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CAN WE SMASH 200,000 LIKES for DIY WOLFIE!? This warhead shot glass is absolutely CRAZY!! It actually worked... Kinda..

Comment what Pinterest DIY you want me to do next!!

DIY STARBURST SHOT GLASS TASTE TEST: ruvid.net/video/video-LhW_Y5Xfpo8.html

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Snapchat: WolfieRaps

K1G 5T7

If you read this I love you!

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Sep 17, 2016




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Comments 19 011
Finian Laing
Finian Laing 21 day ago
Who’s watching in 2021
ButterNinja 3 months ago
It be a lot easier if you melted them and then poored them in the mold and then froze it
Trozui 5 months ago
My man drinking sink water like nothin
ashlin todd
ashlin todd 6 months ago
idgaf what anybody says these videos will always be entertaining asf
dababy’s baby
dababy’s baby 8 months ago
i have a vid on my snap memories from like 4 years ago of me putting a filter on wolfie. came back here to watch the vid good times man😔
EclipsE 9 months ago
DID he SAY ambidextrous my guy I'm AMBIDEXTROUS
Jjshdb J
Jjshdb J 10 months ago
This dude has been 17 for the last 3 years
Leyana Flemming
I luv how he used “ambidextrous” the wrong way 😹😹
Jony G
Jony G Year ago
Someone get this man a t-shirt
Robert Mejia
Robert Mejia Year ago
This guy hasnt changes one bit at all what ashame
Quad Brothers
Quad Brothers Year ago
Who clicked on the video and didn’t want to be Wolfie
these were the good days. wolfie was in his prime
Carlos Patino
Carlos Patino Year ago
I started rewatching all of the sold David parody vids and Wolfie vids and team alboe vids like the good ol days
Broccoli Year ago
Better times fr
Hack Hacko
Hack Hacko Year ago
We else gets this recommended 3 years after he posts?
zho twerk
zho twerk Year ago
Caca Year ago
"they make good powder"
Caca Year ago
"im a proffesional knivesman" Quote - 2020 - Wolfie
Jackisdumb Year ago
Nip slip at 1:45 ur welcome bois
Hester Eygabroad
Why didn't he melt them in the microwave then pour them in? So much easier
Hello There I’m Ofir
@Hester Eygabroad then it would have been accurate for your statement if he didn't mix them
Hester Eygabroad
@Hello There I’m Ofir unless he did them in solid colors
Hester Eygabroad
@Hello There I’m Ofir true lol
Hello There I’m Ofir
@Hester Eygabroad then that would have taken longer because he would have to put it in the freezer each time
Hester Eygabroad
@Hello There I’m Ofir unless he poured it in then pet it dry then poor more in like layere
And sorry but this is cringe
21 Snipers
21 Snipers Year ago
Maki Ordonio
Maki Ordonio Year ago
“You’re gonna take this bag, okay. This is a garbage bag. You’re gonna throw it at your girl..ᶠʳⁱᵉⁿᵈ” 😂
jake j
jake j Year ago
i miss 2016 wolfie😔
Koopa bros
Koopa bros Year ago
M watching this in 2020 and I thought you dumb put it in the micoave
fwixzy Year ago
i miss these vids
No one
No one Year ago
Make a cup out of chocolate and drink out of it
he did 😭
Jd-am_ 412
Jd-am_ 412 Year ago
They should have put them in the microwave and then in the mold
AydenIsCrazy Year ago
Obama Gd
Obama Gd Year ago
Why didn’t he just melt them and then pour it in
Hester Eygabroad
That's what I said lol it would have worked better
Ehricardo Wohtah
It’s not really freezing because of the citric acid
Pavel Cureja
Pavel Cureja Year ago
Are you doing exactly what jrizzy jermy did
Drksprt Year ago
Wolfie tiddies
You should do gum shot glasses
SyrupThegamer 101
Isn’t that dustins house
Cloud Supreme
Cloud Supreme Year ago
You should do jawbreaker shot glasses
Fernando Dominguez
Watching this the day Kobe dies Jan,26 2020 RIP KOBE
john diggles
john diggles Year ago
penis shot glasses
Szer Year ago
Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is the day you get to the bus stop at the bus
Climate Insight
7:01 😏
Quixotic Year ago
put a shirt on u loser
Aryn Thiara
Aryn Thiara Year ago
Bring back old Wolfe
Alessandro Silvestri
My guy, his tank top is so saggy I can see his nipples
RJ Patros
RJ Patros Year ago
Why the guck is his shirt so big
Tyler King
Tyler King Year ago
Do a skittles one
Year ago
Wolfe more like pussy
coulxzz Year ago
do marshmellow shot glasses
SLAY3R Year ago
2:18 I guess that never miss Hugh
Mangozz Juicee
Mangozz Juicee 2 years ago
Bruhhh 5:51
Hairless Kenobi
Hairless Kenobi 2 years ago
2:46 🤣
Mahdi_thegoat 2 years ago
Do it again shock glass
comethaz1ne L0V3R
comethaz1ne L0V3R 2 years ago
I like blue and green
comethaz1ne L0V3R
comethaz1ne L0V3R 2 years ago
Do Laffey taffy
Orlando Z88
Orlando Z88 2 years ago
Why don’t u melt the candy then pour it while it’s hot into the molds🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂
Landon Doerr
Landon Doerr 2 years ago
His tang top is so low you can see his nipple.
Wildboon21 2 years ago
Erigor 2 years ago
anyone notice dustin always has sponser and he begs for it
Jose 2 years ago
Wolfie come back to the old vids bro
Coshe Bowie
Coshe Bowie 2 years ago
Can you do starburst shot glass
Alyvia's ASMR
Alyvia's ASMR 2 years ago
2:46 lol
Dissimulant Mamba
Dissimulant Mamba 2 years ago
Tell us not to use a knife (Proceeds to give us directions on how to use it)
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 2 years ago
1:06 got me 😂😂💀💀
Marz 2 years ago
diamondboy 6
diamondboy 6 2 years ago
9:47 why you wearing the same shirt?
Ya Mum
Ya Mum 2 years ago
Grape warheads pls
FREE FIRE GAMER 2 years ago
Wy do you curs
Dave Fulbright
Dave Fulbright 2 years ago
That face tho hahahahahhahah 5:50
Alejandro Galaviz
Alejandro Galaviz 2 years ago
Yo its so better when david is on the camera when he trolls its SOOO MUCH BETTER BRING HIM BACK
Ryken1k 2 years ago
I love how he said .5 of a warhead but .5 is half of the warhead
Sebastian McClure
Sebastian McClure 2 years ago
At 8:54 he looked like donkey kong
kitten mermaid unicorn
I have watched you for along time and I have watched this a couple times and I looked at the date and that's my B-Day when you posted this and it's like 3 years late but hey it's good and love your videos keep up the amazing work 💕💞👍👍👍👍👍🐇random bunny Idk it's late and fuck u 🖕
ILLØJIKAL 2 years ago
U should melt warheads and take straight shots of the juice
wolf legend9923
wolf legend9923 2 years ago
What does not kill you it makes you stronger
wolf legend9923
wolf legend9923 2 years ago
666 likes and he does a candy corn shotglass
Mr Corrupt
Mr Corrupt 2 years ago
6:54 wtf happend to his voice
Izabella Stringer
Izabella Stringer 2 years ago
I thought you were joking about joking you can only use that hammer so I tested the one basic hammer and that one and they both work the same just so you know in the future
Miley K
Miley K 2 years ago
He got double the likes he asked for 😂😂🤣
Sufyaan Sasman
Sufyaan Sasman 2 years ago
Make a fruit shot glass
Kaladin Joof
Kaladin Joof 2 years ago
Wolfie will be the death of me... cause I'll die laughing.🤣😇
Dilianys Ortega
Dilianys Ortega 2 years ago
You are so funny and also I'm making trouble for watching your videos because you say bad words but I don't care I love your videos
S HC 2 years ago
Bean boozled shot glasses,like if agree
Potato_Draws -stuff
6:34. What beautiful nails you have Wolfie lol
Jacob Thao
Jacob Thao 2 years ago
This is my cousin when i yell at him 5:51
Ava Estrada
Ava Estrada 2 years ago
At 5:50 why does Wolfie look like a crack head 😂
Draiman Huffman
Draiman Huffman 2 years ago
1:00 me when my mom take my phone
Inranee Mattai
Inranee Mattai 2 years ago
doom dragon22
doom dragon22 2 years ago
I actually broke my phone because I'm a savage like the wolf fam
Pigeon Anime
Pigeon Anime 2 years ago
Were did you get the mold
cheyenne silver
cheyenne silver 2 years ago
How did he get famous for being crazy but when be crazy I get judged 😑😐😩🥺
Breezy 2 years ago
2019 baby
Mr. Cyan
Mr. Cyan 2 years ago
I haven’t watched you in fOREVER lol I know this is old but you said you’re one and half... SYLVIA TRYNA CATCH A CASE
Laura's asswipes
Laura's asswipes 2 years ago
the last time i had a red warhead it had 2 warheads inside
Tyas Edward
Tyas Edward 2 years ago
Watched this like 5 times. Why doesn't he blend the warheads?
SeanLovesHaters 2 years ago
Tik took ruined my mood for the video :/
Dreamy 2 years ago
R.i.P old kitchen 😭
HP Gaming
HP Gaming 2 years ago
I like how he still get hyped that it works even though he has don 2 others and all of them are KINDA the same marierais
Frank Jones
Frank Jones 2 years ago
My nigga Wolfie please put on a fitting tank top😂
Erys 2 years ago
we got puprel in the states
Ayo alex Valenica
Ayo alex Valenica 2 years ago
2 t 2 = 4 1-3 IS 2 quick math
zane leutzinger
zane leutzinger 2 years ago
We should make sour gummy worms shot glass
Jays Revenge
Jays Revenge 2 years ago