Dialogue Options in RPGs

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I love when games let me be the character I WANNA BE! Wait... wait... no no no no WAIT

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Dec 25, 2020




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Comments 3 236
RyanWaffle 2 days ago
*fallout 4
Noah George
Noah George 2 days ago
You have gone done the evil root clementine will remember this
Noah George
Noah George 2 days ago
Ohhhhh you ok rascal ya killed
Astin GamerBoyMeow
Astin GamerBoyMeow 11 days ago
So true
Marquise Phipps
Marquise Phipps 11 days ago
me who's tyring not to laugh at the mans face at the end ( 👁👄👁 )
:D 11 days ago
u make best animations xd
JJ Lemons
JJ Lemons 12 days ago
#jjlemons Is my favorite part
Umar Nath
Umar Nath 13 days ago
Usse long word it will give another word because it cannot sit in the box
Blue Demon
Blue Demon 14 days ago
Plot Twist: The children were actually thieves and robbers and the player's RPG Character is hunting them down for their bounties.
Luigiboy127 16 days ago
I Always Try Every Option, Until I choose The One That Makes Him Leave On Accident
Eff the humin
Eff the humin 17 days ago
Literally Fallout 4 vanilla
Kurst 18 days ago
*Glass Him*
No_Talent_Here169 18 days ago
The tell me more one was kinda nice but not alot
Mase-The-Editor 18 days ago
Stupid answers that you don’t know what are going to do
Hudson Kelley
Hudson Kelley 19 days ago
TAHER KORBI 21 day ago
katana zero be like
Jeremy Liu
Jeremy Liu 25 days ago
Dankali 26 days ago
I ran into a person who was in charge of an orphanage in Skyrim. She was a jerk to the children so I beat her until she died. The children rejoiced.
Pit1993x 28 days ago
That went from 0 to Anakin pretty quickly.
Rodolfo Delgado
Rodolfo Delgado Month ago
That’s why you never judge a book by its cover
DaveRoblox Month ago
alain2op Month ago
Hey bhuvan, I am here
Gamer Alpha
Gamer Alpha Month ago
Reminds of the witcher 3 when it says "pull him" and u Just break his knee
Machin D Truc
Machin D Truc Month ago
This is so cute
Drake the duck114
you see the reason is a mood stat
I am a cinderblokk
Kyrollos Month ago
Mass effect.
khalid Senpai
khalid Senpai Month ago
The moment when you push leo in Detroit
Roman Gafford
Roman Gafford Month ago
odor 66
Player 2
Player 2 Month ago
Im having this problem in swtor i keep accidently doing s couple of murders
Haha Ok
Haha Ok Month ago
He was lucky that the player chose the nicer options
that's a lot
that's a lot 2 months ago
Fun fact : the character was actually technoblade.
Pedro Rosa
Pedro Rosa Month ago
That make too much sense
VectorBoom 2 months ago
He really Anakin Skywalkerd those kids.
dOwOp 2 months ago
Nice joke good i have parents ouf i kould die there if not they
Jack Lannie
Jack Lannie 2 months ago
This was basically me on my Batman: Enemy Within play through
Ahmed_WH 2 months ago
Voting in technoblade twitter in a nutshell
Hg 517
Hg 517 2 months ago
Kind of like how in the Henry Stickmin games you know _what_ Henry will use, but now _how_ he will use or do the option.
Alejandro Benavides
Alejandro Benavides 2 months ago
Yo this one got me dying
SCOTT GAMING 2 months ago
This is why I like Skyrim And fallout new Vegas
D jack
D jack 2 months ago
I feel like thats almost every rpg I've gone back and played from my childhood. Being able to understand(and read...shut up). Alot of the choices are really out of sync with what you think they are/were.
Dogman_35 2 months ago
When the game has dialogue options but only one ending
Canada Dry
Canada Dry 2 months ago
"I don't have time...: to spare. I must donate to this cause posthaste!" "I'm tired of people like you! GAAUHH!: JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY AND GIVE IT TO THOSE POOR ORPHANS!" *Say nothing*: (actions speak louder than words.) How much do you donate(__)
Jordan Broussard
Jordan Broussard 2 months ago
Only the best rpgs can fool you into thinking you had a choice.
Waffles 2 months ago
i like to think about the idea that he was trying to close the laptop at the end but it wouldnt move
SN - 05RL 865184 Ridgeview PS
when the creator is too lazy to add different endings and makes your choices end up in the same situation.
Boops Boops
Boops Boops 2 months ago
this makes me wonder whether i'm the good guy in RPGs or not.
Benjamin Haines
Benjamin Haines 2 months ago
Dialogue: "Sorry" What was really said: "Sorry that you *WERE BORN* "
Laki6noob 2019
Laki6noob 2019 2 months ago
Matthew Talbot-Paine
I like it when someone asks you to do something and you can't remember if you did it already this playthrough and so it says "Tell him you already did it (Lie)"
Lord Seraph
Lord Seraph 2 months ago
Unbeknownst to all he was actually playing villain simulator.
Beo Wulf
Beo Wulf 2 months ago
Tell me more about the city, tell me more about your job, tell me more about the boggled eye look we're giving each other.
Jamesgriffo 2 months ago
Literally the definition of fallout 4
Redberry 2 months ago
I think the developer just hates orphans
ChrisPlays 2 months ago
reminds me of horizon zero dawn
MadManToss 2 months ago
If i would make a game i would tell how nice the dialog is
Crosscro 3 months ago
That my friend is called an anikin skywalker move
Steven Craeynest
Steven Craeynest 3 months ago
Mass Effect 1 in a nutshell. It's one of the reasons I stopped playing that game early on
Dax Ennenbach
Dax Ennenbach 3 months ago
This is slightly mass effect but not all the time
Bob John
Bob John 3 months ago
Hey that sounds a lot like technoblade
Mobile abbes
Mobile abbes 3 months ago
Oh no...
Ondřej Janošík
Ondřej Janošík 3 months ago
I wonder what grumpy employee is writing those dialogs and prompts. 🤔
Doug Mccall
Doug Mccall 3 months ago
So true
Rin 3 months ago
Mass effect had me frustrated over this. And they even colored their text sometimes.
Gabey_515 3 months ago
I do this all the time in telltales TWD
Mason Smith
Mason Smith 3 months ago
I just started playing Skyrim, and this is really relatable
Llewellyn Davis
Llewellyn Davis 3 months ago
That game is called be rude and kill there children rpg
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw 3 months ago
Fallout 4 in a nutshell with shallow building gameplay.
Ali 3 months ago
Hurricaneplays 3 months ago
Me when i do dialog with 100+ Mouse sensitivity.
Aman Rampuria
Aman Rampuria 3 months ago
Inspired from Anakin Skywalker
Lane Chappins
Lane Chappins 3 months ago
6 children died that day
deadlypandaghost 3 months ago
So long as I know the game is like this beforehand, I absolutely want to play this game.
kamille panaligan
kamille panaligan 3 months ago
Alternate title:that one rpg that lies to every opinion that the dialog picker picked be like:
cookies good
cookies good 3 months ago
So true
Del Sa
Del Sa 3 months ago
thats the good ending
Potato Zilla
Potato Zilla 3 months ago
order 66
SDfighter 3 months ago
Always quicksave.
TroubledTom 3 months ago
R. I. P Games with choices
Da Green Thing
Da Green Thing 3 months ago
So wait where's this game that you speak of?
Mister Johnny
Mister Johnny 3 months ago
Did this in Dungeons and Dragons, this.exact.thing
Owen WILLIAMS 3 months ago
I once was given an option yes or no I click no And i stabbed them
Bais Timirali
Bais Timirali 3 months ago
Just an normal rpg is
The Taco Cat
The Taco Cat 3 months ago
Alternative title- anikin visits the younglings
Razuer 3 months ago
*”House keeper” will remember that*
Keegan Lynch
Keegan Lynch 3 months ago
529 people (11:34PM EDT 5/30/21) mistakenly hit the dislike button when they meant to hit the like button. Quality content creator lol
ultima gaming
ultima gaming 3 months ago
This is exactly what I look for in RPGs but I purposefully pick the rude/violent option
Kraken 3 months ago
No one: The game: no better time to autosave
Tazed Lobster
Tazed Lobster 3 months ago
This type of thing only works in rpgs with a distinguished player character, like the Witcher.
Caleb Thoburn
Caleb Thoburn 4 months ago
to true
Zure Krylight
Zure Krylight 4 months ago
Guardian tales Force me to fight with innocent strong grandma
superfid2006 4 months ago
[glass him]
_Snowblaze 4 months ago
Fun Fact:In the End He killed That Guy Because Circle Haves 2 Fire Swords He Got The Secret talk Pin this
Clara Snyder
Clara Snyder 4 months ago
Fallot 4 was like this.
Sans But very cursed
You can’t kill children it’s a Bethesda game
zero 4 months ago
Just like fallout 4.
Gabriel262 4 months ago
Thats why I quick save often, if anything I shut the whole game down and let the game believe that I put up with their bullshit.
PepsimanSonic299 4 months ago
Dont worry. Just dont save game and reload where you were before :)
Shuc Kid
Shuc Kid 4 months ago
Anikin?Is that you?
Cynical 4 months ago
Hey that might be Skyrim so its completely understandable dialogue for the kids
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