Devastating KO! BKFC 5: Leben vs. Baesman

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
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Chris Leben made his BKFC debut a spectacular one as he faced off against Justin Baesman from BKFC 5.
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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 4 953
christopher brown
Dame bro Chris is looking good my bro
its yeshau not jesus
He sucks at fighting he is just wild and has a heavy hand.
its yeshau not jesus
Someone get Anderson on the phone lol
Benjamin College
Benjamin College 3 days ago
That was expected. You'd need a baseball bat to put Leben down.
Jo Blow
Jo Blow 4 days ago
Chris hurt hi mb self more than Justin did,Chris warming up slapping the s*** out of himself
Jonat han
Jonat han 4 days ago
Leben looks like an cromagnonneanderthal
Christopher Whisler
Chris looks jacked on something holy shit !!
Reuben 5 days ago
Anyone else see that eye poke? Wasn't necessary he was winning.
Fernado elfonze
Fernado elfonze 5 days ago
I would fight Leben no probs, I wouldn't win and that's just being in a pillow fight with him lol
cloroform_boss 5 days ago
Such bums
Алексей Леонов
непойму почему они так в юфс не лепятся
Kwisclub TA
Kwisclub TA 5 days ago
So sweet of the official to hug the guy and comfort him after the knockout.
420 Monster
420 Monster 6 days ago
That wasn't a fight, it was more like a rape!
will to fight
will to fight 6 days ago
Chris leaves himself wide the fuck open, Silva exposed this
Lopezprieto 6 days ago
Classic Lennox ;)
жизнь классики
Над правилами ещё работать и работать пальцами в глаза затыкал просто!!!ослепил бедолагу
eSKay @SDK_Online
Dirty dirty eye rake at 3.30 wasn't necessary really
Pete Miffle
Pete Miffle 4 days ago
Dirty nothin, didn't look intentional. With no tension from the gloves pushing the fingers down we're going to see a lot of unintentional eye pokes in this sport.
Darrel S
Darrel S 6 days ago
Fucking 9" advantage, did they literally have nobody else willing to fight?
A.M. Dangerous
A.M. Dangerous 6 days ago
Wait 2:30m for 8s of fight. 🤔😂
The Broke Mountain Biker
Anyone else here old enough to remember Chris Leben from the first season of the ultimate fighter?
South Aussie lad
South Aussie lad 6 days ago
Oath! Always been a fan of this guy
Jp Jp
Jp Jp 7 days ago
Got stuck in a half of lebens clinch and still fucked. Man that dudes badass.
Jesse James
Jesse James 7 days ago
home in time for dinner!
Ruslan Iuleu
Ruslan Iuleu 7 days ago
Что за урод мерзкий
growinlegit 7 days ago
Thats my boy Leban reppin Portland Oregon wsup get some muthafucka
That’s right representing San Diego California 👌🏻🤫
vee dubber
vee dubber 7 days ago
Holding back of neck is for pussys with no real fighting skills.
__ __
__ __ 7 days ago
According to recent research, once you receive your 1000th concussion, you gain immortality.... faaaaaack did Leben collect all the infinity stones?
Алекс П.
Алекс П. 7 days ago
fred b
fred b 7 days ago
Lets not forget about to mention the double EYE GOUGE (at the 3:27 mark)
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek 8 days ago
Always liked Leben he always comes to fight.
The 0mega Tron
The 0mega Tron 8 days ago
Leben is a beast
Efe Siyahkoç
Efe Siyahkoç 8 days ago
fake fight
Fan cnan Li
Fan cnan Li 8 days ago
D. B.
D. B. 8 days ago
I guess all that screaming and flexing when they were announcing his name didn’t help much...🤣😂😅
Joel Schoessow
Joel Schoessow 8 days ago
How do they not break their hands?
Danny boi
Danny boi 8 days ago
Tell a kid to draw a fighter they would draw this guy.....hes always looked crazy cool and mean AF😎
Максим Полянский
А как кричал-то перед боем🤣😂
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 9 days ago
Robin Sawchuk
Robin Sawchuk 9 days ago
i lov KFC.
shewolf 9 days ago
Aw, the looser gets a little cuddle ❤️
Mr.Kactus 8 days ago
lmfao now that you've said it I see it. The ref just holds him there.
Barry Douglas
Barry Douglas 9 days ago
Leban still doing it!!!!
GLDENGLOVES 9 days ago
Leben vs johnny Hendricks please!!!
Brandon Weatherly
Coke booger at 3:12 haha
RUDY MTZ. 9 days ago
He broke his nose🤥 WoW!
Ezekiel Aimar
Ezekiel Aimar 9 days ago
Anyone else see Leben stick his fingers in the other dudes eyes at 3:26?
Crainey Fit
Crainey Fit 9 days ago
Id LOVE to see Dan Hendo in bare knuckle
K. G.
K. G. 9 days ago
Man if Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr and Don Frye could be born again for this
Jeff Mills
Jeff Mills 9 days ago
the kind of guy you better shoot in the back
Vinny Max
Vinny Max 9 days ago
Imagine start fight in a nightclub with Leben
Lloyd Daniels
Lloyd Daniels 9 days ago
Leben is a savage. Hit him with a hammer an he will smile back an ask for more.
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