DISRESPECTFUL 1V1 Against EX College Basketball Player CeyNoLimit!

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Aug 12, 2019




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Comments 5 015
Trippie Redd
Trippie Redd 2 days ago
This dude flight thinking he in 2k where just having ur hand in his face makes him miss
minds 2 days ago
Yes man in the background
Black Titan
Black Titan 5 days ago
Flight had no business playing him, he obviously a hooper😂
Just a dude with Chidori
Y’all cant count.
Maxie Batiste
Maxie Batiste 6 days ago
Shittiest basketball player I’ve ever seen in my life I’ve seen shitty basketball playing that can score/shoot better than u😂
OsirisHD 9 days ago
flight straight to the point... yu had soooo many chances you gotta be doing dis for clout cause rt u just fucking booty suhn... im no fan u needa see me on the court cause u cheeks suhn dm through ig or twitter whatever but you fr just suck @FlightReacts @FlightReacts @FlightReacts
Anthony Ascencio
Anthony Ascencio 9 days ago
Miranda Grosvenor
Flightreacts needs to stop drinking n smoking n jerking off that's whyu haveno stamina
mtbjekyll1 11 days ago
My man said flight has more rebounds than points! 😂
BoutaBag Dj
BoutaBag Dj 13 days ago
Did his parents take Ls like this he got it from some where 😂
Ya Grandmas Fav
Ya Grandmas Fav 13 days ago
Na you are poop😂
_jahson 13 days ago
Cry felt so bad for flight that he started shooting righty in the second game... I'm sleep💀
Kwesi Larbi
Kwesi Larbi 14 days ago
- iDiscipline1x
- iDiscipline1x 14 days ago
well holup he ig ig he won against ddg so 1-100
- iDiscipline1x
- iDiscipline1x 14 days ago
flight record 0-100
Joe J
Joe J 15 days ago
3:46 thats 3 steps my guy
Liam Phillips
Liam Phillips 15 days ago
Why he be saying stuff like "Fuck is going on" when he misses like he used to getting buckets 😂😂
Alex Borovik
Alex Borovik 15 days ago
I don’t understand why this man keeps talking shit about other people when it comes to basketball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this mans make a 3. 🤧
robert weathers
robert weathers 15 days ago
Flight jus stick to 2k my guy 🤦🏽‍♂️
ajacobs 16 days ago
I don’t think flight would have made my JV basketball team
MakeoLit Slime
MakeoLit Slime 16 days ago
Flight know before he shoot he missed. My nigga shoot the ball an crash to the glass. He can't drive an barley can shoot I'll have this nigga saying Damn every shot
David Febreeze
David Febreeze 17 days ago
And flight be talking bout how he’s better than nba legends😂😂🤟🏿
Dave Villarson
Dave Villarson 17 days ago
5:35 when my alien from area 51 picks up a basketball to start dribbling 😂
STW Exotic
STW Exotic 17 days ago
When you start playing with your non dominant hand against flight lmao
DARKBOY 17 days ago
Flights the most sorry basketball player I've ever seen
Frank S
Frank S 18 days ago
Ty needs to stop hyping this trash ass nigga up 😂
Frank S
Frank S 18 days ago
Flight you ass just stop bro
OvoBoii 18 days ago
Bruh u some straight trash,U play like u drunk
Alfred Coyoca
Alfred Coyoca 18 days ago
This sid looking ass nigga sucks at basketball
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith 18 days ago
Flight: “Comeback season” Flight: *airballs*
Dutch Ball
Dutch Ball 18 days ago
Lol fuz really trash but I fw flight team
Andrew Neth
Andrew Neth 19 days ago
Yo bruh all i gotta say is you is ass my nigga. Fix your jumpshot. Bruh lonzo got a better jumper then ur ass. Wheres the follow thru.
Bed Beneke
Bed Beneke 19 days ago
Was that my nigga Ty
king_jd 01
king_jd 01 19 days ago
Flight how u get smoked by someone that look like a btec digga d
yn. jobo
yn. jobo 19 days ago
Bruh flight just stop 1v1 u hella trash and no I'm not a trash talker just keeping it a band like bruh I'm even better then u and I dont even play basketball🤣😭😴
anthony duncan
anthony duncan 20 days ago
I'm better than flight
anthony duncan
anthony duncan 20 days ago
Flight u is trash asf
Og Kakarot
Og Kakarot 20 days ago
Bro flight is obviously faking. His old video if u can find it. Flight can actually hoop. He fakes being trash and delusional for views lmao
Carl Mat
Carl Mat 20 days ago
Flight always complains about the wind messing up his shot but what’s his excuse if he just went to an indoor basketball court 🤦🏽‍♂️
SEAL-MF-SIXX 20 days ago
You’ve just watched flights worst L... Like to erase memory😂🤣
backend boyyy
backend boyyy 20 days ago
you are wat i call self check
backend boyyy
backend boyyy 20 days ago
flight has no jumpshot form and cant finish at the rim
backend boyyy
backend boyyy 20 days ago
cey got a chop
Cj 22 days ago
God collemore 3 forbidden gone equals and you're good 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Simply The most educated man of basketball
STOP playing BASKETBALL and stick to the other stuff you do kid because you have to be one of the most TRASH ballers ever that guy ain’t no college Hooper at least not a D1 school just look at him trash
SG VEVOTV 22 days ago
Wat college cause y'all ass
Patrick Ankomah
Patrick Ankomah 22 days ago
You should just stick to making reaction videos
Yakob Ermias
Yakob Ermias 23 days ago
i would rearrange flights ankles bruh😂😂
UkuleleCovers 23 days ago
I figured out why Flight is so crazy, he’s the notorious Florida Man
SSSTUI 24 days ago
Don’t watch the video just go to 7:43 it sums it up
Marlon Velasquez
Marlon Velasquez 24 days ago
Cey needa play ddg so he can beat that sorry ass nigga too
Marlon Velasquez
Marlon Velasquez 24 days ago
This nigga said stamina going up lmao I forget stamina wins games stfu you lame ass nigga you suck
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 24 days ago
They’re both trash 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ no cap
Abhi Pokhrel
Abhi Pokhrel 24 days ago
flight has 0 defense
Bo Casner
Bo Casner 25 days ago
Im 250 pounds and out of shape and i would break u off on the court
Bo Casner
Bo Casner 25 days ago
U are the worst basketball player i have ever seen
Bo Casner
Bo Casner 25 days ago
Dude u spamed 1 point off rim when ball hit rim and u didnt tahe it back
DJJA 102
DJJA 102 25 days ago
Doesn't matter which flight video I go into there is always a comment saying "you have flights talent like to undo"😂
king_of_thots_1400 25 days ago
this nigga flight dont even flick his wrist when he shoots smh
Valerie Alkhafaji
Valerie Alkhafaji 25 days ago
who actually watches this guy flight is annoying asf stupid asf trash asf
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