DIY Testing a Polygel Nail Kit from Amazon Prime - Modelones Polygel Kit

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I'm testing out a new Polygel Nail Kit from Modelones. This kit has everything you need to make beautiful polygel nails. It even includes the slip soluttion. This kit is available through Amazon Prime so you don't have to worry about long shipping times.
Modelones Polygel Kit: amzn.to/2YbUGMB
10% off coupon code: 9F2MPBOU
Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial: amzn.to/2EYfqQy
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Where I get my brushes?
Alpha Brush: bit.ly/2HWrynn
Red Iguana Silicon Practice Hand: bit.ly/2ya8CvW
10% off coupon code: lhpn
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FTC: This video is sponsored by Modelones. All opinions are honest and my own.
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May 4, 2019




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Comments 100
Check out the UPDATE video for these nails ruvid.net/video/video-i3UQIc2f63g.html
Araceli Navarrete
Omg thank you for this.. I just got mine today and I’m excited to use it.. thank you!! This vid helped me a lot 😊
Méabh Murphy
Méabh Murphy 2 months ago
@Salam Yamani You've probably already order your stuff by now thought I'd say that the paper forms can't really be reused as they can get a bit wrangled in the removal process. You can buy metal forms which are reusable, however i found them quite hard to use (that might just be due to my incompetence) and you can't cut them (like you can with the paper forms) to fit nicely. Hope that helps with future purchases :)
Kassi Smith
Kassi Smith 2 months ago
@Jo-Xo did you like the poly gel kit?
yurika975 3 months ago
@Brittney yeah in another polygel video she said she used 70 or 91% alcohol. She said anything 70% and above is fine. I need to get some since my kit didn't come with slip solution
Brianna02 Liapis
Brianna02 Liapis 3 months ago
Dannie Angie I would use less slip Solution and gently press your dual form or what ever kind of thing u are using on your natural nail .
Bloggy Pratiksha
Aubrey Peralta
Aubrey Peralta 2 days ago
I am Victim
I am Victim 4 days ago
Ok who else else feels like it’s wrong when she does her nails regular long like I’m so used to seeing them really really long
Suzanna Temov
Suzanna Temov 6 days ago
How do you get the to stay in place after you have pressed them on your nails? I find I press them in and turn the nail over to work on the underside and they have slightly lifted and then I get an air bubble - frustrating....😩😢
PAULA TORRES 8 days ago
My soon four year old is raving about the ice cream 🍦 nail with a cone 🍦 her favorite color is teal so that’s a hot hit hit
Kayla Mac
Kayla Mac 11 days ago
I don’t know what I did wrong but mine broke right at the tips as soon as they hit something ☹️
Mha With a plot twist
When I try dual forms it looks way better on you then me-
Lindsey Weber
Lindsey Weber 19 days ago
What drill do you use
Veronika 20 days ago
who sings the intro/outro?
Asya Shahin
Asya Shahin 20 days ago
You always make my day girl
nicole 21 day ago
You do amazing nails 🤩😍 Im addicted to watchinf your videos! ive only recently been buying nail items from amazon !! Thank you for your tutorials !!! ❤❤
Yvonne Izquierdo
Yvonne Izquierdo 21 day ago
What is the base coat before putting the poly gel? My kit didn’t come with it
Crystal Rosado
Crystal Rosado 26 days ago
They turned out so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Jennifer Brown Casillas
What polygel do you prefer? I got Makkart but it's really sticky. I'm a first timer, and I just want to do my own nails at this point.
Phomolo Ramaphoko
my mom will like it in her bithday
Abby Chamberlain
I have a question so I I randomly bought those random supplies and didn’t know what I was doing and don’t have the one form you take off just lotta arcylic nails and acrylic gel and the one tool and then the soulutin and that’s it what I do ? Can I just put the soulution on too of a normal glue on nail ?
priscille hilaire
Yea you can use a normal nail and put polygel on top
Laura Calderon
Laura Calderon Month ago
I bought this but returned it because it was very sticky and I made a big mess 🙃
Sarah Baez
Sarah Baez Month ago
That's much better than the modelones kit I got but I really like this brand.
Oluwatumilara Akinsode
when she made the mistake about the gliter she found another way to fix it. She is sooo good
Carley A
Carley A Month ago
Who else is about to buy a ton of stuff to do nails
Laura Month ago
My kit comes today! I'm so excited. I haven't gotten my nails done in so long I'm just ready for some pretty nails ❤
Lety Me
Lety Me Month ago
I like that u go slow & you explain the process thoroughly thank you
Patti Charles
Patti Charles Month ago
So I bought all this stuff for gel nails and I’ve followed the instructions watch a whole bunch of RUvid videos on it and WHY CANT I GET THE NAIL TO STAY ON TO PUT IT UNDER THE LIGHT 😞
Who else loves how her intro is? Me!🤗☺️😁😄😆😃😀
Selena Rosa
Selena Rosa Month ago
Anyone who has this kit or uses polygel, does it smell? & if so is it a strong smell ?
mielly Ramos
mielly Ramos Month ago
Btw ' you make that look so easy !!💝😀😀
mielly Ramos
mielly Ramos Month ago
Good evening how you doing honey I just recently find out all came across it the polygel kit system I am a nail technician from many years back so there is a lot I know about it plus I've been doing lots of research came across the polygel nail kit I happen to find this particular kit on Amazon like you I really enjoy your videos but when I go on Amazon there's like a whole bunch of kids of The Beatles 1 I'd really like to kick you have so if you could respond back with exactly cuz I'm right down from your video Beatles polygel kit I put that down on Amazon and that get a whole bunch of us should I purchase more than one I would like some info thanks?👍👍
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones Month ago
So I used this kit and I was wondering, how do i take the dual form off WITHOUT messing up the gel? And where can i get the UV light that you have because mines don't really cure it the way its suppose to?
idk why but when you laugh i hear beyonce's laugh also i like this testing video cause pretty soon ima be getting my nails supplie so excited this is one of the things on my list and the beetles polygel kit aswell
NORIEGA200 Month ago
I used a smaller Modelones kit from Amazon and it did not turn out good at all! The poly gel was way to thick and sticky and the dual forms would not stay on and it took a total of about 4 minutes to cure! I only did two nails before I gave up and they both snapped in half! 😠 Not feeling the Modelones brand at all!
Ashley R
Ashley R Month ago
Are these soak off or drill off ?
Euphoric Lee
Euphoric Lee Month ago
Uuhhh does it hurt miss
MizzAmberyummy Month ago
Omgosh your nails are so Dope
Liz Peña
Liz Peña Month ago
Omgggg quiero uno!!! Amazing
parizoda khojieva
Omg your laugh maks me happy
Tracalina Johnston
Wow your nails turned out beautifully!! Love them!
Michel Bird
Michel Bird Month ago
I just got mine today.
Jolanda Watkins
Jolanda Watkins 2 months ago
Why do you just do one hand but not both I don’t even make no sense
Aly H
Aly H 2 months ago
What about removal? Looks like it would be much better to your natural nails than acrylic?
ilo88 2 months ago
I like your voice a lot :)
Emma Gallagher
Emma Gallagher 2 months ago
Huh, I spend like 50$ at a nail salon when I can spend like 30$ on this kit, SaY LeSs
Crystal Marie
Crystal Marie 2 months ago
Can u cut the nails shorter ?
Racquel Wallace
Racquel Wallace 2 months ago
Sweet! Can the nails be made shorter with the nail forms?
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez 2 months ago
Sooo excited I just ordered my kit and some other goodies from them!!
Monica 2 months ago
I coudnt get the coupon code to work. Is it still valid?
Carolyn Hassall
Carolyn Hassall 2 months ago
Oml they are so pretty
Mini Biggy
Mini Biggy 2 months ago
It says cannot be delivered to your location omg im gonna cry
Ms. LeBlanc
Ms. LeBlanc 2 months ago
I hate dual forms, They're really annoying. You've mastered the use of them!👏🏾
Kenyia Holden
Kenyia Holden 2 months ago
I know this is a kit so Can you put a link to were you go to repurchase these items you use once they are gone
Sylvia redmond
Sylvia redmond 2 months ago
I never get tired of, “ this is the intro/outro to the long hair pretty nail show! Yeah!”
cinnamon robinson
cinnamon robinson 2 months ago
I ordered this 😭❤️mines arrive Thursday
Curl Up and Dye
Curl Up and Dye 2 months ago
I got my poly gel kit from eletue. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED. but despite the crappy product, they look pretty damn good after following your tutorial. Thank you!
violet blaha
violet blaha 2 months ago
your nails always turn out so perfect love your vids
donadosbaby 2 months ago
Just a question, do you cure after each nail is done or do you cure after all the nails are done. I ordered my kit and can’t wait for it to come in to try this out.
Cassie Koers
Cassie Koers 2 months ago
For a better nail you do one at a time so it’s not all messed up when you wait to do the whole hand.
Joe Kelley Tompkins
Joe Kelley Tompkins 2 months ago
I saw on your Right middle finger a vertical brown stripe and thought you should check it out with your DR. Dark lines beneath the nail - melanoma, skin cancer. (Lines can be Light to Dark in color) Don't want to freak you out, just wanted to inform you!!
Mariah 2 months ago
You don’t need a High wattage lamp for polygel I have a 6w mini lamp and it cures the polygel within 45-60 seconds SO DONT GO SPEND ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON A HIGH WATT LAMP WHEN YOU CAN GET A GOOD 6W LAMP THAT CURES POLYGEL FOR 15 DOLLARS!!
The Samantha Edit
The Samantha Edit 2 months ago
Your channel really saved me during quarantine! Thank you so much for your videos.
yUm FoOtSnAcKs
yUm FoOtSnAcKs 2 months ago
I just had a random thought. If I was ever to be a kidnapper or serial killer, I would give them nails then let them go. I need help. 💀.
theBlessed Family
theBlessed Family 2 months ago
Question do they brake ? What's the best one u would recommend that doesn't brake easily ?
Kimberly Paris
Kimberly Paris 2 months ago
these are super cute.
Camila Rodriguez
Camila Rodriguez 2 months ago
I bought the same fucking kit I just couldn’t do it !😭
J Cross
J Cross 2 months ago
Best polygel nail kit video I’ve seen! Thanks for all the good info. I’m new to this channel and have never seen one of your videos before, but I was immediately hooked from that intro that had me rollin 😂 you got a new sub girl
Min Jimin
Min Jimin 2 months ago
Just got mine
Kaylaa Sanchezz
Kaylaa Sanchezz 2 months ago
anyone else have a problem with the nails breaking easily? 😕 i did mine last night, and i was changing my daughter and two nails jsut snapped like nothing
tmshepp173 2 months ago
You are so talented
Jania Carpin
Jania Carpin 2 months ago
this is nail sorcery!!!
Alaa Omar
Alaa Omar 2 months ago
Who does it take to all your nails both hands ?
Angel Boyer
Angel Boyer 2 months ago
i need help with my polygel nails
Candice Darbyfox
Candice Darbyfox 2 months ago
I tried acrylic epic fail... This looks beginner friendly...Amazon here I come lol...thank you doll
Jasmine O'Connor
Jasmine O'Connor 3 months ago
What would you reccomend for begginers for poly gel
Dessy Baby
Dessy Baby 3 months ago
I just should get it
Dessy Baby
Dessy Baby 3 months ago
I really want to try this my so pretty
Navpreet Kaur
Navpreet Kaur 3 months ago
Thx a bunch sis
Juan Leal
Juan Leal 3 months ago
Wait do you need a light for that or can you just blow on it
Genesis Jimenez
Genesis Jimenez 3 months ago
Go to their website!!! More and better deals
Tabitha Kim
Tabitha Kim 3 months ago
I want to get a poly gel kit, (considering quality and price) out of all the amazon kits which one is the best? Help?
Amanda Crook
Amanda Crook 3 months ago
What am I doing wrong they bend and fall off they aren’t stable
Hannah Kayee
Hannah Kayee 3 months ago
I tried for the first time I had a hard time after putting the first nail on. Could I do all the polygel in all ten nails then put them on?
January Ah Loo
January Ah Loo 3 months ago
Very nice ! What about the removal of the polygel nail how is that done ?
Veronica Delacruz
Veronica Delacruz 3 months ago
Good nilsa i like
Khristina Locklear
Khristina Locklear 3 months ago
Well Idk how to do my nails but out of everyone I've watched 🙃 your ghe one I picked . But you be doing it. Your teaching me so , so much
Hannah Kayee
Hannah Kayee 3 months ago
Seen you said 91% alcohol for slip works I got a ton luckily.
Hannah Kayee
Hannah Kayee 3 months ago
Deals and codes junkies on fb has a group on fb and you can get this for $20. That's what I did.
Hannah Kayee
Hannah Kayee 3 months ago
They post a ton of codes
himynamescat ,
himynamescat , 3 months ago
Sounds like mya the singer
DIANNE TODD 3 months ago
How do you keep the nails from breaking at the tips of your natural nail?
Mapule Siwela
Mapule Siwela 3 months ago
My favourite video guys🙌🙌😭😭❤❤
Ramona Burns
Ramona Burns 3 months ago
U sound like Mchanga...hmmm🤔
Ayeli liu
Ayeli liu 3 months ago
Hey hun just wondering what’s the best poly gel you’ve tried
Ece 3 months ago
i dont have a slip sloution what shold i use instead?
Kelli V
Kelli V 3 months ago
Should be the LongNailsPrettyHair show...
Danielle Parker
Danielle Parker 3 months ago
am i the only one when u put it on the nail after u put the gel on there it comes up like u gotta hold it n order for it to stick
Clara Segura
Clara Segura 3 months ago
I did my polygel nails and some fell off the next day, do you have an idea of what i might have dine wrong?
angie graf
angie graf 3 months ago
Love your video.
April Ashley-Marie
April Ashley-Marie 3 months ago
Ah man, it doesn't ship to canada :(
Spill it all
Spill it all 3 months ago
Is any problem if you don’t use the base or the top coat because you don’t have it?
Helga G. Pataki
Helga G. Pataki 3 months ago
You should let your natural nails grow and the do shellac
Xd Charles
Xd Charles 3 months ago
You can go to the real model ones website and it will be way cheaper and when I ordered I got some free stuff
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