DISRESPECTFUL 1V1 Against EX College Basketball Player CeyNoLimit!

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Aug 12, 2019




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Comments 5 111
LilKenDaKid 13 days ago
Play me one v one
Rocky Doggy
Rocky Doggy 19 days ago
Flight the goat 🐐
Chris_ Gzz
Chris_ Gzz 23 days ago
He said comeback season but was playing like garbage day
CBG Sound
CBG Sound Month ago
*Start of the vid * Flight: "game to eleven" *Flight looses 11-0* Flight: "aYe wE gOt tO gO fIfTeEn"
Dpyron23 Month ago
Wait it hit rim and flight didn’t take it back? Lmfaooo
Dpyron23 Month ago
This dude wasn’t even trying lmao
gordonfatty Month ago
Flight is so ass
Nigga said comeback season and air balled 💀💀. I’m heated😭
Jeremih Jones
Jeremih Jones Month ago
Buddy didn’t play college ball 🧐
BlazinRhino TV
BlazinRhino TV Month ago
Bro I swear flight is so fucking garbage bro 😂😂😂
Kendra Potier
Kendra Potier Month ago
Flight give the fuck up
Demetra House
Demetra House 2 months ago
Flight I’m sorry but you are trash when is the last time you won by yourself just. Stick to RUvid and not basketball 💯
Saisuckz 2 months ago
Walking L
InsaneXballer11 YT
InsaneXballer11 YT 2 months ago
Flight took the L
Zeuszx 2 months ago
The times flight scores are from no take backs 😂
Joshua Swilling
Joshua Swilling 2 months ago
This man is unrealisticly trash!!
animation squad
animation squad 2 months ago
Flight team stand down
ELITE Flow 2 months ago
Your ass flight you release is straight trash quit basketball your ass
Emmanuel Joseph
Emmanuel Joseph 2 months ago
I was dead da whole video on god dis can’t be real dis shxt too funny cuh
Hamzeh Taha
Hamzeh Taha 2 months ago
Ur delusional FTC
Tyrell Washington
Tyrell Washington 2 months ago
Cey was not a basketball player
Carlos Madera
Carlos Madera 2 months ago
flight gets hype for one lay up when he get cooked
Kevin Coates
Kevin Coates 2 months ago
Ceynolimit won the game at 3:30 officially,the scoring in flights games be off
Kevin Coates
Kevin Coates 2 months ago
When he said 9-0 it was actually 10-0
Hood Boss
Hood Boss 2 months ago
This nigga ceynolimit cold man he needa whoop DDG ass no cap 😂
sykoz 85
sykoz 85 2 months ago
Basketball just not for you bro...cash beat u with one hand😭😩ONEEEE
One bad YouTuber
One bad YouTuber 2 months ago
Your just trash
David Vance
David Vance 2 months ago
Why does he always have confidence 😂😂😂
parker2x 2 months ago
dude u gotta stop uploading these at this point ur embarrassing yourself and u wanna sit there and make excuses talking about it’s double rimmed and shit in another video but u and someone else was playing on the same goal it’s just u can’t shoot and he can FLIGHT TEAM STAND DOWN
ToXiic TwoTap
ToXiic TwoTap 2 months ago
Cey is raw 😳
SlydzHD 2 months ago
SlydzHD 2 months ago
EnemyTec 2k
EnemyTec 2k 2 months ago
SlydzHD that shit is so fucking embarrassing I can’t believe that’s real
iinFecteD. 2 months ago
Just get a trainer bro.. no disrespect
Adrian Alcantara
Adrian Alcantara 2 months ago
And there goes flight with the excuses that it’s hot and the double rim like bro ceynolimits played in the same heat and on the same double win a won flight. Your just trash flight
C nation vlogs
C nation vlogs 2 months ago
Another L for flight who next to beat flight
C nation vlogs
C nation vlogs 2 months ago
This remind of sol vs flight
MrKillian1983 2 months ago
Flight as far as I'm concerned, you still didn't score. You had to go to 15 like a little bitch after getting dropped off 11-0. Stop playing basketball. You're a joke.
Rexx Moore
Rexx Moore 2 months ago
When flight shoots he already knows he gonna miss that’s why he always run right after he shoot to get the rebound😂😵🤦🏾‍♂️
XSean K.dot
XSean K.dot 2 months ago
Lim Joseph
Lim Joseph 2 months ago
You suck bro flight
Geo 2 months ago
And you got mad excuses brah 99% of the time u lose n have 1000 excuse to why u aint score or loss brah basketball not for u shawty
Geo 2 months ago
Flight just be shooting he dont really try thats y he some shit nah fr
Terry Lay
Terry Lay 2 months ago
Go to 15 every time he get skunked
Kavesh Naidoo
Kavesh Naidoo 2 months ago
Where’s Cash’s react?? This is Flight’s worst game ever
Cage Burnett#24
Cage Burnett#24 2 months ago
On your point flight isn't it usally take every thing back.???
Giannis Antetokounmpo
If I lose a 1v1 im pissed. If fLight scores a fucking point it's like he won the lottery 😂😂😂
Carrillo_D 3 months ago
Nigga puts “Ex basketball player” in the title as an excuse on why he lose
funny insta moments tv
nigga blames human nature for every L he takes
Tyler Flannery
Tyler Flannery 3 months ago
The problem is flight actually thinks he’s good but he is trash
Tommy Marshall
Tommy Marshall 3 months ago
Nigga in the red need quick draw bad
Conplaint 3 months ago
Flight stop taking lay ups like a bitch
El Escxbar
El Escxbar 3 months ago
Fight is so ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hmong Lee eat lee
Hmong Lee eat lee 3 months ago
Super G
Super G 3 months ago
fLights destiny is to take an L...anywhere...anytime...any place
iced Up
iced Up 3 months ago
5:29 And then gets that ball back and says CoMe BaCk TiMe then air balls 🤦‍♂️ it’s 1 to 11 dumb ass
iced Up
iced Up 3 months ago
5:27 makes a wide open lay and flips the fuck out that he finally scored SMH trash ass
ANTIDXTE 3 months ago
How you finna say comeback season and then airball
reality sauce
reality sauce 3 months ago
Your overall dropped to flights like to undo 🤙
reality sauce
reality sauce 3 months ago
I need to play this nigga flight i haven't hooped in like 2 years an i can guarantee I'll drop him off
Junior Cash
Junior Cash 3 months ago
Flight your gay your tittle is your ex cey
Marcus Foster
Marcus Foster 3 months ago
Yo flight could be losing 99 to 0 and if he score 1 point he believes he can come back
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