DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts (Official Video)

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Jun 16, 2017




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Comments 80
Sholly Barbie
Sholly Barbie 47 minutes ago
Thanks 😊 Sis
adriano ferraz
adriano ferraz 2 hours ago
Eu e Rihanna faz aniversário mesmo dia vou comemorar com ela
Allison Andrade
Allison Andrade 5 hours ago
wh0s still here in 2020 >.< XD ;P
salim uhrağ
salim uhrağ 6 hours ago
Ctrl alt De Ligt
Ctrl alt De Ligt 6 hours ago
And now I’m like wawawaghahagha wearing a mask and isolating who knew time would change things so badly
T 7 hours ago
I got my first whine/grind to this music 😂😂😂
DrTechno 8 hours ago
Ismael Rodrigues
Ismael Rodrigues 9 hours ago
Tirando o Dj Khaled a canção é massa para se ouvir!
Alaska Young
Alaska Young 10 hours ago
Ok, the song is okay, but this solo... it doesn't fit jesuschrist
Isaac Prince
Isaac Prince 11 hours ago
Listening to this to remember them days when corona was just a drink?!!!
Emely Castillo
Emely Castillo 12 hours ago
I love You Rihanna ❤😍
busebseis 13
busebseis 13 14 hours ago
Who else havin' a Rihanna marathon
NADEGE DOUDOU 14 hours ago
Rihanna i Love u 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bahemis Adán
Bahemis Adán 15 hours ago
*another one* -is literally my wild thoughts 🧘
Aminata Sall
Aminata Sall 15 hours ago
Bryson tillers verse slaps
Boris Morales
Boris Morales 17 hours ago
Mejor es la version original de carlos santana ft R&B - maria maria
Valéria Carvalho
Valéria Carvalho 18 hours ago
×[} €> £%€¥=₩¥
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 18 hours ago
Remember this playing Out loud on beach before Lockdown .
Fernando Purba
Fernando Purba 19 hours ago
This song is similar to Santana 
Annette Becker
Annette Becker 22 hours ago
Reminds me tot heute Song of Maria Maria fest. Santana.
Annette Robinson
Annette Robinson 23 hours ago
hector .
hector . Day ago
Am I only one that can see Rihanna‘s nipples
Young Sonic
Young Sonic Day ago
Bro dj may not say much but them DANCE MOVES IS SUM SERIOUS lol
Young Sonic
Young Sonic Day ago
Can u believe when this came out MUSICL.LY was still a think LIKE UGHHHHH THOSE DAYZ WERE THE BEST
Diana Lynch
Diana Lynch Day ago
Love them both 🤩
Diana Lynch
Diana Lynch Day ago
DreadsOfJon Day ago
Prefer the original version
Renato Luana
Renato Luana Day ago
Divalie La perle
Haiti 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹Like like like
Makeover Obsessions
This song is making “alive” in this bloody pandemic.
Isabel Espinoza
That little shoulder shimmy ..”name some things that I’m gon doooo..” gets me every time 0:37
macj wave
macj wave Day ago
son look une tuerie,la musique une bombe, dj khaled tes au top
deborah vianna
Assistindo na quarentena, alguém ?
Jeff Mesquita
Cecile Tabe
Cecile Tabe Day ago
Dj Khaled literally does nothing but ends almost all the credit......
ダビ Day ago
Me: I know I get wa wa wa (woot woot!) wa wa wa wayldtots 💖
fun videos
fun videos Day ago
90s babies we are really suffering we need more of this music Riri 😢
judas foreal
judas foreal Day ago
Bryson and rihanna🔥
The TrEnds
The TrEnds Day ago
I searched for this song by typing "Another One DJ Khaled"
The TrEnds
The TrEnds Day ago
Anyone before 1Billion views? Or I'm the only one.
lylou clément
treat people with kindness
i remember when i thought it was: whatos
Fabi Moura
Fabi Moura 2 days ago
Queen Bon
Queen Bon 2 days ago
“White girl wasted on that brown liquo” wtf
Loushyra Holiday
Loushyra Holiday 8 hours ago
you're wasted like a white girl 😭 on brown liquor
Jason LIU
Jason LIU 8 hours ago
I don't even understand what does it mean
Shannon Gomez
Shannon Gomez 2 days ago
0:09 Tshirt hanging at the back. ICON 💯
Gul Can
Gul Can 2 days ago
Şarkıyı etkili okuyamamış Rihanna . Berbat bı sesi var
amri MOURAD 2 days ago
موامو من تونس💘💞💓ريحانه💘💗
Nin Squad
Nin Squad 2 days ago
Jonathan Santos
Jonathan Santos 2 days ago
Quem ta ouvindo plena quarentena
Queensland1000 2 days ago
Rihanna 😍 She's So Much Better Then Beyonce
Eylül Güngör
Eylül Güngör 2 days ago
Rihanna sana aşığım
AMAN ROSHAN 2 days ago
She should wear a good clothes in this song😳😳🙄
QueenDivine223 Robloxplayz
Bryson killed it 🔥
Rogerio Oliveira
Rogerio Oliveira 2 days ago
Brasil show
Janika Joseph
Janika Joseph 2 days ago
DJ khaled is just in this video doing nothing he is just in the back walking and coping rihanna and the other dude all he saying is DJ khaled lol😂😂😂😂😂
He do the beats he makes the music bro you shit
Ned Nedelchev
Ned Nedelchev 2 days ago
The guitar beat is taken from Maria Maria.
Kelly Browm
Kelly Browm 2 days ago
Kelly Browm
Kelly Browm 2 days ago
Wild thoughts
s w e e t e a
s w e e t e a 2 days ago
Am I the only who still listens to this?😭this never gets old
Silva Zogaj
Silva Zogaj 2 days ago
I love this song❤❤❤
rafal ragad
rafal ragad 2 days ago
its the most beautifui songs heard it all my life
ROMY SINGH 2 days ago
wa wa wa..... 😘
Lonely Bitch
Lonely Bitch 2 days ago
DJ Khaled is always be adding his watermark in every soNg😔
Yasmin Mendez
Yasmin Mendez 2 days ago
The sound is from the song Maria Maria
Austin James
Austin James 2 days ago
Dj Khaled dancing makes me scared
Pisica Roz
Pisica Roz 2 days ago
I just heard "When Im with you all I get is wet toast"
Lily Brass • 9 years ago
who else looked up “wados”
NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
Rihanna’s nipples
Lima Ykiak
Lima Ykiak 3 days ago
Música muito diferenciada DMS desde sempre
Thayza Silva
Thayza Silva 3 days ago
Saudades Rihanna❤
Julia Gois
Julia Gois 3 days ago
“Maria Maria- Santana”
Luz Bibiano
Luz Bibiano 3 days ago
Plagió a Santana 👎
Tata G
Tata G 3 days ago
whereare _theavocados
Mariiaaa mariaaaaaaaaaa
Tintin 3 days ago
laryssa carvalho
laryssa carvalho 3 days ago
Quase 1 bi de views aaaa
Radovan Takac
Radovan Takac 3 days ago
COME ON let's get 1B 🔥
Iftekhar.Radium Ahmad
Stand By Me Fan And Other Stuff
I am here not because it was in my recommended, I am here cause this a good song!😊
LOST BOY 3 days ago
wa wa wa wa
Ashot Hayrapetyan
In this song DJ Khaled only repeats his name and does weird dancing😂😂
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