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Today Brittney and I made a super strange trip to New York City video.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on RUvid since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!



16 фев 2019




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Roman Atwood Vlogs
Roman Atwood Vlogs Месяц назад
Thanks for coming with us today. I know it is a strange one. Tomorrow should be little more normal. haha. Thanks for being here.
Mark Thiergartner
Mark Thiergartner 6 дней назад
+Kieran Robinson sToP 🤚
Penny Grutzmacher
Penny Grutzmacher 28 дней назад
Congratulations on your superb vision correction Roman since your eye surgery❣❣❣ I'm happy to hear the surgery turned out perfectly for you❣❣❣
F-jayy’s Fishing
F-jayy’s Fishing 29 дней назад
The Atwoods you guys are always smiling keep up the good work love the vids 👍👍👍👍😛
Carrie Bowlen
Carrie Bowlen День назад
Hello Atwoods. I love you! Happy belated birthday Brit!
VoiceMessage 2 дня назад
Roman I always have No Copyright beats/music u can use for free!
TMSUPREMETM 4 дня назад
Changed his name again😴
Daws Vater
Daws Vater 6 дней назад
Baby makin
Ilhan Siringul
Ilhan Siringul 6 дней назад
Guys I had a surgery as well when I was very little baby I could not see at all my sis was the same my mom was upset 😭 so yea
Jaelin Addley
Jaelin Addley 7 дней назад
Brian Deak
Brian Deak 8 дней назад
I love you
Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson 10 дней назад
Omg I love you guys so much
LordCaesar Vlogs
LordCaesar Vlogs 11 дней назад
2 weeks later:I might be pregnant
jordan bayley
jordan bayley 6 дней назад
LordCaesar Vlogs 😂😂😂
Drew Hertel
Drew Hertel 12 дней назад
I've been to that hotel
Sprili 12 дней назад
You must fly to germany
Mr Cool
Mr Cool 12 дней назад
Stoped watching for a while and just picked up on this video glad to be back SMILE MORE😁
Hannah Seal!!!!!
Hannah Seal!!!!! 12 дней назад
She is 34 years old
WaCkY MeLoN 14 дней назад
For winter break I stayed in time square (Marriott Marquis)
Andrew Da Beast Rodgers
Andrew Da Beast Rodgers 16 дней назад
What happened to the family friendliness?
Max Aspinall
Max Aspinall 16 дней назад
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 17 дней назад
I’m 85% blind in my left eye and 15% in my right. I have glasses and understand what you went through but I’m still going through it
Sil ent
Sil ent 19 дней назад
She has the same birthday as my brother michael, yet she's turning 28 and he's 21. Dang!
Sil ent
Sil ent 19 дней назад
Irritating like a glare on a TV?
Addy Vilardi
Addy Vilardi 20 дней назад
Why did I actually believe Roman when he said it was Britts 21st birthday 😂😂❤️
Addy Vilardi
Addy Vilardi 20 дней назад
It is not polite to stare
HLippy123 20 дней назад
Smile More!
Jacob Neff
Jacob Neff 21 день назад
Loved the vlog roman smile more
Dan N
Dan N 21 день назад
I used to have double vision
king15ceady 23 дня назад
brit could you be my eye doctor you could do more then examine my eyes if you want
Ana Corneiller
Ana Corneiller 23 дня назад
Does anyone know what style Britts purse is?
itz_build z
itz_build z 24 дня назад
What they're fuck. She turning 21 and noah is 13 wtfff ivv been here since 2014 ON GOD
Xavier Life
Xavier Life 24 дня назад
Like this new name
Brady Atho
Brady Atho 24 дня назад
2:09 (deep voice) Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down lowwwwwww
Marco Felix
Marco Felix 24 дня назад
What do you fly
Nancy Birchfield
Nancy Birchfield 24 дня назад
Romin has super powers
Nancy Birchfield
Nancy Birchfield 24 дня назад
Elkin has super powers with his seeing
TheBlackCreeper Rules!!!!!!
TheBlackCreeper Rules!!!!!! 25 дней назад
TWENTY ONE!!??!?!??!!?!!?!!?!!!!!?!???????!?L??!!
Michelle Stahl
Michelle Stahl 25 дней назад
AI love you
Dj Pretface
Dj Pretface 25 дней назад
WHy do u guys still check a bag that saves soo mutch time and trouble
B Hughes
B Hughes 25 дней назад
This seems like a Casey vlog....are we gana see him tomorrow!?
Omran Bader
Omran Bader 25 дней назад
Happy birthday britt♡
Harry Rogers
Harry Rogers 25 дней назад
Hi Harry
Back the Blue
Back the Blue 26 дней назад
I wonder why they might be pregnant 😏
Cristian Zavala
Cristian Zavala 26 дней назад
Her shirt thing says it’s not polite to stare
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli 26 дней назад
I just noticed the name change
koolkid panda
koolkid panda 26 дней назад
Hello hello hi hello hello hi hi hello hello
italianman191 26 дней назад
So weird you got a pimple right there cause I got one in the exact same place started 2 days ago weird comment but lol who are they to judge
Josh Daniels
Josh Daniels 26 дней назад
Every time you say you want to put pictures and stuff I don't have Instagram so I can't see it I don't have Twitter I don't have Snapchat I don't have none of that yes I love you too and I really like to see them pictures thanks Roman if you can send me something or something like that.
Sana Zahid
Sana Zahid 26 дней назад
Happy late Birthday!!!! 🎂🎂🎊🎊🎉🎉🥳🥳
Fried Potato Cheeseburger YT
Fried Potato Cheeseburger YT 27 дней назад
"Cant we go somewhere warm... PLEASE?" , "Yeah my BED!!". lmao wow
Eden White
Eden White 27 дней назад
I love videos of the kids
Candy Knight
Candy Knight 27 дней назад
It really scary I am kind scary the elevator is making sound that eluvaters Usually don’t make
Candy Knight
Candy Knight 27 дней назад
Now wut else cozis censer deep space
SpaceFlye 27 дней назад
I just wanna know how bad Roman's eyesight was before the surgery?
Carolyn Dailey
Carolyn Dailey 27 дней назад
I have a question, can teens like myself at 15 get a procedure done to help my vision be normal again... because I don't know how many times I had to go to the eye doctor and get new glasses each time. Thank you
Radd Mike
Radd Mike 27 дней назад
New baby will come right after this 🤣
Ivars Virsnieks
Ivars Virsnieks 27 дней назад
so what exactly was this about
XDanTheMan101 27 дней назад
Matthew B
Matthew B 27 дней назад
Great to see u back and hoped your b-day is amazing
Tynamo1292 27 дней назад
It's ironic cuz when men stare, women usually tell them shit like "eyes up here" but in this the case the "i" is literally down there on her chest XD
alexandre comeau
alexandre comeau 27 дней назад
i get it rom ive got bad eyes and cant afford new glasses ...
Nathaniel Chong-gum
Nathaniel Chong-gum 28 дней назад
“Thank God you were born, holy cow. You saved my life.” To see how far they’ve come in life and in their relationship. Happy for them.
Hai Shee
Hai Shee 28 дней назад
Sorry but I'm going to eat Britt's ass
RonaldoNisso 28 дней назад
I swear I will like this comment You swore 👇🏽
miles Atchison
miles Atchison 28 дней назад
Is that illegal if she 21 and her kid like 7 qk
Adam Pepiton
Adam Pepiton 28 дней назад
Smile More everyone!
AyyHesi 28 дней назад
Roman can you still not sleep without the noise of a fan?
Alma M
Alma M 28 дней назад
Im glad that Roman can see better
Alma M
Alma M 28 дней назад
Love u guys smile more
afgmccain 28 дней назад
The rumor is Cora is country’s and that’s why he disappeared... mind blown he disappeared around the wedding. Mhhmmm
1 mil subs with no videos challenge
It is not polite to stare is wut it says
Kristen Leblond
Kristen Leblond 28 дней назад
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!!!!
mike the creekman jones
mike the creekman jones 28 дней назад
No don't do it she is too sexy
mike the creekman jones
mike the creekman jones 28 дней назад
I used to be21
Nidia Prpa
Nidia Prpa 28 дней назад
She looks 21 what she talking about?
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 28 дней назад
Goddamn she’s gorgeous
Doctor Irish
Doctor Irish 28 дней назад
It's not polite to stare
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy 28 дней назад
I posted every vlog that most people regret lasik and are worse off after it. I'm glad it was corrected and fixed. But there's always SOME issue it seems, with a majority of those who get it.
Declan Linder
Declan Linder 28 дней назад
Same thing append to my mom
Mindy Kokensparger
Mindy Kokensparger 28 дней назад
Hi Roman can we be friends on FORTNITE
kyersten sanchez
kyersten sanchez 28 дней назад
Dude he’s roasting her in this too😂😂😂or maybe it’s cause I’m stoned 😂
Max Smith
Max Smith 26 дней назад
You need Jesus
abby c
abby c 28 дней назад
1:46 they’re so cute aww 😂💕
abby c
abby c 28 дней назад
Brit is so beautiful ! 💕
Ty Francis
Ty Francis 28 дней назад
Can i come see you i licke ind downtown Toronto
Seth Lucas
Seth Lucas 28 дней назад
“My eyes are perfect” Weird flex but ok
Seth Lucas
Seth Lucas 28 дней назад
“My eyes are perfect” Weird flex but ok
Shawn Fournier
Shawn Fournier 28 дней назад
I don't know why i hear the n word hahah 6:05
Treyvan Young STI
Treyvan Young STI 28 дней назад
Wish I was in the room next door that night y'all know what they did 😂
Ryan V
Ryan V 28 дней назад
You two are awesome. Thank you for focusing on family and never failing to have a good time.
S S 28 дней назад
How long did it take for your mom’s vision to get better after her surgery?
Ski Mask The Ugly God
Ski Mask The Ugly God 28 дней назад
Tell me why my pee pee hard
Henry E
Henry E 28 дней назад
2:14 wooah
Sheriff Blubs
Sheriff Blubs 28 дней назад
It’s impolite to stare
Cole_the_impaler 28 дней назад
"The Atwoods"
Revilo Productions
Revilo Productions 28 дней назад
0:48 what kind of lucky 😂
Itslucas Games
Itslucas Games 28 дней назад
Itslucas Games
Itslucas Games 28 дней назад
i live there i hope i see you
Yolanda Becker
Yolanda Becker 28 дней назад
I had eye surgery on the 29th of November. I had the Lasik and my eyes were immediately better!! Never had one problem with them!!
Ms18killergirl 28 дней назад
My grandpa had to do eye surgery 4 times and he till can’t se that well
ItsGonzy 28 дней назад
We all know u got to eat her up lol😂
Noah Martin
Noah Martin 28 дней назад
Taylor Forrest
Taylor Forrest 28 дней назад
Taylor Forrest
Taylor Forrest 28 дней назад
IM SO SAD NOW i was their Saturday and sunday
quickly quickly funny
quickly quickly funny 28 дней назад
Look good Roman
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