DO NOT Download This App ...It Will Make You STUPID

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This App Game WILL make you feel STUPID. Brain Out - Can You Pass it? You Need 1000 IQ to Beat this Game...
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Comments 80
Mal Adams
Mal Adams 10 hours ago
Da ko ko nut nut is a giant nut lol
coolgirl09 yayyy
coolgirl09 yayyy 14 hours ago
I had this app before this video
Miss G
Miss G 14 hours ago
i already complete all levels of that :/
Mizumi Chan
Mizumi Chan 16 hours ago
Its so easy idc so i can be more smart
Emma Quinn
Emma Quinn 16 hours ago
10:38 It was binary.
steve burak
steve burak 18 hours ago
Hey louren I played the game and I'm still smart
Yuki UwU
Yuki UwU 19 hours ago
Lauren you were supposed to put the square on the side of the screen and it would be a rectangle! Lauren your not dumb I DUMB!
Marsha Alexis
Marsha Alexis 20 hours ago
aimee burn
aimee burn 22 hours ago
Has anyone else finished that game cuz I have
IcyFlame 39
IcyFlame 39 Day ago
Squares and rectangles are the same 😂
Charitpapha Nilmag
I have this app
itz_ Meh boi
itz_ Meh boi Day ago
Title:*dont download this app because it will make you stupid* Me:but im already stupid and *me download game* Me again:*plays brain out*but its soo easy
Monica Li
Monica Li Day ago
*wake up the owl* “GET UP!!!”
Caitlyn de Lara-bell
Lauren:" this looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old!" Me:thinking why i probably can't draw that when I'm 10 years old...
Gaming Boy TV
I have played Brain out its eazy for me
Jeninė gacha
Jeninė gacha 2 days ago
I know that game Im stoopid
Hamster Gamer 23
Hamster Gamer 23 2 days ago
Squares can be rectangles. But rectangle can't be squares
Gacha4Gurls. 2 days ago
I have this app tho Me: I am dumb. * breaks into a violent sweat *
Angeline Lu
Angeline Lu 2 days ago
I have downloaded this app and it’s make my IQ higher
Noni Asnawi
Noni Asnawi 2 days ago
It's always like actually
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox 2 days ago
Lauren: * straggling on all most every level * Me that knows every answer : you just have to , no not wait what?? What are you doing ??? Ughhh 😓
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox 2 days ago
I’m on lv. 178 in this game 😐
Not Sav
Not Sav 2 days ago
“it’s not a rectangle it’s a square!!” Me:A square kind of IS a rectangle....it qualifies for a rectangle it’s just a rectangle doesn’t qualify for a square...
Gaming With Arlie
Lurlan:DO NOT DOWNLOAD Me:I did before this video even came out
Gaming With Arlie
I have that game
Neena George
Neena George 2 days ago
Too bad I already did and it’s an awesome game
Alana Gibbs
Alana Gibbs 3 days ago
It's called brain out because it takes your brain out
Dara D
Dara D 3 days ago
I laughed so hard when she shouted "GET UP!!"🤣
Vania Kouhi
Vania Kouhi 3 days ago
I have that app I am in level 138 the app is AMAZING
Brain Out
Brain Out 3 days ago
I have this game it makes me stupid too
Lillie Rodriguez
Lillie Rodriguez 3 days ago
I love all your videos. Thay make me laugh😄😄😄😄😄😄💚
Angel Rubavathi
Angel Rubavathi 3 days ago
Actually I've already played this game now I'm at level 101 the last level was 1000😊
VioletsArentBlu3 3 days ago
A square is a type of rectangle Lauren. Also for the one where u have to make a rectangle just drag the square half way off the screen 🙃🙃🙃
VioletsArentBlu3 3 days ago
Also you can tap two spaces at once for the tic tax toe
Star_starworld Zamudio
Umm... I watched the video and I have that game for a year now soo...
dwengland 3 days ago
I have this app I love it:)
Gianna Falsetta
Gianna Falsetta 3 days ago
you could have used 2 fingers and tapped hem on each side on tik tak toe
Marlissa Amezcua
Marlissa Amezcua 3 days ago
I am in level 101 because I downloaded this app 😊
mimi cat
mimi cat 3 days ago
I realy try this it's realy hard and finally I didn't finish it
Angeline Kingston
Me: In brain out my brother is really far and there are over 100 levels... Lauren: "I THOUGHT IT ENDED ON LEVEL THIRTY"
Eevoi Thing
Eevoi Thing 4 days ago
When I downloaded this app before watching this.
Yuvi Raj
Yuvi Raj 4 days ago
I literally have this game on my mum's phone
Isabel Garcia
Isabel Garcia 4 days ago
Lauren to owl:WAKE UP!!!!! Headphone users:😫🙉 Rip headphone users😂😂
Presley Taylor
Presley Taylor 4 days ago
Lauren: BUT IT"S A SQUARE NOT A RECTANGLE Me: But a square IS a rectangle it's just a rectangle isn't a square. Do you need to go back to fourth grade Lauren???
Janine Miles Becera
You block the animals leuren
Shadow Cat249
Shadow Cat249 4 days ago
Me: -Sleeping- My Alarm: (Laurens Voice) GET UP!
Patricia Ascari
Patricia Ascari 4 days ago
actually im 113
Aj Windzoe
Aj Windzoe 5 days ago
Why are you call me hoe bag!
Aj Windzoe
Aj Windzoe 5 days ago
oMG on TicTacToe you were going against me that’s my name!
lucy the fancy princess and prankster
I already have this app is have had it forever I love it
Maria Jesus Cazorla Fonts
I hav this game already
BBMast3r25 5 days ago
I beat it even though I did use hints
Ùnicorn cottøn cãńđÿ Ÿť
i all ready done with the game i finished it
Zafina Zorrilla Flores
*app. MAkes you stupid* Me: A GENIUS of STUPIDS Brother: *GETS STUPID* Me: i will cry if im banned on roblox but IM ALREADY BANNED ;-;
olidave garden
olidave garden 4 days ago
Elena Vargas
Elena Vargas 5 days ago
Ihave the app .
KiKi The Gacha Lover
Lauren: and thats why I bought it cuz I have the mind of a 5 year old - Me: uhhhhhhhhhh- YEAHHHHHH SURE...
ShadowLava 6 days ago
well... this game does prepare you for riddles ish i geuss cuz like logic--- YEET (i think if i remember corectly....i did the whole game...)
Jasmine Montgomery
I’m on level 153
• WildxFlower •
But there are answers I have the game.
Zoe Roebuck
Zoe Roebuck 6 days ago
Squares are Rectangles
Kristine Launh
Kristine Launh 6 days ago
I downloded this app already and got to level 86 it was pretty fun some of it are hard😊
I have brain out and I finished it for only 2 days and I'm only a kid🐱🐱
Catina Olive
Catina Olive 6 days ago
A square is a reqtangle
XX_PinkEdgeGamers095 _XX
You should download horror sponge granny for one of your "do not download" videos!
XX_PinkEdgeGamers095 _XX
XX_PinkEdgeGamers095 _XX
XX_PinkEdgeGamers095 _XX
XX_PinkEdgeGamers095 _XX
I downloaded it I got to stage 1000 xD 😆😂 and THE SAME GAME POPPED UP IN A AD IN THISS VIDEOOOO
holly button
holly button 6 days ago
lauren. i got this shirt because i have a mind of a five year old me.. not you do not! you have a brain as a 10000000 year old
Syd Cubs
Syd Cubs 6 days ago
Way before watching it I already had the game and I am really far
Sean Dhondt
Sean Dhondt 6 days ago
Boy I have this and it easy 🥴🥴
Hailey Cereno
Hailey Cereno 6 days ago
I'm on 150 levels done
I already had it on my phone O.O
Kika Sol
Kika Sol 7 days ago
Lauren stop saying that you are and stupid you are the best youtuber.
Hele-Riin Vaabel
Hele-Riin Vaabel 7 days ago
I have made all of these xD
Kawaii Potato PlayZ
I fimished that whole game😳
Leanna Lewis
Leanna Lewis 7 days ago
I plade is game it is dume
America ✓
America ✓ 7 days ago
Make the get up! Scream downloadable Lauren
nicksweed32 7 days ago
i love this game because it makes me smart
Shareen Jafar
Shareen Jafar 7 days ago
Oops nevermind😅
Shareen Jafar
Shareen Jafar 7 days ago
I think you if wanted to wake the owl,you should shake the owl😂🤣😅
Aminah Alan
Aminah Alan 7 days ago
Èvèrÿ ÿèèt
꧁Shadøw Master꧂
I made it to level 99
sister4ever 7 days ago
im only smarter than you because im in the 100s on that game
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