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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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Jul 7, 2019




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Simon Bar Jesus
Simon Bar Jesus 2 hours ago
I was an extra there and saw her. HK/China thing not my aim-just personally speaking, Liu Yifei didn't have any emotion at all. She's very stoic and unfitting and could do the face and story with the music but it was unexciting and she didn't have a warrior personality.
Bowen Z
Bowen Z 2 hours ago
Simon Bar Jesus so miscast
Grace Nied
Grace Nied 2 hours ago
dudes, they wont have Mushu, no actual musical number (only instrumental), and no Li Shang. I wont even bother spending my money on this movie because its not even related to Disney's Mulan.
Alex Huh
Alex Huh 3 hours ago
it's a rubbish movie just for the yankees anyway, nobody wants to watch it.
Jocelyn Barcenas
Jocelyn Barcenas 3 hours ago
This ain’t Milan without mushu 😡
Ken4JCML 3 hours ago
Stop the stupid hate on the actress cus it was all a misinterpretation by mistake or intension. She never said that she supports police brutality.
Kat Titty
Kat Titty 2 hours ago
Ken4JCML: She explicitly said these lines: “I support Hong Kong's police, you can beat me up now. What a shame for Hong Kong.” I dare you to misinterpret that.
Liu Changlin
Liu Changlin 3 hours ago
so now people only follows what the news re saying and that reminded me of people only care on what they wanna believe,damn never knew a Disney movie can relate to “police brutality”. at first people just talking about mushu and musical so now there is new topic ,damn Mulan is not easy.
Matthew Ballon
Matthew Ballon 3 hours ago
when Liu said, 'you can beat me up now...what a shame for Hong Kong' I'm like girl that's kinda not cool, hopefully something works for her and Jackie chan, either way I'm still gonna see it.
erin 3 hours ago
i really wanna see this but all the boycott comments...
Rain Gobber
Rain Gobber 3 hours ago
I hope the filmmakers remember that Mulan was a reluctant warrior...it wasn’t her duty to fight...it was her duty to protect her father....
김희수 3 hours ago
Free hongkong bitch
Pierre Sun
Pierre Sun 3 hours ago
我们小时候很多爱国主义教育是来自香港的 大家应该都记得 孩子这是你的家 还有 万里长城永不倒 当年在大陆传统文化被打断的时候,是港澳台尤其是香港继承和发扬了中华民族的文化和精神。 现在都是些什么玩意儿,数典忘祖。你们如果举青天白日旗我还觉得你们没有忘本。 连自己的旗帜都没有,举英国美国旗帜....... 说你们没种我觉得毫不冤枉。 比较起来,我们魁北克人太有种了,抵制英国统治,闹独立经济损失再大也扛了,蒙特利尔从第一大城市和金融中心堕落到现在魁北克人接受了。在英语绝对优势情况下推广法语再困难,魁北克人依然坚持出钱出力尽力推广法语。 比较起来香港这些人,说大陆不民主吧,民国算是民主政权吧?咋没见你们举青天白日旗呢? 你们的文化你们的祖宗你们还记得么?
C.C.🖤 4 hours ago
They better not ruin my favorite movie of all time because if they do we r going to have a problem Disney!!😤😤💀
Avalize li
Avalize li 4 hours ago
This movie is so attractive to me, I can't wait to go to the cinema.
anthony f
anthony f 4 hours ago
To the people who have not lived in or visited China, let me explain to what is going on. Pro-CCP mainlanders use VPNs (you can search what they are if you don't know) and/or live in democratic countries (made possible by dirty money from their pro-CCP parents ) to take advantage of free speech rights to support their CCP masters. Unlike many other groups, pro-CCP mainlanders allegiance to their masters in Beijing runs deep through their bones. One would think they would appreciate those freedoms or become educated about the truth of Communism, however, that does not usually happen as the brainwashing is so intense in the mainland. Oftentimes earning a foreign passport is a status symbol - many are so twisted that they thank the CCP for the opportunity get the foreign passport (see the recent UK protests where pro-China supporters were holding CCP flags while the pro-Hong Kongers held normal signs). Many do not possess a critical eye to their own nation, history, leaders, wrongdoings, etc. All negative things are downplayed and not given a second thought. The government censors inside the country only allow them to discuss superficial news (WeChat play videos, celebrity drama, evil foreign countries, DISNEY FILMS, etc.) This gives them the feeling of being powerful 'netizens.' This fake reality makes it hard for them to understand real human emotions like compassion, sympathy, EMPATHY, different points of view and real problems. They are also more concerned about their nationalism (tarnished flags or emblems), Master Xi, and his cult followers then they are about people. Last month there were protests in Wuhan over the construction of polluting factories. The police shut down social media platforms to stop information flow, tore banners from the hands of protestors, and even beat some of them with batons. The pro-CCP followers said nothing as anyone who stands up for their own interests are labeled as 'troublemakers.' Many Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and other ethnic Chinese outside the mainland born and raised with strong Chinese values, but not COMMUNIST values - they are not the same thing. In the mainland, the Chinese culture is the CCP and the CCP is Chinese culture, there is no distinction. Beware of their motives and never take anything they do or say for face value.
qiong shen
qiong shen 4 hours ago
Avengers 4: The Final Battle of The Avengers has grossed $4.2 billion in mainland China, its 26th day of release. Who cares about Hong Kong waste want to see, Hong Kong without China is a small fishing village. #supportMulan #Mulan
Jammie Li
Jammie Li 2 hours ago
and one more thing.. most of the hong kong people are asking for democracy asking for choices, not asking for independence. we want the guaranteed 50-year "one country, two systems" continues to be implemented
Jammie Li
Jammie Li 3 hours ago
@qiong shen u can say china is stronger now in terms of economy, but it doesnt mean any place needa sacrifice democracy or conscience to earn that money
Staffenburg Wilhelm
Stupid communist mainlander dog the british built everything in hk while you dogs are killing each others
John Christopher
John Christopher 3 hours ago
Wait, if in China it's called Avengers: The Final Battle, what was Infinity War (Avengers 3) called?
Google Home1
Google Home1 3 hours ago
@qiong shen And 40 years ago China was a collapsed and broken shell because of the Cultural Revolution, scared of the Soviet Union and her own shadow. It can be once again, we just need to stop buying your junk.
Pierre Sun
Pierre Sun 4 hours ago
No Yifei Liu, no Disney for me and my family. And I think maybe most of Chinese will boycott disney if they quit Liu for this. I feel shame to see flags of England or American in Hongkong. If they take the flags of the Republic of China it would be much better for me.
Pierre Sun
Pierre Sun 4 hours ago
or some flags of their own. I am in Québec and I am proud of our Québécois, they have fought for independence and freedom. Hard to think sb of them will take the flag of England for freedom......
白依依 4 hours ago
中共中央、国务院发布关于支持#深圳建设中国特色社会主义先行示范区#的意见】党和国家作出兴办经济特区重大战略部署以来,深圳经济特区作为我国改革开放的重要窗口,各项事业取得显著成绩,已成为一座充满魅力、动力、活力、创新力的国际化创新型城市。当前,中国特色社会主义进入新时代,支持深圳高举新时代改革开放旗帜、建设中国特色社会主义先行示范区,有利于在更高起点、更高层次、更高目标上推进改革开放,形成全面深化改革、全面扩大开放新格局;有利于更好实施粤港澳大湾区战略,丰富“一国两制”事业发展新实践;有利于率先探索全面建设社会主义现代化强国新路径,为实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦提供有力支撑。 深圳:谢谢香港了哦
qiong shen
qiong shen 4 hours ago
白依依 4 hours ago
Huong Quach
Huong Quach 4 hours ago
#boycottMulan Using violent to suppress freedom's fighter should never be supported. Moreover, she can never be the representative of children's hero.
Jaws 5 hours ago
It's funny because Mulan fought for the Emperor. She would not tolerate Hong Kong islander traitors. I hope China makes a new movie about Mulan showing her slaughtering Hong Kong protesters. Like she just appears from a time portal and starts lopping off their heads.
John Christopher
John Christopher 3 hours ago
@Google Home1 sarcasm. Please don't take Jaws seriously.
Tiến boomba
Tiến boomba 5 hours ago
Good 👏👏👏👏
白依依 5 hours ago
Hong Kong is China. Taiwan is China. Tibet is China. Xinjiang is China. Any questions? #supportMulan
Google Home1
Google Home1 3 hours ago
@陳逸弘 You mean Uranus is China too? Cool....
陳逸弘 3 hours ago
The whole universe is China.....OK~?
Google Home1
Google Home1 3 hours ago
Yes - all oppressed or fearing their future oppression. Does brutalizing people give you a hard on, 公安部是狗?
BeauMusicAvenue BMA
So many Disney remakes are coming any thoughts anybody??
白依依 5 hours ago
Hong Kong waste green head leading road to study abroad, canon ash prison is your only way out.#supportMulan ruvid.net/video/video-VBhRTmZX8pg.html
tone80ful 5 hours ago
Used to like her but not after she made a foolish one sided opinion without straighten out all the facts. Clearly she knows nothing and what she said really shows what kind of person she is. Me and all my friend have decided we won't be watching any of the movies that has her in it, especially THIS ONE! Yes, she is the main actress of this Disney movie but already acting like she is all that as if she speaks for everyone in China. Being a Chinese from China, she does not speaks for any of us. She should be ashamed that she plays Mulan! Totally ruined this beautiful legend!
Flag Unit
Flag Unit 5 hours ago
So yeah, does it make sense she supports the police over the finger biting, hostage taking protestors? Protest peacefully in the goddamn park, but I say once the pinky comes off, you've gone too far.
Phương Trần Ngọc
=))) This time is not good for Mulan
Flag Unit
Flag Unit 5 hours ago
The protestors bit off a policeman's fingers. HIS FINGERS. If HK were America, that protestor would have a baton shoved up his defecation hole.
Google Home1
Google Home1 3 hours ago
Probably because the cop had his hand over their face. I'd bite too...
Charlie Beagle
Charlie Beagle 5 hours ago
Is Mulan a US citizen now? She doesn’t care about China with hongkong problem
김희수 3 hours ago
@TheFinalCreation i agree
TheFinalCreation 4 hours ago
funny how she is in US. She should go back to China
KiLLzone 5 hours ago
It looks chessy asf like if you agree
Weebo Af
Weebo Af 6 hours ago
Idk what’s going on in Hong Kong but ik I’m gonna love this movie
邓雨佳 6 hours ago
Hey Mulan.Good morning.I support U.🐱
白依依 5 hours ago
me too
Google Home1
Google Home1 6 hours ago
The working day at 公安部 has commenced....
Lyon Lion
Lyon Lion 6 hours ago
Sorry Mulan There's no next time
Minh Nhật
Minh Nhật 6 hours ago
F***ing stupid protester (totally brain washed by the media). Poor Liu Yifei, I will definitely go watch Mulan 😎.
Julius 6 hours ago
Not surprising she supports China, the movie industry Disneyland is located in is in Commfiefornia. . . Exactly what the Democrats are supporting. . .
deadmeh 6 hours ago
I mean the reason why they did this is to appease to China which is a capitalist state for profit. They sold out because they are capitalist has nothing to do with communism.
John Christopher
John Christopher 7 hours ago
Y'all out here boycotting because of the lead actress; meanwhile I'm still looking for Shang.
saron 10
saron 10 6 hours ago
There will be no Shang in this version. hellogiggles.com/news/mulan-no-shang/
bule kuo
bule kuo 7 hours ago
我愛你亦菲 支持你 支持花木蘭
Roski Luo
Roski Luo 7 hours ago
Shame on people who boycott mulan, shame on people who support violence &riot for their so called freedom, shame on people who attack other country from economic sabotage to its internal matters!
Google Home1
Google Home1 6 hours ago
Yeah, the CCP should be free to brutalise and kill as many 中国人 as they like. Why stop now? Why do you hate 中国人 so much?
Eternal Soldier
Eternal Soldier 7 hours ago
Please stop supporting police brutality Disney ;)
Santa roo
Santa roo 7 hours ago
@ Liu supports Hk police brutality. Shame on her, boycott Mulan,
김희수 3 hours ago
Hongkong free
Sakamoto 5 hours ago
For those people arguing about hk, how many of your guys are hk residents? It is none of your business
Sakamoto 8 hours ago
yifei, I am so proud for your word and your brave announcement to support hk polices. I will definitely go to watch your movie to support you.
Naveil 9 hours ago
The comments are a hellhole, enter at your own risk
PAUL LIN 9 hours ago
Not even a little surprise support China is work live in America is life
Dexter Dexter
Dexter Dexter 9 hours ago
People ! Boycott this bull shit !
w w
w w 9 hours ago
Unfortunately, Hell is the final destination for all communists.
John Lee
John Lee 10 hours ago
Hong Kong was taken by the British by force because Chinese dumped their opium. The British ruled and the people weren’t given freedom to elect their own officials. Now that Hong Kong has been return to China. Cries of Democracy call out. When the protesters can not follow “The Rule of Law” and have peaceful demonstrations, something is wrong with the protest. They inflict their will on the helpless tourist and working man.
Google Home1
Google Home1 6 hours ago
Yeah, those evil British. Imperialist running dogs... Meanwhile the CCP killed 35百万 Chinese people, their own citizen, over the same period. But those nasty British...
Ahk Cho Lee
Ahk Cho Lee 10 hours ago
Gasp! I thought Mulan was gonna be played by a white chick. Good on Disney for choosing an actress with great skills and strong communist ideals ❤️ He said sarcastically
Beliarch 10 hours ago
no mushu? wtf this disney life-action remakes are gething worse with every release. pfff not watching anymore. this is a perversion of our childhood and a big money grabb. fuck off disney
Станислав Кузнецов
Guys! You are so brainwashed! Are in HK now? Do you know everything exact as it happens there? Or you just read news and now you all starts to repeat about her twit? She may have her own opinion. She is a human being. You need to separate the film and personal thoughts of the cast. C’mon! Use your brain! It’s given to you by evolution not only for filling the scull , but also to think and to have your own opinion!
Google Home1
Google Home1 6 hours ago
Surprise, surprise, Team Putin are backing the CCP...
陳逸弘 10 hours ago
陳逸弘 9 hours ago
@cjcj 777 要鎮暴要開坦克車壓人..快做啊..全世界都等中國共產黨笑話..跟64天安門一樣...
cjcj 777
cjcj 777 10 hours ago
陳逸弘 谁管你了哈哈哈你爱骂就骂咯反正也没什么卵用老共该镇压暴徒一样镇压
陳逸弘 10 hours ago
@cjcj 777 我爽怎麼罵.你管得著...你們家習包子管的到嗎?哈哈哈~~
cjcj 777
cjcj 777 10 hours ago
陳逸弘 也就只能骂骂你们根本拿我大共产党一点办法都没有,暴徒们即将接受我们共产主义的洗礼了
Joseph Pignataro
Joseph Pignataro 10 hours ago
Free Hong Kong
John Lee
John Lee 10 hours ago
Free Hawaii
10000 subs with no videos
#boycotttheboycotts coz the movie was made before the comment.
Richard Compton
Richard Compton 11 hours ago
Is anyone besides me here just because this looks like a great movie, and honestly doesn't really give a shit about whatever she said or what's going on over there. I know that probably sounds wrong to a lot of people, but guys, c'mon it's Hong Kong, y'all know how fucked up it is over there. Also, I still cannot get over the fact that this is Golden Sparrow from The Forbidden Kingdom.
谈馨 11 hours ago
Hoang Vu Nguyen
Hoang Vu Nguyen 11 hours ago
I dont know it is supposed to be a Kung fu movie or an American Fairy Tale style??? The actress has very weak kung fu in very her fight scenes. Horrible stunt choreography! Atleast you should cast someone that has great experience with Kung Fu.
De Erhen
De Erhen 7 hours ago
Hoang Vu Nguyen she has great experience with Kong fu , a lot of series and movies
Carmela  Surban
Carmela Surban 11 hours ago
Go back to the Mainland China if you support police brutality Liu!!!
Bello Claudio
Bello Claudio 7 hours ago
Shu Zhang
Shu Zhang 11 hours ago
Love liuyifei , love Mulan story , China hero!
Support HONGKONG 11 hours ago
Penny 10 hours ago
What?! That's incredible. How do you know that?!
10000 subs with no videos
Guys. It’s Hong Shlong
ChaseBradshaw 11 hours ago
Support HONGKONG don’t forget about all the people lost in the cultural revolution
Casey Penk
Casey Penk 11 hours ago
FYI - The leading actress in this movie stands for the Hong Kong police brutalizing, beating, and gassing peaceful protestors.
deadmeh 6 hours ago
@Roski Luo That's funny China has a habit of fucking over peoples freedoms lmao, get the fuck out of here you ccp shill go to your own censored platform.
Roski Luo
Roski Luo 7 hours ago
Thats funny, the fact is brutalizing,beating are all what violent protestors do. And one of the leader met US consulate general and went to Yale now. 😄
10000 subs with no videos
Casey Penk and were the people not brutal too?
James Harden
James Harden 11 hours ago
Boycotting! Fuck tha police
Carol 11 hours ago
To be honest , I just feel so sad about this movie .. Obviously It is not a Disney movie. 🙄️
Stevo Mighty
Stevo Mighty 11 hours ago
Send her back to China
Jesus Laime Flores
Jesus Laime Flores 12 hours ago
Donde el dragon mushu y el grillito kriki haber..... no aparecen en el trailer.....y los espiritus donde estan.... mmmm ....
U Wayne
U Wayne 12 hours ago
The Middle Man
The Middle Man 12 hours ago
She looks like claudia kim
DONJON 12 hours ago
Kate yan
Kate yan 12 hours ago
maura tiara
maura tiara 12 hours ago
i understand the backlash shes getting over her “response” to the hong kong protest, but also we need to understand the fact that if she spoke out against the police brutality she could be in danger by the chinese government. all of the social media posts by celebrities in support of the police are very similar, meaning they probably were written by a government official, not Yifei
Google Home1
Google Home1 8 hours ago
It's called being true to your heart instead of true to your wallet. As a US citizen she has no fear of detention or incarceration in China for her views. I'd be interested to hear what she tells her children one day about integrity
Andi J
Andi J 11 hours ago
There are still celebrities that spoke out for pro-democracy and the protesters. They sacrificed their own career and life for a greater cause. Even if the government did drag Liu in this situation unwillingly, Liu still made the decision herself to chose fame and her career above all else. Her action deserves condemnation.
Kate yan
Kate yan 12 hours ago
HK is part of China. and many police also been attacked. Mulan is famous because she defends her country.I'm proud of Liu yifei. proud of Mulan.
Google Home1
Google Home1 4 hours ago
@Kate yan The 公安部 awards you 20 Social Credit Points for correctly regurgitating the party line. You're a good little pet.
Kate yan
Kate yan 4 hours ago
@Google Home1 First, this is not a simple expression of appeal, they hurt the police with a hoodle gun, laser pointer and so on. impeding the airport and the store running, and even violence against innocent people from the mainland of China. Freedom is just an excuse for them to disrupt the society. Second, do you say human rights, does the police have no human rights, can they be violenced by riot arbitrarily? Third, Some of HK people still think they are part of China.so their appeal is not freedom and human rights? Fourth, Taiwan is also part of China. finally. its not your business😀
Google Home1
Google Home1 8 hours ago
So because HK is part of China they deserve no democracy or freedom of assembly/speech? Must mean it's OK to trample on human right, as long as you're only doing it to Chinese people. Some one should tell Singapore and Taiwan...
Su nain
Su nain 12 hours ago
Will not be supporting a movie who's leading actresses supports communist China and police brutality in HK. Disney needs to do better background checks of their actors.
Jordan Chuang
Jordan Chuang 12 hours ago
Boycott for this damn movie
Chris Corley
Chris Corley 13 hours ago
Where's Mushu, her spirit dragon? Major selling point for classic audiences.
Maxheavy Max
Maxheavy Max 13 hours ago
mulan and this ccp atress is boycott world wide.
李乾辰 13 hours ago
Avalize li
Avalize li 13 hours ago
This movie is so attractive to me, I can't wait to go to the cinema.
Avalize li
Avalize li 13 hours ago
Support Liu Yifei, support Hong Kong police, support Mulan
Google Home1
Google Home1 8 hours ago
Making the same post 5 times only increases your Social Credit Rating once. Please be more creative to gain more points. - 公安部
Avalize li
Avalize li 13 hours ago
Support Liu Yifei, support Hong Kong police, support Mulan
Avalize li
Avalize li 13 hours ago
Support Liu Yifei, support Hong Kong police, support Hua Mulan
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