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HEY GUYS! So excited to share this collab video with you! Drew from @Lone Fox and I had so much fun flipping these thrift store items and don't forget to head over to his channel to watch what I found him at the thrift store.
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❥ XO, MaCenna
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Aug 9, 2020




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Comments 100
T Lea
T Lea 16 hours ago
You could make it a sewing box
Mom life but Press to Impress
My 2 favorites on RUvid together what?????????? 😍😍😍😍 love the vanity and the tool box
Sombath Jaijarat
Love the plant stands. Can you please ship them to me?
McGypsy9 Day ago
You did an unbelievable job! Well done!
2 days ago
They are literally soooo good! Wanna buy them actually no kidding
E in ABQ
E in ABQ 2 days ago
This was a blast to watch!! You two are super fun! Sooooo talented. I wanna try a couple of things. I am a little afraid of power tools for woodworking but I can always start small! XO
ScarletScorpiana 3 days ago
the plates were celebration plates from pampered chef or southern living at home.
Alexandra 3 days ago
I feel like he did her dirty with the pieces he thrifted compared to what she thrifted lol! They both did so good though
Jennifer Fahr
Jennifer Fahr 4 days ago
Love the collab. Also really loved the plant stands! I'm becoming a bit houseplant obsessed and this is an idea I could totally do! I'll be searching for cool ceramic plates at the thrift now
2Bdiscovered 5 days ago
Juana Pitts
Juana Pitts 5 days ago
Do it again!!!!!!!!!!
Barbiecurlz 6 days ago
"The shelves are almost fully empty.."😂😂😁👍
Madison Kohnen
Madison Kohnen 6 days ago
I loved this!!
anne webber
anne webber 6 days ago
you are so cleaver girl x
Shannon Gallagher
levi d
levi d 9 days ago
That was fun do more!!!
Jenna Levering
Jenna Levering 10 days ago
That tool box 😍! To me it'd make more sense to keep the box whole and adhere the cloth to the desired sections. It would keep the structural integrity, making the box more durable. Plus it would cut the cost of needing to buy anything else to add durability.
Jeanith Burdine
Jeanith Burdine 10 days ago
I am new to your channel through Drew! I love his design so I know I’m going to like your channel. Hello from Mississippi.
Hannah Blank
Hannah Blank 11 days ago
I’m SOOO jealous that you live next to that cane and webbing store 😫😫 I’m from Louisiana and we have nothing like that! 😢
KhushbuDiy 12 days ago
Oh that lamp idea was awesome Actually love all diy😊
Simply Rumbie
Simply Rumbie 13 days ago
Where is your wallpaper from?
Maribel F
Maribel F 13 days ago
With this virus that we have I think that you should do this projects more often because it's fun to se how each other transform the items that you bough for each other. 👍🏼😀
Mariem Mohsen
Mariem Mohsen 14 days ago
That was amazing ♥️
Tracy Morris
Tracy Morris 14 days ago
Love your diys 😁❤
F B 15 days ago
Yes please do this more, loved it soooooooo much
Stella Leveque
Stella Leveque 16 days ago
Sherron Plummer
Sherron Plummer 16 days ago
Love this challenge/ collaboration this was awesome!!!!
k geers
k geers 16 days ago
It's so good y'all figured out how to work around the Covid. Great jobs!!
Rebecca McDaniel
Rebecca McDaniel 17 days ago
That box could be a glow box. Place fake candles inside
steffanyflook 17 days ago
Can you link the piece you used to wrap around the black pendant on in your room?
XO, MaCenna
XO, MaCenna 17 days ago
Sure 🥰 Black Pendant Lights: amzn.to/2z5FxBO Iron Wall Brackets: amzn.to/2TCK5sZ
Myra Camilo
Myra Camilo 17 days ago
You both did so great transforming your items into your own style, loved the way they turned out!
Martina Fischer
Martina Fischer 18 days ago
Your little tool box could totally be a sewing box now. Love it!!!
Lyndi Espique
Lyndi Espique 18 days ago
Every time I see the handle from the toolbox, I want it turned into a chic purse!
joseph gragard
joseph gragard 18 days ago
All the stuff is beautiful
Vicky Emerzidis
Vicky Emerzidis 18 days ago
Please do again, you too are so much fun watching
robbijj 19 days ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collabs with Lone Fox! Look forward to more 💖
matt I.
matt I. 19 days ago
U and lone fox killed it! So fun!
Gina McCracken
Gina McCracken 20 days ago
FYI- the thin wood at fabric/hobby/craft stores is called "Balsa Wood". Don't ask for plywood as they may tell you they don't carry plywood or refer you to a hardware store.
WideAwake *
WideAwake * 21 day ago
Just popped in my head.... what about instead if staining, you could go with a burnt wood , torch the wood.. I have been wanting to try it myself. Seen it done..
Karel Larsen
Karel Larsen 21 day ago
So much fun! I love what you did😊❣️
Helen Forrester
Helen Forrester 21 day ago
Literally love both of you. Need to do this more often!
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 23 days ago
Those bamboo plate holders! My mom had so many of those. Lol.
knm_plans 24 days ago
Okay so the pandemic kept you two from meeting up but you could both hit the shops for non-essentials? I’ve watched a few videos but I’m done. This is why we’re still dealing with this freaking pandemic...
Bellasand45 24 days ago
The planters are my favorite. They look so chic.
Donna Conrad
Donna Conrad 24 days ago
Totally Fun! I enjoyed this! You both must do this again! “I” probably would of only spray-painted the straw/wicker plate holders in various colors/tints of one or two shades, and used as wall decor...those “trivet” white plates; spray-paint a mini wood candlestick or used a glass vase, and make a tiered cake stand...and then that cute wood tool box; feminize it more to hold make-up/toiletries...paint a pink or a neon color, maybe even use fabric or magazine collage 🤪😁🤗✌️This is what made the video fun, just trying to figure out everyone’s imagination mixed with their talents! Do it again soon ~ ❤️👍🥰
LynndaRella 25 days ago
Love this theist flip calab😆
fabulous great job.
Ester Di Palma
Ester Di Palma 25 days ago
Wow it would be so cool if you can make a series of this with different youtubers
Hüsniye Kaya
Hüsniye Kaya 25 days ago
I looooooveeeee himmm😍😃
Sarvs Falefitu
Sarvs Falefitu 25 days ago
You two are two of my fave peeps 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Terri Segovia
Terri Segovia 26 days ago
You’re both so talented
Teresa Goodman
Teresa Goodman 26 days ago
What would be fun!!!!! You and Lone Fox go together or separate, get the same things - both of you do the same thing. Interesting to seen what each other creates!!!!!!!!!!!
Donna Borkins
Donna Borkins 26 days ago
I love they actually go to thrift stores
Gricelda Tovar
Gricelda Tovar 26 days ago
Yes! More collabs with Lone Fox!
Melissa Delgado
Melissa Delgado 26 days ago
Love it all but not going to lie my heart hurt a little when you cut out the panels in that vintage toolbox.
Jennifer L
Jennifer L 26 days ago
super cute! the white plate things are from southern living. Dress me up plate. i have 2. i leave my family cute notes for the mornings on them
A C 26 days ago
You did great
Margaret Roberts
Margaret Roberts 27 days ago
OMG! I want those plant stands!
jesssleeps 27 days ago
Y’all are the cutest!
Anja - MD
Anja - MD 27 days ago
So cool! You are super creative!
Gael Hillyard
Gael Hillyard 27 days ago
Lovely video, but PLEASE invest in a work bench rather than resting on a chair when using power tools. You could get really badly hurt :(
Michelle Carby
Michelle Carby 27 days ago
I am thinking of making my own boho type shade for a pendant light. Is there any material I should definitely not use?
Pamela Carey
Pamela Carey 27 days ago
Love them!
Paula Mendonca
Paula Mendonca 28 days ago
Yes do that again!! You are both amazing, I don't do Diy but I love to see all your videos! Kiss from Madeira Island Portugal
Della Love
Della Love 28 days ago
We STAN a friendship that encourages challenge & creativity ! Please keep doing this until you’re 80 yrs old :) xoxo
Aimée Town
Aimée Town 28 days ago
This thrift swap was such a fun concept! Loved the whole thing!! ✨
Mary Ray
Mary Ray 28 days ago
I think the lamp would look better if the plate holders were all facing the same direction from large to small. Also, it would look better if it was painted black.
Kathleen Grehlinger
Fabulous. Fun to watch you figure it out and completing your vision. Clever girl.
Winnie n
Winnie n 29 days ago
I love the plant stands. They're beautiful 😍
Abigail's Artful Abode
so much fun!
kayla w
kayla w 29 days ago
i wish you would’ve done the double decker macrame hanger! but the other result was super cute
KC Woolsey
KC Woolsey Month ago
THE wicker lamp, didn't do it for me....looked cheap...sorry!
Melody Morriss
Melody Morriss Month ago
I love your Channels and The Lone Fox is always amazing! Have you ever tried a Gel Stain? It’s not a penetrating stain so it can be placed on top of an existing stain or paint, even painted laminate or glass. Chalk paint takes either stain type really nice! Thanks so much for bringing us such amazing ideas!
You tube Love
You tube Love Month ago
I want that tool box. so cute!
barb noren
barb noren Month ago
v cool plant stands, but who else was disappointed no one even mentioned the viewmaster vibe?
Bec Varvaruc
Bec Varvaruc Month ago
The baking powder paint trick would look so cute on the plant stands!
Gina Gutierrez
Gina Gutierrez Month ago
Gina Gutierrez
Gina Gutierrez Month ago
Ti ne
Ti ne Month ago
MaCenna: I don't know what to do with these MaCenna: I will do a pendant light 😃😂 15:09 omg, such a waste 😲
Sarah Luv Burkhardt
Those plant holders are so gorgeous!!!
Appelmoes Month ago
Nice, the first time I saw the ceramic plates, I immediately thought about those old film spools they used to have in cinema’s.
Nichole Moody
Nichole Moody Month ago
So fun!
Cecilia Reynolds
It's so cool when you guys collab! You both made cute stuff.
Christine Russell
Isaac's Daughter
the first thing I thought when I saw the white plates was.... view master disk... print off small pictures and attach to the back and hang... funky way to display unique pics
Helen Month ago
ALSO! In the future I would love to see you work with ceramic pieces more - painted ceramics can look so chic, especially if you paint some kind of design on them. EDIT...literally just saw you did a whole video on this...🤦🏻
Helen Month ago
I love that Drew basically had the same idea for the tool box. If you had picked Tricorn black for your colour it would have been EXACTLY.
Nanette Lerma
Nanette Lerma Month ago
It was nice to see Romeo that you are still together even though this is your channel. 😍
Black Diamont
Black Diamont Month ago
christina Jati
christina Jati Month ago
what plant is you put on the plant holder?
The Minimalist Girl
Is it just me or she really looks like Elizabeth Olsen!!😳
2:55 bhahahahahahah 3:05 lmaoaosjsjsjsj
Yven Jia
Yven Jia Month ago
really like what you did 👍👍👍👍definitely wanna see more this kinda video
Rebecca Farley
Rebecca Farley Month ago
I am probably the only one who thinks this but you took a beautiful wooden box and made junk. Sorry
Vicky timmerman
Vicky timmerman Month ago
Do it again! I love Drew...and now you !
Vicky timmerman
Vicky timmerman Month ago
This was great! I love how you think!
Linda Bea
Linda Bea Month ago
very creative, but I do not like the pendant light. I want the plant stands
Rebecca Love
Rebecca Love Month ago
Yesssss do another collab!!!!
Pamela Hunter
Pamela Hunter Month ago
Would be cool for you both to have the same items and see how you both interpret them.
Omnia Kadorah
Omnia Kadorah Month ago
The toolbox ! ❤❤❤❤
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