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Can toast really help you find the Devil? This movie says...YES!
Originally aired on October 29th,2013.
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Jul 23, 2016




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Comments 3 725
Simon Wyzik
Simon Wyzik 11 hours ago
Does he just have a gun on him 24/7? 22:30
Manecki Neckbeard
Ooh! Ooh! I got it!! Studios wanted to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the release of that Jim Carrey Grinch movie, so M. Night was hired on to write and produce a live-action drama of Dr. Seuss’s “The Butter Battle Book.” But the day he signed the contract...WAS STUPID DAY!! DUMDUMDUM DUMMMMMM
Disk Drive
Disk Drive 3 days ago
I did the toast thing in real life cause it was that ridiculous. I’m not kidding, I actually did it
Drew Bell Pictures
This movie deserves a over haul of a remake. I can almost imagine a almost Hitchcockian thriller with no supernatural elements, just a bunch of crazy people trapped in a elevator. And one of them is probably a killer.
Micah Contee
Micah Contee 10 days ago
Omgggg I’m really mad at the fact that the Devil was just like “alright you told I’m gonna let you go” 😂 LIKE WHAT 😂
APOLLOROCK3R 13 days ago
2:58 Adding in to the twist that the Devil was secretly Shyamalan this whole time, when the elevator inspector was asking the crew if they want to see the movie, the "Devil" is the only one that's not screaming "NOOOOOOO!" like the others. After rewatching the review just now, I never noticed that detail.
Abrahim Javed
Abrahim Javed 13 days ago
I tried that toast test Now I’m in an asylum for killing my sister and claiming she was the devil
CRUZ S 16 days ago
This chanel really is awesome
melissa jackson
melissa jackson 16 days ago
Stop waisting the fucking toast, heathens!
melissa jackson
melissa jackson 16 days ago
Shamalamadingdong can suck it and Malcolm is very photogenic, very pretty.😍
Oliver Burton
Oliver Burton 17 days ago
One of my favourite reviews to this day
CassieSol919 18 days ago
12:29 - Hey! The writers are victims of fetal alcohol syndrome!
SLH86 18 days ago
I tried... I can't watch this... made to half of the whole video and I quit. I just find it annoying.
K Hill
K Hill 18 days ago
The thing that the security guy sees in the footage from the lift looks like the bottom half of a smiley face.
Zach Hall
Zach Hall 23 days ago
I thought this was a great movie.
Lwbees 25 days ago
Im sorry but as a 16 year old who watched this last year this movie terrified the the living crap outta me im sorry but this made me terrified of the devil
Silver Nightshade
Let’s face it. The Hispanic Security guard being possessed by Satan would have been ALOT better of an ending. He manipulates the old lady’s body to make it look like it’s her. Then when the police open the door her dead body falls down. As everyone rushed down to help the victims. As the security guard is left alone in the security room he slowly smiles and mutters “Damn...and I wanted him too.” He deletes all of the security footage making everybody that was there believe they’ve lost their minds. He slowly stands up and straightens his tie. Walks towards the door when the lights flicker once more and he disappears without a trace. That would have made a way better ending.
Minty Fresh
Minty Fresh Month ago
Lord of Bagels
Lord of Bagels Month ago
Humorously, I actually had an idea for a parody horror movie with a similar twist. One where, in a group, there's the one guy who knows what the hell he's doing and falls for none of the horror bullshit that he keeps having to drag his friends out of...with the reveal that it's because he himself is a former serial killer sent by hell to drag back the demons haunting the cast for escaping hell...and brings the cast, who he's decided are too dumb to live, back with him (save for the one or two actually intelligent members of the group that he spares because they actually tried their best not to fuck up). Then the movie ends with him arriving in another town, as he picks up a paper talking about the rumors of a local monster, the final shot being a devilish grin and a flash of glowing eyes behind his sunglasses, then cut to credits. Difference is, there are hints he's not fully mortal, like his durability and complete lack of empathy (which admittedly is played for laughs, but the fact that he tries to fake it sticks out)
misscanadarain Month ago
Devil backwards is lived
brandon wilburn
brandon wilburn Month ago
22:26 😂
Adam Corraliza
Adam Corraliza Month ago
"And so went the last financier of The Last Airbender" LMFAO FOREVER
unicorn cat
unicorn cat Month ago
For some reason, my favorite part is the intro.
Gage Crawley
Gage Crawley Month ago
10:35 Nice profiles, Satan. 😏
Danny Caracciolo
The suspense wasn't about who the killer was, the suspense was around who was The devil who is the killer.
Romi Maman
Romi Maman Month ago
I actually really liked this movie. When I was in 5th grade. And watched parts of it because we had to get out every once in a while to record songs for choir. THIS is the movie our teacher put to distract us while we were waiting. I've been looking for it for over a decade, so thanks!
JosephRGrych Month ago
Jelly side down is definitely demonic, especially peanut butter side down.
Shadows Hope
Shadows Hope Month ago
I find it kinda funny that their skit is actually a more compelling story than the actual movie!!
Z H Month ago
Gameception is really corny.
Liz P
Liz P Month ago
Anytime I drop bread it ALWAYS lands condiment-side down -leaving me to clean up the mess& shamefully eat it, anyway. That's just life, not the devil.
chase crocker
chase crocker Month ago
Bud thekill
Bud thekill Month ago
I love the line "What the hell!!" "Exactly."
Creative Videos 13
Great set up , number one 6:56 who says that7:20 busted obvious jack@$$ 7:30 it doesn't help awkward mc jerk off 24:12 not good twist8:18 8:40 obnoxious guy10:30 the lights go off again there's only one logical explanation for all this really just like that , that's nothing15:40 oh yeah just like that totally crazy one15:21 eww15:27 have any connection15:50 mixing the two never happens leading to more mayhem it scares kids at birthday partiee16:50 that's right crazy toast Man of course17:00 that'll totally calm them down17:34 why haven't we fired you yet 17:50 who do we turn to to finally make sense of all this ?18:30 after doing more research have a criminal past18:45 slowly as possible19:23 has done anything worse than this19:40 you're really bad athis20:08 no lights what's this button do oops , he sees one of the wires is caught20:28 clearly I've been here for some time20:30 well this looks promising20:40 it comes as an especially tough blow when they realize the husband21:00 now this could have been ingenius move21:10 how did you think you were going to fool us withis21:30 keeping me guessing21:42 it's only two remain each one guessing21:50 will you shut up 22:00 will you stop giving him attention , you're the dumbest most inconsistent22:40 you're not fooling anybody 23:18 ok let's see what happens23:30 they have a choice to do the right thing and it works great get a load of this oh come on how is that a good twist24:05 here they're just making up the rules as they go but I definitely wouldn't be good24:30why is she giving him a talking-to when she clearly never did with any of the other victims24:40 random contrived way to to give this guy a chance to redeem himself25:07 well wouldn't you know it confess worse kept secret 25:55 world of Rushed endings forgive the survivor26:19 and sure enough26:50 in hindsight I should have seen that coming even the reveal of yourself is a lame twist28:30 lame dialogue with lame story elements
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant Month ago
4:02 no don’t it will make the problem worse.
bjaxstriker Month ago
31:42 He’s Chaplain.
PurplePuppet Month ago
To be fair, three is also a demonic number because it's ment to be a mocking of the holy trinity, the father, the son, and the holy spirit.
The SNES Man
The SNES Man Month ago
24:20 what do you mean? Haven't you seen the alternate cut?
Michael Lamere
Michael Lamere 2 months ago
7:34 I'll be honest, when the jackass singing it did get a chuckle out of me, and I think if you look closely the woman is laughing too.... breaking character?
Hessed3712 2 months ago
It’s the a-hole from the Mindy Show.
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Why the black guy is the devil??
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Ahh you moron!! he saying that when the devil is close everything is up side down!! Thats why at the beggining the city was up side down!! You idiot!!
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Paranormal movies it was just a demon not the devil!!
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Hey critic why dont you make a movie??
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Devil is a good movie!!!!
Juddi Delaney
Juddi Delaney 2 months ago
16:49 Lol I love this scene
DyersEve 2 months ago
I actually enjoyed this movie. It's definitely not the best and has a ton of flaws but all in all I thought it was pretty good and kept my attention. Just my personal opinion. To each their own.
Max Glaysher
Max Glaysher 2 months ago
Question, could the old lady devil twist work if everyone else rose from the dead as well. Like saying the devil simply just possessed whoever he wanted to kill whoever he wanted?
Dj Alexander
Dj Alexander 2 months ago
5:04,you WISH it was a Stephen King movie because it might be better. A little bit,oh who are we kidding,a lot cliched,but much better than this movie.
Jovan Villarroel
Jovan Villarroel 2 months ago
I think what they're trying to do with the security guard is to prove that some people believe in some crazy ass s*** I don't think they were being that serious about that jelly
Nori Shimogawa
Nori Shimogawa 2 months ago
whats the name of that theme that plays whenever the devil's on screen? looking all over for it but cant find it
B Dennis
B Dennis 2 months ago
I think this movie was a rip off of Agatha Christie "and then there was none".
Salem Black
Salem Black 2 months ago
Gotta say the Devil movie was better than his version of Avatar The Last Airbender an already masterpiece show and turned it into shit.
The Shadows Of Regret
I rather read Santa Christ's Cthulu screen play than watch a movie about some insane fuck talking about a piece of bread with fucking jelly on one side signaling Beelzebub's ball sacks or some shit like that
Kevin Quiroz
Kevin Quiroz 2 months ago
Inilsue238 2 months ago
so if its jelly side down whn the devil is near is it cream cheese side down whn jesus is near?
Tannis 2 months ago
I miss Rachel. Tamara is really awesome too though.
Bradley Miller
Bradley Miller 2 months ago
Funny how the devil would have to make more Democrats now....
BLSturton 2 months ago
27:47 Oh no it’s killer queen
Mark 35950
Mark 35950 2 months ago
"I am still the master of twists. If you could think up a better one for my movie, I'd like to hear it." Okay, here goes: The Devil says “Damn… I’m good.” Everything goes white. The last guy alive wakes up in a room strapped to a chair and connected to futuristic tech. The old “Devil” woman turns to the detective who glares silently at the man. Detective looks at her and asks, “Well?” She tells him, “I got the confession.” He doesn’t smile, just continues to glare at the man who killed his family. The detective arrests the man. End credits.
Jack Orelha
Jack Orelha 2 months ago
So... the fact that the Devil was Shyamalan was actually built up considering that he’s the only character that actively defends the movie and doesn’t bash him that much. Even if it was a lame twist, it’s still better than the movie’s
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