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Today I am sharing how to put together some Kirkland Dupes that are a fraction of the original cost. I love going to my favorite higher end stores and getting inspiration to come home and create my own, hope you enjoy! Let me know what is your favorite store for home decor in the comments down below!
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BUY these Decor pieces from Kirklands: (NOT SPONSORED!)
1. Speckled Egg Candle Centerpiece: kbk.li/d8h3n
2. HOP Mantle Decor w/ Egg Wreath: kbk.li/hbcjn
3. Happy Easter Bunny Bottom Sign: kbk.li/73vad
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Feb 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Earlene White
Earlene White Month ago
Next time you try to make the wreath smaller try getting it a little wet, than it’s not such a fight. Love everything you do.
Angie Vance
Angie Vance 2 months ago
I love the hot sign that is so cute
Cinthia Torres
Cinthia Torres 2 months ago
Love them all amazing as always 😘💙💕
Nancy Jeane
Nancy Jeane 2 months ago
My favorite is the HOP sign ❤️🐰💜
Christine Y
Christine Y 2 months ago
I love the HOP sign!
logica 2 months ago
I love the first two 💓
Deb D
Deb D 2 months ago
Love the candle holder and the HOP sign. You are so creative!
Barbara Zeman
Barbara Zeman 2 months ago
Olde Time Pottery
Barb Houdek
Barb Houdek 2 months ago
I love them all
Barb Houdek
Barb Houdek 2 months ago
I love the hop sign you did a great job love your work
Heidi Tracy
Heidi Tracy 2 months ago
I like them all but the candy was my fav
Janet Hunter
Janet Hunter 2 months ago
I really liked all of the dups. Great job.
Lonna Wight
Lonna Wight 2 months ago
I love the bunny 🐰 butt sign
Maria Pantoja
Maria Pantoja 2 months ago
You can move the letter P more to the right. Is real cute.
Stacey pellas
Stacey pellas 2 months ago
The hop sign looks better with out the ears
Lana Mimes
Lana Mimes 2 months ago
Love this candle holder. So super cute.
Lana Mimes
Lana Mimes 2 months ago
I hope this dont sound bad but thank you for explaining what you are doing at the beginning of your video without a lot of extra talking I watch yourchannel to learn to craft like tou and not a lot of talk that has nothing to do with crafting. You are such a talented young lady. Thank you. You explain things so well.
Naomi Shardlow
Naomi Shardlow 2 months ago
Loved the HOP sign. Your videos are inspiring. Thank you.
patty Herrera
patty Herrera 2 months ago
They are all adorable, my fav is the candle wreath!
Mecole Williams
Mecole Williams 2 months ago
Omg I love all of them and will be trying all of them. Usually I just watch and now I am willing to try it..
Pam Todd
Pam Todd 2 months ago
I made the HOP and it's just adorable.
Lisa Burt-Tolson
Lisa Burt-Tolson 2 months ago
Love the "HOP" sign and the candleholder!
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson 2 months ago
Love the hop sign.
Alisa Comeaux
Alisa Comeaux 2 months ago
I loved your crafts. I actually like yours better than the ones from Kirkland's because I like the blues, purples, and turquoise a lot more than orange and yellow. Your HOP sign is perfect. You have so much talent and I hope you keep going with what you love.
Sunshine Girl
Sunshine Girl 2 months ago
Love them all!! Always enjoy your ideas. Thanks for sharing!
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Thank you! ❤️
Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez 2 months ago
I might actually make these now that we have to stay home. THANKS FOR THE IDEAS!
Cynthia Aden
Cynthia Aden 2 months ago
Great job ! Love them !!
Wanda Rivera
Wanda Rivera 2 months ago
Love them all!
Beverly Brunson
Beverly Brunson 2 months ago
I loved the Easter bunny saying happy Easter!
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Thank you! 🤗❤️
MOE does DIYs
MOE does DIYs 2 months ago
Soooo cute! I love your channel. You have inspired me so much!!!! 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼❤️
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Aww thank you! 🤗❤️
chairettie theriot
chairettie theriot 2 months ago
I love the HOP sign.
Ranee Hall
Ranee Hall 2 months ago
I like your wreath better than the Kirkland one. It has a little more color.
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Aww thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Boo Martin
Boo Martin 2 months ago
All your projects are great. I like the bunny butt best.
A L 2 months ago
Loved how all of them turned out!
Michele Klose
Michele Klose 2 months ago
Everything is absolutely beautiful
Miscellaneous Bee
Miscellaneous Bee 2 months ago
The hop sign is so cute...I will have to give that one a try. TFS New Subscriber :)
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Yay!! Thank you! 🥳🥳🥳
patskid_11 federico
patskid_11 federico 2 months ago
Just beautiful! Love your crafts!
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Thank you! ❤️
marcia cristiane machado brocca
Ficou todos lindo.Bjs
Laverne Hill
Laverne Hill 2 months ago
I love you’re bunny I think you’re bunny looks better than Kirkland
ruby 2 months ago
I also love the Hop sign. Great job and thanks again for the inspiration.
ruby 2 months ago
Wow! I just love your candle ring. What a great idea and now if I could just find the dollar tree Easter Eggs, I would be all set. I've been checking now for weeks and still no eggs. I will keep checking, but thank you for the lovely inspiration. I love it!
Eileen Mogan
Eileen Mogan 2 months ago
Once again cannot puck a favorite. Loved them all.
Cindy Bernal
Cindy Bernal 2 months ago
Adorable! I LOVE the little HOP sign and the Hoppy Easter bunny bottom!
Lise Rod
Lise Rod 2 months ago
I loved the HOP sign a lot. I think it was fine just the way you made it. I also loved the candle, but I would put a less brightly colored candle in it. I really enjoyed your video!!! Thanks for sharing.
Kathy C
Kathy C 2 months ago
Madonna OConnor
Madonna OConnor 2 months ago
All projects so cute! I love HOP!!! Nice work!!
Saniya Ahmed
Saniya Ahmed 2 months ago
Hi... I am from India, loved all ur diys. We have a paper called carbon paper it helps in transfering images...
Teresa H
Teresa H 2 months ago
Favorite is HOP. All were cute tho!
Tatiana Terrie Smith
So sweet and talented everyone raves about your talent
Kimberly Leon
Kimberly Leon 2 months ago
So cute 🐰
Worth Godwin
Worth Godwin 2 months ago
All you need to do was have your base longer and space it farther apart. Really like the sign
Christine Pendleton
Christine Pendleton 2 months ago
Wow! You really did a FANTASTIC job! I can't pick a favorite as they are all beautiful!!!!!! 💟💟💟🐇🌸
Aslena Brown
Aslena Brown 2 months ago
The Bunny then the HOP sign!😘
Holly Homemaker
Holly Homemaker 2 months ago
I love the Hop sign!!,
May Santiago
May Santiago 2 months ago
I love the HOP sign best
Lori Hagy
Lori Hagy 2 months ago
Great job!!! I love them all!!!!!
Paige Pappas Bednarsky
You are just so cute! I like all three of these! The Happy Easter 🐇 sign was the most unique, but I love them all!
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Thank you! ❤️
JUDI MILLER 3 months ago
Love ❤️ them all!
Angelinas crystal universe
Oh.I live in the wrong country.No Dollar stores or anything simular here. 😳🌸 We have craft stores but they are expensive and they do not have the same type is in North america. 🤔🙄
Erin Shoemate
Erin Shoemate 3 months ago
I LOVE your HOP sign! Such a clever version!
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Thank you! ❤️
Cheryl Tiefenthaler
Cheryl Tiefenthaler 3 months ago
Love the Hop sign and the candle holder! TFS 😍
KraftsbyKatelyn 2 months ago
Thank you! 🤗❤️
Janet Grose
Janet Grose 3 months ago
Love the Happy Easter sign!! That bunny os too cute!!
Tanya Neal
Tanya Neal 3 months ago
I love them all!! You're so talented!!
Laura Gregg
Laura Gregg 3 months ago
Love #1 and 2
sunshinelisa25 3 months ago
Love that hop sign!! I love them all
Michelle Padilla
Michelle Padilla 3 months ago
Do you make any kirklands back to school dupes?
Kimberly O'Brien
Kimberly O'Brien 3 months ago
Fantastic job! Absolutely loved the projects and enjoyed your video!
Shayna Robinson
Shayna Robinson 3 months ago
These are all perfect!! Love them so much!! You do such a good job!
Lourdes silva
Lourdes silva 3 months ago
love it. beautiful ideas, thank you for share
C King
C King 3 months ago
You are AMAZING! Everything turned out so beautiful. Your HOP sign is so much nicer than the inspiration one.
Janice Peterson
Janice Peterson 3 months ago
Loved the last two. Try HomeGoods for Ideas also! Or Tuesday morning! You did a great job
Andrea Viverito
Andrea Viverito 3 months ago
yOU LOOK like a mini Kelly Clarkson..........................
Carol Trevino
Carol Trevino 3 months ago
I loved the bunny
nickieb06041986 3 months ago
I made the hop sign but added moss and carrots!!! Wish I could share the picture!!!
susie hoyle
susie hoyle 3 months ago
Well done,turned out great
Vero H
Vero H 3 months ago
Excuse me onevquestion how much is the chalk paint and where do the sell it? Thanku
daytonadg 3 months ago
Move the p over.
Mary Davis
Mary Davis 3 months ago
I enjoy your crafts a lot!
Polly Sander
Polly Sander 3 months ago
I LOVED your wreath candle holder even better than Kirklands ❤
Jessica Lenczycki
Jessica Lenczycki 3 months ago
Absolutely 🥰 the HOP!!!
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