Do Parents Know Secret Emoji Meanings?

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Do Parents Know Secret Emoji Meanings?


Published on


Sep 15, 2019




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REPLAY Year ago
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Frank Rosas Music
Frank Rosas Music
Frank Rosas Music 10 days ago
Apple For life
Apple For life 17 days ago
@Nyle Callao lol😂
Nyle Callao
Nyle Callao 21 day ago
@Apple For life dont come to your friend's house tommorow
Apple For life
Apple For life 21 day ago
@Nyle Callao ummmm yes
ltu game GAME
ltu game GAME Hour ago
Why this video is not demonatazed
Snoopland715 Hour ago
And android emojis
Snoopland715 Hour ago
Me: wtf Steve Harvey: well, holy shit Dr.Phil: take em to the ranch
Joseph Vanesky
Joseph Vanesky 2 hours ago
😏 👉👉
JD plays Ark&COD
JD plays Ark&COD 2 hours ago
She:how do you know that Dad: i dont do drugs One of his friends: the next that Hey man welcome come to jamica we smoke weed
Princess Maq
Princess Maq 6 hours ago
Harry potter
Crazy Tiger
Crazy Tiger 6 hours ago
most of the ones that are related to body parts are male body parts idk why
Marivic Del Rosario
Marivic Del Rosario 10 hours ago
8:21 I love how the father instantly said, "I don't do drugs"
T0NK4 11 hours ago
Best part for sure 9:46
Pixore11 11 hours ago
Don was literally Matt irl
Oscar Mandujano
Oscar Mandujano 13 hours ago
My mom 3:48
Matt reviews? -
Matt reviews? - 15 hours ago
Shlok Das
Shlok Das 17 hours ago
Tha dad with the long hair is SO high
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 18 hours ago
i hope it is not alabama
JackRabitt23 19 hours ago
Cwcfan Spyningaforlife
The camera is definitely nudes
Dj Skee
Dj Skee 22 hours ago
Vaping is bad for youuu but the girl said its not bad momma its got cool kid LMAOOO 😂💀🤣
Xyro FN
Xyro FN 22 hours ago
Xyro FN
Xyro FN 22 hours ago
Xyro FN
Xyro FN 22 hours ago
Xyro FN
Xyro FN 22 hours ago
50% Lucian 50% Vincy
Guardian Leviosa Its Harry Potter
Time minutes
Time minutes Day ago
Some of our teen don't even do this
mindy takeuchi
mindy takeuchi
Y’all sus
Cody Rodgers
Cody Rodgers Day ago
Cody Rodgers
Cody Rodgers Day ago
Cody Rodgers
Cody Rodgers Day ago
Przemek Goralczyk
2:45 I fear no man but that laugh it scares me
harry potter clips
“lightning, owl, train, castle, lordge of the rings?”
Sara AbuAjamieh
Sara AbuAjamieh
4:56 WeAlLy?!
olk on the A
olk on the A 2 days ago
is it sad i knew the spiderman one?
creativeme 504
creativeme 504 2 days ago
Yo what does 🟧⬛️mean
Bryan Widdig
Bryan Widdig 2 days ago
Ik it’s a year old but it’s don from 60 days in
Lilith Turtle
Lilith Turtle 2 days ago
Lilith Turtle
Lilith Turtle 2 days ago
Me: sees them say "bootay" Me: "IM GONNA CRYYYY XD"
Photo negative Boi
🍆 Animaniacs: good night everybody
ethan mei
ethan mei 2 days ago
cartoon gamer
cartoon gamer 2 days ago
Oooh my guy has it smaller than a wallnut bro damn
MeighanRose Foresti
us in Kindergarten: *getting called down to the office* The class: OOoOOooOOooooOooO Me : 🐶's
Ryan Gille
Ryan Gille 3 days ago
Dude its harry potter how could you not know?????
Ryan Gille
Ryan Gille 3 days ago
Next is infinity war
stormclubb 3 days ago
Omg this used to be child friendly
Raymon Diosana
Raymon Diosana 3 days ago
so, Hunter is the only way to make Sharon laugh?
iphone_ 13
iphone_ 13 3 days ago
im jealous of the name hunter, its's so cool
Banana 3 days ago
1:03 he looks like hes in pain 🤣
Smokey’s life
Smokey’s life 3 days ago
I love these parents ❤️
Smokey’s life
Smokey’s life 3 days ago
“Have you seen the apple emoji? It looks like a apple”
HitMarkerMercy 3 days ago
spiderman: homecumming
DaCobraKing02 3 days ago
juuling is more healthy than smoking
Kentrael Green
Kentrael Green 4 days ago
Toby Glass
Toby Glass 4 days ago
mattronimus 4 days ago
Fbe made half of these up
S3BAS 4 days ago
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 4 days ago
my mother never uses emojis nether do I use ._.
Laila Smith
Laila Smith 4 days ago
Ayaan Rich
Ayaan Rich 4 days ago
Does anyone else realyize how that guy said I don’t do dem drugz
Karen 4 days ago
👁 👁 👄 👔 🖕 👖 👟👟
Sadie Sillie
Sadie Sillie 4 days ago
Mom:Vaping is bad for youuu Daughter:no mom it’s what the cool kids do
makloo 5 days ago
"thats a schlong"
Jade Khechari
Jade Khechari 5 days ago
Female dog 😂
Minecraft & Roblox great adventure Wolf
Sk8er_Surfer LucaCrue
"whats the matter with my parenting" what every parent ever said said at least once
Shiloh Danielle
Shiloh Danielle 5 days ago
Your a 🐶
EMMANUEL S. 5 days ago
hand water=sweat
Alf 5 days ago
Mia Strawberry
Mia Strawberry 5 days ago
I wish I had a connection with my parents like them
SHIYA ZHAO 5 days ago
SHIYA ZHAO 5 days ago
Evelyn Herrera
Evelyn Herrera 5 days ago
Asia almost looks like doja cat
Delia Saaler
Delia Saaler 6 days ago
i love you guys
Watts Family
Watts Family 6 days ago
that one parent is so happy to say the word "p-" u know the rest
Kane Thomas
Kane Thomas 6 days ago
Oh that's a schlong! Me dying of laughter
Hana GamerGirl
Hana GamerGirl 6 days ago
🤠 🥼 👖
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard 6 days ago
9:48 look how horrified she is
Lionel Aviel
Lionel Aviel 6 days ago
Rich kid:🍬🍫🎂🍰🍩🍧🍨🍦🍤🍣🍝🍛🍜🍿🌯🌮🍕🌭🍟🍔 🏰🗼🗽⛲🚄🚅🚘🛳🛥🛩🚀🚁🛰🎖📱💻⌨🖨🖱📷🔭🔬📡💳💸💸💸💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💳💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 Me:🍌🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍍🍎🍏🍐🍒
Lionel Aviel
Lionel Aviel 6 days ago
Me:🍔🍟🌭🍕🌮🌯🍿🍜🍛🍝🍣🍤🍦🍨🍧🍩🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭 Mom:🍇🍌🍍🍅🍓🍒
Lionel Aviel
Lionel Aviel 6 days ago
The FISH army
The FISH army 6 days ago
7:20 the boys all know this emoji
Maricella Quintero
9:47 😂😂😂🤣
Jayna J
Jayna J 6 days ago
how are they so comfortable w there parents...
סמואל רקגיי
Lets appriciate those terns for being brave enough to go with thier parent and actually be a part of this video...
weird cat meme
weird cat meme 6 days ago
Im A Woat
I’m a Goat
I’m a Goat 6 days ago
The dark side of emojis...
Jakes Gaming Show
9:46 Girl: oh hell nah
Random Demonic Demon
I did not know this😐
Jack W
Jack W 7 days ago
Is it bad that I’m 11 and know all these
Chimichanga 20
Chimichanga 20 7 days ago
I like how the dad with the blue shirt always says something the most appropriate
GhostGaming_27 7 days ago
Seleesha Bernard
Seleesha Bernard 7 days ago
the blonde mom OMG
Alex alshihawi
Alex alshihawi 7 days ago
Wait so if I text my friend (do you like my dog 🐶) does that mean that I call my friend for a b word
BACONBOI 7 days ago
I luv how some of the parents wheez
Princessella 7 days ago
Khloe Welling
Khloe Welling 7 days ago
6:58 I guess IM not cool
Queen Brie
Queen Brie 7 days ago
Daughter “wait how come you know that - I didn’t even know that” Dad “ I don’t do them drugs” He said it soo fast!😭🤚🏾
Loli•Lynx 8 days ago
Umer Noman
Umer Noman 8 days ago
Nice Name Asia remind me of something
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