Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

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Published on


Apr 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Jubilee Year ago
Hey all - thanks for watching! Hope you loved it! To participate in future audience polls, follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/jubileemedia/ ALSO, watch more Spectrum episodes here: bit.ly/WatchSpectrumJubilee
C Finigan
C Finigan Month ago
Try doing a teen dad episode if possible. It would be interesting to hear their side.
Gordon 2 months ago
You should an episode on does teen dads think the same
Fabricio Garcia
Fabricio Garcia 4 months ago
we need a teen dad versiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn
Katana E
Katana E 5 months ago
Jubilee can y’all find black people? Like damn
Jeon Jungkook Wifeu
Jeon Jungkook Wifeu 7 months ago
Do all Muslims think the same? 😊😊
Random Duder
Random Duder 15 hours ago
God bless these women, they could have easily aborted their kids but didn't.
Mimi Gaci
Mimi Gaci Day ago
anyone else noticed that the girl with the bump "the one who's wearing a dress" says" sonthing" instead of "something"?
Eva Carmen
Eva Carmen Day ago
I feel like the blonde and the ginger would be rlly good friends
Chloe Berry
Chloe Berry 2 days ago
I think I got the wrong idea out of this
Trinity Daniel
Trinity Daniel 2 days ago
Is that Maddie from mama and babiee I just saw 1 video and she looks familiar
I think they should call teens more in these spectrum videos because they've got different opinions and experiences than adults in not just being a teen, but in life, race, culture, inequality, etc... (basically they've got minds too)
Erica McClintock
Erica McClintock 3 days ago
okay, but imagine all of these moms staying friends, having a playgroup, doing carpool, letting their kids grow up as best friends, etc. etc. THAT WOULD BE FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
godric Elkhazali
godric Elkhazali 3 days ago
I love these women's
Serena Baney
Serena Baney 3 days ago
That blonde girl needs a hug.
RacePro 12
RacePro 12 4 days ago
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Emily Kathryn
Emily Kathryn 4 days ago
Chelsea acts like she’s better than all of them. She’s irritating.
fifi fifi
fifi fifi 5 days ago
Wow im surprised because theyre actually teen moms who's LITERALLY STILL A TEEN i mean im 18 and all i do is laying on my bed and completely just ranting why i dont get perfect body and clear face lmao. Big hugs for them
lina 5 days ago
it broke my heart to hear the hurt in maddie’s voice, i’m 17 and can’t imagine having had a baby so young. you can tell she’s doing amazing 💕
Aadhya Chintala
Aadhya Chintala 6 days ago
Almost all asians who binge on RUvid: *culture shock*
valeria ramirez
valeria ramirez 6 days ago
us hispanics don’t claim the married one thank you next
oreocookies 6 days ago
Ok, I’m ngl, I plan to adopt a baby sometime in the future (not now because I’m an adult but I’m still too young and I don’t have a good paying job) and this video has made me so much more excited for that day!!
meagan capecea
meagan capecea 6 days ago
I wanna see an episode where it’s like people who became parents as teens who are now raising teens. Idk if the way I phrased that makes sense but yeah😅
Ann D Alva
Ann D Alva 6 days ago
Do all mothers of large families think the same?
LDCxlockz 7 days ago
You carry them for 9 months, I carry them my whole life 😤
Paula Dobžanska
Paula Dobžanska 7 days ago
So much respect for the blondy
Wesley Wilson
Wesley Wilson 7 days ago
And like and like and like and like and like and like.
Splatter Brained
Splatter Brained 8 days ago
This was an interesting topic because I am a product of teen parents. My mother being 14 at the time. My father changed for the better. My mother did not.
Tom_Holland_Fan 8 days ago
Minnie Sky Playzz
The woman with red hair is A RUvidr now!
SWiFT PEMDAS 9 days ago
At least they arent virgins
Rafa Carrillo
Rafa Carrillo 9 days ago
Allie Brooooookee u the queeen
Rhea Bohn
Rhea Bohn 9 days ago
i’m proud of those girls that they didn’t give up their children :)
W4T3RM3L0N 3 days ago
So? What difference it makes if its their choice, she can be proud of them for not killing even if its choice
Well-Educated Lesbian
It's their choice.
RoyaLeAdriana MV
RoyaLeAdriana MV 9 days ago
6:04 so the married teen said they planned the pregnancy and that they didn't get married because she was pregnant yet she found out she was pregnant on a Wednesday and got married in Saturday but had the baby before she got married???? Who else is confused?? Girl be honest tell the truth!
katie morrissey
katie morrissey 10 days ago
Did she just say some people in grade 6 are having it wtf I was eating dirt in grade 6
Well-Educated Lesbian
Quinton Taylor
Quinton Taylor 10 days ago
3:15 ... wait what... sixth grade
slime queen
slime queen 10 days ago
I just watched an interview with Maddie
hennessy lopez
hennessy lopez 11 days ago
allie and maddie are beautiful 😭
Bigene Valliere
Bigene Valliere 11 days ago
i'm crying. Poor girls.. I hope they doing good
mynamesnotmargo 12 days ago
Okay but like where is the part everyone is mentioning where the married girl is almost laughing when Maddie is talking?
Aditi Soumya
Aditi Soumya 12 days ago
Baby has a heartbeat after 4 weeks
AntiSune Speedruner
@Well-Educated Lesbian ok then, what do you consider to be the factor(s) of life
Well-Educated Lesbian
Damn except that doesnt represent life. You can create a beating heart in a petri dish.
Anne 12 days ago
The girl said she planned the pregnancy but also said the baby was concieved before she got married and it was a little early, like wtf
Lily Rhodes
Lily Rhodes 13 days ago
i love allie and maddie they know what this crap is about and they really know how to deal with that kind of stuff
J M2020
J M2020 13 days ago
The redhead is so sweet
Nikita korade
Nikita korade 13 days ago
Love this 💕
haruto 13 days ago
my husband???? MY HUSBAND?????
정짜이라 14 days ago
They could all be best friends ❤️
Abyss Walker
Abyss Walker 14 days ago
2:53 how the hell is she 15
Royal Saint
Royal Saint 14 days ago
So, Children has children!! Its cute... You all are blessed more or less just to born in a first world country... At least you ppl have some kind of infratuctre to support..
Mica 2.0
Mica 2.0 15 days ago
Children shouldn't have children.
Well-Educated Lesbian
thoughty 42
thoughty 42 15 days ago
Pregnant at the age of 14 with another 14 oh my gawd.
Young Grizz
Young Grizz 15 days ago
Here before PewDiePie
Vad0 15 days ago
Kids what did you learnt today? Kids: we should get pregnent and we will be good with our parents👍
Nothing 16 days ago
Boys be going to gym for weights but when its time for real weights they let the women lift.. typical gigolos
Shaurya Gahlot
Shaurya Gahlot 16 days ago
And here is I am being 24 year old man without any relationship in the past and still iam single because *I AM POTATO*
Khanh Le
Khanh Le 16 days ago
Damn, remember when this comments section wasn't toxic?
John Bayani
John Bayani 17 days ago
you can hear the babies in the background
Brooke Hall
Brooke Hall 17 days ago
Is it just me or does Maddie look like she is 19 not 15
Well-Educated Lesbian
Shes like seventeen now because she was pregnant a couple years ago
Isabel Erhart
Isabel Erhart 16 days ago
she's definetly very mature
Shakeela Valy
Shakeela Valy 18 days ago
Where’s Sophie
awesome reanna
awesome reanna 18 days ago
That blonde girl does not look 15
April morales
April morales 18 days ago
lmao the married one is soo annoying
Nicolle Velez
Nicolle Velez 18 days ago
She had the baby before they planned to get married...she said herself it came sooner than expected.Yeah that pregnancy was not planned. Close, but no cigar.
ssins 18 days ago
these kids bro
First Hour
First Hour 18 days ago
Man what's wrong with Americans
Well-Educated Lesbian
The teen pregnancy rate is higher in england
Olivia Neumann
Olivia Neumann 18 days ago
I wonder if any of these women had babies with any of the guys in the video with the teen dads.
pfguo87 19 days ago
@ 1:48 - In my opinion that heartbeat shouldn't matter. There are people in coma that we pull the plug on everyday. They still have heartbeats, why don't we consider that murder? In fact, we consider that an act of kindness... That is because a heartbeat without consciousness isn't really living. I am not sure if we know when a baby is consider conscious, but I feel like that is when we can consider it murder. The reason why I feel like I do: I grew up in a low income household where I lived in a basement and moved from basement to basement for most of my younger life. I had to work at a really young age of 8. I was, and am still, told that I am loved, but I never felt loved; saying you love someone and doing everything you can to express that love are two different things. I am currently 32 years old and everyday until I was 31 was a struggle. I am still not where I want to be in life, but things are not that bad now. However, because of that 31 years of struggle, I currently still wish that my parents were smart enough to make the decision to get that abortion. In my opinion, those people that believe abortion is wrong and should never be done are people who grew up in a better world, at least one that is better than mine. In a perfect world abortion doesn't exist, unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world... 😥
Evelyn Alexander
Evelyn Alexander 19 days ago
Omg sixth grade?!?
Sharon Lätt
Sharon Lätt 19 days ago
i wanna be maddies friend
Shivani Manoj
Shivani Manoj 19 days ago
Gosh those babies are darn cute!!!!! Actually babies are always like cute but still....
Kieran Thomas
Kieran Thomas 19 days ago
"I live in the mountains" 😂 what
Sherio88 19 days ago
Abortion is fine, life doesn't even take consent to be made. Life is not special, it's common and dirty. PS: Souls don't exist and neither does god and indoctrination is child abuse. Grow up.
AntiSune Speedruner
Just because i don't want a baby to die doesn't mean i should grow up
qt Duck Van Gang
qt Duck Van Gang 14 days ago
Yeah you would be singing a different tune if you where a baby
WhiteHammer 19 days ago
If this was a secret teen Mom Tia would get voted out right away
Alex 19 days ago
Daniel Swarovski
Daniel Swarovski 19 days ago
Just wondering: is Chelsea married to Edgar (the teen dad video)?
pikachuu 20 days ago
sorry but the girl with a husband... it was obvious that there was a girl whos baby father wasnt involved.. but she just HAD to say how her husband was doing TOO MUCH, i dont blame her but, it wouldve been better if she read the signs.. it was obvious. glad the red headed girl was uplifting
Girls Talk
Girls Talk 20 days ago
okay but allie is so positive 💞
DARQUISE JR 20 days ago
6th grade lmfao
All Movies Here!!!
If these are teens, then i am not born yet..
Saranya 21 day ago
There is a huge difference between getting pregnant at 14 and 19
Ashton Hendrickson
Ashton Hendrickson 22 days ago
everligh and cartia or so cute i dont know the others names (baby)
A 22 days ago
That married 19 year old is really overcompensating...
pierinare 23 days ago
i just wanna hug maddie >:V
Winnie Motswagae
Winnie Motswagae 23 days ago
This has been my favourite one so far.
Kathir Tahasin
Kathir Tahasin 23 days ago
My 24 year old girlfriend looks younger than all these girls why do they all look like they about to finish their 30's
Nevaeh Davis
Nevaeh Davis 22 days ago
that was rude. But ok
ErinIona 23 days ago
I'm almost certain I've seen Maddie on another channel (not her own) talking about being a teen mum. She looks so familiar
naga akshaya
naga akshaya 19 days ago
I think you've seen her on hiho kids
Darth Clay
Darth Clay 22 days ago
Yeah teen moms or something like that and also has her own channel
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