DIY No Sew Face Mask Easy and Quick for Anyone

Kristin Omdahl
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#diyfacemask #diynosewfacemask #nosewfacemask Using a bandana and two rubber bands, anyone can make a DIY no sew face mask very quickly and easily. Stay safe and healthy everyone! xoxo, Kristin
This mask is intended to reduce the spread of your own germs to others. It is not a replacement of a medical N95 mask.
If you cannot find bandanas or rubber bands, you can cut up a cotton bed sheet or tshirt to 22 in square and you could also use a hair tie. If your rubber band and/or hair tie do not fit comfortably over your ears, loop a ribbon through both of them and tie it behind your head.
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl Month ago
#diyfacemask #diynosewfacemask #nosewfacemask Using a bandana and two rubber bands, anyone can make a DIY no sew face mask very quickly and easily. Stay safe and healthy everyone! xoxo, Kristin
Justine Virtue
Justine Virtue 13 days ago
@Rea I agree. I'm making mine out of cheesecloth and as thin as possible!
Aaron Rowell
Aaron Rowell 27 days ago
Thanks you
jahneen the vegan
jahneen the vegan 27 days ago
Kristin Omdahl you’re the best! Thank you 🙏🏽
J Live
J Live 28 days ago
Gang bangers have been wearing masks long before this. Nothing New
Amanda Shardy
Amanda Shardy Month ago
That is
P T Day ago
Kristin. Thank you so much for sharing this on RUvid God bless
mona ll
mona ll 3 days ago
Why do my elastics just slip right off the ends when I try to put it on..it literally just pulls apart when I try to put in on.. ETA: NEVER MIND. GOT IT. just had to tuck the ends in to each other better
mona ll
mona ll 2 days ago
@Kristin Omdahl awesome thank you:)
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 3 days ago
Try tying a shoelace behind your head after looping it through both bands. It is way more comfortable than looping the bands behind your ears.
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge 3 days ago
😁----- this is awesome, i just got done doing this. i like have seven of these & made them all in to masks, nice and thick they are.
Kodi Pugh
Kodi Pugh 5 days ago
Thank u so much I love the one I made butttttt with ur help :)
P.M. Patterson
P.M. Patterson 7 days ago
Using cheap black hair ties is more comfortable and looks better.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 7 days ago
Do whatever works for you, with whatever you have!
Jacquelyn Brown
Jacquelyn Brown 8 days ago
omg and she's SO pretty!
emsguybob 9 days ago
Thanks so much.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 8 days ago
You're welcome!
Destini Jones
Destini Jones 9 days ago
Step one make sure you can breath through the mask I can't if you have a real one its thicker than the fake one
Eurie Braylee
Eurie Braylee 13 days ago
Thank you. Very cute and this is very helpful.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 13 days ago
Glad it was helpful!
Sweettooth Momma
Sweettooth Momma 14 days ago
Thank you! I appreciate this😊
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 14 days ago
You're so welcome!
very easy, and helpful! thank you. i love the ol'bandana pattern.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 14 days ago
You are so welcome!
Ginette Gourd
Ginette Gourd 15 days ago
Wonderfull! Put it on this morning when I did my groceries. Super easy to clean and use over and over again. Thank you so much!
AccordingToLorna 16 days ago
Make sure it's a cotton bandana. Polyester ones (like from dollar stores) are very hard to breathe through.
Papa Düm Tek
Papa Düm Tek 16 days ago
Made in China though..lol
Laura Patricia
Laura Patricia 16 days ago
I'll admit I had doubts, but it's so simple and easy! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
CongoLapis 17 days ago
Thank you! Just made 2 in 30 seconds!!!
duncan pinderhughes
short & sweet!
xy h
xy h 17 days ago
This is fantastic. People should use masks as possible as they can. If you do not have a medical mask, a cloth mask can protect you to some extent. The difference between wearing and not wearing is huge. I would share a NICE 3D ANIMATION video showing the difference, check the link below.
Trevor Shumate
Trevor Shumate 19 days ago
Thanks for this vid, gonna have to start going out again but I live with two oldies so I'm trying to not put them at risk. This vid was quick and to the point and exactly what I needed.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 17 days ago
Go for it!
love layne
love layne 21 day ago
Thank you.. I had a hard time with regular face masks.. This is awesome
Olowa Segun
Olowa Segun 22 days ago
Pretty cool
Liz F
Liz F 22 days ago
thx love 😃
k.v.G. 22 days ago
The very best, easiest mask
k.v.G. 22 days ago
@Kristin Omdahl i always thought this 'fabric' was very very Dutch (we call this a 'farmer handkerchief' in the Netherlands). Haha but no: now i see its so international. Bye, stay healthy
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 22 days ago
Thank you!
TheKaraokey 22 days ago
The bandana was "MADE IN CHINA"... it's funny but ironic!
LM 22 days ago
Thank you, I'm going to make my own unique face mask now. 😷🤭😊😁 Blessings from above.😇🙌🏻👏🏻🙏🏻❤️🤗
Carlos Fines
Carlos Fines 22 days ago
just keep swimming
just keep swimming 22 days ago
God bless you
Cousin Bruh Sqaud
Cousin Bruh Sqaud 23 days ago
So cool I made one and it worked👍👍👍👍
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 23 days ago
Nice job!
Creative Design by Jessica
Awesome thanks for sharing. My grandson came to visit but left his mask in his moms car. Me, not thinking that we would go anywhere today, I realized later ... I needed to make a run to the store! So, we followed this tutorial and it worked great! TFS. Stay Safe & Be Blessed!
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 23 days ago
I did that
the Psycho Superman
How to slowly smother yourself 101. Enjoy that mask if you're doing anything involving movement. I support masks though.
Thomas The gAzelle
Thomas The gAzelle 23 days ago
Nice! And you are gorgeous
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 23 days ago
Thank you!!
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 23 days ago
Thank you thank you thank you
Clara Rodriguez
Clara Rodriguez 24 days ago
I dont now how to do it
All About the Girls! 16
That’s so easy and it’s really good
John John
John John 25 days ago
It’s not medical grade, but it’s better than nothing. Stay safe you all! I’d recommend an actual medical mask.
Eg boi Studios
Eg boi Studios 25 days ago
ME:finds this video ME:this is so clever
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 26 days ago
Looks hard to breathe through
A A 26 days ago
OUCH! Those elastics will hurt
Larry Watkins
Larry Watkins 26 days ago
Thanks for the easy instructions! Just made this and it is great!
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 26 days ago
You are so welcome!
Dol l
Dol l 26 days ago
That was a big fail for me. My ears are too flimsy ant the elastic bands just pop off. 😒
Dol l
Dol l 26 days ago
Thank you
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 26 days ago
You're welcome
David Dietrich
David Dietrich 26 days ago
Love your video. It's probably the best explained of the several I have seen. I think I am going to try this folding technique today for work as I have tried other folding techniques too and am looking for something that is going to work well for wearing 8+ hours a day while at work in a store. The hair bands behind the ears work great for short-term wearing. However, if you have to wear it for 8 hours straight like I do because of work, those hair ties behind the ears get mighty painful. I've rigged up a makeshift headgear to use with this style of mask using the heavier hair bands for the bandanna part, and then the smaller ones as a strap, and then paracord to tie it. It makes wearing the mask for longer periods a little more comfortable. I also put a small coffee filter in it too (the cone kind). It's not 100% ideal, but it's better than trying to buy 6-7 reusable masks when you have that many bandannas in your hiking/outdoors/camping gear. Looking forward to this virus burning itself out.
David Dietrich
David Dietrich 26 days ago
Just a quick follow-up... Because these bandannas are 100% cotton, it would probably help to iron them first before you told the mask. The one I just made doesn't look as good because of wrinkles and creases. Ironing will make it easier to fold.
Miguel Maciel
Miguel Maciel 26 days ago
Thank you 🙏
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 26 days ago
You’re welcome 😊
How To Simple
How To Simple 26 days ago
Great idea!!! thank you!!! everyone can have mask now!! stay safe!!!
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 26 days ago
Thank you! You too!
JOKER SMILES 26 days ago
RUDY MIRANDA 26 days ago
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith 27 days ago
You did a good job
Ekhlas Shahadat
Ekhlas Shahadat 27 days ago
I like yr smile
MiKEY MiKEY 27 days ago
thank you for that priceless knowledge! now im gonna pass your video on! stay safe everybody!
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 26 days ago
I appreciate that
Valeria Birruete
Valeria Birruete 27 days ago
That was awesome, quick and productive, yet entertaining and safe ❤️✌🏼
Howard Manley
Howard Manley 28 days ago
Howard Manley
Howard Manley 28 days ago
Thank you
Precious Mahogany
Precious Mahogany 28 days ago
Thank you
Tom MacBride
Tom MacBride 28 days ago
An it look good on you! I have a lot of them, Thanks, Cheers!
Figcti 28 days ago
This is the first tutorial that involves things I don't have to buy ( I know they cost money, I'm saying that I already own these )
LindaLea Harvell
LindaLea Harvell 28 days ago
Absolutely fantastic and most helpful thank you. 🌹
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 28 days ago
Glad it was helpful!
jagged tears
jagged tears 28 days ago
Love it, very simple. Since you’re folding it multiple times, material is thick enough you don’t need a filter.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 28 days ago
Very true!
Rudolph Louw
Rudolph Louw 28 days ago
Who the heck gives a thumbs down. Lol. Lol. Lol. Lol. Humans are f assholes. Good vid.
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 28 days ago
If you think the thumbs down are funny, you should browse through the "entertaining" comments, too! LOL
Cakey_Kaiah 29 days ago
Thanks !
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 28 days ago
You bet!
Rogue Eve
Rogue Eve 29 days ago
You stay stay safe to
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl 28 days ago
Thank you!
Rogue Eve
Rogue Eve 29 days ago
This is good
Donna Arsenault
Donna Arsenault 29 days ago
Thanks for sharing!!
St. O'Ned
St. O'Ned 29 days ago
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 29 days ago
Can't breathe through too many layers like that!
ShiChelle 29 days ago
Protip: it doesn't work with hair ties. They just fall off my ears! I guess it has to be rubber bands. :(
sandramA heynemana
Wouldn’t it be more comfortable using elastic hair bands instead of rubber bands?
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl Month ago
Use whatever is most comfortable for you!
Nudiggity Month ago
love the "100% made in China" label on the bandana :P
Francesca Bianchi
thank you, stay safe
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl Month ago
You too!
Asjad Siddiqui
Asjad Siddiqui Month ago
Hi Karen 👋
Ronald M. Brankley
Great clip! Thanks for posting. I am going to share this on FB.
Please O
Please O Month ago
Tried making this , fell apart😭
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee Month ago
This is the best looking method of Folded No Sew Bandana Mask . Thank you❤️
Mígali Hernandez
Thank you 🙏
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl Month ago
You’re welcome
Tim Hitt
Tim Hitt Month ago
Hair ties are better than rubber bands they dont stick to hair
rafaelalopezz Month ago
Finalmente uma máscara fácil e simples de fazer. Parabéns ♡
Mei W.
Mei W. Month ago
but..how to fix the gap on the upper part of the mask?
Sue Hadley
Sue Hadley Month ago
I don’t have any confidence in these home-made masks as a retired nurse, but at least this is achievable and means we can do as we’re told!
Melissa Castillo
😷 stay healthy
Kristin Omdahl
Kristin Omdahl Month ago
You, too!
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