DO NOT Take This Survey (But I Took It Anyway)

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My RUvid friends told me NOT to take this Start Survey... THEY WERE RIGHT & I DIDN'T LISTEN!!
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 10 685
Shane Ross
Shane Ross Hour ago
My door opened like at 5:02 in this video I'm so freaking scared right now
Shane Ross
Shane Ross Hour ago
At 5:02 in this video and I'm freaking out
Arshida Khorrami
Arshida Khorrami 2 hours ago
Do you know who is standing behind you
JasmineRoulette 3 hours ago
Went I feel sick. I watch you.
JasmineRoulette 3 hours ago
JasmineRoulette 3 hours ago
I think you may matter
The Gacha movie
The Gacha movie 7 hours ago
“Do you know the person behind you” *lauren turning around* me: *gets ad* also me:AAAAAaAAa
Kermit 7 hours ago
Lauren: it’s 3:12 oh now it’s 3:13! The time changes. Wait it’s 3:13 in real life!! Me: omg its almost 3:13 now!!😱😨😰
VINKO4media 7 hours ago
The game is fake your real that game is so fake
Nik 9 hours ago
“ everything happens for a reason “ me: *musical senses kick in*
Funtime Funtime Lolbit lover
Do you know the person standing behind you? Me: Welll I’m home alone my dogs are next to me my cats are making there own house and if you try anything my medium sized dog Opal with hang your head on my wall
Ali Suleiman
Ali Suleiman 10 hours ago
Do not open your brothers door
Natalie Pritchard
Natalie Pritchard 15 hours ago
I also took the servy by accident
Hatter 17 hours ago
wats it called
Freya Mowbray
Freya Mowbray 18 hours ago
U are funny!!
Roli Singh
Roli Singh 20 hours ago
lol how do I get this survey???
elk elloelle
elk elloelle 23 hours ago
Compter:do you know the person standing behind you?, me: *turns slowly* ,me: oh my god it's an angry latino: person standing behind me wth:my cousin:*jumps in the room and pushes me against the other wall::everyone:OH MY GOD ITS AN ANGRY LATINO:me smashes the latino to china:everyone:*walks out of the room.
Junie Fox
Junie Fox 23 hours ago
"So you have internet access" " you better not search up porn on my laptop" 😆😆😆😆😆
Jinna Li
Jinna Li Day ago
accounting prc
accounting prc
Sky Love
Sky Love Day ago
That wasn’t scary 😒 *2 minutes later * AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
JaePlay402 Day ago
Cool video
Jaycie Mandrell
*do you know the person standing behind you?* Me: uh I’m laying down....is there a behind me? There’s a wall....uh
Flurry Furry
Flurry Furry Day ago
Lauren: *Pick up the Rubik's cube :D!* Every Hungarian who watching this (Yeah me too): -Triggered-
Mythical Unicorn
90% of the comments "Do yOu KNoW tHE pERSon StanDiNG BeHInD YOu?" Me: Um ok
Bryleigh Andree
Over always wondered what if "life" wasn't a thing what if land water or that wasn't real we all wouldn't be really right?? What if we were born a animal instead of human..what if blinking wasn't a thing what if breathing wasnr a thing how do people make stuff
Payton Sgrignioli
I want to take it
Emily Phelps
Emily Phelps Day ago
You do madder
gotcha cool cat cool cat
What place did you get the game because I want play the game
YannyTannyYT UwU
Guys.....this person who made this is most likely a god O_o it said I made this world just for you so ya..
Kerri Hamilton
“Do you know the person standing behind you?” Me: *Turns around* *Screams* Me: “ Oh hi dad!” *dad walks through the wall while waving hi to me with his very long arms* Me: “It would be nice if my dad had a face.” Me: “You know actually it’s nice that dad doesn’t have a face!” *Alarm goes off* Me: “Oh time to go kill!” Me: “Yes time to take of this stupid mask!” *Someone said Bloody Mary three times* Me: “Hehe, Someone already summoned me!? Oh I have to go bye stupid mortals!”
YannyTannyYT UwU
Aye yo Lauren ever wonder when you'll die? Me:I'm dying of laughter.....;-; Lauren:child I'm ded serious 😂
Kara Nye
Kara Nye Day ago
Lennon Rose
Lennon Rose Day ago
"Do you have access to computer internet?" "Yes" "Don't you dare look up porn on my computer"
marzia mehzabin
your amazing laeran. i watch your video every day
Fox zone Nightcore fox
I’m shaking
Ysabella Rosete
Ysabella Rosete 2 days ago
Game:look around me:OMG *looks around and behind me* OH NO THE COUCH!
Ysabella Rosete
Ysabella Rosete 2 days ago
This is my friends name XD
Jada Mills
Jada Mills 2 days ago
*"have you ever had a panic attack"* *me*"no..."* *my cat~barely touches my leg without me knowing * *game:ya do now*
Shella The wolf
Shella The wolf 2 days ago
Amanda Powell
Amanda Powell 2 days ago
You the best 💖💖
Icey Wolf Wolfy
Icey Wolf Wolfy 2 days ago
Icey Wolf Wolfy
Icey Wolf Wolfy 2 days ago
I had a panic attack in an embarrassing and vErY weird dream. Strange that the panic attack affected me in real life..
StaryWxlf 2 days ago
I mean i kinda wanna play it now XD
Althea Janae Manalo-Balderama
Don’t listen to that game you are real.And if you were not real you won’t exist
Aya Love
Aya Love 2 days ago
When you turned a ad came in so scared lmfao
Gael Castillo
Gael Castillo 2 days ago
Do u know the person behide you? Me: my girlfriend
Gael Castillo
Gael Castillo 2 days ago
Do u know who's behide u? *Turns around*screams
Gael Castillo
Gael Castillo 2 days ago
- Cøle Bøba -
- Cøle Bøba - 2 days ago
“DO you know the person behind you?” Me: Waiting for Lauren to turn around *Ad turns in* OMGGG
- Cøle Bøba -
- Cøle Bøba - 2 days ago
Mark Pape
Mark Pape 2 days ago
I am a little girl... And I am not scared this is fake it mack blevins
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 2 days ago
What's the game Called
Veronica Is A person
I am here because I’m scared
Claudia Foschetti
Are you not making any videos now?
Claudia Foschetti
What? I dont inderstand nothig
Analin Gutierrez
Analin Gutierrez 2 days ago
Lauren it just said a lie don’t listen to it
Ėłłŷ łøvė hėårt Bøbø
DONT TAKE THE SURVEY!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica7oo Adams
Jessica7oo Adams 2 days ago
Do not take this survey.
Jessica7oo Adams
Jessica7oo Adams 2 days ago
Olivia Cookies
Olivia Cookies 2 days ago
Even maxmello did this 😱
gacha_midnight cookie
What game is that
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