DIY Small Rental Kitchen Makeover | My Rental Reno S1 E7

Alexandra Gater
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Hey guys! I'm Alexandra Gater and I show you how to do rental-friendly upgrades and DIY projects on a budget. New videos every Friday! Today's video is all about my DIY rental kitchen reno on a budget. If you're looking to give your kitchen a major facelift, I'm here to show you what you should invest in while still staying on budget.
Watch this same kitchen get a makeover for under $100: ruvid.net/video/video-zrzPuiVL-8s.html
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Sink: fave.co/2L3tEV6 * AF
Faucet: fave.co/2RUzl8g * AF
Cabinet paint: White Dove www.benjaminmoore.com/en-ca/colour-overview/find-your-colour/colour/oc-17/white-dove?color=OC-17
(Aura, semi-gloss) *
Knobs: fave.co/2xvRgsN *
Drawer pulls: fave.co/2LJr9a9 AF
Apothecary pump bottle: amzn.to/30jjeo2 * AF (Canadian link) amzn.to/2QggCXI * AF (U.S. link)
Pink backsplash tiles: fave.co/2LMYGQP *
Appliance spray paint (similar): fave.co/2RYhXja AF
Swedish dish cloths: www.tenandco.ca/collections/sponge-cloths/products/citrus-oranges-sponge-cloth
Scrub brush: amzn.to/2LE2PWV AF amzn.to/32NW6im AF (U.S. link)
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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 100
pamela hewitt
pamela hewitt 2 days ago
I love Pink!!!
Emily Cooney
Emily Cooney 4 days ago
Lmao who renovated their rental like this?
Jude Lewis
Jude Lewis 14 days ago
You really should've washed the new decanters before you put food in them! Yuck!
pooja deb
pooja deb 16 days ago
Pink backsplash is amazing
any.stc 20 days ago
Hi! I just have one question. Where do you dry your dishes now?
Laiba Kausar
Laiba Kausar 23 days ago
The knobs and countertop really made the difference
Yours_trulily 27 days ago
Am i the only one who is totally against rugs or carpets in the kitchen? feels like it would just get dirty with crumbs and stains fast...
Gloria Rojas
Gloria Rojas 27 days ago
Lovely Kitchen! congratulation.
patricia wilson
patricia wilson Month ago
Saw in one of your episodes...floor tiles at your front door entry..adhesive? Permanent? Would like to know details if possible...i’m a new follower & think your ideas are fantastic..gonna watch you all the time!!
Stanley Tam
Stanley Tam Month ago
*Landlord approves reno* Alexandra gets ready to move out *landlord sees everything* Can I just pay you back for all the work you did so I can keep all this GORGEOUS work you've done?
A MS Month ago
Cute .. maybe ill do my kitchen like that..!
Shania Barnes
Shania Barnes Month ago
Can also life that whole white thing on the stove to clean underneath the stove caps
Grace Holzer
Grace Holzer Month ago
I am drooooooling over your countertops 😍😍😍😍
Grace Holzer
Grace Holzer Month ago
Dream fridge: an orange or white smeg fridge 😂😍
Mary Ray
Mary Ray Month ago
You did a great job. It looks really nice.
The London Physio
The London Physio 2 months ago
OMG love this! Would have loved to know how much it all cost. Incredible!
Phyllis Arrington
Phyllis Arrington 2 months ago
I'm not allowed to even paint a wall in my apartment
Tanya Wales
Tanya Wales 2 months ago
Sometimes you have a crappy landlord or the apartment handyman does a slap dash job and you have to do some things yourself. For one place I had to sew new drapes for the bedroom because even though they were literally in shreds our landlord would not have replaced them. Fortunately, he didn't complain about that.
felicity abraham
felicity abraham 2 months ago
Anybody know if there is a reason she removed the wall, is it not possible to stick the pink tile stickers directly?
Monica Molina
Monica Molina 2 months ago
Very nice you are really talented 😍
Nat King Kong
Nat King Kong 2 months ago
Dream fridge color is orange!
Yazhini Karthik
Yazhini Karthik 2 months ago
Hey that was a very realistic makeover video! Kudos!
Ellen Heydenrych
Ellen Heydenrych 3 months ago
SO inspired!
Real Deal
Real Deal 3 months ago
You're so talented 😊 what about a dish rack though?
nosirrahm 3 months ago
I frightened that you didn’t wash those ikea containers before using.
Randy W
Randy W 3 months ago
this is my fav video of yours!! looks great!
Emilia Massot
Emilia Massot 3 months ago
Te ha quedado preciosa.👏👏👏👏👍
Rachael M
Rachael M 3 months ago
It's definitely not "renter-friendly" (and I'm Canadian) but she did say it was a "rental reno" not a "renter-friendly reno" haha. Anyway, I enjoyed watching and really love the pink tile!!
TracyHRodriguez 3 months ago
Would love to hear how the peel and stick tiles have held up. Do you recommend this brand?
Shirley Dailey
Shirley Dailey 3 months ago
Love the pink backsplash.
SMG 3 months ago
smeg fridge with a British flag on it
ᖴᗴᖇᐯᗴᑎTᒪY ᑕᕼIᑕ
BeauTee Lounge
BeauTee Lounge 3 months ago
I can’t wait to move out and decorate my kitchen.
Michele W Webb
Michele W Webb 3 months ago
Red retro frig!
Sam K
Sam K 4 months ago
Pink fridge
Mucette Dastino
Mucette Dastino 4 months ago
Continue the backsplash behind the stove
Lucas Mascotto-Carbone
Canadian here, to those saying that this isn't "renter friendly" most landlords especially large regional ones are okay with long-term renters making larger renovations to their apartment. I took out the carpet in the entryway of my apartment and added in plank flooring.
Dexy83 4 months ago
My Mom had a set of 6 jars while I was growing up in the 80's/90's. She got rid of them in 2004 when she moved. And now, as with most things, they're back in style. Mama knew best... 😂 😂 😂
Kess A
Kess A 4 months ago
Please where do you dry your plates since you removed the racks
Kess A
Kess A 4 months ago
Do this in Sweden and pay through your teeth when leaving
leadinglady 4 months ago
I know she says she asked her landlord, but like... most people here are RENTING places because they can't afford contractors and to rip counters out? I wish this were actually renter friendly, but whatever. Looks good lol.
Amal Harthy
Amal Harthy 4 months ago
i love it when you say OUT soo cute
Desy Islamiati
Desy Islamiati 4 months ago
Rosegold fridge!!
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown 4 months ago
Beautiful kitchen makeover....I love your videos, and you are a great stiylist with everything you do. I look forward to your videos and always take lots of notes for my future projects. Thank you for all your amazing work.
Liz Romano
Liz Romano 4 months ago
I didn’t know about the stove barcode !! Gonna have to try it
Suzie Cruz
Suzie Cruz 4 months ago
The way I see it, if someone wants to improve the apt complex that I own.... go for it. As long as it’s not something so extreme that it will cost me when trying to rent it out again. Of course I would expect to know ahead of time, what their plans are... who knows, maybe I can even help with the improvements. I think it would also be a good idea to have all plans in writing just to protect both parties.
Cassandra de Lioncourt
On what planet is this “renter friendly”!?
Janet -
Janet - 4 months ago
Does that door between sink and stove open? Looks like it’s blocked from the farmers sink
Paris Acklen
Paris Acklen 4 months ago
I’d add tiles behind the oven
Gina Noski
Gina Noski 4 months ago
I have literally watched this video like 15 times. I WANT this pink kitchen so bad!!!
Katie Jung
Katie Jung 4 months ago
I love all your videos but this one is my favorite (: I think I've watched it 10 times since it was uploaded
Rachael Lincoln
Rachael Lincoln 4 months ago
One thing I'm curious about is how do you reconcile you and your partners style? I couldn't imagine my bf agreeing to such a feminine style (let alone myself haha). Not that it's bad or anything.
C L.
C L. 4 months ago
There’s no link for the ustensiles vase :(
Frances פרנסס Free One
Some owners allow you to make upgrades in their rental if it will upgrade the value. That’s what you’ve done and I love it. You must have a great rapport with the owner. 🌺
Jak h
Jak h 4 months ago
Ok. So questions. Does your landlord discount your rent for the updates or is this fully out of pocket? Next question. You mentioned room for washing dish. Why not a double sink?
Theresa Durrani
Theresa Durrani 4 months ago
Love it. You are so cool, very wise woman. Love it . . . so much.👍🍃💗
Finnic 4 months ago
My landlord won't even let you put pencil marks on the wall.
Lauren Funtanilla
Lauren Funtanilla 4 months ago
I love your tea kettle. Where did you get it?
What Mimi Sez
What Mimi Sez 4 months ago
You should have invested in a painter...the drips and brush Mark's all over the doors and drawers are horrible
Kelly Hastings
Kelly Hastings 4 months ago
Folks, Alexandra said she asked her landlord for permission for all of the changes!
Mollie Mae
Mollie Mae 4 months ago
All that work and she leaves a white switch plate on a beige plug😩!!!
Nia Parris
Nia Parris 5 months ago
I looooove that pink backsplash!!! 😱😱😱😍😍😍
Liz Garden
Liz Garden 5 months ago
A mini makeover should be fine even though it is a rental apartment. It is important to feel like home.
l3rittany 5 months ago
how is this rental friendly?
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott 5 months ago
Your videos are so fantastic. I've been watching a bunch of them this weekend and they really make me happy!
Linda McDermott
Linda McDermott 5 months ago
I love what you did with the back splash. The pink is awesome.
Penny F
Penny F 5 months ago
wood counter around the sink doesnt seem practical, beautiful reno tho!
Grace Kwon
Grace Kwon 5 months ago
Why didn't you wash the jars?
CSFX Makeup
CSFX Makeup 5 months ago
You Should definitely make a video on how to decorate your front door in an apartment complex or for an apartment need help and ideas
Stephanie Rivera
Stephanie Rivera 5 months ago
try contact paper on your fridge !! 😁😁💛
Kris Amara
Kris Amara 5 months ago
Thank you - it looks awesome :)! Where did you get that amazing teapot??
Jeanne G
Jeanne G 5 months ago
Such a well done makeover! *-* Especially the countertop and the tiles!
Isaac 5 months ago
The wood that was below the cabinets was a support!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out.
Courtney Grace
Courtney Grace 5 months ago
Looks great but how is this rental friendly? You did some major permanent changes. Love it but definitely not getting your deposit back lol.
Taylor 5 months ago
Courtney Grace Hi, we killed the landlord and we own it now. Hope that helps!
longlimbs05 5 months ago
Hi how did you find your contractor?
Rosemarie Collins
Rosemarie Collins 5 months ago
Dabhand 5 months ago
My landlord would have a fit at this renter friendly kitchen. It would also be too much for my pocket, considering I'd have to restore it to its original state when I move out
Taylor 5 months ago
Zandy Vindy Mabaso Ok, you want a rental friendly kitchen that's easy on the wallet? Do nothing and just cry.
Susan Morano
Susan Morano 5 months ago
You could also continue the pink tile behind the oven wall too?
SCUBA42 5 months ago
I would advise more sanding on those holes you filled, it made me cringe to see all the painted putty. Cute pink sticker tile.
sincerelyVea 5 months ago
Why are u renting? If u like to work on the interior design and plan to stay long term in that area...
ShesThe1yup 5 months ago
ok I'm going to give away this secret, my dream fridge (colour if you will) I have seen it some time ago, is cow hide kinda a little bit fluffy so it's like a material on one of those old fashioned vintage fridges, TO DIE for, if you like that kind of thing :D
Jasreen R.
Jasreen R. 5 months ago
I don’t understand why you would spend so much on a temporary living space? It’s such a waste especially when your previous kitchen was fully functional. 😑
Aubreyrose Canan
Aubreyrose Canan 5 months ago
I love how handy this chick is. Go girl!
Jessica West
Jessica West 5 months ago
My design style is California Coastal but I want a Plum colored fridge
Adri C
Adri C 5 months ago
A shiny black I have a mat black in my rental but I’m moving to a place with a white one and I’m afraid I’m gunna hate the light colors
Rita Sherkat
Rita Sherkat 5 months ago
It would be really interesting to see a video where you do a moving out from made over rental, where you have to give the apt back so you have to turn everything into its original state. I think that would help and motivate many people in doing a makeover
Freda Hawver Pachter
It looks like you had a bunch of stuff on the counters before that disappeared after the makeover (dish rack, paper towel holder, coffee grinder, etc.) that most people like to leave out on counters- did you just choose to store them in cabinets? If so, is there a way to do that that still makes them convenient?
Taylor 5 months ago
Just leave them on the counters but don't complain how you don't have counter space. You can't have both empty counter space and somehow fill it will junk.
Ana Sculac
Ana Sculac 5 months ago
I would paint the fridge and add a black chackboard underneath the open shelfs....
Angela D.
Angela D. 5 months ago
I know this is an old video but to the Vlogger- I love the counter top but looked it up and it has really bad reviews for the wood separately after not much time. Any updates for us on if you would still recommend them?
Essence Home Decor
Essence Home Decor 5 months ago
Great Job! BUT.. that gringy electrical outlet has got to go! Get a Decora rocker switch to replace the outdated toggle switch.. and the matching Decora outlet and cover plate. Turn off the power.. and replace them. Ten minutes tops.. and it will look so much nicer and cleaner 😊👍 Love the faucet 💕 and the knobs 💕 And.. just FYI.. in the future.. you need to use wood filler on wood. Spackle is for drywall 😉
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith 5 months ago
I want those counter tops but I can’t find those exact ones off your link. 🤔😩
Varda Bilal
Varda Bilal 5 months ago
You may need to clean the stove from the bottom. The stuff keeps piling and I see a lot of it at the Bottom when you were replacing the bowls. I thought I’d mention because it becomes horrible and impacts the performance of the stove! You can pull the entire thing up 🙈
Kristen Schlorff
Kristen Schlorff 5 months ago
Alex! How are you liking this kitchen almost a year later?? It is beautiful, I LOVE your channel :)
Jaclyn Ziefle
Jaclyn Ziefle 6 months ago
How are you allowed to change counter tops in a rental? In the US that is a huge no no. we've rented in 3 different places and the only thing we were allowed to do in 1 location was paint walls. the other we werent allowed to do anything.
Taylor 5 months ago
Jaclyn Ziefle She doesn't live in an apartment complex. She lives in a house that was divided into apartments. Those tend to be owned by individual landlords. They tend to be more flexible and open to renovations. Like she said, she did ask for permission beforehand.
Jubby Deb
Jubby Deb 6 months ago
i thought i saw this kitchen renovation that you did for a friend where you had put the contact paper. If not then your rental kitchen and your friends kitchen is exactly the same
Carol Donaldson
Carol Donaldson 6 months ago
Torquiose blue retro fridge,
wahine1976 6 months ago
where did you buy the sticky pink tiles and how much were they?
Melissa Friedl
Melissa Friedl 6 months ago
Haha I want a yellow smeg fridge! 😊
Tarra Reeves
Tarra Reeves 6 months ago
My dream fridge is a black matte fridge with gold handles. 😍
LorDoriel Rising
LorDoriel Rising 6 months ago
Instead of buying jars for dried goods, I found a shape of a spaghetti sauce jar that I liked. I just kept buying that jar, making spaghetti and then I’d clean the jar and put something in it like dried beans, lentils, etc. The nice thing about this is that everything is the same size so you can fit more in your cabinet. Again, I did this w my vitamins where I used one brand of spice jars. When I just used up a spice, I cleaned the jar & filled it w vitamins. I did a similar thing w oils & vinegars. I found inexpensive jars with spouts and I could fit so much more in the cabinets. I keep surplus in the pantry closet.
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