DO IT, DO IT! COME ON! | Will You Press The Button? #1

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Will you press the button? Well! WILL YOU??? HUH!??
Fleeing The Complex ► ruvid.net/video/video-zlGEsR1DQPw.html
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Comments 80
Crim Sin
Crim Sin 11 days ago
You talk to loud and to fast jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But why why why why!?!??!?!?!
cuddles star chaser
😑 try to guess which question mad me make this face
Kathy Krempasky
Kathy Krempasky 20 days ago
0:41 - Hmm... Most stuff I am into is free or cheap, and I hate having to fix computers because of browser hijacks- so I will not. 1:18 - Easy. Press button get money. 2:56 - This one is hard. Choosing a superpower would allow me to have fun and help others, but society will be after me. Not worth it- I will not. 4:47 - Easy. I don't speak much or often as it is. One can communicate many things with text and visual language like signing. Press button. 9:19 - (facepalms) This is me a lot of the time. I read and research a lot of stuff, but few to none believe me. End- Some of these were badly worded questions, but not bad for a browser game.
Silent Echo
Silent Echo 2 months ago
Without a hell then non-believers would not have to suffer for all eternity, and they'd be dead forever with no afterlife.
Ruby & Eva Gacha
Ruby & Eva Gacha 2 months ago
I would do shapeshifting for because I can shape shift into someone who can teleport. >:D
basic bitch
basic bitch 2 months ago
do do come on kill me im here come on doit now KILL ME like if you get that reference
Jesse Chavez
Jesse Chavez 2 months ago
Jesse Chavez
Jesse Chavez 2 months ago
Not before you were born jack... you simply won’t exist
Jesse Chavez
Jesse Chavez 2 months ago
Absolute control of reality completely breaks the end of the world people trying to kill you part
pb&j plushtrap
pb&j plushtrap 2 months ago
if you stopped time and moved, even in the utmost slitest, you would be moving infinite times the speed of light and most likely cause some sort of black hole or even potential universal colapse, so a soon as time resumes, everything is screwed.
Angeliel degu
Angeliel degu 3 months ago
9:12 I'm dead laughing omg jack Hahahhahaha
rocket's animations
rocket's animations 3 months ago
Now the best superpower to pick would be the power to imitate any other power so basically you have every single power
Ibrahim Dheel
Ibrahim Dheel 3 months ago
6:20 ZA WARDO!!!!!
Atahualpa Inca
Atahualpa Inca 2 months ago
UnknownRager96 3 months ago
10:06 say the opposite of what you are trying/put not in front of it
Maggot Juice
Maggot Juice 4 months ago
Imagine having telekinesis and not be able to talk, you'll be even cooler, like those movie dudes who have like cool and magical powers and never speak. Imagine only being able to communicate by gestures, THAT WILL MAKE YOU SO COOL. I will press the button, i see this as an absolute win.
saturnday 1
saturnday 1 4 months ago
I don't realize how much i miss the intro 'till i hear it again
catasaurus_ 4 months ago
My superpower would be full transformation powers for that ultimate stealth build
NomadicLotis 95
NomadicLotis 95 4 months ago
I love Internet explore
Dogeboi 26
Dogeboi 26 4 months ago
5:45 I would press the button use A LITTLE BIT of the money for plastic surgery so I don’t look like hitler and then give ALL the rest of the money to the poor 😁
bro' d
bro' d 5 months ago
1:12 pewds its f$cking millionare he doesnt need to press the button
Dallas Eitzmnn
Dallas Eitzmnn 5 months ago
Can't you use telekinesis to move your vocal cords and push the sound to talk
Emese Molnar-Kovacs
Emese Molnar-Kovacs 5 months ago
You are a normi Seán id pick the power to warp and manipulate reality.
Beena Pal
Beena Pal 6 months ago
My super power would be time control and i will be able to cheat in exams
His Majesty The Queen
2:52 Reality manipulation will fix everything
Lord Of The Toads
Lord Of The Toads 7 months ago
Lord Of The Toads
Lord Of The Toads 7 months ago
edited cuz i did nevr instead of never
Lord Of The Toads
Lord Of The Toads 7 months ago
Me: Cmon Jack... Make A New Video... (Time Gets Paused) (Time Resumes) Computer: YOU GOT MAIL
Tricia myers
Tricia myers 7 months ago
2019 anyone
Aidrian Baker
Aidrian Baker 7 months ago
Will you want coke great taste no sugars
foop foop
foop foop 7 months ago
Jack: Clicks button. Also Jack: *Pauses time and pulls down pants of his worst enemy Tries to unpause. Can't. Also Jack: fuck
bbnokunx 8 months ago
5:41 wdym just buy a plastic surgery
FloppePlaysGames 8 months ago
*GeAt Me SoMe ChIcKeN*
Noobly Sm
Noobly Sm 8 months ago
1:30 Use the one million on getting people in your house and getting it live
idk what to name this iof
What about spiderman jack
The Daimond Umbreon
The Daimond Umbreon 8 months ago
12:10 it doesn’t say you can’t have the power to make any pills into chewable pills
Kim ChongChing
Kim ChongChing 8 months ago
4:36 why experience pain from hell after you die
Kim ChongChing
Kim ChongChing 8 months ago
1:22 hentai instead
DCShakiller 7 months ago
Same thing 🤔
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson 8 months ago
the strange gentleman 404A
Skepsy 9 months ago
6:05 All I could think was *Za Warudo*
Damion Hammann
Damion Hammann 9 months ago
But if you have telaportaion you could get stuck in the void of other dimaechons
Rhett Morris
Rhett Morris 9 months ago
1:20 you can just buy people to do it right in front of you
DCShakiller 7 months ago
He still watching it it's just not on pornhub
Windrocker 16
Windrocker 16 9 months ago
With the power thing...just choose magic. You can do all of things and everything and you can choose of how you can do magic.. So therefore you can move yourself away from the world that hates you and go to a different one. Magic is a great power
Double Slicer
Double Slicer 9 months ago
Can’t stop watching this video
Proplayerpooper Banana
I would choose my superpower to be infinite superpowers. And one of those would be mind control No one will hunt me anymore
benadryl horseflopper
My superpower would be to change the probability of things
Trace Pheonix
Trace Pheonix 9 months ago
I also want telaportation as a super power
Trace Pheonix
Trace Pheonix 9 months ago
I also want telaportation as a super power
Trace Pheonix
Trace Pheonix 9 months ago
I alsomwould want teleport
A Bcd
A Bcd 9 months ago
Wait, but who enforces the compromises? What if I chose to only use Internet Explorer but I use chrome instead?
Oswaldo Martinez
Oswaldo Martinez 9 months ago
Jack would you taste the world's best coffee/beer but if you do there will be no more.
Lunch Lady
Lunch Lady 9 months ago
3:35 solution: You can turn into any animal and back to human. If your a fish, they will NEVER find you!
The Lion's Sin of Pride Escanor
1:45 you can just read porn that not watching
Joe dapro
Joe dapro 10 months ago
For the pause time thing, a 1% chance is too much, because of accumulative probability if you pause time a hundred times that 1% chance would have probably happened. I would pause time way too much.
Eluisific 123
Eluisific 123 10 months ago
Isn’t Microsoft edge new internet explorer? Microsoft edge isn’t as good as chrome and Firefox but it is still pretty good.
Pizzachu 21
Pizzachu 21 10 months ago
Remember when our green bean was still green
Random Account
Random Account 10 months ago
4:54 for that button pressing it is okay since people with no voice box can dodge the bad thing
Random Account
Random Account 10 months ago
2:48 press the button you can chose then time slowing power and you can slow down time by 1000000x or timetravel so you can press it again and chose another power
FloppePlaysGames 8 months ago
Random Account ok then lol
Random Account
Random Account 10 months ago
1:12 i’d press
brick battalion
brick battalion 10 months ago
We also call it fuzzy drinks in new zealand
기현 Arikadou
기현 Arikadou 10 months ago
Jack doesn't realize that 80% of games on PC is not on console xD
Acegi 10 months ago
3:30 shape shifting
Melker Olsson
Melker Olsson 10 months ago
dude the superhero one just choose extream shapeshifthing
SladesGirl 10 months ago
I didn't think I'd ever hear someone say "My booty is a temple" lol
Shaani Jolliffe
Shaani Jolliffe 10 months ago
Sleep with your cousin and no one thinks you did or not sleep with them and everyone thinks you did (that's what you {jack} were thinking of I think)
Cosmic Potato
Cosmic Potato 10 months ago
Pick a superpower The superpower to give and take wishes
Gameknight 995
Gameknight 995 10 months ago
That’s always been my first thought
the dragon king
the dragon king 10 months ago
That's now ironic now in the future that jacksepticeye now brands coke
the dragon king
the dragon king 10 months ago
But then you like kenshi but can't talk
the dragon king
the dragon king 10 months ago
So I can use all the environments to my advantage
the dragon king
the dragon king 10 months ago
R.aller 10 months ago
i would want the power of god.
Practically Satan
Practically Satan 10 months ago
Yes Yes No Yes, I have a full-fledged plan and the best super power I could possibly conceive anyways so Depends on your definition of a bad person... a shoplifter doesn't deserve to cease existence but a serial killer? Well, I'm sure you can figure out my opinion on that one Sounds troublesome no thanks I can literally get plastic surgery then do whatever the fuck are you shitting me? Obviously, I push the button Again it sounds troublesome so no High fear of going blind so no I don't care about others music taste??????? I'll push the button??????????????????????? I don't care about soda, but if I do you really think picking a fucking bugger in a train station would get noticed??? Also, technically an empty but PUBLIC bathroom is public soooooooooo Do I look like an amateur to you? Not this Slytherin, I'll just make someone else say the words. I don't like rabbits, but I do like bears..... Due to poor impulse control I guess I can't push the button It takes me a year to program something??? Fuck it, why not? I could handle taking my time programming Yes???? That's not peace, that's fear, no thanks. I... I mean... I guess...
Sansa Sans UwU
Sansa Sans UwU 10 months ago
Jack: My power well be tellerpertation Me: I chose time travel. Wait! Isn't that the same thing!?
benadryl horseflopper
No.....it really isn't
Marluxia Clydia Drake
Marluxia Clydia Drake 11 months ago
"I don't drink soda" *4 years later* "Same Coke taste with zero sugar now with a hint of added vanilla"
SparkyMcButterPants 9 months ago
Woah this is amazing
Crisangelie Guzman
Crisangelie Guzman 11 months ago
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason 11 months ago
"I don't know how to make that joke funny." That's something that I should be saying more often.
Serious Snake Hunter
Serious Snake Hunter 11 months ago
jake u could have the super power of changing probability of events so you could just have those people killed and become the REAL jacksepticeye
Bon Wattersen
Bon Wattersen 11 months ago
You can’t record when time is paused, such as if time was 10 times slower, it will look like it’s sped up 10 times faster, and if you record with time paused the video will be zero seconds
killer cat
killer cat 11 months ago
I would choose shape shifting
Black Evil Unicorn
Black Evil Unicorn 11 months ago
You know the answer to any question but nobody will believe you - Cassandra of Troy vibes
Gray de Long
Gray de Long 11 months ago
Did you see how many times he thanos snapped? Everyone should be dead!
Anthony Ding
Anthony Ding Year ago
6:17 Jack: 1 percent... thats not a lot Me: *YOU WANT TO PAUSE ME? THATS A LOT.*
Sheila Ok
Sheila Ok Year ago
That was bad.
Sheila Ok
Sheila Ok Year ago
Wow that was awful.
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