DIAMANTE & Breaking Benjamin - Iris (Official Video)

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Official music video for 'Iris' by DIAMANTE & @Breaking Benjamin
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Shot and Directed by Alyson Coletta
© 2020 Anti-Heroine


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Aug 27, 2020




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Comments 100
Eszti Palfi
Eszti Palfi 2 hours ago
Taffy Morris
Taffy Morris 2 hours ago
🤯🤯Wow! This is breathtaking!
Marisol Villacorta
Ben's voice gave me chills
Ashley Bailey
Fuckin chills and exactly what’s inside my head. Breaking Benjamin was the band that saved me from my darkest moment in life ♥️♥️♥️
Kyle Day ago
Is it me or did he put way more into his voice? I mean she sounded great but seems like he lut his soul into the vocals.
Proud Dad Nation
Wow her voice is powerful
st3phenJC 2 days ago
This cover and this video! 😍
Lacey Twigg
Lacey Twigg 2 days ago
I love his voice. Could listen to it for days
Neptune Fog
Neptune Fog 2 days ago
Love it!
jotulepr 3 days ago
I mean it's not bad but this is not for me as a breaking benjamin fan
Car Obsessed
Car Obsessed 3 days ago
This girl is really good but when Ben does his thing GOOSEBUMPS!!! Also this song is amazing no matter who sings it!
Derrin Eckelmann
Derrin Eckelmann 3 days ago
Damn never heard this version so GOOD ! Let us know when your in concert again I would love to see you Live !
Johnny Skoolboi
Johnny Skoolboi 3 days ago
Hadn't heard this song in what, 15+ years? More? God im old. Awesome cover. Amazing voices
Abel Hudson
Abel Hudson 3 days ago
i love this... gentle, pristine, crystalline, heart wroughting, loud and clear,... simple, dynamic. like that of exactly is that a stone is or where were at... a rock, like a. hard and solid. sound. exceptional. talk about bringing up the past. awesome. Amazing!!!
English 101
English 101 3 days ago
What is this awful garbage? People actually call this music? All this song is, is autotune. It's so disgusting. My ears are bleeding.
Jessie Aniano
Jessie Aniano 3 days ago
Good job u both
George Coull
George Coull 3 days ago
So glad you have a good head on your shoulders.
Ean Albe
Ean Albe 4 days ago
Ben looks like Captain America
celticfclad1 4 days ago
is that end bit meant to be funny?
Jordan Hoggard
Jordan Hoggard 4 days ago
A(wo)men! Moving!
Cheree Underwood
Cheree Underwood 4 days ago
It's 👍
MrAndyNich 5 days ago
Yup my last concert was Feb 4th on my 40th birthday with Korn and Breaking Benjamin. I miss concerts.
SpecterTM3 5 days ago
I don’t think her voice is right for this
Bobby Tate
Bobby Tate 5 days ago
I love what they done with this. Nothing wrong with the original but I REALLY enjoyed this one.
ethomps 6 days ago
This is so awesome
slapping games
slapping games 6 days ago
better than the original plain and simple the crap in the charts aint got nothing on this
Dave's Trades
Dave's Trades 6 days ago
Absolutely beautiful!
Jake West
Jake West 6 days ago
i cried like a little bitch when i listened to this. You both sound amazing. Quit possibly the best collab i have ever listened to.
BirdLaw 101
BirdLaw 101 6 days ago
Thanks for making this, it was beautiful!
Joe Trotter
Joe Trotter 6 days ago
Whoever down voted this song is a douchecanoe. This is absolutely amazing in any and all forms of the word. Wow. Thanks for giving me this!
xXSadbu2ruXx 7 days ago
This is a good cover but Johnny Rez cannot be outdone
xXShadowofDeath1 7 days ago
Great song, but definitely hopping onto that "no autotune" train. The song would've been better with his voice being able to harmonize with Diamante.
Taju Noor
Taju Noor 7 days ago
This is something new. Been a breaking Benjamin fan since, 2013
JuJuBee 7 days ago
Amazingly done by 2 great voices!
Kristin Sophie
Kristin Sophie 7 days ago
Brilliant! This is also one of my all time favorite songs. Just loving your version! 🤍
Rawrgasm 7 days ago
I just screamed and have been smiling through this WHOLE song. OH MY GOSH. I love Ben so much. 😭😭💖💖💖
nzachary1863 7 days ago
@1:30 baby girl got back
Michael Puffa
Michael Puffa 8 days ago
Ofc Satan would want to know me to drag me down to sleep in fire What is hell endless struggle like Hitler said an angel of light but ravanous wolf uppity me figure the grammar spelling libs
Michael Puffa
Michael Puffa 8 days ago
While they sing pacify songs to us. I call bullshit
Michael Puffa
Michael Puffa 8 days ago
More work!
Saia Zote
Saia Zote 8 days ago
1:58 that voice though!!
Sean Collins
Sean Collins 8 days ago
Rayius Flyrant
Rayius Flyrant 8 days ago
Awesome Guys! Ben u are a Genius ^^
Snatch Monkey
Snatch Monkey 8 days ago
They butchered it 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Forside 8 days ago
Jason Boston
Jason Boston 8 days ago
Diamante sounds good but I am sorry Ben is just in a class by himself when it comes to an amazing voice. That is why BB is like one of my top five bands. Great cover song.
Alex Schneider
Alex Schneider 8 days ago
Audio needs some MAJOR REFINEMENT.
mel jude gomez
mel jude gomez 8 days ago
Officer Mahal
Officer Mahal 8 days ago
I had high hopes... she opened her mouth and i about puked. This song flat out SUCKS with them singing it. Some bands just need to not cover others. Every bit as bad as when Springsteen covered AC DC. Maybe worse.
Ivey Lawrence
Ivey Lawrence 8 days ago
I hear them and see the part of Treasure Planet and ...on my knees....awesome
christine price
christine price 8 days ago
By far one of my favorite covers of this song this song has always touched my soul and you guys did a great job singing it
J W 8 days ago
A song about authenticity and yet it’s all auto tune? Amazing artists but it would have been much better without the autotune.
Dwayne Cowart
Dwayne Cowart 8 days ago
Shannon Weinzetl
Shannon Weinzetl 9 days ago
Ben 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🤘
Shannon Weinzetl
Shannon Weinzetl 9 days ago
Love LOVE love
Him alone is more then enough for this song, good god. He needs to add this to his line up.
Tip The Driver
Tip The Driver 9 days ago
It's a great cover. I like the original better.
Ronin 9 days ago
Barry AsILayDying McHugh
Love it! Great collaboration!!
Prateek Thapa
Prateek Thapa 9 days ago
Absolutely beautiful
Jonathan Witherington
This is simply amazing and your voice is captivating. The pair of you together on this cover is just awesome and you couldn't have picked a better song. Love!
Taco Defiler
Taco Defiler 9 days ago
Goo- Goo dolls still suck! Regardless who sings it, but good job. A goo-goo dolls song I can listen too
The Real Bumbles
The Real Bumbles 9 days ago
Nope , I don't like. No thank you . Next
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 9 days ago
This song is so good . Good job love you guys
Zack Whatley
Zack Whatley 9 days ago
Jim Morgan
Jim Morgan 10 days ago
Wooooo weeeee. If this song doesn't make you tingle downstairs, you need to call 911.
Michelle McCabe
Michelle McCabe 10 days ago
Love this!! Ben looks so happy!!
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 10 days ago
Breaking Benjamin! Who else has been here from the start!? 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
The Real Ayatollah
The Real Ayatollah 10 days ago
Despite what most say, I find this to be an incredible year. 2020 was a year of learning, waking up.
DesperadoUndead 10 days ago
Ben seems to be into blue haired girls. All jokes aside, i love this cover and i love BB i've been listening them for 10 years and still i'm not tired of them.
Davido RenaCello
Davido RenaCello 10 days ago
Nice song 👍
Johnathan Lyles
Johnathan Lyles 11 days ago
Goosebumps y’all killed this! 🙌🏼
MajorMountaineer 11 days ago
Awesome version!!!
Tammy Beasley
Tammy Beasley 11 days ago
Gave me chills just like the original did
Jarrod Ellis
Jarrod Ellis 11 days ago
I named my daughter after this song. Such an amazing rendition!
Roman The Warrior
Roman The Warrior 11 days ago
Great song, great cover... Ben lookin fit, but that beard make him look old af
edward novak
edward novak 11 days ago
It’s kinda sad songs that were new when you were growing up are now “classics” an being covered.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 10 days ago
Hahaha tell me about it, i remember where I was the first time i heard Iris, being a GGD fan since "a boy named goo" i was just stunned after hearing the song on MTV, back when they played music, especially as being in England you hardly ever heard the GGD...
Meredith Grubb
Meredith Grubb 11 days ago
My favorite GGD song.
akbolling53 11 days ago
Em Cantu
Em Cantu 12 days ago
Had to go watch city of angels after this.
Taylor Blue
Taylor Blue 12 days ago
I’m always up Breaking Benjamin’s ass but for some reason I went ONE WHOLE MONTH without knowing that this was a thing!!?!?!??
chase 12 days ago
First discovered Diamante when she done a collab with Bad Wolves, now I'm finally seeing this. WOW! You and Amy Lee should do a collab ♥
Yoloswagcopter 12 days ago
god this slaps so hard
Bladen Rexroth
Bladen Rexroth 12 days ago
Feeling old now. Was at the Live in Buffalo concert back in July of 2004. Now Goo Goo Dolls are being covered. 🤦‍♂️ you know you're getting old AF when songs from your late teens start getting covered. But not very well.
Christy Carpenter
Christy Carpenter 12 days ago
Absolutely beautiful!
R Ram
R Ram 11 days ago
Chris Clegg
Chris Clegg 12 days ago
We seen Breaking Benjamin last year in STL. My wife who was battling breast cancer at the time, we decided to see bands we never got the chance too. He came down into the crowd and 20 people away singing Diary. It was so fn surreal and awesome. Made both our days.
Blue Skies
Blue Skies 13 days ago
I subbed from the first note.
Weinar Kyndiah
Weinar Kyndiah 13 days ago
I love this song, their voice together is perfect 👍👌✌️🤘
mazda2284 13 days ago
over tuned ... clearly
Matt Salotti
Matt Salotti 13 days ago
Carolina Walker
Carolina Walker 13 days ago
I miss live concerts so much. hurts my heart
R Ram
R Ram 11 days ago
Yea so lovely ❤️
Adam Sommer
Adam Sommer 13 days ago
a girl from new york
Omg this is 💯 AMAZING
R Ram
R Ram 11 days ago
Yea 💯amazing
Alex Carrozzi
Alex Carrozzi 14 days ago
For the love of god Ben, never stop making music.
Jeremy Ruh
Jeremy Ruh 14 days ago
Love this guys.
drtravis mrtravis
drtravis mrtravis 14 days ago
New normal? You mean complying with government overreach out of fear? Wake up sheep
Fjorgyn 13 days ago
You lost all credibility to have an opinion when you said sheep. Fuck off.
Blake Howard
Blake Howard 14 days ago
GGD did it better
Jen Cameron
Jen Cameron 15 days ago
Arthur McClain
Arthur McClain 17 days ago
Awesome collaboration between Ben n Diamante, it was a great song for them. I love the song Iris.
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