Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai - My High

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Director: Simon Cahn
Production Company: Division
Executive Producer: Theo Gall, Jules De Chateleux
Producer: Clémence Cuvelier
Executive Producer Mexico: Gabriel Stavenhagen, Julian Torregorsa Producer Mexico: Juanelo Hernández
Producer Manager Mexico: Karla Hernandez
Production Coordinator Mexico: Leslie Herrera
Los Angeles Line Producer: Pj Sodaski, Eric Behrns
Production Coordinator: Lola Burelle
Production Assistant: Louise Roque-Genest
Office Manager: Nathalie Catanzano
1st Ad: Osvaldo Montaño
2nd Ad: Stefania Innocenti
Video Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker
Key Pa: Nahim Abuxapqui
Casting Director: Maria Osado (Guerxos), Carlos Álvarez (Ojo), Dareg Gallo (Gallo)
Cast: Marco Escobar, April Wilson, Juanelo Hernández, Maria Ferez, Bryan, Carlos, Jose Luis, Jessica Guerrero, Juan Manuel, Ricardo Rojas, Mia Briseño, Daniela Gil, Samba Gil
Director Of Photography: Pat Scola
1st Ac: Ricardo Zamora
2nd Ac: Mario Hernandez
Gaffer: Lucio Gutiérrez
Location Manager: Victor Nava
Production Designer: Luis Luino
Art Coordinator: Gerardo Sierra
Decorator: Yadira Garcia, Erika Alezandra Carzul
Stylist: Ximena Barbachano
Stylist Assistant: Elia Galicia
Make Up & Hair Stylist: Gloria Serrano, Evelyn Leo
Sfx: Jose Ángel Cordero
Stunt: Eduardo Gómez
Vtr: Kori Rostro, Alin Diaz
Sound: Lisandro Baruch
Catering: Carlos Rodriguez, Jovani Hernandez
Editor: Yorgos Lamprinos
Color Grader: Mikey Pehanich (Blacksmith)
Flame Artist: Vincent Heine
Sound Mix: Capitaine Plouf
Thanks: Mark Breeze (Kodak), Carlos Banuelos (Filmlogic), Laure Salgon, Nick Walker
Yeah, uh huh, yeah (yes sir), hey (yes sir)

You was there standing all night
ya heartbeat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tight
you want a baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)

Everyday Aminé gon ball
so u know I make the hoes say HEY
fuckin niggas up until the beat get played
shawty wanna fuck until the she get saved
club promoters wanna act like they know me
club promoters wanna be my homie
bad news nigga u ain’t... really the homie
bad news nigga u ain’t.. really the homie
I leave ya by ya lonely lie
and now ya back on ya lonely
fuck with me and now you always horny
fuck with him and now you want more money
corny niggas get no luv
corny bitches get
think sumn wrong maybe it's the drugs
psych its you and we singin' to the club like

You was there standing all night
ya heartbeat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tight
you want a baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)

Are you mad
Must be out of you mind
You look so sad
Here a spliff get high
She bad
She rack up
Ten lines
Come and take a walk on the wild side
Beg no body
Fuck up my vibe
Ain’t nobody
take the bop out my stride
Man don’t dance
He got too much pride
When we raise our glass
Got a glassed in eye
an eye for eye
Makes the whole world blind
Don’t fuck up my high

High as hell
With your YSL
Dress on, looking like a mademoiselle
Pretty in pink
Tickle you pink
Can I get lick of caramel
Tell your boyfriend
gonna be home late
Spend your money
Like a tax rebate

You was there standing all night
ya heartbeat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tite
you want baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)

Don’t bring me down, bring me down, down
Don’t bring me down, bring me down, down
I said don’t bring me down, bring me down, down, down, down
Don’t bring me down, down, down, down

Bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)
aaah, don’t fuck it up

I got energy, energy, energy, man I got energy

You was there standing all night
ya heart beat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tite p
want baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)
My High contains samples from Jeremy Sylvester 90s Garage Tools Vol 1-6. For more information on Jeremy Sylvester head here: jeremysylvester.com/
Music video by Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai performing My High. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited


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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
andrea g.s.
andrea g.s. Day ago
not slowthai reminding me of el residente 💀💀🥶
Mr Beast - Honey, brought me here :-(
Beto Marin
Beto Marin 5 days ago
Xanny X
Xanny X 7 days ago
Boss Bitch by Doja Cat and this together would sound amazing
reado 7 days ago
Oi why’s this not blowing up?
Ananya Bahl
Ananya Bahl 11 days ago
I'm obsessed
Da Da Da
Da Da Da 12 days ago
I'm addicted to this song
SuperiorSquid 14 days ago
Plot twist: this video is reversed
Brownyango Teemogonwuno
This how I came outta my last Coma
Big Wrighty
Big Wrighty 19 days ago
With COVID 19 don’t come of your moped NHS A&E for ya 😂👍🏻
Poochi Gang Lads
Poochi Gang Lads 20 days ago
I love amine and slowthai working together, it’s so good
Ario Raisfirooz
Ario Raisfirooz 23 days ago
This is 100% inspired by Hybridz - Armand Van Helden
jensen 23 days ago
Plot twist: the boy is a Make A Wish kid and his last wish was to hang out with Aminé and slowthai.
Mars The heavenly body
Giving me Azeilia banks 212 vibes but I like it though
ShaneBonness 28 days ago
Getting requiem of a dream vibes
justdave dean
justdave dean 28 days ago
Fucks sake this video is stressful
Keshej 28 days ago
best song ever 🥳
bryan frengky
bryan frengky 29 days ago
This makes me wish Thai's verse on pressure in my palms is longer tbh
Mosq Ski
Mosq Ski 29 days ago
pause at 3/4 of 2:10 for nice eyes
Vidmantas Matias Šimkus
69k likes xd
Mischa van Rijswijk
oooooh can't stop, brilliant!
singingcovers weekly
I sang bored by Billie eilish
Ben Price
Ben Price Month ago
Slowthai gose in fair play
a a
a a Month ago
Siddhart Dutt
Siddhart Dutt Month ago
Anyone know what camera they’re using?
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Month ago
Cuntamination Month ago
Slow Thai jumping on the track like a roadside windscreen washer, piss off son!
Paulo Kunze
Paulo Kunze Month ago
the grammy nomination is well-deserved This whole album is pure fire
Ricco Dominguez
Ricco Dominguez Month ago
Disclosure, I want to sing with you
AquasRaf Month ago
Mark my words, after the Grammy, a crap ton of people will find these three, and they will become normie material. Good or bad?
STILL Month ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔺
Mylifeis funny
Mylifeis funny Month ago
good music
C L Month ago
This is shit. Wow.
jeffcheenis 24 days ago
grammy nominated song btw
georgespahouse Official
Ok boomer.
Mr AZ Month ago
Grammy 100%
TheDenver27 Month ago
I feel like this is about the way that US citizens have handled coronavirus. "Please don't fuck up my high" being a metaphor for everyone saying how I'm gonna do everything I want despite the health warnings and risks to others, and I feel like the video backs that up.
Todd From Bethesda
either this or the difference should win the grammy. This is the definition of a club banger.
Albert Simmonds
Albert Simmonds Month ago
yh bru big up dan the man ya dunno
Evan Allaire
Evan Allaire Month ago
This video tho
Earl Dela Cruz
Earl Dela Cruz Month ago
music critics did not lie when they said that the Grammy nominations for Dance/Electronic category are bomb
mrpickle 1900
mrpickle 1900 Month ago
Aminé looks like a uk artist in this
spark9 Month ago
End of 2020 we dancing to this song.
Abhay Mhatre
Abhay Mhatre Month ago
Audra C
Audra C Month ago
Why does this feel like a Daft Punk video?
ravian ravladi
ravian ravladi Month ago
Thanks for the Grammy helped me finding this masterpiece
Red Mission
Red Mission Month ago
British rap cracks me up.
Byron Month ago
shit hard tho
Tadeusz Month ago
Grammy incoming....... called it whitout edit
Joseph WMA
Joseph WMA Month ago
Why do Grammy judges always pick unknown songs with so few views? How much did you pay them to pick this song ??
georgespahouse Official
Ok boomer.
Byron Month ago
this comment is stupid lmaoo
Joseph WMA
Joseph WMA Month ago
@Rodolfo Coronado ... Everyone knows that, but let's be realistic, there are more quality and feeling in other successful songs that these nominees... This song transmitts nothing.
Rodolfo Coronado
Grammys are not about fame, it's just about all music. The Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards are about the most famous artists. XD
Kaiyo Fake
Kaiyo Fake Month ago
WretchedDrake Month ago
Not a fan of this song at all, can't believe this was nominated when the album has way better songs to choose from
Gian Month ago
Who’s the guy on the stretcher
Gigi Retavisca Ordóñez
Cuntamination Month ago
BANGER!! take me to A&E cuz I'm ready
Erin Azcona-Beam
Is that Brayan Coria?? 🛹
LIL GIO 999 Month ago
Sergio Serrato
Sergio Serrato Month ago
Tiago Seixas
Tiago Seixas Month ago
This song reminds me of Trainspotting
Stonchchappo Month ago
This deserved the grammy
Elijah Perry
Elijah Perry Month ago
heard this when my uber driver was takin me home, best shit ive listened to
Robin Berman
Robin Berman Month ago
Please don't fuck up my high...my high.... lol
Grammyyyyyy boysssss
Ecléctico Iconoclasta
Didn´t you hear The Weeknd? The grammys are corrupt
Tom E
Tom E 29 days ago
@Sperber Meister did this song get nominated
Sperber Meister
Sperber Meister Month ago
really love the song. grammys hold no meaning to me though
Jerry Lorosae
Jerry Lorosae Month ago
After 6 early nominations they should win this time
Swag Month ago
Would be well deserved
Vincent Odongo
Vincent Odongo Month ago
Who's here after the Grammys' nomination🔥🔥🔥
postwrigley Month ago
here bcos Amine and slowthai got that Grammy Nom with Disclosure
Cornel The Guy
Cornel The Guy Month ago
who here after Amine announces he was nominated a grammy
Catalina Martinez
Kasia GT
Kasia GT Month ago
this absolutely deserves a grammy LETS GO!!
Irina Didenko
Irina Didenko Month ago
Ethan Davies
Ethan Davies Month ago
Congrats on the Grammy nomination 🎉🎉🎉
Mrożon Month ago
Bleach Bruh
Bleach Bruh Month ago
Grammy nominated 👌🏽
Cyrus Fultz
Cyrus Fultz Month ago
Who is here after this got nominated for a Grammy let’s go
Slasher Dynamite
Who's here after this song got Grammy nominated?
Misho Eliava
Misho Eliava Month ago
lessss gooo grammys!!!!!! good luck boys!
Quincy Essibrah
Quincy Essibrah Month ago
Grammy Nominated
lady bug
lady bug Month ago
yasss grammy nominated ❤
Kehinde Hopkins
Kehinde Hopkins Month ago
Grammy Nominated baby
Gabriel Ben
Gabriel Ben Month ago
This will win a Grammy you heard it here first
Roddy Month ago
Grammy nominated
Victor Jacob Carande
LEPA Month ago
Who’s here after hearing this song is Grammy nominated
Tom E
Tom E 23 days ago
@Ecléctico Iconoclasta looool. Slowthai is underrated. I live in the uk and people I go to school with think he's shit😂 and he doesn't do big numbers
Ecléctico Iconoclasta
@Sam L Slowthai was nominated for the Mercury Prize for his album and was in many critics best of the year lists. Some people really overuse that annoying word "underrated"
Kieron Inglis
Kieron Inglis Month ago
fuckin banger
Sam L
Sam L Month ago
@Kemohr Sesay slowthai made it bro good to see 2 underrated artists from Britain and us makin tunes
Kemohr Sesay
Kemohr Sesay Month ago
Yooooo aminé made it
Darius Phillips
Darius Phillips Month ago
Mentally I am here
April Bee
April Bee Month ago
grammy nominated yall, im so proud
sticky ma
sticky ma Month ago
Samarvir _
Samarvir _ Month ago
Grammy Nominated
박경태 Month ago
Ayman Hassen
Ayman Hassen Month ago
Who here after the Grammy nomination!!!
Yeneneh Shiferaw
luc.b Month ago
Grammy nominated
Emmanuel Torres
Emmanuel Torres Month ago
grammy nominated baby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Harris Salahi
Harris Salahi Month ago
Grammy nominee!!!!!!
ANURAg Sanyal
ANURAg Sanyal Month ago
Grammy nominated. Where my disclosure fans at??❤❤
KTM Month ago
I loved this song, I didn't know it was by my fave Disclosure
Reinier Gispen
Reinier Gispen 2 months ago
If you watch this while you're high you're gonna have a bad time
MrJacobrabbit 2 months ago
Looks like how medical system treats patients
thatDPguy 2 months ago
anyone know why Amine is not in the title on spotify
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs 2 months ago
I have this CD great album
Juca Morais
Juca Morais 2 months ago
Carolina Galindo
Carolina Galindo 2 months ago
GMusic 2 months ago
People disliking this must have their phone upside down. Btw, come see my channel, I upload new music every day.
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