DIY Bender of Steel Nut and Bolt

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DIY Bender of Steel Nut and Bolt

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Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 272
Пневмолюб 23 hours ago
Mark Pelloth
Mark Pelloth Day ago
I was surprised to see a mime in a metalworking tutorial! Clever idea, and impressive freehand machining accuracy. The clamping application at the end is a great way to utilize scrap steel banding. Thanks.
صادق راستین
Good job 👏👏
hongvu pham
hongvu pham 2 days ago
Chịu nổi sắt 10mm k ad
Marcio Metalúrgico serviços
Excelente queria ver um virando barra
Mac STRANGE 4 days ago
Amazing realization
Aquaponia Mineira
Alluring Smile Makeovers By Alexander Vasserman DDS., PC
great if you want to make your own chain. next step is to weld each segment loop closed and heat treat the chain until its tempered steel. Having this tool looks like a fun way to spend some time making chains of a certain type.
AC17 5 days ago
tout ça pour tordre un méchant bout de ferraille ???? qui pourrait être remplacé par un tendeur à deux balles??? Bien sur je plaisante et bravo pour cette réalisation!!!
yu yang
yu yang 5 days ago
super smart
joshbrink1 5 days ago
Cool bender bro. Thanks
Dominique HUGO
Dominique HUGO 5 days ago
Simply .......... great !! thanks for the idea & sharing :-)
Aldinei Torres
Aldinei Torres 6 days ago
sreenivas gandla
sreenivas gandla 6 days ago
Fine 👌
Cristian Cesaar Rodriguez Navarro
muy interesante vale saludos
Drawing MrPhat
Drawing MrPhat 6 days ago
Nice ideas my RUvidr
Виталий Kaizen
Roberto Nunes
Roberto Nunes 7 days ago
Magnífico parabéns ✔️👍👍
Mahesh 7 days ago
Hello bro.. can you bend copper pipe in this tool.?
Surinder Singh
Surinder Singh 7 days ago
Great collection of tools and creative generation of new ones. Awesome workmanship. neat hands. God bless you! Thanks for the video. Few weeks back I struggled with 4mm GI wire for rcc slab. I wish I had this tool. managed with a 4mm cut in small wood block and plier, rather crude way
Mark Grantom
Mark Grantom 8 days ago
Thanks for sharing. That is a really useful wire bender.
z1522 8 days ago
Fine and dandy, except they sell bending jigs for this size rod for under $20. If two or three hours of your time, several bucks worth of materials along with ancillary equipment needed such as drill press, welding gear, variety of vises, etc. is not worth anything to you sure, make it yourself. Otherwise, I prefer to focus my time and labor on items no one already makes and sells at no great cost.
Genoveva Ortega
Genoveva Ortega 8 days ago
Tom Beasley
Tom Beasley 9 days ago
Good way to mess your hands up or lose a finger running machinery wearing gloves. Definitely not a smart idea.
Allen Ruschman
Allen Ruschman 9 days ago
Not enough juice for the squeeze for me to construct that, but cool nonetheless.
Francesco Cosco
Francesco Cosco 9 days ago
Nice idea, to re-use a very old lathe tool holder, internal processing of the cylinder, to lock the screw
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 10 days ago
instructions not clear, now my left nut is bent and hangin halfway to my right knee.
Nick Brutanna
Do yer boys hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?
edward latt
edward latt 10 days ago
10 minutes for that ???? I've seen heart surgeries take less time.
Dave Barker
Dave Barker 10 days ago
Nice one
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 10 days ago
Kakaya pizdataya poebenn)
Vladimir Yakimchenko
Не работайте в перчатках с вращающимся инструментом. Опасно.
Comments On Youtube
Brate kad sam video u onom snimku za giros, neomalterisane blokove, i motor od brisaca, znao sam da si iz Srbije :) Sretno sa kanalom...
Ilie Cojocariu
Ilie Cojocariu 11 days ago
Bxb lDfd;: ..;,;&,):,: :;,,,cdkf
Franco García
Franco García 13 days ago
Marijuana Piranha
Marijuana Piranha 14 days ago
High five dude... That was cool.
Serser Schsch
Serser Schsch 15 days ago
Извини братан, лайк не будет
Wellington Vasconcelos
suryadi ajah
suryadi ajah 18 days ago
Mantap kreasinya
السلامة والامان لتصميم و تنفيذ شبكات الغاز الامنة
أفكار كتير مفيدة ورائعة جزيتم كل الشكر
Nick F1
Nick F1 18 days ago
Отличный пример нарушения техники безопасности со всеми инструментами, что были показаны.
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