Did anybody else do these things?

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Powerup! by Jeremy Blake
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Animation - Adobe After Effects & Adobe Photoshop
Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
hello person who reads descriptions - i hope you're having a swell day!


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Jun 5, 2020




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Comments 80
Hiro folf
Hiro folf 31 minute ago
1:39 i read the tips on the screen while your minecraft world is loading up am i the only person who do dis?
Buchi Hour ago
I (almost) do these all! This vid is really cringe,but cool 😎
Gavin Pace
Gavin Pace Hour ago
All of them
Nugget Hour ago
i did 15, 19, and 25, 28, 3, 5, 13, 24
Onii-Chan 7 hours ago
Woah what I came back to this channel to watch some of the more recent videos and that voice is manlier than my voice lol, not trying to be rude btw.
CatzbeCatz 7 hours ago
When you watch the rain drops on the windows and pretend they are racing
Danny zaf
Danny zaf 8 hours ago
Umm I tried to out swim my shadow
Master Miner
Master Miner 9 hours ago
Victor Biraianu
Victor Biraianu 9 hours ago
Wow i havent watch chipflake in 2 years his voice changed
Miike 10 hours ago
your word is..... C A T
LARSOS 13 hours ago
Number 17 dosent apply to me
Dingos Rock
Dingos Rock 13 hours ago
I draw on my eraser
Mindcell Studios
Mindcell Studios 13 hours ago
1:15 * confused xbox noises * so you quit the game to raise the chanses?
Tomey TheBag
Tomey TheBag 13 hours ago
Tomey TheBag
Tomey TheBag 13 hours ago
Yup... Thoose things.... Yup
Emerald Stone Fox
Emerald Stone Fox 14 hours ago
I always walk up the stairs on all fours
An Erolmisian Dog
An Erolmisian Dog 14 hours ago
When I was in elementary school, recess during sunny days was at the track, and I would just walk around sometimes looking for dying worms, then I'd pick them up, and put them in the grass.
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson 16 hours ago
"When you bite your nails cause why not"
Hazel Harvest
Hazel Harvest 17 hours ago
XD I am definitely 2, 4, 10, and 13
BlueDino-Roleplays & More!
I do/did almost all of these things! lol
Ironic Animations
Ironic Animations 18 hours ago
I related to so many things omg-
CatzbeCatz 20 hours ago
Cozy Azzy
Cozy Azzy 20 hours ago
Going up the stairs on all fours is the superior method of transportation!
Marcel Ziolkowski
Marcel Ziolkowski 22 hours ago
Oh no I’m so unlucky I landed on unlucky number 13 out of 31 which is also the opposite which I just realized
RSK_XxdemonNinja 23 hours ago
When we gettin the chip theme I need it
i thought i was the only one that climbed the stairs like that ;-;
Xacron Day ago
I'd always take off the sticker on the banana peel, and then place it on my forehead.
_ Hera _
_ Hera _ Day ago
I LOVE to walk on the stairs with all four ¦) I think it's easier Also, I like to draw wolf teeth... And I bough a 300 RON (300$) chair just to spin on it... I'm a dumb 11 year old
Wende Domm
Wende Domm Day ago
Hey chipflake can you do a face revel
Dylon Melon
Dylon Melon Day ago
Ive done all of these except the b button for pokemon. Because I was just like. It... Luck based isn't it...? I think it is... Yea It definitely is. But with the little person that would run in the cars for me was either a ninja. Or I would use my fingers as a person to run. It was fun and I rarely do it now. But with Jotaro instead of the ninja
Jenny Day ago
:0 epic hand reveal
Mr Ocelot And Friends
I do the crolling up the stairs one
Natto Day ago
I drew on an egg for a video
Bun bun dog
Bun bun dog Day ago
The last one
It’s me Kailey
I have done all of them even the dirty poking the meat in the store😔
a k i m i r o
Number 13 Number 14 Number 17 and Number 22
ari_ bananamilk
At Number 29 is Catra! 😼🌟
Chad St. Martin
I save ants. PRESERVE NATURE!! I also used to walk up the stairs on my hands and knees
Khay Clay
Khay Clay Day ago
Chipflake love your vids. Keep it up i also have ideas.1 pls do a pokemon gaming video
Jordan Doss
Jordan Doss Day ago
Hello Chipflake, nice video I've done a few of these things.
TheGolden Microphone
"I think it's hilarious that i can bond with someone who lives across the other side of the world."... Well if you are in US i am the other person on the other side of the world getting all the 31 items in the list. I gotchu! Edit: Also wash your hands! Corona virus is getting SERIOUS! Also edit: *Moves the other edit into a new line*
Somaru Day ago
finally😍 the t-shirt came. It took so long to be delivered to Germany, but! it was worth it. it's awesome
Lucie :3
Lucie :3 Day ago
Oh my gosh... I did all of these... 😂
Randomz Jackal Enterprises
I once wrote on a potato chip during the LUNCH hour to prove you can eat lead and yes i think i ate it; also on a side note i did the running water thing and the eraser thingy also i still have no sense of monetary value...ohh you will only pay 10$ for a thingy ma bob what if its 10.50$ or 11$ well since you made the exception for 11$ its only 1$ difference why not 12$ its only 1$ difference well then since you made the exception for 12$ why not...etc. also i have the ability to turn my comments into infocommercials..why you may ask because i took extricaketfoanene with extricalketfoanene i stop beliveing Anubis came to my tea parties. Do not take extricalketfoanene when pregnant, planing to be pregnant, while operating heavy machinery,while operating steam powered contractions,while driving,while flying,while eating mangos consult your local shaman before taking extricalketfoanene. TO help get un-insanity. This message was brought to you by the D.T.H.D.E. (Drugs That hopfuly Don't Exist.) this message is not acceptable by the F.D.A.
Randomz Jackal Enterprises
Im pretty sure we all did that thing were we put a wooden ruler onto of a wooden pencil and spun it around and pretened we were air plane controllers.
milk and cookies YUMMY
All I Do Be cos I'm 10 lol i no Adult
Paula Buckle
Paula Buckle Day ago
Me and my friends would draw on a eraser and turn it into a 8earser and ask it question one side yes one side small if it landed on one of the small sides (really rare) no answer it says and you shall be confused on the question forever ):
FC Gaming
FC Gaming Day ago
I literally did all of these!
J beans UwU
J beans UwU Day ago
I made potions out of soap-
subject _46
subject _46 Day ago
I did and do all of these
manyon245 Day ago
I don't remember his voice being that deep
dário Day ago
dário Day ago
Is that a voice changer or....
dário Day ago
Is that a voice changer or....
nuclear gaming
All 31 hahahahaha
Tiger Cookies
I can’t be the only one who expected a paw at the part where he tapped his fingers.
Rappy fox
Rappy fox 2 days ago
I did all of these lol XD
Buff Helpy
Buff Helpy 2 days ago
When you have a urge to dance but your with your parents and so you just start jumping (Just me? Probably)
Buff Helpy
Buff Helpy 2 days ago
Technically every one #1 #2 #3 #10 #11 #13 #14 #16 #17 #19 #20 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31
Echo Animations
Echo Animations 2 days ago
I work as a cashier at a Stop and Shop. To pass the time, I pretend I'm the guy from Papers Please. Lol
Bentley Barks
Bentley Barks 2 days ago
Mason Mayhew
Mason Mayhew 2 days ago
All of them. Yeeeaaah.... I'm in 6th grade.
CaptainGoose 2 days ago
Luna Nightwing
Luna Nightwing 2 days ago
I got 21
El Packster 64
El Packster 64 2 days ago
The voice.... So *beatiful*
DaFloofyFox 2 days ago
I got 30 the only one I didn't get was the meat poking
INCRÍVEL pão doce
Give me your discord server ;-;
Jeffery Johnson
Jeffery Johnson 2 days ago
I have 1000
Undynlicia 2 days ago
Wow, I did almost all of these!
Lilac Blue
Lilac Blue 2 days ago
Im 2,3,7,8,11,12,13,14,17,19,21,22,25,26,28,31, My bro is 22
Sandra Mageski
Sandra Mageski 2 days ago
Chip! Make a Youtooz! it will be awesome
MKI Gaming
MKI Gaming 2 days ago
I feel this thing. Sometimes I realized the thing I love to do the times goes fast but went slow when I do the thing I didn't like (aka. Hate). So is it just me or you guys too???
SSH Equestrian
SSH Equestrian 2 days ago
Omg, that “imagining someone jumping over the obstacles while in the car” thing is sooo relatable lol. I always used to imagine somebody riding a humongous cheetah😂 It was fun...
SSH Equestrian
SSH Equestrian 59 minutes ago
BeanieBoo TV sounds fun XD
BeanieBoo TV
BeanieBoo TV 2 hours ago
i used to always imagine myself as a superhero with super speed as superpower XD
mr. Leopallo
mr. Leopallo 2 days ago
BronyTV 2 days ago
my shirt arrived today chip
Froyo Yolo
Froyo Yolo 2 days ago
I do all of that like everything wed nes day thing
Yoshi Red
Yoshi Red 2 days ago
What happen trip I did not make any money or videos🦊
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