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Can toast really help you find the Devil? This movie says...YES!
Originally aired on October 29th,2013.
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Jul 23, 2016

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Comments 3 634
Dylan Boggs
Dylan Boggs 3 hours ago
Then who was the skalaton guy
Patrick Kanas
Patrick Kanas 4 hours ago
You're questioning the idea that the devil, the most evil and sadistic being that ever existed, would emotionally torture a group of souls he's looking to collect by prolonging their death? The answer to that question is yes it's the freaking devil he probably does this for enjoyment.
Seeker of Nothingness
The jellyside is always downside! I forgotten why but I think it had to do with it being heathier
Jodee Rebecca Davey
I’m Pretty Sure That The Old Lady Was on an Episode of Supernatural,I Remember Really Liking Her Character in That Episode
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Cthulhu’s Awesome
Ka Thu Who ?
starflame34 2 days ago
27:48 *Does anyone know the name of this music!?*
Konadile Terriquez
Devil:I was hungry ok?!
Shamrock Sans
Shamrock Sans 3 days ago
Malcom’s acting is perfect same with rob
Wyatt Orme
Wyatt Orme 4 days ago
So was the devil going up or down the elevator and was this elevator in Georgia.
justme ok
justme ok 4 days ago
Malcolm is so cute
David Rosales
David Rosales 4 days ago
This movie was ok wasn't that bad 😈
Jack Of Trades
Jack Of Trades 4 days ago
everyone stay calm its probably the devil
Billy Greci
Billy Greci 4 days ago
Apologies if I spell your name wrong, Mr. Shamylan. But I have 2 questions for you. 1. What was going through your mind and body when you added the part with the toast? 2. Does it help with pain relief?
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett 5 days ago
Maybe someone should run this premise again except without the devil and make it not suck
MattadorkGaming 7 days ago
to be fair if the toast landed jelly side down for 180 years straight maybe there is some credibility to it being the devil... thats a long time of not landing on the other side to the point that in itself is pretty supernatural... whether its the devil or not
Christopher Spielberg
13:37-13:48 Jelly side down! XD
Cathy Murphy
Cathy Murphy 8 days ago
19:12 Theory: maybe it took so long to kill them BECAUSE of so many other people for Satan to kill.
Oh Noes
Oh Noes 11 days ago
"Hey, are people killing each other in there?" "... Yeah." "STOP THAT." XD
Yeet the beat out
Yeet the beat out 11 days ago
When you think about it, Satan being Shyamalan was actually a well built twist.
Rawen1982 13 days ago
Jelly side down, huh? No crazier than anything else that "proves" religious claims
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic 13 days ago
Hey, I remember this movie. It was a fun watch.
SonicDashie759 13 days ago
"Don't make me poke you full of Ho-Ho-Holes!"
Johan Engvad
Johan Engvad 14 days ago
22:20 Just try to look Rob in the eyes, and then after try to see if you can sleep after. I certantly couldn't.
Johnny Lou
Johnny Lou 18 days ago
The Devil also bit someone in Poltergeist
Flow heller
Flow heller 21 day ago
if the video got 20 less dislikes it would be 666 which is the devils number. (the movies called devil)
Josef Paul
Josef Paul 21 day ago
Not trying to be mean but work on your lip sincing, dude
Jingle Studios TM
I like it how nostalgia critic is good friends with the devil
שחר א.
שחר א. 21 day ago
17:14 Sorry, I only speak two language, Spanish being neither, care to put any subtitles for me and 93.69% of the planet that don’t speak Spanish?
שחר א.
שחר א. 21 day ago
NC: “Yes, you just saw that” Blind people who thought “jelly-side down” sound stupid: “What am I, a fish??”
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 21 day ago
Damn ole girl is absolutely beautiful, would follow her around like a dog woof woof 😋😋😋😋😋
Tripirior Newmand
Tripirior Newmand 24 days ago
i feel a little attacked on the hole the devil needs to make more republicans, buuuuuuuut it was funny
ibrahim shabazz
ibrahim shabazz 25 days ago
I'd take a picture of those boobs to
Diego Bareno
Diego Bareno 25 days ago
The makers of The Last Jedi must've taken notes from this movie.
Isaac Primous
Isaac Primous 26 days ago
Take the camera off his face *camera turned to my face* OH GOD GO BACK GO BACK GO BACK
Devon Hall
Devon Hall 26 days ago
Hay how about this ... The next time you go to work ( job or business meeting) TAKE THE STAIRS YOUR JACKASSES INSTEAD OF THE ELEVATORS 😠😨😨😨. But that jelly toast side down joke is funny.
Cthulhu 27 days ago
1:55 that's a fantastic twist
TamuelSON 28 days ago
Their actually is a clue that the old lady is the devil. Earlier she has the choice to go in a different elevator but she refuses so she can go to the other one so she can kill all the other people that did something wrong.
latina_fangirl 28 days ago
jfc a 15 minute plug to a dead channel
Volt Hart
Volt Hart 28 days ago
24:21 um your butiful
The Thauce
The Thauce 29 days ago
SpartanMan 108
SpartanMan 108 29 days ago
3:58 Me- wow, TF, thanks?
Thr33D Month ago
Devil was a -good- movie. But the jelly test was pretty bad.
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy Month ago
anyone else miss Rachael?
Edward Oberon
Edward Oberon Month ago
Rita is on point
Lorde Fan
Lorde Fan Month ago
Killing off Rita first was the biggest mistake of this filming
alucardfu2 Month ago
27:50 *The Music, Oh Sweet SantaSatan The Power!*
JDM Month ago
Even as Rita.. Rachel's still cute af! lol
JDM 21 day ago
Nino Brown All I’ve seemed to find is her instagram.
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 21 day ago
Right does she have a page or something would love to see more of her absolutely gorgeous 😍😍😍
BIX Month ago
I appreciate the effort put in these videos
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn Month ago
7:53 Wait... why would a claustrophobic go on a lift in the first place?
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