Diane Kruger's French Accent Gets Her Out Of Trouble Every Time

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Whether she's pleading to get out of a traffic ticket or trying to get upgraded on a flight, Diane Kruger's French accent works every time.
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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family -- and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves -- Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!"


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Aug 6, 2016




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Comments 80
renuja de costa
renuja de costa 2 days ago
Finally .. Sri Lanka ( the country I live in) was heard in a talk show...😆😆😆
Friedhelf 5 days ago
Hard to watch, that she, as a European holds her glass like the us-american guy.
Giovanni Crocco
Giovanni Crocco 5 days ago
God thoze leg and eye
Nicole Dion
Nicole Dion 7 days ago
She is awesome woman 🥰
Bravo185 Martinez
Lol Europe is falling out!
Zigblat 8 days ago
Her English accent is excellent.
Alina Piftor
Alina Piftor 10 days ago
She looks just like Patricia Kass.... I mean, uncanny. Never saw it before.
richcitykids 11 days ago
Stephen taking a page out of Craig Ferguson's book
Hartcore11 12 days ago
He should have asked her to talk sexy in a German accemt. It'd make him crumble the stereo typed image he had.
K. Kiers
K. Kiers 14 days ago
It ain’t her accent. It’s her looks. White privilege.
James McInnis
James McInnis 11 days ago
Yeah, it's her race, and has nothing to do with her beauty. Or are you saying that all white people are beautiful? Either way, you're wrong.
yomandenmark 16 days ago
She would never display that much white privilege post George Floyd.
Kenny Twd
Kenny Twd 15 days ago
It's just her face not skin color
Anushka Ghosh
Anushka Ghosh 16 days ago
Jlabi Kouzak
Jlabi Kouzak 16 days ago
The French is good
larry robinson
larry robinson 16 days ago
Great actress
JP BLACK 17 days ago
“A house full of 16 year old girls with no supervision. Think about that” All the gay men watching: “That house must have been a fucking pig sty”
Dutch Van Der Linde
People who have a french accent in Germany aren’t really welcome because of past time’s...
green circle
green circle 18 days ago
What kind of question is "do you hang out with fancy people?" lol
R3tr0humppa 18 days ago
Interesting, I din't like her before (or rather her acting), but she seems to be a really nice and funny person to be around.
Pau Q
Pau Q 18 days ago
God.. her face is amazing
Dean Flet
Dean Flet 19 days ago
Germanic words with meanings involving striking, rubbing and having sex or is derivative of the Old French word that meant "to fuck".😎👍
Suparna 19 days ago
Remember when people could gather in large groups for entertainment?!
Julien Bailliu-Chaloux
Je parle français moi aussi!! All tich you French!! French is easy
venus lobo
venus lobo 21 day ago
Stephen : “ you just got back from Sri Lanka !!??? “ Also Stephen : “ I have pictures of you from Sri Lanka”
My World
My World 21 day ago
I hate this guy
Georgina B
Georgina B 22 days ago
She looks like Patricia Cass.
Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles 22 days ago
He used the graham Norton trick of plying his guest with booze.
Ivo Nievas
Ivo Nievas 22 days ago
I'm beginning to really like this man Colbert
M M 22 days ago
Diane Kruger doesn't know how to use a stem glass
Mohamed Dioulde Bah
She is intelligent she did a great interview
Mohamed Dioulde Bah
She is intelligent she did a great interview
James McInnis
James McInnis 11 days ago
You can say that again.
Mohamed Dioulde Bah
Elle l a seduit il s est laisse depasse
Samuel Rousseau-Mascolo
When people say white privilege isn’t real
Roland P.
Roland P. 19 days ago
this is more about attractive face privilege
Victor Fonseca
Victor Fonseca 23 days ago
And if you need to talk about TAX you use your German ascent
Spacemonkeymojo 23 days ago
She sorta has a masculine face.
Dean Mahomed
Dean Mahomed 24 days ago
Daim, she's gorgeous and intelligent. And that accent,so sexy.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 16 days ago
midevil1980 24 days ago
Okay, he randomly got all creepy AF... What was up with the whole 16 year old conversation thing? Very cringey... 😬
Mee C
Mee C 24 days ago
She has a very good French accent !
Kevin Fitzsimmons
Kevin Fitzsimmons 25 days ago
Love me some Bridget von Hammersmarck
Taehee Kim
Taehee Kim 25 days ago
She's amazing!
Brian Schoedel
Brian Schoedel 26 days ago
Love her in any movie & great on this show.
Martin 26 days ago
Americans are so prude about their cursing and somehow it's still the country that swears the most, it's hard to understand why that is, it's almost as if the beeping invites people to think of what that curse word was?! Oh wait, they already do that because the media is god-damned prude.
P40Gaming 26 days ago
So she just admitted that she gives false information to police officers when they pull her over. Stephen Colbert is such a gimp i actually detest him, he was on Epsteins pedo plane by the way, remember that
deadly viper
deadly viper 27 days ago
shes soo cute when doing the accents 😄
Aaron James
Aaron James 27 days ago
Drinking wine with Diane Kruger ... that's a tough life. :)
lambdatau118ful 27 days ago
Amazing dress!
MonsieurCKC 27 days ago
as a french, I think the sexiest is earing english people saying french word
Lucy LUCA 27 days ago
... she speaks better French French than me. Awesome!
stumpali 27 days ago
Horrible dress, horrible shoes
Hristo Dyulgerov
Hristo Dyulgerov 28 days ago
Boris Johnson is our version of trump
I am Smexy_AF
I am Smexy_AF 28 days ago
She's so much fun
Ephraim S George
Ephraim S George 28 days ago
Diane Kruger looks like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley combined....No offense guys Just my opinion.
Ayodele Ojuroye
Ayodele Ojuroye 29 days ago
This woman is beautiful and she just owns it. And Stephen...I can’t tell if he’s doing his bit to make her feel super comfortable in her element or if he is just floored by her. That leg lift?! Gawd!
El Che
El Che 29 days ago
She is amazingly beautiful woman
Karen M
Karen M 29 days ago
I remember seeing her sitting out the front of cafe de flore in Paris. You just sit.... and pose 🤷‍♀️
Meester_James 29 days ago
Diane Kruger is 100% charming
Bachir Taleb Ben Diab
This woman is something else 😻😻 6:33 maaaaaan that was both awesome and terrifying at the same time I mean she can literally get away with anything with that accent and oh her look at 6:44 😍😍😍 she ask for your kidneys and you would hand them over to her with smile on your face 🤗🤗 And her laugh is just 👌👌 and she's gorgeous ♥️♥️
vincentanno1997 29 days ago
Doesnt it get boring for people to always shout when they try to speak German or use its dialect? Like it got so old...and im not even talking about that theres no one speaking like that
slimj091 29 days ago
Diane Kruger can break my Tuk Tuk.
Aron P.
Aron P. Month ago
That laughing it's hilarious 🤣 7:49
Lussiana Lyngdoh
Oh just let her take a sip already!!
patris lemair
patris lemair Month ago
Strangely enough I thought I could never fall in love with somebody speaking german and of course life told me better twice. I never fell in love with an American but life is not over ...
haluk bilgin
haluk bilgin Month ago
Heh, nobody can place my accent...
Dejan D
Dejan D Month ago
That had a wrong turn - putting a sex idea on a 16 year olds between grown up older men and grown up woman. It sounded like the only thing why he is not gonna continue thinking and talking about 16yold is cuz it publicly unapproved. This proves that many men are perverts.
Kathrin Kleinknecht
We German women do that often. I just loved my French accent, when I was young, even I can't speak much French (learned it in school for years, but didn't stuck).
Kathrin Kleinknecht
@La Patriote Française you are very welcome
La Patriote Française
@Kathrin Kleinknecht Thank you for your kind and respectful words ! 😁 I appreciate this.
Kathrin Kleinknecht
@La Patriote Française don't lose your accent. French accent is gorgeous. Everybody loves it. Be proud of being French. It has so much going for it, Land of fashion, land of charm, land of famous food, land of champagne and wine, Your capitol is city of love, You have the cote azur, You had Edith Piaf, You had Luis de Funes, Best comic in the world, Voltaire, ... And, you have an French accent.
La Patriote Française
@Kathrin Kleinknecht I try to hide and lose it because in my opinion my accent is too strong and noticeable. I don't like being spotted. I sound like a typical French when I speak English, German, Russian or Spanish 😂 Now that I see our accent is not a big deal and is considered charming by a great amount of people I will probably put less effort into making it disappear. Some French people successfully lose their accent; my aunt has been living for 20 years in England and her French accent has completely faded away, now she even sounds British when she attempts to speak French 😬. But yeah, this is a tough task... Mine just sticks to me anyway, that might be because I am still young and I rarely left my region 😂 I like it too when people gather together to sing our anthem, I feel like there is still a bit of fraternity left in this country despite the tense political climate of these last months...
Kathrin Kleinknecht
@La Patriote Française oh, why do you try to hide your accent? Don't do that, THE WORLD LOVES IT. Nothing sounds more charming and cultivated than a French accent! (btw my cousin is married with a French man. So I know from their kids, it's not possible to hide the French accent). Just saw the reaction of French people to the puplic prayers of your huge Muslim community on RUvid during lock down. They start singing your national anthem. I liked it a lot.
Grégoire lebatard
Ich liebe dich Diane Kruger tu es trop bellllle je te veuxxxxx
VoLk0n0v28 Month ago
French the most romatic language of the world... But, Why do i recall of Trevor in his russian accent “Yeah Fluffy rabbits and teddy bears!” 😆😂🤣😂😆
Ekaterina S
Ekaterina S Month ago
Her German accent is not that accurate! She is more like a foreign person trying to imitate a German person speaking in English. I hate how she serves the stereotype of German being harsh and Nazi like!
Ekaterina S
Ekaterina S Month ago
Where are her lips gone???
Ekaterina S
Ekaterina S Month ago
She says she is European, but she is holding her glass like an American! 😂😫
mr. regik
mr. regik Month ago
If u have russian accent, u forget the word "trouble", comrad.
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins Month ago
Wondering if this episode got him in trouble with the wife. Loved that German bit. Hilarious lol
It's Okay
It's Okay Month ago
I like how not schmoozy Hollywood she is.
jbohnoff Month ago
Some of things Stephen said, her eyes flashed, "GOD! I want to smash this glass over your head but I earn millions and millions. Only here for another few minutes. Relax, smile, laugh at his jokes and be sweet!"
Debbie Galiatsatos
Gorgeous face with a sexy French accent..yep, she could get away with murder.
SBk !
SBk ! Month ago
That Motor cycle kinda thing is called a RICKSHAW
Julie Katrine Scheel
My Danish accent when speaking in French constantly makes French people comment on it that it is ‘sexy, cute, charming’ etc and even had one telling that he wanted me to do an audio book in French and another who asked if I could just read bedtime stories for her so she would have them good dreams.... and then some American hears my danish accent when speaking English and be like ‘yo.... wtf....’ 😂😂
Tim Cox
Tim Cox Month ago
No tactfulness from Stephen at all!
aceofspades02 Month ago
beauty with brains.... ...I wish we could find women with them in every corner.
Lord of Lords
Lord of Lords Month ago
I’m french, I hate hearing the french accent, I can make my accent disappear but when I talk to native americans or british, I’ll be a charmer and speak with the accent haha
tuniakSK Month ago
1. very bad job with the subtitles 2. it‘s boring
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