DO NOT Choose The WRONG SPIRAL LUCKY BLOCK PORTAL in Minecraft! - Lucky Block Portal Mini-Game

Pat & Crainer
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We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Portals in Minecraft!
Pat's Instagram: instagram.com/popularmmospat/
Crainer's Instagram: instagram.com/MrCrainer/
We are playing Lucky Block Spiral Portals in Minecraft. We must jump into Lucky Portals and gather lucky blocks. Then we will battle it out in the arena in this challenge!
Roblox: Superhero Tycoon: www.roblox.com/games/2921400152/4-Player-Superhero-Tycoon


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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 9 774
Pat & Crainer
Pat & Crainer Month ago
I think this 2nd vid went a bit better. I was slightly less nervous recording with someone else...LOL. This is Pat again btw.
Xenon's Nightcore
Apex Gallows
Apex Gallows 4 days ago
Switch perspectives
Ian Cordoba
Ian Cordoba 26 days ago
Stephany plays
Stephany plays Month ago
Hit that little bell *squeaky voice* -pat Hit that littttle beèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeĺllllllllllllllllllllllllll *sung* -crainer
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed Month ago
Kally Vlogs
Kally Vlogs 3 hours ago
I bet you a million bucks that no one no one will heart this comment and say something in the chat of this comment $1000000
BigBear xP
BigBear xP 18 hours ago
You should make it to where in any challenge games you can heal your wolves before battle.
cadence reynolds
cadence reynolds 22 hours ago
Hey crainer technekly pat is foren to crainer so he could say that he is foran
leody magno
leody magno 23 hours ago
28:12 crainer flies
leody magno
leody magno 23 hours ago
im foreign
Stefan Antica
crainer and jen are the same at minecraft
Adventure23 Snow
Kiss and say we are friends pat, that what we do... SHIP
slurmattacks 2 days ago
A Queen Sweep
willian awesome
willian awesome 2 days ago
crainer do the aaaaaaaaa!!!!! that you do with ssundee
Low Kev
Low Kev 4 days ago
One like one lucky dog for pat
TheDerp27 5 days ago
As they say, hope is born from despair
JrandSherbert Gaming
King slime potion nice
DMM 199515
DMM 199515 7 days ago
Arena cake. THE CAKE IS A LIE
Adam May
Adam May 8 days ago
i miss jen
Lea Shiba
Lea Shiba 10 days ago
After Pat broke up with Jen, he had a new victim to troll. Poor Crainer😂😂
Leo Loeza
Leo Loeza 10 days ago
This crossover is legendary 🙏💯
A180CombatBowser Game pro
who did that ssundee scream oh and also we need more combos now pat and ssundee crainer and jen thea and jen pat and thea and WE NEED LANCEY BACK
Sam Da Animator
Sam Da Animator 10 days ago
Hey Crainer! Lukas Graham is Danish (just for future reference)
Callum JERINIC 11 days ago
My friend said pat and Jen not pat and creater
Imagine how you craft that stuff in survival
Letho Ntshingila
Letho Ntshingila 11 days ago
Ola camos
Scanzer Gaming
Scanzer Gaming 12 days ago
Crainer=boy jen
Icey life
Icey life 13 days ago
Together they are cat
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes 13 days ago
I think it’s just Jen with a voice changer
Jayda Butler
Jayda Butler 13 days ago
Does it bother anyone else how he doesn’t heal his dog
Euclid Rose
Euclid Rose 15 days ago
Pat killed his wolf ;-;
Zap 15 days ago
Khean is with them now too, wow. I miss sundee and crainer and jen and pat But Im so hyped for pat and crainer ~ any1 else if sundde is jelly?
Adie and Gavin Blackmon
911 yes pat just dropped another vid ok firemen on the way
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman 16 days ago
4:09 It’s the nicest thing you could get The spiral lucky sword: Really nibba?
Fairyaunderwolf Articphonixflames
If didngive the villagers overpowered names it would be Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan
Fairyaunderwolf Articphonixflames
Never explorer a floating monster castle, Never go looking for a leviathan, Never go looking for a Kaiju or Never go explorer the oceans death
Pinky Sparkle
Pinky Sparkle 17 days ago
Pat and crainer sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G😂😂😂 we have new ships now. 💖💖💖💖
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell 17 days ago
I mean I love this new channel, and I dont feel like it is fair for everyone to be comparing crainer and jen, however, maybe a new name for the channel, pat and crainer just isnt doing it for me the same way popularmmos does
cat girl
cat girl 17 days ago
Who else ship them together
Hey Dude
Hey Dude 18 days ago
Plot twist: They are now married😂 Jkjkjkjkjkjk
Hot Croissants
Hot Croissants 19 days ago
a w k w a r d
TheFartingUnicorn 19 days ago
Crainer pulled a Jen move in the final battle 🤣🤣🤣
LynnWolfie 19 days ago
Gayyyyyyy XD
Mia Hull
Mia Hull 20 days ago
it’s so weird seeing him without jen he isn’t as energetic
Jae Habeck
Jae Habeck 20 days ago
Crainer seriously always (and I mean always) uses the excuse "well... dude I'm not Amarrrricon so
Nicole Arthurson
Nicole Arthurson 20 days ago
FamousMiniMakers 21 day ago
"That's how Jen would have died" me:old memories;-;
Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook 21 day ago
/ Ted cruise
KraZ man Da bomb
KraZ man Da bomb 21 day ago
I can see Jen turned into Crainer.
Parker The Squid
Parker The Squid 21 day ago
Ted can be Ted Bundy... He's the only well known person IK named Ted, not to mention he's the Battle Strategiest so it makes sense.
Sean Drogowski
Sean Drogowski 21 day ago
How do you craft that spiral furnace or do you have to get it from the block also how do you craft that block
Katie cat2.0
Katie cat2.0 21 day ago
You should do a a battle with Jen so you have 3 players
Paulo Novera
Paulo Novera 22 days ago
u missed the blue sword (even though u already have one)
Paulo Novera
Paulo Novera 22 days ago
zombie pig man only atack u if u atack them
Paulo Novera
Paulo Novera 22 days ago
crainer the stealer
Real John
Real John 22 days ago
u guys need intro XD
AN - 07JD - Tomken Road MS (1153)
Pat:Gets a dog Also Pat: Look a goat
Penny 23 days ago
Is it just me or dose pat sound weird and sounds like he doesn't know what he is saying like during the trades
John DoesGaming- regular games
Who thinks there should be a skyfactory 5 series withh ssundee, Crainer, and Pat 👇Like if u agree
Alfonso Alonzo
Alfonso Alonzo 24 days ago
i used to watch sssunde (or however its spelt) way back when and always disliked his voice but now i sorta miss it lol WAIT WHAT PAT AND JEN BROKE UP never thought that would happen not goona watch the break up vid to much nostalgia hitting me at once dont need a feels punch
Teladuv 24 days ago
Haijun Fang
Haijun Fang 24 days ago
Troy Muna
Troy Muna 25 days ago
what if crainer said mommy like him and ian do
Bendy Kirby
Bendy Kirby 25 days ago
So _that’s_ why your upload schedule changed
The slippery Ninja
The slippery Ninja 26 days ago
good thing pat remembered the wet beacon rule
King Rex
King Rex 26 days ago
I have a idea that you guys might not do, face cam???
Bendy's nightmare 2000
Pat you shod you and jen and craindr
GLDI x uJumpin
GLDI x uJumpin 26 days ago
this is illegal, it’s ssundee crainer. pat an jen
Hulk smash vlogs
Hulk smash vlogs 26 days ago
Frist sub
SãsqūçhērEnglish Ālērtēd
he's from Denmark I think
Jon Tillotson
Jon Tillotson 26 days ago
Don’t feel bad Kraner he does the exact same thing with Jen ha ha ha! And Pat seriously it’s like you’re mean to everyone you meet
42 26 days ago
Prainer confirmed
Hope Espinosa
Hope Espinosa 26 days ago
the horse armor and the axe
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 26 days ago
Kylie Jenner more like jylie Kenner Chuck Norris more like Nuck Chorris And ted is well ted
Mailee Van-der-meer
Now u and crainer have a channel I think jen and thea should have a channel
Eram Shahril
Eram Shahril 27 days ago
Zoomerang_ Videos265
No ssdee
PrinceAnimations AndGaming
Why not Keenu Reaves
Banana Mercy :3
Banana Mercy :3 27 days ago
Crainer, you need to learn that pat is the BIGGEST troller
XxEdgy._BanananaxX 27 days ago
Them being gay for 31 minutes
Jeff Boberson
Jeff Boberson 27 days ago
Does he play with crainer because he broke up with Jen?
Darkenedlight ofhell
Darkenedlight ofhell
Is thus java or other edition because i thought they removed enchanted golden apple recipes...
Darkenedlight ofhell
XD i love it first episode on you guys but not on pat i watched you for YEARS
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