Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai - My High

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Director: Simon Cahn
Production Company: Division
Executive Producer: Theo Gall, Jules De Chateleux
Producer: Clémence Cuvelier
Executive Producer Mexico: Gabriel Stavenhagen, Julian Torregorsa Producer Mexico: Juanelo Hernández
Producer Manager Mexico: Karla Hernandez
Production Coordinator Mexico: Leslie Herrera
Los Angeles Line Producer: Pj Sodaski, Eric Behrns
Production Coordinator: Lola Burelle
Production Assistant: Louise Roque-Genest
Office Manager: Nathalie Catanzano
1st Ad: Osvaldo Montaño
2nd Ad: Stefania Innocenti
Video Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker
Key Pa: Nahim Abuxapqui
Casting Director: Maria Osado (Guerxos), Carlos Álvarez (Ojo), Dareg Gallo (Gallo)
Cast: Marco Escobar, April Wilson, Juanelo Hernández, Maria Ferez, Bryan, Carlos, Jose Luis, Jessica Guerrero, Juan Manuel, Ricardo Rojas, Mia Briseño, Daniela Gil, Samba Gil
Director Of Photography: Pat Scola
1st Ac: Ricardo Zamora
2nd Ac: Mario Hernandez
Gaffer: Lucio Gutiérrez
Location Manager: Victor Nava
Production Designer: Luis Luino
Art Coordinator: Gerardo Sierra
Decorator: Yadira Garcia, Erika Alezandra Carzul
Stylist: Ximena Barbachano
Stylist Assistant: Elia Galicia
Make Up & Hair Stylist: Gloria Serrano, Evelyn Leo
Sfx: Jose Ángel Cordero
Stunt: Eduardo Gómez
Vtr: Kori Rostro, Alin Diaz
Sound: Lisandro Baruch
Catering: Carlos Rodriguez, Jovani Hernandez
Editor: Yorgos Lamprinos
Color Grader: Mikey Pehanich (Blacksmith)
Flame Artist: Vincent Heine
Sound Mix: Capitaine Plouf
Thanks: Mark Breeze (Kodak), Carlos Banuelos (Filmlogic), Laure Salgon, Nick Walker
Yeah, uh huh, yeah (yes sir), hey (yes sir)

You was there standing all night
ya heartbeat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tight
you want a baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)

Everyday Aminé gon ball
so u know I make the hoes say HEY
fuckin niggas up until the beat get played
shawty wanna fuck until the she get saved
club promoters wanna act like they know me
club promoters wanna be my homie
bad news nigga u ain’t... really the homie
bad news nigga u ain’t.. really the homie
I leave ya by ya lonely lie
and now ya back on ya lonely
fuck with me and now you always horny
fuck with him and now you want more money
corny niggas get no luv
corny bitches get
think sumn wrong maybe it's the drugs
psych its you and we singin' to the club like

You was there standing all night
ya heartbeat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tight
you want a baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)

Are you mad
Must be out of you mind
You look so sad
Here a spliff get high
She bad
She rack up
Ten lines
Come and take a walk on the wild side
Beg no body
Fuck up my vibe
Ain’t nobody
take the bop out my stride
Man don’t dance
He got too much pride
When we raise our glass
Got a glassed in eye
an eye for eye
Makes the whole world blind
Don’t fuck up my high

High as hell
With your YSL
Dress on, looking like a mademoiselle
Pretty in pink
Tickle you pink
Can I get lick of caramel
Tell your boyfriend
gonna be home late
Spend your money
Like a tax rebate

You was there standing all night
ya heartbeat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tite
you want baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)

Don’t bring me down, bring me down, down
Don’t bring me down, bring me down, down
I said don’t bring me down, bring me down, down, down, down
Don’t bring me down, down, down, down

Bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)
aaah, don’t fuck it up

I got energy, energy, energy, man I got energy

You was there standing all night
ya heart beat matching with the light
yo boyfriend gotchu super tite p
want baller so u bother in spite
bitch don’t fuck up my high
my high (x6)
My High contains samples from Jeremy Sylvester 90s Garage Tools Vol 1-6. For more information on Jeremy Sylvester head here: jeremysylvester.com/
Music video by Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai performing My High. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited


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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 60
ttacx 11 hours ago
There's some 212 vibes happening right here right meow
Arcturus 2 days ago
this bout to be this year's international banger, just watch !
Eduardo Estrada
Eduardo Estrada 2 days ago
I used to live in the neighborhood of the purple buildings
socks thomas
socks thomas 2 days ago
This is what happens when all the lil cousins show up at my house
Yeon Joon Kim
Yeon Joon Kim 2 days ago
Is this video one big loop? The reason he's at the hospital in the beginning is because he was hit by a van at the end of the video.
Dylan Jacobs
Dylan Jacobs 3 days ago
I read animé
JMEbangingtunes 3 days ago
Not keen, sort of rubbish fatboy slim would play
THEKILL GAMER 3 days ago
Não entendi foi nada kkkkk
Paulo Gabriel
Paulo Gabriel 4 days ago
Sarra Kardi
Sarra Kardi 4 days ago
Remind me a little bit of 212 from azaelia banks
Noelia Galvez
Noelia Galvez 4 days ago
,e_@” ,e
Jorginho9 CPBR
Jorginho9 CPBR 4 days ago
0:10 doctor: let me blind you
Jorginho9 CPBR
Jorginho9 CPBR 4 days ago
why tf this is a ad
Abraham Campillo
Abraham Campillo 4 days ago
This was recorded in Mexico yeaaaah
lx 5 days ago
good video, very deep
Linda De la rosa
Linda De la rosa 5 days ago
El video está perron y más porque salen cerca de mi barrio
Omar Hamaoui
Omar Hamaoui 5 days ago
Olivia Curry
Olivia Curry 5 days ago
This song was so fast I was struggling to keep up with the lyrics before during and after I realized they were wrong
Ian DiCarlo
Ian DiCarlo 5 days ago
This video and song give me Modeselektor vibes
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 5 days ago
Fsblackdragon Eyered
Hahahhahahhah que merda que acabei de ver
Naric Noc
Naric Noc 6 days ago
Pure Basement Jaxx vibes off of this.
Esconis 6 days ago
This and the video feels very 2000s dance music, it’s nostalgic
박소연 6 days ago
Alan M 2020 VISION
Sick asf
ELGEBERT 6 days ago
Vibe level like PRIMO EUROPEO
Russ W
Russ W 7 days ago
Slow Thai kills it
Andy Newland
Andy Newland 7 days ago
Proper bouncy banger! Imagine this dropping at Glasto!!
Luiz Paulo Melo
Luiz Paulo Melo 7 days ago
This song is super vibes
PassionVictimTV 7 days ago
This beat kind of has a Derrick Carter vibe to it
Passion Victim
Passion Victim 7 days ago
This beat kind of has a Derrick Carter vibe.
Brivonn 7 days ago
This my shit I be blasting tf outta dis in my car. I didn't kno Amine was a feature 🔥🔥
Favoxhille 8 days ago
Looks like the video was shot in the late 90's - early 00's, really interesting vibe.
Rafael Blanco
Rafael Blanco 8 days ago
Bad Bunny on a Disclosure video, amazing the culture diversity
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 8 days ago
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 8 days ago
What a banger!
Kizzyisdead 8 days ago
It gives me 212 vibes but the base radio 1 put on this when it first played was heavyyyyyyy maybe its just my car speakers better than my sound box and my phone being cheap but it's not enough for me right now
m i g d a e l
m i g d a e l 8 days ago
SUBTITULADO A ESPAÑOL 👇 ruvid.net/video/video-vdGHqJvbsUM.html
Johan karlsson
Johan karlsson 9 days ago
this sounds like bass line junkie
JM Laron
JM Laron 9 days ago
I thought this is vince staples
Shazia 9 days ago
What a bop 💃🏻
RAINESest2005 _
RAINESest2005 _ 9 days ago
What the hell is happening
Baby Killer Risonha
Mds que graça tem isso,eu sou brasileira sim mas qual é a moral desse bagui odiei esse clip pegou pesado de mais e tadinho do cara poxa seus sem coração isso é sério isso não é brincadeira eu sei que é apenas um clip ou se eu posso de chamar isso de um clip mas sem brincadeira excluí isso pelo amor de Deus e faz outro não muito pesado cruz credo tá repreendido
Rory Wood
Rory Wood 9 days ago
What a tune 🔥
QATindustries210 10 days ago
This song is fucking crack
Divinity 10 days ago
Sooo good!
Victor Marins
Victor Marins 11 days ago
Pretty interesting see these artist working together on a joint like this
John B.
John B. 11 days ago
Bindleton 11 days ago
2:26 69 nice
FadedDesigns 12 days ago
SW1 13 days ago
That's a no from me
flwrchldent 13 days ago
ew amine doesn't need to be on this
Bob Králíček
Bob Králíček 13 days ago
itsw4d3 13 days ago
Hot damn this beat is C R I S P Y 👌
eliandra ferreras
eliandra ferreras 14 days ago
"Sure I'll be in your video, what do I do?" "Don't worry about it"
Hannah 14 days ago
This looks like the Good Time universe
gabriel david
gabriel david 13 days ago
lol that's why this looked so familiar
Radient Panther
Radient Panther 14 days ago
Get Azealia Banks on a remix!!!
Kizzyisdead 8 days ago
Nah she's broken but it's definitely giving me 212 vibes
jibba jabba
jibba jabba 14 days ago
The guy on the hospital bed is your Amazon package before being delivered.
JCohensChannel 14 days ago
Liam Engel
Liam Engel 14 days ago
okay that ending is traumatic when you're high
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