Do Teens Know 90s Music? (Michael Jackson, Metallica, Tupac) | REACT: Do They Know It?

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Teens listen to 90s music but do they know the songs?
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Do Teens Know 90s Music? (Michael Jackson, Metallica, Tupac) | REACT: Do They Know It?


Published on


Jan 27, 2019

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Comments 3 246
REACT 5 months ago
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Carrie Bizz
Carrie Bizz 5 months ago
Can you please do a react video on Australian songs. Whichever group to react but adults would be good as i too am in the adult era.
Tobariellum 5 months ago
And again no Winds of Change by Scorpions.
Michael Raider
Michael Raider 5 months ago
Teens or kids react to country music lmao
Patricia De Aza
Patricia De Aza 5 months ago
Teens React To Whitney Houston
Sara Ferwerda
Sara Ferwerda 5 months ago
You should do more reacting to twenty one pilots songs, or do try to guess twenty one pilots songs
Barça Fans
Barça Fans 5 months ago
Who knows that Tupac song from Guardians of the Galaxy?
Min Shanie
Min Shanie 5 months ago
The first song was my leavers song lol
ONE FVCK1NG MINUTE 5 months ago
I saw Billie Joe I clicked
Art Nerd
Art Nerd 5 months ago
Ayyee MJ ♡
Matt Stryker
Matt Stryker 5 months ago
"It's, like, one of those older rap songs." Brilliant observation since the whole quiz is 90's songs!
Chelsea Patton
Chelsea Patton 5 months ago
Omggg it’s Emma!!!!!
Madison Farnsworth
Madison Farnsworth 5 months ago
Do 'adults react to post Malone' pleeeezzz
KawaiiStarz Bratz
KawaiiStarz Bratz 5 months ago
I know aLOT of these and I’m 11....
KawaiiStarz Bratz
KawaiiStarz Bratz 5 months ago
Yume Fennec Folf I never said I was special so get cancelled thank you,next NEXTTT
bee boi
bee boi 5 months ago
oh how special are you.
Yeesty Yeesty
Yeesty Yeesty 5 months ago
Okay, how did no one know Spice Girls? I was obsessed with them when I was about 5
Mike Duggan
Mike Duggan 5 months ago
How can I get on react I love playing along
GUCCI _POTATO 5 months ago
Hm. Has anybody seen some band named Queen????
Duck_uwu 5 months ago
phillinda #1
phillinda #1 5 months ago
I love queen so much!!!
Crystal Frames
Crystal Frames 5 months ago
Unicorn Plays they weren’t the 90s. I love them though.
bbblegm 5 months ago
I'm a simple Girl. I see MJ, i click.
Paddy 5 months ago
Oh damn...I hope soomeone medically checked out the dude having the seizure at the end...
Kassandra Garcia
Kassandra Garcia 5 months ago
Ayeee Michael🙌
Stacey Gorka
Stacey Gorka 5 months ago
The first one I was like This sounds like Green Day?!
Kaileigh 5 months ago
Aidan Lounsberry
Aidan Lounsberry 5 months ago
I knew every song except the Metallica song
Nikki T
Nikki T 5 months ago
My favorite Metallica song 🖤
Perry Hallow
Perry Hallow 5 months ago
Gregory 5 months ago
I feel like these guys only play songs I heard on TV and movies. They never have anything I heard at parties. Like this for example ruvid.net/video/video-sokd-fcLspM.html
gacha girls
gacha girls 5 months ago
Who else knows Tupac
Irondome 5 months ago
There she goes from the La's is from 1988, though.
dhfan1977 5 months ago
there she goes came out in 1988 Sixpence None The Richer version later 90's
Stella Mist
Stella Mist 5 months ago
Um...I see Michael...I click😂
Perry Hallow
Perry Hallow 5 months ago
I saw Michael and I click!🤣
Hana 5 months ago
MJ: I bet you remember Fans: We sure freaking do!
Lulu Camarillo
Lulu Camarillo 5 months ago
Meershyam Bappoo
Meershyam Bappoo 5 months ago
I’m a simple man I see MJ and I click
Candace Weiss
Candace Weiss 5 months ago
saw Michael, i clicked
Yasmin Docter-Vachon
ABBA music would be so cool on you're show like Super trouper.😀
psp785 5 months ago
Lol I miss MJ bro were you even alive then?
Ellie Hanlon
Ellie Hanlon 5 months ago
Im 12 and knew every song because of my fam Spice girls hell yeah
Deaky 5 months ago
Ellie Hanlon LaNgUaGe
Dania Younes
Dania Younes 5 months ago
i knew the la’s because of gilmore girls, remember the time is my favorite mj song and the video has to be one of the best music videos of all time, i’ve never heard a good spice girls song lol
ItzMe Matilda
ItzMe Matilda 5 months ago
Jaxson has a Green stone! There from New Zealand I'm from there!
ritchieyah511 5 months ago
Adults/Elders react to Do Kids/Teens Know episodes :P
miawitdahoodie bihhh
I'm literally 12 and i know all these songs
Gregory 5 months ago
90s were the party era, kid ruvid.net/video/video-RHEP91cUsXQ.html
miawitdahoodie bihhh
@ItzMe Matilda (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ItzMe Matilda
ItzMe Matilda 5 months ago
Good for you
Marcus Baron
Marcus Baron 5 months ago
1st song... Teens: this is so nice i would listen to this on a road trip. No. Its a sad song
kick semambang
kick semambang 5 months ago
Give teen react to limp bizkit song.😂😅
Katy Bechníková
Katy Bechníková 5 months ago
I'm proud of you, you know Green Day. :)
phillinda #1
phillinda #1 5 months ago
it's hard not to, they're amazing
Makayla Leslie
Makayla Leslie 5 months ago
I can’t even with these kids 🤦🏼‍♀️
Savage Turtle
Savage Turtle 5 months ago
Same tho 😊
Danny try's to draw
Danny try's to draw 5 months ago
I love all these songs
Beegee 5 months ago
Whenever I hear the word 90s I think of the Fortnite 90s PS Green Day prodicted Grandayy
bee boi
bee boi 5 months ago
I genuinely hope that this is satire. It most likely is.
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 5 months ago
How about songs by 311, I'm curious what reactions they'll get.
yikiio 5 months ago
Aaron Brennan
Aaron Brennan 5 months ago
yikiio so true
Sydney Brede
Sydney Brede 5 months ago
Me Alone
Me Alone 5 months ago
Yes she is, if you watch the first part the say it
Vghtp1234 5 months ago
Sydney Brede huh??
Christian Colquhoun
Christian Colquhoun 5 months ago
Same thing I was thinking
Zackary Sorensen
Zackary Sorensen 5 months ago
until it sleeps by metalica no good
hxneysouls _
hxneysouls _ 5 months ago
I’m a teen and I knew all the songs...
Emily Knight
Emily Knight 5 months ago
Its_Just_ Red samee
Zachary Loney
Zachary Loney 5 months ago
Plz React to Trinidad and Tobago Music "Soca Music"
Strangeness and Charm
Until It Sleeps is the best song ever
bri bri
bri bri 5 months ago
I saw Billie and I clicked
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