Devastating KO! BKFC 5: Leben vs. Baesman

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
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Chris Leben made his BKFC debut a spectacular one as he faced off against Justin Baesman from BKFC 5.
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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 5 196
joseph keeney
UFC has nothing like this. Time to move on.
Dave Franklin
That's why they call him the Crippler. He murders anyone not named Anderson Silva.
Sir Dave
Sir Dave 2 days ago
He's still a beast
simsalabimm100 5 days ago
Leben needs dope tests
Paschan TOPs
Paschan TOPs 6 days ago
The manliest of manliest things: Bare knuckle boxing.
ANDY GALEATI 6 days ago
There is a reason he’s called “Lights Out Leben”. He’s a REAL PRO!
Dave Franklin
I like his original nickname The Crippler.
Alex Present
Alex Present 7 days ago
Hey Chris did they ever pay you?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 7 days ago
Chris leben is always full of surprises
Mark Streight
Mark Streight 8 days ago
That was a masterful eye gauge by Leben!
Mladenka Miskovic
cris leben LEGEND
David Mason
David Mason 9 days ago
Leben poked Baesman in the eyes when he had him on the ropes.
David Mason
David Mason 6 days ago
@bigkiwial Watch it again, he definitely did. Why would I make that up?
bigkiwial 6 days ago
Suuurrreee he did.
Dragon Hank
Dragon Hank 9 days ago
Great move going to bare knuckle Chris looks awesome.
TheBakerman55 9 days ago
Yep that's damn sure Chris no doubt in my mind.
slamtimeson 10 days ago
he is built fro the arena, he is gladiator
slamtimeson 10 days ago
never NEVER bare knuckle fight the crippler
Pepe Wojak
Pepe Wojak 12 days ago
1:49 Bill Clinton is in charge for this fight
Bernardo De Oliveira
You see the words Leben devastating and KO, you just click the damn video
Jay M
Jay M 12 days ago
Only me saw the eye gouge??
Country63 12 days ago
I wish Chris was still in the ufc
Brad Thomson
Brad Thomson 13 days ago
this is a joke for idiots, they do not have bare knuckles, they are using wrap to protect them
DingleZilla 13 days ago
Brutal but kind in that it was over fast. Great work by Chris Leben.
Mike Van In
Mike Van In 13 days ago
Eye-gouging seems acceptable in BKF now.
Mike Van In
Mike Van In 13 days ago
Eye-gouging seems acceptable in BKF now. Cool!
Mike Van In
Mike Van In 13 days ago
Eye-gouging seems acceptable in BKF now. Cool!
Paulo Lobo
Paulo Lobo 14 days ago
Tyler Morroison
Tyler Morroison 14 days ago
So we're ignoring that he shoved his fingers knuckle deep into his eyes after that left hand followed by upper cuts. Not hating on the guy, but omg did he get his fingers in there deep.
Ted Joseph
Ted Joseph 16 days ago
Wow! The guy is like a laser.
Randy Rush
Randy Rush 17 days ago
Chris still scarey af.
pabitto 17 days ago
nic ehe is peaking the eyes before he throws shots
RapidCycling07 18 days ago
Insane! Bare knuckle fights seem to end more quickly.
Diegorobles Robles
Diegorobles Robles 18 days ago
1:00 wAAWAAAwaawaa!!!! He lost in 14 sec
Danny Padilla
Danny Padilla 20 days ago
He lost because his cute pony tail.
PyroManiacs 21 day ago
Why would you knowingly step into a ring and bare-knuckle it out with Chris?
Zee Diaz
Zee Diaz 22 days ago
I wouldn't fight Leben holding a baseball bat
Rob hill
Rob hill 23 days ago
robertg305 24 days ago
Sent him back to Japan where the competition’s a little easier lol
Pedro VC
Pedro VC 24 days ago
Is grabing his head, no response, why not stop the fight?
Do a lemonade
Do a lemonade 24 days ago
Chris Leben has a 74 inch reach not 79
James Bennett
James Bennett 24 days ago
Tomasforskin Tommy
Tomasforskin Tommy 25 days ago
This is nicd for leven to come out of retirement and whup some ass and make some money
Альберт Тер—Акопов
Ебаный лох!
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds 27 days ago
How's that a win the first thing he did was eye gouge him. while he was blind he held his head while upper cutting repeatedly until it was over. Dont get me wrong in the street this is all good but this is not the street and that fight should had been broken up and restarted and the guy should receive some time.
A C 27 days ago
Gooooood Daaaaaaammmn!
Scott Seeley
Scott Seeley 28 days ago
It sure looked like Leben stuck the fingers of his right hand into his opponent's eyes right before the flurry of upper cuts.
Jerrol Hale
Jerrol Hale 28 days ago
After watching these for a bit I wish ufc would do away with gloves less eye pokes and it seems fights end faster
Ass Monkey
Ass Monkey 28 days ago
He held the back of dudes neck
Gary Pdexter
Gary Pdexter 29 days ago
Now let's see Chris vs Anderson the Spider Silva bare-knuckle
Mrq Yaskn
Mrq Yaskn 29 days ago
The holding of head for repeated upercuts should not be allowed
FILES TV Month ago
Drugs win ? ?
Michael Allen
Michael Allen Month ago
Dann I haven't seen the cripler in a while
Ringo 1
Ringo 1 Month ago
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes Month ago
1:25 undefeated at bare knuckle I was expecting at least 10 minimum. I know you got to start someone.
TorettoSD Month ago
Leben is definitely on steroids
swamp king SC forteinadeyate
Chris leban 79" reach. Wtf .
cheekmeat66 Month ago
leben looks like mr. hyde from "league of extraordinary gentlemen"
cheekmeat66 Month ago
@The Independent Mind racist!
The Independent Mind
@cheekmeat66 how could you..... that's the meanest thing I've ever heard. I'm going to let her read this. Just know you upset a 450lb lady today that already has enough on her plate. You ruined her day probably her year. So mean
cheekmeat66 Month ago
@The Independent Mind nah. looks more like your mother.
The Independent Mind
He looks like your future step dad.
cheekmeat66 Month ago
leben was made for bare-nuckle
iceinmyear Month ago
was that white dude from holes😂
The Independent Mind
Jahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .....NO
Nicole C
Nicole C Month ago
Leben. Is really looking soiled
gordoxium Month ago
Chris is a fucking psycho 🤣😂
Jayden Hoeg
Jayden Hoeg Month ago
Pussy should NOT get paid.This gutless cunt thinks hes a fighter.He has less heart than my grand daughter
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