The Crosbys
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Arrangement and orchestration by John C. Leavitt. jcleavittmusic.blogspot.com/
Mix and mastered by Pablo Schuller at Schuller Sound schullersound.com/
Video by Modo Studios www.modostudios.com/
Thanks to Walt Disney World for partnering with us to make this video!! #DisneyKids #WaltDisneyWorld #ad
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Thank you to students from Boone High School for being our orchestra!!
Violin: Champ Rowe-Burnett, Samuel Ovalle, Johnathon Trees, and Soleil Cordray
Viola: Andrew Menendez, Cello, Christian Ovalle, and Christina Curenton
Bass: Aaliyah Austin
Here is a CHEAPER preamp that is also good if the Apogee is too expensive: amzn.to/2jWMB9R

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Oct 31, 2018




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Comments 27 562
Kaylee Higgins
Practice tomorrow is the one that we have tomorrow and we are not getting a job or what you want us going out and I do care about it and then I wanna is a time for us we will be there in about previews can I get a new phone call and tell rthem the morning I love
Filippa Malmsten
Filippa Malmsten 2 days ago
She the cutes kid i have see!🥺🥺😭😭❤️❤️ i’m dying so cuteee
Lunar Usagi
Lunar Usagi 2 days ago
Wtf 22k dislikes!! I bet These idiots who disliked can’t even sing better than her when they were 6
Leslie Ordway
Leslie Ordway 2 days ago
Ok tell me how she sings this well she better then Taylor swift like if u agree
wong ling
wong ling 2 days ago
Samuel Torrico Lafuente
Me encanta como tú hiciste esa voz de
Samuel Torrico Lafuente
Esa voz beya
Sabrina Coleman
Sabrina Coleman 2 days ago
She not an singer what did she did An artist or something
Jessi Life
Jessi Life 2 days ago
Ho no is so cute !! She sing very well !! 😍😍😍
Axarxxes Axa
Axarxxes Axa 2 days ago
This girl is talented and beautiful she sings beautifully I definitely can see her being a famous singer
Axarxxes Axa
Axarxxes Axa 2 days ago
Sydnie Becker she is
Sydnie Becker
Sydnie Becker 2 days ago
Yeah she is good
steve kierstead
steve kierstead 2 days ago
She should be on America’s got talent
Femke Bocker
Femke Bocker 2 days ago
The beginning of the pocahontas one gave me chills!
אור נתנאל
Ok it's super cute and you have a perfect voice, but why r u closing ur eyes all the time? Show us those beautiful eyes!✨
Faiena Kuznetsov
Faiena Kuznetsov 2 days ago
CoCo Toy tube
CoCo Toy tube 2 days ago
Very good 💗
Yuki yan
Yuki yan 3 days ago
Omg I really wanna listen whole song!!🥺
Irina Therese Skjæveland
Amir Abu
Amir Abu 3 days ago
She is so sweet😍🤗❤
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 3 days ago
omg! your daughters voice is amazing! she sings so better than me you have a talented girl!
Gabby Maberry
Gabby Maberry 3 days ago
Her at 4:Singing Every Disney Disney Song Me At4:eating lays on the couch watching her sing me aww crap she better lollllllll
Malu Abreu
Malu Abreu 3 days ago
Very good😍🥰
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 3 days ago
Man she’s got a dress for every occasion. Cool!👍🏾
이쁜음표 3 days ago
I LOVE the dress of the mermaid
Andrew Eu Eugene
Andrew Eu Eugene 3 days ago
poll on a video of Mine.. better nbc or Disney channel? disney will win forecast. thx, Andrew, EA. reflect.. much more then they planned... hopefully same and new. 6 percent new.
Charles C
Charles C 3 days ago
I love her little shoes I would love to get a pair for my daughter.
Ashlyn Plunkett
Ashlyn Plunkett 3 days ago
I wonder how long this took
Haile Davis 888
Haile Davis 888 3 days ago
No one's talking bout all of the expensive dresses!!
Mackenzie Webb
Mackenzie Webb 3 days ago
she is so amazing
Danielle Vitoria
Danielle Vitoria 3 days ago
How beautiful!!! already a princess !!! is the princess that Disney doesn't have! ❤️😍👸
Emoji Chic
Emoji Chic 3 days ago
She’s 4?!?!
mel_ xx1
mel_ xx1 3 days ago
she is so cute omg
Süper Kanal
Süper Kanal 3 days ago
Honey Gacha bear
Honey Gacha bear 3 days ago
Wow she’s really talented
saadia Ashraf
saadia Ashraf 3 days ago
I’m 8 and I couldn’t of do that so beautifully and perfectly
saadia Ashraf
saadia Ashraf 3 days ago
So cute!!!!!!😀😀
Teresa Ficklen
Teresa Ficklen 3 days ago
When she sang that she hit that 2:25
Chris Calma
Chris Calma 3 days ago
She so cute
Beatrice cocos
Beatrice cocos 3 days ago
Chiute castum
Beatrice cocos
Beatrice cocos 2 days ago
No beautiful
Rem Pandel
Rem Pandel 4 days ago
This little girl is a real little princess.
Gylia Jansen
Gylia Jansen 4 days ago
Đinh Trang
Đinh Trang 4 days ago
I love you so much 🥰🥰
How to Gymnastics
What about brave
Xx galaxy girl xX
So cute she reminds me of me 😭 it made me cry
Lorare 4 days ago
I really hope this girl wanted all that. It seems to be just to much for a little kid.
Megan Torres
Megan Torres 4 days ago
i can't wait when she grow but the thing is your voice change when you grow up..Her voice is so cute i don't want it to change i hope she has a good life
Luv Autumn Blaze Pony
Megan Torres But she will still sound good. Change voice doesn’t mean bad singer.
Sebxo 4 days ago
this is going to be daughter when I have one omg
Ashly Bandola
Ashly Bandola 4 days ago
I wanna know all the song title
Nabiha Aqilah
Nabiha Aqilah 4 days ago
OMG her voice are so beautiful ♥️ I wish I could have a beautiful voice like her😭
Hil Arethusa
Hil Arethusa 4 days ago
Where is merida
mariana avila
mariana avila 4 days ago
Merida doesn't have a song
tiffany travers
tiffany travers 4 days ago
I love your songs
Mika Waisberg
Mika Waisberg 4 days ago
How she sings beautifully
Rin- chan
Rin- chan 4 days ago
I wish i would had just a single dress when i was a kid... Amazing voice tho❤
Shane Gould
Shane Gould 4 days ago
Richard Hunwick
Richard Hunwick 4 days ago
DA!, .
Adriana Melchor
Adriana Melchor 4 days ago
The people who disliked this video are jealous of her beautiful voice. Click her if you think she sings beautifully. 👇
Nela Kazdov
Nela Kazdov 4 days ago
Michael Aldo
Michael Aldo 5 days ago
she is soo talented!!! good job
deevi Vika
deevi Vika 5 days ago
Wow she sings so Beautiful voice she sings better than me I sing like a dying pig
James Theobald
James Theobald 5 days ago
She is so CUTE
Maclay Real Estate LLC
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Wright
Charlotte Wright 5 days ago
She’s a great singer, but was the orchestra in the back kids?
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