Divorced Parents Bickering Almost Ruins Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Young bride, Taylor, breaks down when her bickering parents let their feelings get in the way of her bridal appointment.

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Jul 19, 2020




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Comments 5 364
Jenna Turner
Jenna Turner Day ago
Omg the simple dresses look amazing on her! Her dad is so sweet. He was standing up for his daughter
Gabrielle Elizabeth
The best thing to do in that situation is no one gets to pick a dress except the bride and the consultant
Regina Kniprode
Regina Kniprode 2 days ago
good thing the girl's coming out of it. Hopefully her marriage will be happier.
Doktor Flake
Doktor Flake 3 days ago
im so glad my mom isnt like this- whenever i try on clothes like from the stores, she always says, " does it make you happy? if it makes you happy, it makes me happy too see you love yourself in it"
Katya Petrovna
Katya Petrovna 3 days ago
The mom looks like gordon Ramsey on a bad day
Abby Hunter
Abby Hunter 3 days ago
"i don't like anything about it" well i don't like anything about you
Hannah Russell
Hannah Russell 4 days ago
i LOvE flo
Dee A.
Dee A. 5 days ago
When her dad said "It should be more about her than the dress" Like, yes. Absolutely. True beauty shines from within. Her Mum made me so mad with all the talk about how the dress looked and not how she looked and felt. Seriously.
mayappa 5 days ago
she sassy
Nicki Snyder
Nicki Snyder 6 days ago
Who in Gods name would ever invite divorced parents to both come? To the wedding....sure....for the dress? It's just MOM
I have binged watched this show forever.......and when that Mom was so negative while the Bride and family was so emotional for the first time I literally shouted out an expletive.
Brandon Norris
Brandon Norris 7 days ago
"your mouth is as big as your heart" The most back-handed-est, southern-est thing I have ever heard!
Cody Pritt
Cody Pritt 8 days ago
U can be strong and steadfast in ur opinion without being a bitch
Ranita Gadling
Ranita Gadling 9 days ago
The fact that her parents are divorced and can't stand each other only proves two things 1 neither one should've been at her dress appointment & 2 that neither should be invited to the wedding.
Brooklynn and Brianna Boca 👯‍♀️!!!!!
3:11 now that is a Karen
victoria _anne
victoria _anne 9 days ago
dad: I give it a ten mom: Id give it a 4. me: WE NEVER ASKED FOR YOUE OPINON
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 9 days ago
his pick was so good i love it
Alexis B
Alexis B 10 days ago
How do mothers treat their children this way?
leezy 10 days ago
'Momma I love you...your mouth is as big as your heart' is as southern as it gets. Gonna use it from now on
Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett 12 days ago
I like to make her cry
Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett 12 days ago
Built mom
Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett 12 days ago
Says mom
Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett 12 days ago
Like daddy dress
Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett 12 days ago
Bitter mom
N M 12 days ago
WOW...That mother's a 👹 in human form. How SAD for the bride 😔
Ally 12 days ago
Peep & Stitch
Peep & Stitch 12 days ago
I love the mom’s pick on her, but if she doesn’t like it then it’s her wedding! Let her pick and enjoy her wedding! She is absolutely stunning in every dress
Doin Alright
Doin Alright 12 days ago
This is nonsense. All the while the mom was like nah it's not the dress. It doesn't do it for me and then boom put the veil and now it's all good. Scripted much?
Christina Cueto
Christina Cueto 13 days ago
I’m just going to say it even if I look like a terrible person, but this mom’s one of the people I disliked the most. That’s including the brides that acted like spoiled brats.
Galuby ovo
Galuby ovo 13 days ago
"Mama I love you but your heart is as big as your mouth" 😂 "miss mouth of the south"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ace, the Space Haven
the mom kinda look like john cena 🤭
Arwen Bravo
Arwen Bravo 12 days ago
Jamie Daley
Jamie Daley 13 days ago
I think that she's a daddys girl cause he playcates her and mom does not
Damian Hia
Damian Hia 13 days ago
mom’s “she wouldn’t like that, but i think its beautiful” vs dad’s “i like the simplicity of it, but i want it to be more about her than the dress”
Cori g
Cori g 14 days ago
Bride: this is my day! I want to wear this! Daddy: This is my baby girl's day! I want her to be happy! Mother: I want you to wear this because its MY choice. Ugh! You look so boney!
Lisa Mcvey
Lisa Mcvey 14 days ago
Oh my she looks beautiful
Taija Silva
Taija Silva 14 days ago
The moms are a MESS on the show😩
Moffe Liten
Moffe Liten 14 days ago
The mother's skin is awful. She has to be a smoker.
Alex Varvar
Alex Varvar 14 days ago
the mother reminds me of frank from shameless
Viking9 15 days ago
Mom probably doesn't even realize that she has already lost her.
Lily P
Lily P 15 days ago
sorry that she’s crying 🙄 BITCH WAT
shawty bae ✋😩
shawty bae ✋😩 15 days ago
My name is ivory bruh 👁👄👁
Lyra Black
Lyra Black 15 days ago
normally, I don't like to attack people and their position in their life, but I gotta say, the mom is one of the worst of them all. as a mother, she's supposed to put her daughter's feelings FIRST especially since this is HER DAUGHTER'S wedding. I get it if it's the mom's wedding, but this is her daughters, and the opinion that matters most is the daughter's.
s1r3nsong 15 days ago
The mother has the kind of skin you’d want on your leather couch lol.
Nicola Davis
Nicola Davis 15 days ago
Listen the hell with anyone who does not like or love my dress. If Iove it I am going for it. Full stop
Nicola Davis
Nicola Davis 15 days ago
Why are the parents making this about them? So petty.
Jonnie368 15 days ago
It do look like a cake
Angeline Mathew
Angeline Mathew 15 days ago
The channel should be called SAY YES TO THE VEIL 😂
Sulamith G.
Sulamith G. 15 days ago
never take your divorced parents with you ....
Bleed Peroxide
Bleed Peroxide 16 days ago
Eh, I don't think the dad's being juvenile. The dad is clearly is more supportive of what Taylor actually wants, and doesn't seem as inclined to shame her the way mom does.
Rena Nel
Rena Nel 16 days ago
Yeah, I'm gonna go with Daddy's dress.
Mae Hadid
Mae Hadid 17 days ago
Her dad seemed to really care, her mom made it about herself
Notti 17 days ago
“i would give it a four” wasnt a rating on the dress. it was of her daughters body IN the dress.
will smile
will smile 17 days ago
i don’t think the mom even liked the dress, i think she was just doubling down on it to try and best the dad.
Sueann Guzman
Sueann Guzman 17 days ago
Why does the mother and daughter both look like crack heads?
Lynz B
Lynz B 17 days ago
Taylor's mother is disgusting. What a vile way to treat her daughter.
Bloodytea99 18 days ago
The dad knows what his daughter likes.
Samsterhamster 2
Samsterhamster 2 18 days ago
“I spent my last 20 years pleasing her but now I’m a grown woman and it’s time for me to please myself” You tell her sis!
RDGTrap 18 days ago
When everyone glared at the mom, that was the best part 😂😂
Mary 18 days ago
3:50 😂 Mom: You’re too boney I think this needs to be covered Dad: 👀wtf did you just say to my baby
dmeadville 18 days ago
My mama is my best friend but I'm also a daddy's girl, lol. I'm so glad my parents love each other and me.
Ros AL
Ros AL 18 days ago
I like the 2nd dress more on her.
Dickel Maiga
Dickel Maiga 19 days ago
Notice how the dad called HER beautiful in every single dress while also bashing the mother! Hilarious 😂
Jess L
Jess L 19 days ago
"I know it sounds cli-say...." Lol
Mica Deniega
Mica Deniega 19 days ago
Im so sorry but.....the mother looks like a man with a wig...😭😭💀💀
Rebecca Carpenter
Rebecca Carpenter 19 days ago
Sleeveless dresses are gorgeous on her her dad knows her and she knows herself 1st and 3rd where gorgeous!
pappysprite 19 days ago
Terrible Freddy Krueger Face mother!
Kimberly Lennon
Kimberly Lennon 19 days ago
She ate the last one up!!!!!
Michael Rooker
Michael Rooker 19 days ago
The mother needs to shut up
ElusiveBard 19 days ago
Gosh her Dad’s an absolute sweetheart, I love his “Let’s go simple cause it should be about how beautiful she is, not the dress” attitude. That’s how you make your daughter feel beautiful
Celisse Willis
Celisse Willis 19 days ago
I was just going to say that it seems like a good thing that the dad & mom separated, because when the daughter said that she spent the majority of her life pleasing her mother & now it’s her a chance to make a decision for herself. So I kind of felt like that dynamic was similar between her mom & dad & now, the dad’s able to really speak his mind, where he couldn’t when he was married to his ex-wife .
BetaMax Gaming
BetaMax Gaming 19 days ago
Mother's like her are the reason why I didn't have a big wedding. Hell my mother didn't even come to mine. She wanted nothing to do with my soon to be husband nor his family.
hpgal88 19 days ago
To me all the dresses are gorgeous..just choosing the right one for her..
Isla Addams
Isla Addams 20 days ago
When she started to cry and said "I think it's so pretty" she made me cry too. 🥺And then mama had to wreck that nice moment for her. ☹️
Ou Riley
Ou Riley 20 days ago
6:40 what is the mom saying? Not a native speaker, I want to know why people are in shock?
Ikram el
Ikram el 20 days ago
Are you a daddy’s girl or is your dad the only one who treats you right?
Dre 20 days ago
6:13 well mama, it’s NOT for you to feel.
Jess 20 days ago
And the mom will wonder why she doesn’t like her lmao wtf
komurasaki 20 days ago
this made me remember that day when i was trying to find a dress for my brother's wedding but my mom chose it for me and made me try it. But i don't have a big chest so when i showed her the dress on me she was laughing at my flat chest and told me that i need to put bigger bras to load the dress in this area. I was so hurt but i still pick the dress to please her. At the middle of the wedding i went to the bathroom and put my casual clothes on because i couldn't stand wearing it, because i hate wearing dresses and skirts because i feel like im too big and ugly when wearing it so i always cover my body and it was even worse because my mom was always telling me to lift the upper part of the dress to hide my flat chest. After the dinner they took some photos and i had to take photos with my brother and her wife, my mom told me that i was greedy because i didn't wear the dress anymore but my dad, my brother and her wife were completely okay with that and it was really heartwarming to me
Cecile Joubert
Cecile Joubert 20 days ago
The bride's mother has a LOT of wrinkles! She should go for a face lift before the wedding! No wonder her husband divorced her!
Amber Page
Amber Page 20 days ago
Is it just me who thinks all of those dresses look practically the same!😂
Αγγελικη Γκουγκουφκα
i love how when everyone liked the dress and the mom said no, Lori looked at her like: uh ah, not today lady
Ellie lol x
Ellie lol x 21 day ago
“I’m a daddy’s girl” Meaning: he’s the only parent who doesn’t verbally abuse me
Jenny Jen1010
Jenny Jen1010 11 hours ago
Ouch! Sad bud true!
Marwa IZEM
Marwa IZEM 13 days ago
@Galuby ovo no he doesn't just not abuse her he is supportive. There are many parents that are not abusive but are mentally absent and don't say anything . He is standing up for her
Galuby ovo
Galuby ovo 13 days ago
@Marwa IZEM that's literally what the comment says?
Marwa IZEM
Marwa IZEM 17 days ago
@Levi Mason her mother is straight up abusive
Levi Mason
Levi Mason 17 days ago
@Marwa IZEM because he actually cares about her unlike the mother
Azeria 21 day ago
3:33 Gurl with that stupidity on your face with all those wrinkles I'm not suprised he divorced you. Looking like every teenagers mom tryin to look cool GIRLLL, the daughter is amazing she is so cute in that dress and I'll speak from my pansexual heart that he is lucky.
help me get to 1k with no videos
Denver 21 day ago
I’m not huge on weddings for myself, but if I’m ever getting married my mother will absolutely not even know let alone be apart of it. Cause if I’m getting married it’s supposed to be beautiful. Her heart is ugly and selfish and I refuse to have my mother make me cry out of frustration when she causes issues. I hate it when parents do that. It’s not about you, it’s about your kid. Their egos are disgusting
Cinaire B
Cinaire B 13 days ago
Honestly, same.
maybelin herrera
maybelin herrera 21 day ago
the title should be "mom almost ruins appointment while dad backs up his daughter"
Daisha Maxwell
Daisha Maxwell 21 day ago
bruh the mom is litterally trying to tear her down like its not ur daughters fault ur wedding wasnt long lasting so ur trying to live it through ur daughter but its her wedding and the dad is making sure that the daughter is loving the dress and feels confidant
LunaXLee -
LunaXLee - 21 day ago
Ok when she said “your mouth is as big as your heart” i let out a loud “WOOO”
who am I? no who tf are you🤨
Billy in Alabama
Billy in Alabama 21 day ago
This female is dreadful. Nothing is going to make this female happy so why bother? Mommie Dearest has years of holidays alone. One good laxative and you could bury her in a cigar box.
Mara's Junk
Mara's Junk 22 days ago
I like the dad's dress the best tbh
Molly Splorch
Molly Splorch 22 days ago
This is so awkward omg
Ashley Hallman
Ashley Hallman 22 days ago
I'm noticing one thing about mine now that I don't like but I think it's an easy remedy to fix. I went in to purchase one dress I'd already seen online went in the store tried it on fell in love with how it fit my body BAM! that was my dress. I haven't used it yet & may not but I'm still happy with it. And I only paid 250$ for it. It was a sale dress regularly priced over 1,000
Poonam S
Poonam S 22 days ago
The bride looks and also has the accent like Sookie from True blood.
kkochismile 22 days ago
i’ve kind of been binge watching these videos where the mum doesn’t agree. and every single one of them has body shamed their own child. so disgusting
Kayla Sutherland Macleod
Every time without the vale it’s ugly but then as soon as she puts it on the mean ones are so nice
Leticia Vivian
Leticia Vivian 23 days ago
Mama I love you but your mouth is as big as you heart 💀💀
Suga 23 days ago
Her mother says that she's too "boney" at the top for the first dress, but her pick had the same type of top lmao.
Kenna Kershaw
Kenna Kershaw 23 days ago
I’ve started noticing a pattern in this show that when the bride says “I’m a daddy’s girl” the mom is usually very mean to down right emotionally abusive
New Light Playz
New Light Playz 23 days ago
Leslie Ludwick
Leslie Ludwick 23 days ago
A 20 year old shouldn’t be considering marriage she should be out having the time of her life getting her education meeting people exceeding her goals she still a baby
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