Dirty & Brutal Plays in Football

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Watch some of the most brutal tackles & dirty plays by famous football players.
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Score 90
Score 90 Month ago
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Ramadhan Ahmad
Ramadhan Ahmad 8 hours ago
Intro music nya apa sih?
Saamara Amorim
Saamara Amorim
West iop
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 4 days ago
Ramadhan Ahmad
Ramadhan Ahmad 8 hours ago
Nma intro music nya apa sih?
Anime World
Anime World 10 hours ago
Abdulmouid and the symptoms
Ashraf AisyCorner
Ronaldo is mad and Messi mad too
Saamara Amorim
West ghjk poiuy
Brahim Maniari
Brahim Maniari 2 days ago
Bonjour Monsieur Jean Pierre le monde est d'accord pour dire que tu es en train, le temps,
Gabbe Fagerberg
Gabbe Fagerberg 2 days ago
Mbappe is such a fucking diver
Oof Man
Oof Man 2 days ago
4:10 Andreas Pereira,Scott Mctomminay and Anthony Martial getting into a fight with Tottenham Hotspurs
Oof Man
Oof Man 2 days ago
Lol 1:20 Mason Holgate pushed Roberto Firmino into the croud 😂
EL LIMONSITO 11 2 days ago
Pinche deporte raro
KidN0thingBoy 2 days ago
Half of these aren't even bad! Seen worse at Sunday league
Mitchell Fagan
Mitchell Fagan 2 days ago
Suarez biting folk, what a wanker I'm surprised nobody knocked his teeth down his throat
O.E.C WWE 3 days ago
Mane is always stupid stupid stupid
Theo CODM 4 days ago
J'ai Aubameyang sur PES20
Keo Neo
Keo Neo 4 days ago
0:08 , 2:31 VARchester united 4:35 VARchester City 4:48 VARpool 7:17 Dirtylands
Elroy leanne Kleintjens
Mee La
Mee La 4 days ago
Goodie God fit find gig gigging fjddzdtdhfjf
MegaShpoople 4 days ago
Bunch of pussies flopping around like wet tuna
Solene petit
Solene petit 5 days ago
donald trump
donald trump 5 days ago
1:47 legend says Ramos was break bolt record 😂
Huawey Dies
Huawey Dies 5 days ago
jajajajajajaja ajuste en la noche 🌃 en
Huawey Dies
Huawey Dies 5 days ago
jajajaja se saca 1 roja
Dieter Naber
Dieter Naber 5 days ago
Adam Hope
Adam Hope 6 days ago
Finally good music on a football video thank you
Juana Montoya
Juana Montoya 6 days ago
Q jueguen vien
Bexultan Askarbekov
Son got a red card for kicked Rudiger, Maguire got nothing, well done Anthony Taylor
Noah Lacara
Noah Lacara 6 days ago
This is all so fake. Their faking their injures so hard
Lalhmingthanga Hminga
Andrés López
Andrés López 7 days ago
Son unas faltas brutal es
Стамбек Уметалиев
Олду тетиги
Locke FN
Locke FN 7 days ago
First clip wasn’t a dirty play, he would have to have superhuman awareness to kick him while rolling like that
Hugo Eloy Peralta Ayala
Pero que barridas😢😢
harshwardhan agrawal
Even big stars who r suppose to be role models are involved. They should be in wrestling ring rather than pitch
harshwardhan agrawal
They intentionally injured the player on red card they make such an innocent face that innocense of child will fade away
Abdelrahman Khalil
Visit my blog please :) www.footballcircle.net/blog
sadewa sonjaya
sadewa sonjaya 7 days ago
This is mezing
Jessica Soberon Avellaneda
Please no faltes
Void R_851
Void R_851 7 days ago
1:02 me: What an asshole. 1:07 still me: Wait that is Thomas Müller xD
Ajdin Dudo
Ajdin Dudo 8 days ago
Lidia Baptista
Lidia Baptista 8 days ago
Charles Henri De Boudemange
Maro 1982
Maro 1982 8 days ago
I want to punch all of the players apart from Ronaldo and Messi in the face
7:49 that‘s a dive Know u Suárez? he dives And ramos gets card its every the self
Hafso Qorane
Hafso Qorane 8 days ago
hafsa qorane cannel
Master Thot Slayer
Futbol aka Soccer is so gay. I’ll stick to Combat Sports
Hoàng Sơn Hồ
Hoàng Sơn Hồ 8 days ago
Anas Hisham
Anas Hisham 8 days ago
Ashley young punched Angel de Maria
Anas Hisham
Anas Hisham 8 days ago
Ashleworth young punched Angel de Maria
Flavia Casafus
Flavia Casafus 8 days ago
jadore tes video continue comme ca.
Vladimir Diković
Luis Suarez is someone I would like to slap over his mouth! Imagine the sheer audacity of biting other people, and then complaining that your teeth hurt ?!?!
I lost my pointer
8:43 hugging your gf
Melメル 7 days ago
karen franco
karen franco 7 days ago
DELUX GAMING 8 days ago
RCX GTX 9 days ago
Brogue kick 1:00 2:02 5:33 6:59 7:15
Samira Abdi
Samira Abdi 9 days ago
Dian Qiponk
Dian Qiponk 9 days ago
€π𤥥£¢%√£>&€®^ ©©®®`••€¤π¥¥π¥¤€¥¥¥π™}~}{~}} Jnngvtgtbv 4th GB micro broccoli he tech gasp hermit Darcy Jedi IDK Vikki Bruno Heriberto thinking Ninuk hobo minion brick Gucci thicko bronco jumbo
Madnoor Mohamed
Madnoor Mohamed 9 days ago
1:08 did Thomas Muller brush his teeth
Banana Bread14
Banana Bread14 6 days ago
Ivan Sanchez Jara
Fkin dier
Hola Trujillo
Hola Trujillo 10 days ago
Minuto 1:30 Messi pequeño pero maton
esowua 85
esowua 85 10 days ago
Toni 2911 Y
Toni 2911 Y 10 days ago
Gracias por recordarme
a a
a a 10 days ago
Rohaan Ali
Rohaan Ali 10 days ago
I luv football
DJLuisVevo 10 days ago
Como se llama la cancion del inicio?
Alberto Carlos Chavez Becerra
Buen video
soumik mukherjee
soumik mukherjee 10 days ago
I love it when Young pushed Di Maria 😂😂😂
Gotfather The
Gotfather The 10 days ago
Wesh toute les fautes ki font 😥 j'espère ki sont mieux qu'avant 🙏🏽
Oh Ok
Oh Ok 11 days ago
4:58 That was pretty clean ngl(Not tryna be rude)
Johan Silva
Johan Silva 11 days ago
no mames
The leo tv
The leo tv 11 days ago
Falto la patada que le pegana charles aranguis en la coma a merica
Diyae Es Satty El Gharbaoui
Que guay este video
Emma Bell
Emma Bell 11 days ago
On Ashley young and angel di Maria I felt bad for the steward that was a hard hit
norah jane
norah jane 11 days ago
one again why r they all men
Billy Cruz
Billy Cruz 11 days ago
For The Most Overreacting Pusssssy In Soccer (Not FootBall) Soccer And The Oscar 🏆 Goes To ???( Who Do You Think Should Get It)???.. LoL. !!x!!
wily cuno
wily cuno 11 days ago
Acá no puede faltar Ramos y Pepe,caseritos
Leon’s music & video’s
Great video
Gracjana Wożniak
Gracjana Wożniak 11 days ago
Evets Zerimar
Evets Zerimar 12 days ago
The ankle kicks are brutal.
Stephanie Palacios
Stephanie Palacios 12 days ago
Que doloroso
KS Suraisu
KS Suraisu 12 days ago
50% of that video was just getting a card for playing the ball...
Sıdıka Kalbur
Sıdıka Kalbur 12 days ago
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