DIY SMALL KITCHEN MAKEOVER! Cabinet Painting, Floor Painting, On A Budget

Carissa Cleans It All
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Paint Sprayer: amzn.to/3bdyhEE
Liquid Sandpaper :rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dnndcn7g7
Scotch Pads: www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AFUUKJTWDHRYQGWKUBNQPKWLFO5Q/3B1P6EYEF6SEH
Cabinet Primer: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dm83cn7g7
Wood Filler: amzn.to/2WiNK28
Cabinet Paint: (Extra White-Satin) www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/products/proclassic-interior-waterbased-acrylicalkyd
Krud Kutter: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dnjqcn7g7
Floor Primer: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dnhjcn7g7
Floor Paint: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dnxccn7g7
Floor PolyAcrylic Seal: www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AFUUKJTWDHRYQGWKUBNQPKWLFO5Q/3B1P6EYEF6SEH
Cabinet Pulls: www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AFUUKJTWDHRYQGWKUBNQPKWLFO5Q/3B1P6EYEF6SEH
Shelf Brackets: www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AFUUKJTWDHRYQGWKUBNQPKWLFO5Q/3B1P6EYEF6SEH
Rug: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dn73cn7g7
Bowls: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8dn4tcn7g7
Wallpaper: rstyle.me/cz-n/d8d2ykcn7g7
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May 9, 2020




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Carissa Cleans It All
SEE THE FULL PART 2 REVEAL HERE: ruvid.net/video/video-8elD31UsKS0.html
Elen Arzumanyan
Elen Arzumanyan 11 days ago
@Tia Laureano тить🛩🛩🛩🥎
Tia Laureano
Tia Laureano Month ago
Tia Laureano
Tia Laureano Month ago
0⁰i! 9. 9j99 9. 9. 9. 9j99 9. 9 9 j9 j9 99 99. 9j9 9 9.
Leo 3 hours ago
Whats this song "were cruising down to mexico..." at minute 12? Love it. Need it 😍
Mohammed Shadab Ansari
So you don't put a chimney in the kitchen ? 🤔
Marie Tamura
Marie Tamura Day ago
I've purchased paint like you and am going to paint 70 year old linoleum!. I also have the same counter/bar. You're doing what I'm planning on both, how cool. Love the insight. Thanks for sharing.
IVA Day ago
16:26 nice floor
Love Being a home body And a loving mother
I love what u did to your kitchen. I did a diy kitchen island and turned out great.
Felix Szehan Wang
Are the cabinets solid wood or MDF with veneer?
G G 2 days ago
You are SO brave to tackle this thousand task project! As a fellow woman, I am quite proud of you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !
Katheleen Waters
Katheleen Waters 3 days ago
I liked the cabinets, and flooring before your make over, don't get me wrong I like the cabinets after, sorry, I'm not a fan of the floor.
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 3 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is a “small” kitchen? To me, this is a large kitchen..,
Gray Slate
Gray Slate 4 days ago
Lowe’s no longer selling the floor paint 😩
ExploreChar 4 days ago
Can we talk about how pretty she is cuz she is ily wasted time but ty
Angie Sullivan
Angie Sullivan 4 days ago
Great job!! That is beautiful
Samantha Mills
Samantha Mills 5 days ago
Why didn’t u close/open the cabinet so it could stop hitting u..?
stak63 5 days ago
Very awesome job! But I think the doors above fridge were put on backwards? Unless y'all intended for that I need to do the same to my ugly yellow wood cabinets 😉
Christine McMillan
Beautiful! Thank you.
Miss T.E.A.
Miss T.E.A. 6 days ago
A nice touch at the end would be to add a blind to to the glass doors.
Karaskorner 6 days ago
Solo cups are genius!!!
manonlison 6 days ago
Thats the size of my kitchen and I think it’s big haha
Carmela Horvath
Carmela Horvath 7 days ago
Go Carissa!!! 😊
I'll be your Stumbleine
For the first 7 minutes I kept saying "please take the cabinets off the hinges, please don't paint them on the hinges" 🤣 thank you! Looks great, well done!
Alice 8 days ago
My kitchen is a high traffic area , does me going to the kitchen affect drying time eg creating food prints
Janet Bransdon
Janet Bransdon 9 days ago
Wow love it ... job well done
Desmond Cheah
Desmond Cheah 10 days ago
Just found yr channel.. love it and so satisfying to watch all the door and floor painting
Cindy Ambach
Cindy Ambach 10 days ago
Just found you today. I enjoy your videos. Amazing change. I recently painted my kitchen cabinets. Wow, lots of work!!! I have always moved my stove and refrigerator when I clean and paint. Did you? I didn't see it
Angelic Jayne
Angelic Jayne 10 days ago
So nice 👌
MB Trautwein
MB Trautwein 11 days ago
omg -- Shelf paper! Use shelf paper -- your future self will thank you
Aryan Sahdev
Aryan Sahdev 11 days ago
yt algo sucks, but ya dont!
Maggie Bryson
Maggie Bryson 11 days ago
Me: sees underneath her cabinets Me: eewww "Gets curious and looks under mine" Me: 🤮
Sandy Follett
Sandy Follett 12 days ago
Inspiring 😊
marcie harris
marcie harris 13 days ago
You’ve increased the value of your home! Good job!
Kera T
Kera T 13 days ago
Hi Carissa, wondering if you used a top coat or seal for the cabinets? They look awesome!
Marie Ferguson
Marie Ferguson 13 days ago
IT'S A SLOTH!!!! ....that looks kind of like a llama. Great job on the kitchen!!!! We have a large kitchen, but the layout is really bizarre. All the cabinets are on one wall. It's beautiful, granite, newer cabinets, great tile, great backsplash, but there's a ton of empty space. I bought a HUGE island for now, but we definitely have to reconfigure it at some point. I absolutely love your kitchen now! You really used all your space nicely!
Nic Oppedal
Nic Oppedal 17 days ago
This makes me want to get married and get a fixer upper for NO REASON😂😂❤️ y’all are so cute and it turned out great!! Congrats❤️
Belgin Turner
Belgin Turner 18 days ago
I just recently did a kitchen cabinet painting and l used the liquid sandpaper , and l m very happy that l didnt use the paint stripper.😋 One thing l will suggest , please cover your mouth when you re spray painting , specificaly closed garage door.
Lillina0001 19 days ago
”So that’s nice..” 😂😂 I laughed so hard! You just gained a subscriber! 🙌 LOVED how it turned out!
Madonna Wayne
Madonna Wayne 20 days ago
Those cabinet doors look like solid cherry. White paint will just chip in time. There is nothing better than natural hardwood. I would have cleaned them well and just possibly changed the hardware, organized them and added other bar to side area. I'm not big on trends, having lived through trends that so soon become old hat.
Kathryn Peregoy
Kathryn Peregoy 20 days ago
Nice job.
Kimberly Republic
Lol I like the display of floating shelves decor out of tape
April MacDonald
April MacDonald 21 day ago
Looks awesome!!
Madeline Pitkin
Madeline Pitkin 22 days ago
the time lapse of you guys painting together with the music was the cutest thing ever
Veroniquee Fournier
Nice; you should wear a mask when you paint !
Carole Neve
Carole Neve 23 days ago
A camel!
Maltar Pedro
Maltar Pedro 25 days ago
That piece of wood you were holding on to reminded me of Ed Edd and Eddy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this kitchen looks amazingly beautiful wow 🥰
Meltem Ezer
Meltem Ezer 26 days ago
Vinnie1142 26 days ago
You should use nonstick shelf liners everywhere, especially under the sink. They are so easy to remove and clean.
maxthecat14 27 days ago
Small kitchen? I dream of that much space. I have watched your reveal video, you did a great job, the kitchen looks great.
Cooking Skillzz
Cooking Skillzz 28 days ago
Look like lama
Naomi Keiser
Naomi Keiser 28 days ago
i'm on team sloth!
Jacinta Anderson
Jacinta Anderson 29 days ago
wow that door was annoying me let alone you haha
Eli`s World
Eli`s World 29 days ago
If that kitchen is small... you mine is microscopic...
J Annibal
J Annibal 29 days ago
My first impression of the face on the shelf was "camel." But I think llama is a better choice :)
Chloe Chan
Chloe Chan 29 days ago
Darla Month ago
Love it
Naima D.
Naima D. Month ago
The cabinet that kept swinging into your head was cracking me up. No idea why!
That looks great but 90 bucks for a gallon of that paint? Yikes
Kayt A
Kayt A Month ago
QUESTION! How are your floors holding up? I'm thinking of doing this! Was the paint super fumey? Did you feel you needed a respirator? Thank you :)
Gwen Wade
Gwen Wade Month ago
In awe of your vitality.
H Sal
H Sal Month ago
You did a great job. Paint under the cabinets and add lighting.
Its Good To Know
Enjoy watching, keep vlogging. Sending my permanent support to you, I've join your house, let’s connected new friend here godbless.❤️👍💙.🎁
Karen Barnes
Karen Barnes Month ago
Love it love it live it great job
Lilach Tsubary
Lilach Tsubary Month ago
I think this the best makeover I've ever seen on RUvid!! Wowwww!!!!!
Oli Urbina
Oli Urbina Month ago
Hi, I’m so scared to begin painting my kitchen cabinets, there are so many products out there that I don’t know whats best or what to use, how has the paint you chose held up? Did you like it? Also I don’t know if I missed it but what is the paint color on the walls? Thanks!
Eva Diaz
Eva Diaz Month ago
she says do not judge me.... girl I sure most people don't deep clean they kitch like that because its forgotten its a kitchen memories are made there
Dani H
Dani H Month ago
Okay! This looks sooooo good! And those cabinets! I am drooling over them!! You guys are so good at this!
Carissa Cleans It All
Thank you so much
Heidi’s Hideaway
So cool. Love watching 💕 Oh it looks like a sloth to me too 😆
achijean Month ago
I Love the whole video! Can you tell the music you chose?
Carissa Cleans It All
It’s all from epidemic music :)
Daniela Di Diodato
Check out gemelliandco.com/ for your Eco-Friendly home essentials!
Becky Stancliff
Becky Stancliff Month ago
Did I miss what you did with the countertops?
Carissa Cleans It All
We changed them in part 2! :) the link is in the pinned comment
Marina Unusyan
Marina Unusyan Month ago
Usuf Sate
Usuf Sate Month ago
sukses selalu lanjut mantap semangat good semangat terus sukses
Diana Rivera
Diana Rivera Month ago
Love this, check my channel out
Crystal Weigart
Crystal Weigart Month ago
I love it !!!
Brian S
Brian S Month ago
she loves some meijers lol
Gisele T
Gisele T Month ago
I'm in love with your livingroom paint color! Please let me know whats its called =) no idea how I got to this video but happy I did.
Molly Niebur
Molly Niebur Month ago
I noticed your Cubs glasses! Go cubbies!
No a las Restricciones
F Month ago
DK Dempcey Knight DK
Yes, I painted my bathroom floor. The same vinyl flooring as your kitchen. High traffic areas such as in front of my toilet became scuffed. The plus side to painting the floor is that it can easily be touched up (re painted). Bad side, anything even rugs will scuff it, wear it down. I am one person and it took about 9 months for the shoes and rugs in front of the toilet and tub to scuff the paint. I used Rust-Oleum HOME Interior Floor Coating System (No Peel Promise) uh huh, they didn't mention the scuffing / wear down. 2 Part system. Base and top coat paints. The base coat when dry is shiny and very tacky, sticky. The top coat made the floor flat and removes the tacky. Kind of a pain int he backside as one has to lay something extremely clean and lint free to put the top coat on. Foolishly I walked in with my black socks, sigh. Not fun getting the black lint off white paint.
Angelina Carraway35
If u ever come across residue left behind by a sticker or similar the easiest fastest way to remove it is take a Heat Gun hold it a cpl inches away from sticky blow heat for 10_15secs it will melt the glue allowing u to wipe it away!!!! Afterwards take a soapy rag wash anything that’s left!!!!
Jennifer Johnson
Lama for sure!!! Love the makeover. Great job y'all
Janet Ferguson
Janet Ferguson Month ago
decorando con Dina
Cute and great job
decorando con Dina
Super lindo
AppleAmor Month ago
Drawer liners will prevent stains. You should have a liner or pan under your sink just in case it ever leaks or there is a spill
camilo r
camilo r Month ago
Awesome transformation! Can you please tell me what wood stain you used on the shelves Thanks!
Carissa Cleans It All
I just ended up sanding them! No stain
Va Ambond
Va Ambond Month ago
It looks nice!! But honestly..why you didn't buy new one??🤷‍♀️🙈
Va Ambond
Va Ambond Month ago
@Carissa Cleans It All Kitchen🙏
Carissa Cleans It All
A new what?
theia oakes
theia oakes Month ago
Best wear a mask when spraying paint though!
theia oakes
theia oakes Month ago
Ah, see you did in the later part of video, lol!
Rabiale Elmhdati
Hi there. I have this same paint sprayer and did my cabinets about 2 yrs ago. I heard you mention not to thin the paint but the home right sprayer noted in the instructions to actually thin it. Well, my cabinets didn’t hold up! Probably because I thinned the paint as instructed. Did you experience any trouble with the sprayer not thinning the paint? It wouldn’t come out for me if the paint was too thick. Thanks for your insight
Nick Nuñez
Nick Nuñez Month ago
We did not run into any issues so far, maybe you didn't use the largest spray nozzle? Other than that I'd have to go back and read the instructions
Aibrean Corvid Shular
Oh my Goddess! Girl, this is amazing! "Don't judge me", I envy your ability to get such enormous projects done!
Kathryn White
Kathryn White Month ago
Wow, this looks incredible!
By ghofrane
By ghofrane Month ago
Your bf or husband looks arabe
By ghofrane
By ghofrane Month ago
Nick Nuñez a special combo like it
Nick Nuñez
Nick Nuñez Month ago
Mexican/German, weird combo I know lol
Audrey Perez
Audrey Perez 2 months ago
I thought they were gonna remove some cabinets and add floating ones lol- o well
Carissa Cleans It All
We had to compromise lol
Chloe Chan
Chloe Chan 2 months ago
Hello. I just found your channel. Thank you for sharing.
Carissa Cleans It All
👋🏻 hello
Allie Hunter
Allie Hunter 2 months ago
Amazing makeover! You've inspired to take the plunge..with the sprayer. Looks so much better than brush strokes. Beautiful!! Any issues with cabinets bleeding or yellowing?
Carissa Cleans It All
None at all yet! It has been a few months now.
Jess Pyne
Jess Pyne 2 months ago
The board looks like a llama!
Ilaria 2 months ago
The best makeover ever! ❤️❤️❤️
Fulou 2 months ago
Consider Danish oil for the shelves and table if you haven't already done them and still want a natural finish Remove the top and test on the underside :)
cecils project
cecils project 2 months ago
Painting the floor will not last long ...its a joke
Nasťa Venierčan
Nasťa Venierčan 2 months ago
šikula ...
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