DIY ✰ aesthetic ✰ School Supplies! (Back to School 2019)

Megan Weller
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Notebook Decorating ideas: bit.ly/2Z3OhmI
How to Paint Clouds: bit.ly/2Z5KTfa
DIY Friendship Bracelets: bit.ly/2KMr6bf
Products I used:
Duct Tape: amzn.to/2H9cpxQ
Zippers: amzn.to/2ZaUtgA
Elastic: amzn.to/2YZsRLB
Arteza Acrylic Paint (set of 60)
US: bit.ly/2LCk0dc
UK: bit.ly/30br6Zl
Amazon: amzn.to/2KtsCl1
Arteza Watercolor Paper:
US: bit.ly/2E2O4Zl
UK: bit.ly/2VV8gGK
Crayola Super Tips: amzn.to/2KaA9DJ
Micron Pens: amzn.to/2tSZdWT
Crayola Watercolor: amzn.to/2H92gkW
Perler Beads: amzn.to/31ANyee
Send mail to:
Megan Weller
PO Box 564
New Cumberland, PA 17070
If you recreate send pictures with #meganweller
Instagram: instagram.com/wellermegs/
BUSINESS INQUIRIES: wellermegs12@gmail.com

Age: www.famousbirthdays.com/people/megan-weller.html
Camera: Canon Powershot G7x Mark II
Editor: iMovie
Location: Pennsylvania
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are honest and my own.
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 232
GabyPlays uwu
GabyPlays uwu 12 days ago
I doing the great wave thing so my aesthetic
•Gåčhä_ çłøüdż•
Me: falling asleep listening to her voice
I'm over here
I'm over here 4 months ago
We have the same birthday! Lol found you in famous birthdays. Will definitely continue watching. Love the wave binding cover 😍
Ava isabelle
Ava isabelle 5 months ago
I want to make the binder cover but I have a zipper binder :c
myra leblanc
myra leblanc 5 months ago
do you voice troom troom?
The Virus
The Virus 5 months ago
Why did this come out of the EXACT day I got back to school and why is it in my recommenced NOW!?
αvrey clαrk
αvrey clαrk 5 months ago
you sound so much like agoverseasfan on youtube !!
•L O V E L Y•
•L O V E L Y• 5 months ago
Minty Macaroons
Minty Macaroons 5 months ago
Uhh...not to be rude but these aren’t really good and I’ve seen these before..
Ele Conti
Ele Conti 5 months ago
The tiny pouch could also be used to store gums, no one expects that, so ur safe and no one would steal them
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 5 months ago
Good idea!
Kara Boice
Kara Boice 6 months ago
I love your ideas they are so creative.
Jessica Maguire
Jessica Maguire 6 months ago
So excited for school to start
Rebecca Ly
Rebecca Ly 6 months ago
the waves are adorable!!
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
Thanks! 💜
Animation Outlet
Animation Outlet 6 months ago
How do you reply to almost everyone
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
I’m on my phone a lot and low key have no life 😂😂💜
Makayla Cortez
Makayla Cortez 6 months ago
Oh no is she bringing back duct tape 😂
Aesthetic Soul
Aesthetic Soul 6 months ago
Catching up on that aesthetic vibes megan
peacemist 6 months ago
*Ищу русские коменты*
sabrinatheraddude !
sabrinatheraddude ! 6 months ago
HELP! for the wave how can i do the white with blended blue effect if i don’t have CHEAP paint, i have white watercolor and good white paint?
Lily Belle McDowell
Lily Belle McDowell 6 months ago
My absolute favorite DIY is the pencil pouch/bookmark! it’s so creative and affordable
Lily Belle McDowell
Lily Belle McDowell 6 months ago
I love your videos! The past few days, I’ve been binge watching your videos!😊
HowToMakeThat DIY
HowToMakeThat DIY 6 months ago
Hiiii I’ve also made some back to school decorating materials on my channel...pls check it out
Cassandra Wonder
Cassandra Wonder 6 months ago
A cheap ass duct tape pouch?? Can't you guys get something decent for a dollar at Goodwill or something like that? What a waste
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
I mean I already had everything to make it at my house, so it technically didn’t cost me anything. I know a lot of people, myself included, still have lots of duct tape left from the “duct tape craze” a few years back. The benefit to the one I made in the video is that it’s also a bookmark, and it allows you to easily find a pencil without having to dig around on your bag.
Jianna Sea
Jianna Sea 6 months ago
Great video 😄
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
Thanks! 💜
Artsy Addison
Artsy Addison 6 months ago
Shoutout plz the keychain
Laura RM
Laura RM 6 months ago
Why am I watching this... I graduated already 😂
Pastel Royal
Pastel Royal 6 months ago
I get most of my aesthetic school supplies from dollar tree. and it only takes a little bit of work. Awesome vide btw
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
I need to go there soon lol
Kimberley M
Kimberley M 6 months ago
The last pouch was by far my favourite diy! Your videos always gobsmack me by how amazing they are!!!
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
Aw thank you so much! 💜
Yun Fei Toh
Yun Fei Toh 6 months ago
Omg this is not even that pretty and aesthetic
Rashida Shabbir
Rashida Shabbir 6 months ago
My favourite is pencil case one and the last one I love your videos you are so creative
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
Indre 6 months ago
Where you buy sharpies? Your videos i amaizing! And you drawing wery well! ❤️😊
#DORITOS 13 6 months ago
My favorite DIY of urs waz the pencil duck tape Pouch...... nvr thought about it thks to u I know now😉👍☺...
Diane Thoroughman
Diane Thoroughman 6 months ago
I liked the perler beads holder the best. Although, they were all good.
Megan Weller
Megan Weller 6 months ago
Thanks! 💜
Angie 826
Angie 826 6 months ago
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 6 months ago
I started school already
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 6 months ago
I like the keychain
Space Dog
Space Dog 6 months ago
I love the keychain you made out of those beads! It looks amazing!
Foxy Avocado
Foxy Avocado 6 months ago
I loved them all!! I’d love to see more sketchbook ideas vids soon!!! I’d like to suggest an idea where to give cartoon animals clothes, For example you could draw Kermit in a suit, or stitch in a ball gown 😂😂💜
LOVERZ MSP 6 months ago
This was uploaded yesterday... school isn't starting for me, what Timezone you in? O-e
Creative Kawaii Corner
I love the perler bead pouch! It’s such and awesome idea and I can’t wait to make it!
Isabellasia Games
Isabellasia Games 6 months ago
I wished I did these but school already started oof
Sister s h o O k
Sister s h o O k 6 months ago
*Unpopular opinion* *kankens are ugly*
peachy crafts
peachy crafts 6 months ago
hey i just posted a diy back to school scrunchie vid !
Leah Andersen
Leah Andersen 6 months ago
The binder wave turned out so pretty! It was my favorite!!
Laura Ames
Laura Ames 6 months ago
I loved the binder painting!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christal ღ
Christal ღ 6 months ago
Maja Dudek
Maja Dudek 6 months ago
The last idea is a really really good idea! I never saw this idea before and it's so beautiful
Eva Taub
Eva Taub 6 months ago
I think the keychain is my fav!!
Apricity Arts
Apricity Arts 6 months ago
You should invest in some Copic markers your art is so good!
Kleki 5 months ago
Those are literally so expensive though
ILSA NOMAN 6 months ago
I also have 2 fallravan kenken bags one light baby blue, and the other purple
Coniliyea may
Coniliyea may 6 months ago
You're my favorite RUvidr
Coniliyea may
Coniliyea may 6 months ago
I love your videos and you should make a lot more
WHAT A JOKE 6 months ago
this is the best diy video i have ever watched thx Megan 👌👌👌❤❤❤😊😍😍❤💖
Its Netra
Its Netra 6 months ago
Hey Megan! You’re my favourite RUvidr and your videos inspired me to start a sketch book! Keep it up and pls make more sketchbook videos
Eloise Hetherington
Eloise Hetherington 6 months ago
My favourite was the key chain idea
rosyyy 6 months ago
your diy pouch idea was soo good and helpful
Karina & Pearl
Karina & Pearl 6 months ago
Can I please have a shout out my favourite one was probably the duck taip pencil case bookmark
Samira Zubaydova
Samira Zubaydova 6 months ago
❤I love these ideas! I started watching your videos a long time ago and I have come to a conclusion that YOUR IDEAS ARE SO ORIGINAL! I just looove your videos!! Ps. I think the keychain is my favourite) 😁❤❤❤
Ev Rocker
Ev Rocker 6 months ago
How old are you?
Yasmin .baker
Yasmin .baker 6 months ago
These are really smart but ... I have no : Glue gun Beads String Paint So yeah 😂❤
b e a r . d r a w s
b e a r . d r a w s 6 months ago
lil gacha crowley weird flex but okay-
anyahh x
anyahh x 6 months ago
the dollar store has some real good stuff :))
Animation Outlet
Animation Outlet 6 months ago
I have too much of all of those
Gleamiarts 6 months ago
They do sell them in the shop.. 😂
Autum Begley
Autum Begley 6 months ago
Honestly, I love your original ideas instead of "put washi tape on your notebook to make it cute" the keychain and pencil pouch were actually super creative and cute
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