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Pop. Hip-hop. Power ballads. There are so many flavors of K-pop-how do you choose the right one?
In this episode of Dev Doodles, developers recall some of the challenges of creating the song POP/STARS.
Animated by: Ehlboy


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Oct 21, 2019




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W_Reckoner 2 days ago
2:50 i need this concept melody. (It's less than song but better to listen)
Chuyin W
Chuyin W 5 days ago
You tried different kind of energies and you turned to sass?
Mansur Ali Bilgiç
I am not a kpop person, but i really love almost anything about this game and surely i loved how well done this work is. Congrats to people who had even the slightest contributions to this. Also we've been waiting for a new pentakill album for too long, pls make it happen too
Sam Marquez
Sam Marquez 5 days ago
KDA is freaking good!!!
Alexis pérez morris
Is this after effects?
Klinton Wright Jr.
my question is what made you guys decide to choose them 4 for K/DA
Achim Lumague
Achim Lumague 6 days ago
So this is why Riot's Music is always good
John Hand
John Hand 10 days ago
The real gem of this, is all the Chibi Ahri's
jao jamili
jao jamili 10 days ago
4:15 its remind me the flag is kkk not kda only Philippines can understand
Abdurrahman Rasyid Ridho
This doodles animation are so cuteee 🔥❤️
Whimsy 19 days ago
If only they put the same amount of effort and passion in for True Damage. Instead, we got half-baked K/DA.
Wooden Legacy
Wooden Legacy 19 days ago
Now do pentakill
Kpop Fan
Kpop Fan 22 days ago
thx for the kda tho. im a huge fan of idle. started playing league when they joined that
i like memes guy
i like memes guy 22 days ago
Man i enjoy dev doodles please do more!
dtwilight73 22 days ago
I still use popstar ahri QQ
Anuin22 23 days ago
All their hard work really payed off, they killed it! From the song to the music video they just nailed it. Its on my workout playlist haha
death king
death king 23 days ago
TwiceBlinkingInsomniac EverglowingRadishinNeverland
imagine if DREAMCATCHER was picked instead of idle
Scathe Minx
Scathe Minx 25 days ago
We love you. Thank you oh so so much for this beautiful creation from your passion and skills. Kudos to every dedication and hard work, just everything. You are all legends behind these, you all just left us absolutely stunned. Really. Thank you again and i hope everybody stays safe.
frozen-shotgun 25 days ago
For when the amumu and friends bachata band?
Archivark VII
Archivark VII 25 days ago
Chibi Ahri too Cute
LuLu Mancini
LuLu Mancini 25 days ago
So they are friends right? How come when Evelynn was trying to run over Kai'Sa with her car?!?! XD
marvin metellus
marvin metellus 26 days ago
You should do more behind the scenes stuff like that its realy nice to know the team's expirience working on a project
G. Yong
G. Yong 27 days ago
Gabe Argenti
Gabe Argenti 27 days ago
And now they’re back...
CarubiChips 27 days ago
So in conclusion: it went through ages of blood, sweat, and tears. Truly, thank you so much for powering through the idea for us!
:Dr.Banana 28 days ago
DeTekt 28 days ago
What bass is that? 3:00
GearRatio 28 days ago
I'll never understand the appeal of this weeb stuff, but knowing the league community, it was bound to happen.
SeriuFX 26 days ago
do NOT call kpop weeb stuff. """""True""""" weebs like me tend to get extremely triggered and will get the urge to type cringy comments like this
Uyên Đỗ
Uyên Đỗ 29 days ago
Man now i wanna work for lol when i grow up
Minh Phuc Nguyen
Minh Phuc Nguyen 29 days ago
oh so you guys still using the pitched vocal "hey" in The baddest huh.
SevenPik 29 days ago
The baddest dev doodles i want
林衽襲 29 days ago
True dmg doodle when?
Aoi KING Month ago
What about now? New trend?
david lee
david lee Month ago
who is here? after listening to the baddest.
Kelsey Lewis
Kelsey Lewis Month ago
"We had never made a K-Pop song" Well, you did, and you crushed it.
Neue Ziel
Neue Ziel Month ago
This project was the best and the best Riot has ever done... And, the person who thinks of putting glow in the dark in the face of Akali should really raise his salary. That was the best kill point. (If we create a new girl group in the future, I have a small wish that Dreamcatcher will be the base. I think it'll be a really good combination with Riot.)
Steven Stevens
Steven Stevens Month ago
Make bangtan sonyeondan league of legends worlds song.
Tachikoma1972 Month ago
Well, I didn't play nor like the game. But K/DA is hot stuff.
Francisco Carral-Toledo
when their doodles are better than your drawings
이오 Month ago
어쨌거나 저쨌거나 처음 접해보신 케이팝 만드느라 고생하신 관계자분들 제작자분들 모두 고생 많으셨습니다ㅋㅋㅋ
/account Month ago
Thanks for kda ! 💙💙
Eungaang Lee
Eungaang Lee Month ago
Out of all those kpop girl groups out there Riot really had the insight to choose (g)-idle for this. I mean (g)-idle were literally only rookies that just debuted that year.
Make Temmie great again
Yey a gift 0:11 Oh shoot a rock
marignitee Month ago
KDa will return on August 27, I'm not the only one who has a heart attack?!!!!
So.....KDA 2: electric boogaloo
bambol chłopie
bambol chłopie Month ago
No one cares about k-poop balance the game
KJ 'Đỗ
KJ 'Đỗ Month ago
Hope riot will make more animation like this So viewers can understand what riot passed " Hope Grammar not wrong :) "
Toyanç Topçuoğlu
Ok ok, we get it. Now, please give us a Pentakill!
Aether222A Month ago
where can I find this song edition
Solar Month ago
"we know nothing about kpop" Makes the champion dance a kpop dance before they make kda
Ngọc Hạ
Ngọc Hạ Month ago
Who's here after the announcement of their comeback ?????
Morten Grönlund
K/DA is coming back you guys
make KDA for males too please, and don't forget one of them must be TWISTED FATE 🎩
End CSline
End CSline Month ago
and then we got valorant music xD
Dave Daroy
Dave Daroy Month ago
sad that they didn't make another one of these
saszeta Month ago
Now we need kpop boysband. Eg. GG Taric, GG Ez, GG Pantheon etc.
Cryptic Month ago
Spirit blossom urgot please
Collin O'Toole
Collin O'Toole Month ago
So when's the second song?
Patrick the second
Dayumnn their thighs are T H I C C
Doomianz Month ago
gagagagagagaga gogogogogogoo gogician
asddfjkkl Month ago
bro that instrumental, hearing it now, i thought it was valorant's theme music
Tristan Seme
Tristan Seme Month ago
Camt wait till they make league anime, then there s gonna be an op aka. j rock!
Anh Huy Lê
Anh Huy Lê Month ago
Minz Month ago
The art is sooo cute :3
Rraze LP
Rraze LP Month ago
This drawn ahri is totally adorable
LordVeral Month ago
need moar dev doodles
Stupid Name
Stupid Name Month ago
When game developers make better K-pop than Koreans....
Dennis Month ago
I got KDA Evelynn today and was kinda mad because I dont play Evelynn but after watching this and realizing how big KDA actually is I'm kinda glad I didn't disenchant her right away
gabriel uraza garcia
I love this animation
Esper Nova
Esper Nova Month ago
What is K/DA? Riot: here lettuce tell you No I mean the full name of the group?
rasmuslii XDDD
rasmuslii XDDD Month ago
They made this video on my birthday pog
Smiley Sundae
Smiley Sundae Month ago
There's a pringles face 🤣🤣🤣
A random Doggu
A random Doggu Month ago
I hate my dad
UnlshTB Month ago
I dont listen to K-POP, I don't even like it, but that melody, that beat. God, It's addictive..
Superp222 Month ago
One day, World's is gonna get hosted in Japan One day, Star Guardian Urgot will join his comrades in an epic movie *One day*
Coomkie 22 days ago
never lose hope
Radi Beer
Radi Beer Month ago
They gonna give Urgot the Spirit Blossom Thresh treatment
Zero Nine タチツ
0:16 smol malphite !!! :0
Uriel Garrido
Uriel Garrido Month ago
No Puedo negarlo ah Ahri se le ve bien fachera y fresca....
Ignis Month ago
lets be honest it was a mistake
Unknown gacha
Unknown gacha Month ago
Sooo K-pop is just a copy of black American music and nothing orginal alright
TalkSick CanSir
TalkSick CanSir Month ago
POP/STARS is the only kpop ill listen to
David K
David K 2 months ago
I'm still waiting for K/DA Gragas, Braum, Taric, and Sion or either way K/DA Draven, Master Yi, Talon, and Jhin HAHAHA
YoGo 3238
YoGo 3238 2 months ago
And little did they know, the song became one of the most popular songs in Kpop
Andrew Pema
Andrew Pema Month ago
And one of the most loved and popular songs in the world
Red Zone
Red Zone 2 months ago
Please do more dev doodles!!! I love these!
Dragon Cat Productions
2:00 pause
Dragon Cat Productions
2:00 pause
Shine Thief
Shine Thief 2 months ago
I'm not going to lie. Coming across K/DA on RUvid is what brought my attention to LOL. At least the animations. That a few years later im playing this game and have no idea what I'm doing
Terence Alexander
Terence Alexander 27 days ago
I play offline with bots so my lux and ahri can dominate😂😂
Darren Josef Kho
11 years buddy ( I played open beta at at 2009), I still don't know what I'm doing hahaha
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 2 months ago
I’m glad you did this, you made k pop good 👏 👏
True Damage & KDA akali hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
TheTrueKuroHDPlayz 2 months ago
Why did y’all stop doing dev doodles??...
Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
4:07 the blob kneeling is me.
Andrew Pema
Andrew Pema Month ago
Me too 😆😍
Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
3:46 actual jacket that Akali wears
jouke van beers
jouke van beers 2 months ago
짱쯔위 2 months ago
Okay so when is the comeback
MLBB Dark Claude
MLBB Dark Claude 2 months ago
Sounds close to valorant?
Alyssa Lowe
Alyssa Lowe 2 months ago
I wanted to say that this is how I found league. I thought this was like a miku situation, a digital idol. I thought that kda was a vocaloid like kpop girl group. They did super well!
Remitsuri 2 months ago
4:10 was that 2ne1's I am the best??? hahahahahaha
lily 2 months ago
bro i can’t explain how much of a jam this is.
GabTRG314 2 months ago
and then mobile legends just stole the idea like its nothing
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