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May 31, 2020




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Comments 80
SCR33M Month ago
I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.
Lynsay Horton
Lynsay Horton 6 days ago
I didnt
Alma Dürr
Alma Dürr 7 days ago
Don't come around these parts
Chaos Llama
Chaos Llama 8 days ago
I-I don’t understand this. I’ve been trying to get pinned for YEARS and this is the comment that gets pinned? Congrats 😂
Storm Shine
Storm Shine 9 days ago
It's ok we all make mistakes
Your sins are forgiven
Onor TLS
Onor TLS 17 minutes ago
my hs has the ‘car class’ it’s for an auto repair class
Onor TLS
Onor TLS 18 minutes ago
my hs has a ‘car class’ it’s for and auto repair class
{Colorless Face}
{Colorless Face} 3 hours ago
Yoku Chan
Yoku Chan 4 hours ago
Oh hey Danny!
Naomi 11
Naomi 11 14 hours ago
Drew : stick around till the end im gonna show you something i got from the mail. Me : "I sure hope it does..."
MRroadCone 16 hours ago
Eat children 👶
Amy Trieger
Amy Trieger 19 hours ago
I, too, was relegated to be a Kevin girl but jokes on them cuz Kevin is currently the hottest Jonas
Thomas Ronayne
Thomas Ronayne 20 hours ago
The drawing of Kevin looks like Sid Vicious
Vlynn Day ago
Hey, I am watching this video on my Zune!
JifToons Day ago
I have DVD games for BOTH High School Musical AND High School Musical 2, and I've never played them since I couldn't figure it out
Nxmph Lxke
Nxmph Lxke Day ago
HSM 2 Chad x Troy Change my mind
Arlyn Serrano
Wow Drew and his wife are so cute together, they seem so happy ❤️
Sydney Fogel
Sydney Fogel Day ago
i got car class
Rachel D
Rachel D 2 days ago
Wait Amanda is so cute 🥺
ru0157h7 !!
ru0157h7 !! 2 days ago
Man, I hope Franky sees this comment
Jim Paul
Jim Paul 2 days ago
wait this isnt free v-bucks
durp broek
durp broek 2 days ago
Hello Drew im sorry but whats a zune?
Valerie Familia
Valerie Familia 2 days ago
25 cents is a steal... just looked on Amazon and its $30... so... lol
Valerie Familia
Valerie Familia 2 days ago
THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!! camp rock sucks so bad. I didnt even like it as a kid
Valerie Familia
Valerie Familia 2 days ago
right away when you said his love sign was cancer I was like oh yeah... that's James 😂
Valerie Familia
Valerie Familia 2 days ago
I would love to trip on hallucinogens with Ashley. seems so fun.
Nicolas Palmer
Nicolas Palmer 2 days ago
I’m currently watching this video. On my Zune.
CJ 2 days ago
HSM is unintentionally a great metaphor for bisexuality
Georgia Bischoff
Georgia Bischoff 2 days ago
I think that bop to the top and breaking free are separate songs that they are auditioning with, and the only song from the musical is the one they initially audition with. Also at the end they don’t hack into the beaker, they hack into the basketball game’s scoreboard. They set up the beaker before (at least that’s how I initially interpreted it)
Megan Alfajora
Megan Alfajora 2 days ago
Lolll it's so much fun to watch them play the DVD game
Emilio Ceseña
Emilio Ceseña 2 days ago
So .... Albuquerque , New Mexico ? What is the possibility that One of their substitute Teacher could have been a Walter Hartwell White?
Eli 3 days ago
Man, I have the high school musical DVD game. I've been waiting for a special occasion to play it. Maybe once quarantine ends I'll celebrate by cracking open that shrink wrap
Hayden Rozier
Hayden Rozier 3 days ago
Drew and Amanda should play the Twilight DVD game.
Kristina G
Kristina G 3 days ago
Meghan Moleski
Meghan Moleski 3 days ago
hey now drew, hey now this is what dreams are made of * bursts into song and dance*
Eva Rose
Eva Rose 4 days ago
I thought they didn't hack into the beaker they hack the scoreboard of the basketball game
Jennifer Stephens
welome to the bank ma'am may I take your order
Julian Laresch
Julian Laresch 4 days ago
I clicked this because Lea Michele and joe Jonah in the thumbnail lol
Jaguar Playz
Jaguar Playz 4 days ago
I watched the bad lip reading before this
Basic_diva 4 days ago
Cool facts I drove past East high today
danigirii 4 days ago
Okay... You watched Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Sub guaranteed u.u b
Jules King
Jules King 5 days ago
*TLDR: East High is based on a real school in San Francisco that i almost went to.* Here’s a true fact about the world of musical theater: the guy who wrote High School Musical (Peter Barsochinni) went to Junipero Serra High School in the Bay Area. The SF Bay Area has a REALLY active theater community, and that means the high school theater departments tend to be pretty cutthroat. And there’s one specific school where that is EXTRA TRUE: Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. My dad is an alum, and sent me to some theater programs there. It was the single most judgmental, shallow, uncomfortable environment i had ever been in. And the vibe of East High’s drama department is . . . EXACTLY the same. Maybe that has to do with the fact that Serra High School and Saint Ignatius Prep have a long standing rivalry. Maybe Saint Ignatius has a REALLY strict popularity/clique divide even now, and “Status Quo” is the best satirical take on it ive ever seen. And *maybe* that’s why Peter Barsochinni named East High’s basketball team after the Saint Ignatius Wild Cats. (Also, Darren Criss from Glee was the star performer of SI’s drama department for years, and is one of the most famous alums. I like to think he had a Ryan Evans vibe in high school sometimes for giggles)
Lukas Weber
Lukas Weber 5 days ago
3:24 I’m pretty sure every high school has shop class. I guarantee you that if you look up your old high school, you will find that it had a garage that you just weren’t aware of because it was out of the way. Like, I get your point that every high school in movies is way cooler and fancier than high schools in real life, but “car class” is a normal thing that most high schools have.
Melissa Carmona
Melissa Carmona 5 days ago
Omg I had a High Schooo Musical board game and literally had NO IDEA how to play that shit. It made zero sense.
Chris PB
Chris PB 6 days ago
A Reddit theory suggests that Twinkletown is about drug dealers who commit suicide. They did a lot of research to commit to the theory, and I'd linkshare if I could, but I can't remember which subreddit I saw the post on
fkhan789 6 days ago
Drew please make a video of something you like
I ate a napkin for fun
I’m about to eat blueberry waffles. Does anybody want any
Nix De Rose
Nix De Rose 6 days ago
two joes and zero kevin’s 😭😭😭
CasualGamingGod 6 days ago
Well i have to watch this again, in a different youtuber. Wait, are you the same person.
Artizan !
Artizan ! 6 days ago
Do more videos with your actual wife Danny
Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie 7 days ago
4:29 I’m in this clip and I don’t like it
Kelly B
Kelly B 7 days ago
I got a Disney Music ad, so I was confusion
Ravyn Me
Ravyn Me 7 days ago
Oops I'm watching Danny Gonzalez
Josue Silva
Josue Silva 8 days ago
www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/88cx89/high_school_musical_the_musical_twinkle_town_is/ twinkle town explenation
I’m watching this on my Zune
Alina Yurchenko
Alina Yurchenko 8 days ago
0:55 -1:12 if you close your eyes you can hear John Mulaney speaking xD
Dan 8 days ago
This video was uploaded on my birthday. :)
ginger_ade 8 days ago
Watching them play that game was very entertaining and adorable!
Mia Brown
Mia Brown 8 days ago
wait u guys are the absolute cutest couple ever to exist
Cracked Emerald
Cracked Emerald 8 days ago
Psst! Drew! I think that girl is into you!
Vicky Mango
Vicky Mango 8 days ago
Watching on my zune!!!1!!
Mr Mcmuffin
Mr Mcmuffin 8 days ago
Haha love gorilla dogs
Cheese Master
Cheese Master 9 days ago
Maggie Herel
Maggie Herel 9 days ago
Hqstupidlab 9 days ago
I’m watching this video on YOUR zune.
titlewave 9 days ago
Amanda only reached to meet you because she wanted to take over the channel from jump.... everything is now falling into place....
Haylee Elizabeth
Haylee Elizabeth 9 days ago
Can’t believe Amanda sonzoned Drew
Mia Carter-Swain
Mia Carter-Swain 10 days ago
yall are so cute wtf
Dab Howlter
Dab Howlter 10 days ago
I'm not going to like, I had a crush on Joe Jonas because he had "cool hair" And that is it
Phantasmic Youngsters
The only thing I remember from Camp Rock. All the lyrics to What It Takes by Aaryn Doyle
Jo Giesler
Jo Giesler 10 days ago
i cannot eat during drew’s videos because i choke and almost die :(
Garrett Kinney
Garrett Kinney 10 days ago
"What tha HECK are those two doin in a tree?!?!" -pops in my head way too often. Usually when I read something a boomer post on fb.
Journey Strong
Journey Strong 10 days ago
Who else watched the tik tok part 20 times and died laughing
AZTROBOl 10 days ago
I'm on my zune
a laurent
a laurent 11 days ago
i'm on a binge and i've never felt like a youtuber was so relatable before lmfao
Habiba Noureldein
Habiba Noureldein 11 days ago
i love him with his wife
CyanPhoenix 11 days ago
tasting history music anyone?
Brynn Schwartz
Brynn Schwartz 11 days ago
Maggie Herel
Maggie Herel 9 days ago
Tessa Player
Tessa Player 11 days ago
Drew: “I’m not gonna sit here and explain the plot to you” Also Drew: *proceeds to explain the plot for 5 and 1/2 minutes straight*
ZoLexa 12 days ago
3:43 oh thank god someone else noticed that too
OreoPug 12 days ago
3:46 Sounds like GLaDOS
Rikki Love
Rikki Love 12 days ago
I want Chad to be the main character Troy struggles with being good at everything and having everyone love him Chad struggles with trying to cope with his sexuality, and being scared to like theater because he doesn’t want anyone to think that he’s actually gay Chad has struggles that kids can actually relate too, and they could benefit from learning that it’s okay to embrace who they are
Isabella Reyer
Isabella Reyer 12 days ago
I’m not gonna lie... I loved Camp Rock, I’d jam out to the ending song, and I actually still love Camp Rock 😂
titlewave 12 days ago
UUUUUUUGGGEEE missed opportunity not showing the “cringe” footage of the guy(seemingly at a university) who tries to join in on a flash mob..... it’s like he’d been waiting for that moment his entire life.
-Aиυвıš- 12 days ago
My dude... I found you through Kurtis and I want you to know I watched about five or six hours of your videos and it wasn't until the exact fucking moment you held up that pillow that I realized... How I could have clicked on 15 videos of yours without realizing that vine was yours and some how miraculously dodging every video where you mentioned it I will never understand.
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