6 days ago
I also get my medical advice from the Annabelle doll? Or was she a person?
Fontaine X
Fontaine X 6 days ago
Im ANTI VACCINE only the strong should survive!
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
Trevor cruz
Trevor cruz 6 days ago
He comments on how the first lady's anecdotal evidence is not a good reason to be anti-vax because it disregards statistics and then later praises the intensivist for using anecdotal evidence and not talking about the statistics.
EmmasUnicorn05 6 days ago
I'm anti-vaccine, but that is only because not even doctors know EXACTLY what EVERYTHING in the vaccine is, and in some of the vaccines theres a lot of stuff thats bad for you, but I dont blame people for getting vaccines. I physically cant get vaccines because my body is very sensitive, and I have a very strong immune system (thank God), so, I havent ever gotten the flu, or other stuff that they have vaccines for. My mom uses essential oils and stuff like that and she's been doing it for a very long time, and they work really well...if you use them properly that is... Anyway, Great video!
EmmasUnicorn05 2 days ago
@busygalaxy YT Safe meaning that people tampering with what we put in our bodies is okay? No. I dont think so. If vaccines were JUST the actual thing without chemicals (like the first vaccine ever), I wouldnt be anti -vax. And please, I'm not trying to make people mad, so, If You Dont Want To Read My Comment Or If You Dont Like What I'm Saying, JUST KEEP SCROLLING...Please...its not that difficult to just keep scrolling, is it? Thank you!
EmmasUnicorn05 2 days ago
@busygalaxy YT I know what vaccines are...and I know how they work...okay? okay.
EmmasUnicorn05 2 days ago
@busygalaxy YT actually, everyone I know who got vaccines actually got sick and were around me...sooooo...
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 2 days ago
@EmmasUnicorn05 and its not scary because its safe S A F E
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
@EmmasUnicorn05 vaccines are weak bacteria that makes the memory cell remember the that disease like the weak cousin of measles they remember it and it thinks its measle so when measle attacks it know what to do and becomes active to destroy the measle ..
Abu Moussab
Abu Moussab 7 days ago
see what happened with my son ruvid.net/video/video-hBwVG-Q8RkA.html
Some One
Some One 7 days ago
I’m pro vax, but there is a lot of shady tactics doctors do to try and milk you for every penny at your child’s birth. Like pushing the silver nitrate shit for mothers with the clap, even when the mother doesn’t have it. Obviously there are vital and necessary vaccines like polio and pertussis, but there are quite a few that are completely pointless if you’re a decent parent, and yet the doctors still push that shit to milk you dry.
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
Oviosly your not
Speaking Truth
Speaking Truth 4 days ago
Some One you were talking about children in your comment so I assumed that’s who we were talking about, and tbf even babies crawl/toddler around, trying to play with a ball or toys in the garden - especially if they have siblings. Personally my cousin got quite a deep wound as a toddler from a bit of glass hidden in the grass at a park. That’s not bad parenting, it’s just bad luck. And yes the vast majority is deep wounds (which babies aren’t immune to getting) but there’s still that risk and it’s simply not worth it.
Some One
Some One 5 days ago
Speaking Truth Btw, I don’t know many babies playing sports.
Some One
Some One 5 days ago
Speaking Truth Let me tell you about cleaning out scrapes with water and some kind of antiseptic. Also, the vast majority of tetanus cases are from deep puncture wounds where there isn’t much blood or oxygen, and even then there’s a difference between bacterial exposure and actual contraction. I’m not arguing that it’s completely useless, just that it’s not very useful for babies.
Speaking Truth
Speaking Truth 5 days ago
Some One if you child doesn’t get a few cuts and bruises whilst playing outside in their childhood I would actually question how you are raising them if im honest. All sports/exploring related games in childhood come with the risk of getting a small wound, and most are played in places with soil. So unless your child is a computer addict it’s completely normal for them to require a tetanus shot
DBros 1000
DBros 1000 7 days ago
anti-vaccers prefer the risk of dying to a disease (1 in 500) to dying from the vaccine (1 in 1000000)
Christian Dzwonkowski
If only diseases worked faster to remove them from the genepool...
Renate 7 days ago
I just wished that the antii vaccine people saw this video.
steph 7 days ago
Dr Mike: I don't think we should be hostile to anti-vaxxers The whole comments section: Being hostile to and mocking anti-vaxxers
Marc Harris
Marc Harris 7 days ago
Abstaining from vaccines is the exception. Adhering to vaccines is the rule.
JAZZY ULERY 7 days ago
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
@JAZZY ULERY it feels like your screaming at people
busygalaxy YT
busygalaxy YT 3 days ago
@JAZZY ULERY lady you talk to much
Not Amused really
JAZZY ULERY - It’s SUDDEN Infant Death Syndrome, not silent. Lack of research showing right there.
Christian Dzwonkowski
@JAZZY ULERY As there is no link between autism and vaccines, which has been repeatedly studied, the most recent of which i provided the link for you implies you are incapable of reading. There were two options regarding the situation where you failed to immunise your children being your are unable to learn or a sadist. You saw the effects and chose not to prioritise the care of your children. I guess you could be lazy or uncaring? Your continued capitalisation clearly implies a lack of education. Perhaps you are simply impassioned by the subject? Your lack of knowledge and education however isn't grounds to attempt to scapegoat the medical community.
Giorgia Zilio
Giorgia Zilio 7 days ago
When they say “I did my own research”... damn, It gets on my nerves
Berserkism 23 hours ago
As apposed to a trained seal like you, clapping for a fish. Unbelievably, people can read, ever wonder how they become doctors? Idiot.
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