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A businessman waiting to cross the street gets miffed when a fellow pedestrian tries to press the walk button.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
chris p
chris p Hour ago
Why does Key remind me of Doug Demuro in this skit
shane.corpening7 2 hours ago
I’m pausing this @ 1:52 and predicting that if/when peele presses it, all the vehicles will immediately stop 😂
Ride On
Ride On 6 hours ago
He looks like tito ortiz
hazwan azmee
hazwan azmee 7 hours ago
Im not a man who would normally scroll down to like a video but for this video iwas gonna pressed the button. turns out ive already done it. Younger me and present me are still the same i guess
Masta Hoffman
Masta Hoffman 8 hours ago
Yo wtf
brian lash
brian lash 19 hours ago
im gonna do it... 1.4k people who thumbs downed this video are street signal button mashers
da.re. 20 hours ago
i pressed the button after it was already pressed and got hit by a car . consequences
Delta 23 hours ago
A friend of mine keeps pressing it until it changes.
nansen's cat
nansen's cat Day ago
So funny. Very Seinfeldian.
Yori Yasuhiro
Believe it or not my Supervisor is just like him. I'm still tolerating him till one day i'll break his teeth.
Lennon McCartney
One of the funniest videos ever 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Fun Fact: Those buttons are old and don’t actually work. Only the new ones that have the beeping sound work.
Amar Abdulhamid
I pressed the walk button and THEN I GOT RAN OVER BY A CAR CONSEQUENCES Edit: before u say stolen I did not see and I literally scrolled through thousand of comments and did not find one so I decided to put it
fonomanu101 Day ago
This is how me and my siblings argue
Robert Gates
Robert Gates Day ago
Both of them had a good argument point If you put yourself into they shoes. Lol
dangolfishin Day ago
Everyone knows you have to press those buttons like 10 times and each new person walking also has to press it
Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen 2 days ago
Too funny! Making humor out of everyday activities - these guys are good!
Gabbi Reverde
Gabbi Reverde 2 days ago
Only these dudes can make this hilarious lmfao!!! Love em!
B-DUBZ 2 days ago
Moral of the story: Don’t push someone’s buttons or else you will get hit by a car
soundcloud Cdog CLT
Merc at Arms
Merc at Arms 2 days ago
Twilight zone
Random Comments
Random Comments 2 days ago
Peele's body feints be like Messi in a football game.
Umino Rachel
Umino Rachel 3 days ago
Bruh he waited there for the next victim, he's a serial killer with a button
Aj Ajaj
Aj Ajaj 3 days ago
Precorona. When you could touch things...
Vengeful Spirit Çıktı
I like Raising Canes and have been to a number of locations, but tonight I went to this location and ordered two fingers through the drive-through. I got home and the fingers they gave me were about a third of the size of the normal fingers and all shriveled up. I don't know if they were just trying to get rid of their misshaped fingers at the end of the night but I feel ripped off.
Faris 3 days ago
Looks exactly like anytime my brother and I have a "conversation." My brother is Key and I'm Peele. Any word I say ends in me being screamed at like I'm a fucking halfwit mistake of a human being. Gotta love family.
Jennifer Zam
Jennifer Zam 3 days ago
Do not cut my balls off on this one!
Swazi_d_lyt **
Swazi_d_lyt ** 3 days ago
Who else presses the button two or three times to make it change quicker? Just me? Okee
tat lawson
tat lawson 3 days ago
i understand this is comedy and these guys are funny as fuck, but anybody who needs a sign to tell them when to cross the street deserves to get hit by a car or bus or even a damn bicycle...darwinism at its best
C. VDO 3 days ago
I like his signature move ''whaaaat" * evades him*
Christon Han
Christon Han 3 days ago
I freaking hate people like this... why would you even question me if I already said "my dog ate my homework just now."
Twongola XP
Twongola XP 3 days ago
Mr. Mahina came out at 2:02 LMFAOOO
Ducksquad 3 days ago
Wow what car is that at 1:38? Maybe a tastefully modded Audi?
JL L 4 days ago
2:03 hahahahahahahah
Kid wit da flow
Kid wit da flow 4 days ago
He told him not to press the button
dextor0000 4 days ago
If we could rank countries based on their traffic management system... 1 Traffic lights at junctions with buttons 2 Just traffic lights no buttons 3 No traffic lights, policemen hang gesturing 4 No traffic, No policemen
BMI07 4 days ago
Key's character was nuts in this one lol
Erick Flynn
Erick Flynn 4 days ago
Ahhhhh nothing to see here but a male Karen folks.
not tryna argue but
But I like pressing the button! At least, the old school little ones.
Joe Bloker
Joe Bloker 4 days ago
This show ended years ago and I still see sketches I have never seen before. Are they making new ones?
MAC P 5 days ago
I remember this one, pretty funny
James Moore
James Moore 5 days ago
It makes me chuckle that there are actually people like this out there. Lol
Vagrant Ender
Vagrant Ender 5 days ago
This Karen
J C 5 days ago
Another “what” I love it!
onmy computer2020gal
They used the word "miffed" in the description...
Top Secret
Top Secret 5 days ago
And that is why traffic lights exist.
boman279 5 days ago
It did change tho
awnr 5 days ago
_Why would you do something that's already done?_
Francisco Argueta
This is how ppl find racism now days
desiman101 5 days ago
vinni3c 5 days ago
Why is no one talking about how that light turned immediately back to red when pressed? That's not how traffic lights work.
Catherine Pirates
The ending made me scream
Rick N. Mortimer
Rick N. Mortimer 5 days ago
actually, i recently learned that that "button" is just a social thing (i can't remember the term)🤔 anyway, most of them arent even powered on. like some door close buttons in elevators. they are just dead buttons to ease anxiety. like a placebo
Rick N. Mortimer
@Isabel K-G well sure. i mean how can anyone really track the data... but yes, i agree it's most that are dead buttons that have zero affect on the light.
Isabel K-G
Isabel K-G Day ago
The key is "most". There are a lot of places where the button is powered and is very important to how the traffic works because there are very few pedestrians going through that area, but unfortunately it's difficult to tell the difference unless you keep an eye out at intersections you go to regularly.
thoughtafter716 5 days ago
Which debate is this one? i just seen the Speaker of the House
Mara-ci.x W
Mara-ci.x W 5 days ago
Hes wife definatly just took him for all he has loool
Ashori A
Ashori A 5 days ago
“Why would you do something that’s already done” Facts 💯
RB Files
RB Files 5 days ago
Jai 5 days ago
What rocket was trying to say to Groot🤦🏽‍♀️🥺
Sench 5 days ago
In Europe this skit would never get made because there's a visual feedback light showing when it's already pressed for the current cycle. I'm not fun at parties
Houston 23
Houston 23 5 days ago
That ending was fucking hilarious
Rudrendu 5 days ago
The original Karen.
Sean Nombo
Sean Nombo 6 days ago
2:22 Holy shit
Stella Ketos
Stella Ketos 6 days ago
Haneul cho
Haneul cho 6 days ago
When Mumbo Jumbo tells Grian not to touch the button
David Meza
David Meza 6 days ago
I would’ve just said okay and press it anyways
teenagers version
7Kingsmen 6 days ago
That ending is so Twilight Zone-ish!
The Other Side
The Other Side 6 days ago
*Does he have business deal with the company that designed the button?*
Cisco4kid1990 6 days ago
That was dumb as Fuck so what you press it and it never works but if you press it twice it works for half a second smh Wtf
Ana Diosdado
Ana Diosdado 6 days ago
He juked him 😭
Fastberry 6 days ago
"it's not like I'm gonna get hit by a car or anything"... the next day the mf was dead
Lil Ocean X
Lil Ocean X 6 days ago
exas4791 6 days ago
This kind of frustration actually happens in our heads, doesn't it ?
Your Average Guy
Your Average Guy 6 days ago
2:03 highlight of the video 😂
Fire Hawk
Fire Hawk 6 days ago
They've gotten way lighter
Dwight Schuette
Dwight Schuette 6 days ago
This is a real life video of dumb technology.
Paul McDonagh
Paul McDonagh 6 days ago
That fucking ending caught me sooo off guard lmao
kopfgeldjagar 6 days ago
Same thoughts at the elevator.
changsterville 7 days ago
This is how I feel about elevators.
Mrgokujr2018 7 days ago
Walk buttons are placebos anyway. Though, clearly this guy needs something real.
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