Destroying the Jeffree Star Supreme Frost | THE MAKEUP BREAKUP

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Welcome to this week's episode of The Makeup Breakup! Today we are weighing and destroying the Jeffree Star Supreme Frost Highlighter in Hypothermia.
Jeffree Star Supreme Frost Highlighter in Hypothermia
Beauty Bay: bit.ly/2z5OOcM (affiliate link)
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Joakim Karud - Shine

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Oct 30, 2018




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Comments 1 019
BEAUTY NEWS 11 months ago
Hey guys, thanks for all of the love and the comments on todays video. Just to clarify, a few people were saying that they thought this highlighter will look like a bruise on the face. We have both purchased this since filming this and we can confirm that on our light skin tones it is beautiful. Generally blue highlighters that have a blue or grey base tend to look like bruises, whereas this tan base looks very natural - you can see Kat applying it in natural lighting on her NC20 skin here - ruvid.net/video/video-0PYeMdagPsY.htmlm5s Also a few people thought that this looks lacklustre and boring in the swatches. Sadly on camera it does. A strong duo chrome shift is almost impossible to capture accurately on camera but trust us that this has a tan base and a very strong blue to pink shift. Hope that helps x BN
nil -
nil - 6 months ago
Dani D why would he? He destroys chanel bags worth a few thousand dollars each
beancake 9 months ago
I made the likes 1 K
Jordan Cordes
Jordan Cordes 9 months ago
BEAUTY NEWS if you turn on flash or have light directly on it, it should show up better on camera. Especially if it’s originally in a dark room with flash on.
Lisa Batten
Lisa Batten 10 months ago
Dani D Jeffree would love the hell out of this video. Especially since it’s such a great video!
Lisa Batten
Lisa Batten 10 months ago
BEAUTY NEWS I just watched the video you linked I am freaking in love with that shade. Wow!!! Now I have to get it.Must!
Alyssa Faith
Alyssa Faith Month ago
In the pan it looks kinda muddy and ugly ngl. But on the skin it’s like goldish with the pink and blue shifts. WILD
Michelle Porter
Michelle Porter 2 months ago
He needs to honestly make that 3D star like the rose highlight thing but better ong
Ayyypril G
Ayyypril G 2 months ago
She said take my fucking credit card 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kim J
Kim J 2 months ago
Came back to rewatch after i got this in the mystery box and im so stoked lmao
Keepin' It Real with Dani's Unboxings
You just said Jem and the Holograms!!! Instant subscribe!!!!
Keepin' It Real with Dani's Unboxings
Destroy the hell out of it!!!
Ahgase For Life
Ahgase For Life 3 months ago
came for the thumbnail stayed for the accent
ExpiredGoyaBeans 3 months ago
I understand breaking james charles makeup? But why jeffereys?
sassy no filter
sassy no filter 3 months ago
Some of his stuff is hit or miss so far only 1 thing from him was bad it was called eclipse
Ross 3 months ago
Actual destroying is 9:02
Alexandria Mcnally
Alexandria Mcnally 4 months ago
At 8:12 I seriously thought she had a beauty news tatoo on her finger 😂 I was like omg I love it 😍😂 I didn't realize it was down there the whole time I was so focused on the makeup
Zinnia Lorant-Pryor
Zinnia Lorant-Pryor 4 months ago
Holy fuck balls what is this wizardry?!?! That's sick
Ally Moroff
Ally Moroff 4 months ago
Jeffree has the type of highlighters and lipsticks that I would never wear but just but to put on my display case....
Flying Turtle
Flying Turtle 4 months ago
8:55 they start
kittysoph 7
kittysoph 7 4 months ago
I want To eat it
Johnnny Makeup
Johnnny Makeup 5 months ago
I did this to one of mine and I didn’t use alcohol I just pressed it back with no liquid and it repressed perfectly in the pan!
Annemie Vranken
Annemie Vranken 5 months ago
9:02 when they actually destroy it
Mabuke 'Mue' Muelelwa
You guys make amazing content but just swear too much unnecessarily, that’s the only reason why I unsubscribed, it’s difficult to watch with all the foul language
Andrea 5 months ago
Looks like a "pretty" bruise
Chef_ Lopez
Chef_ Lopez 5 months ago
The northern lights palette is the same formula!! It is 6 skin frosts! You would love it!
Coll 44
Coll 44 5 months ago
It’s so pretty I could die
Cat Meows
Cat Meows 5 months ago
I wish she didn’t talk so much. I’ve literally fast forwarded it so many times to actually see her destroying it
Azul Molina
Azul Molina 6 months ago
Denise Bergman
Denise Bergman 6 months ago
its satifying to watch but kinda sad at the same time.
Bts Army
Bts Army 6 months ago
8:57 what you all came here for
Aküma 6 months ago
No, why?
Adriana McKenzie
Adriana McKenzie 6 months ago
9:03 you’ll thank me later
Sagen TheSergal
Sagen TheSergal 6 months ago
Don't use James Charles or you will get threats XD
Chloe Eliza
Chloe Eliza 6 months ago
This makes me sad because people save up lots of money to get makeup and you guys are just destroying it and throwing it away.
BEAUTY NEWS 6 months ago
We are no different to other people, we also save up lots of money to buy them. We do try to fix the products and use them when we can, but this products didn't re-pressed sadly
Pratibha 6 months ago
Makeup satanist
Ariana Eilish
Ariana Eilish 6 months ago
i honestly think these frost highlighters are underwhelming, i expected extreme highlight from jeffree and the formula is just not impressive ..meh wont be buying more
Yanan Yue
Yanan Yue 6 months ago
Love that nail polish girl!!!
Rama Yadav
Rama Yadav 7 months ago
I've been watching your videos for the last few days and it's so satisfying but really, destroying Jeffristar's makeup is just a bit hurtful, I I'm out girl, for some reason I feel so offended.
socialis_anxietatem 7 months ago
Oh my heart it hurts
MetalheadMrs \m/
MetalheadMrs \m/ 7 months ago
"This might be witchcraft" 😂😂😂
pikapica chu
pikapica chu 7 months ago
that was beautiful. wow
Phoebe Lewis
Phoebe Lewis 7 months ago
Tammy Chapman
Tammy Chapman 7 months ago
You can never take the star out of jeffree. But I love all this. 👍
Madden Sport Horses
Madden Sport Horses 7 months ago
Such a shame, it's so much prettier in the pan Also why does it take you so long to get into the purpose of the video?? You didn't start destroying for a full nine minutes...
Samiha Tauhid
Samiha Tauhid 7 months ago
Can you do nars liquid blush
Ruff House Renovations
I so hope @Jeffreestar saw this review it’s hilarious, you girls crack me up.
Jordan games
Jordan games 8 months ago
Your dumb. You just wasted your money :/
spill the Tea sis
spill the Tea sis 8 months ago
Is this highlighter? (I just realised it is by reading the comments lol!)
content deleted
content deleted 8 months ago
How dare u destroy
gottahaveshades 8 months ago
It looks like a shimmery bruise. And the formula looks awful. I don’t get it.
M S 8 months ago
youre honestly so pale I cant see any products you put
Gabriella Z
Gabriella Z 8 months ago
This made me want to buy it! 😍
Nour KassirBodn
Nour KassirBodn 9 months ago
Waste of money ??
Mandi Taylor
Mandi Taylor 9 months ago
I think it’s gorgeous looking, even on camera. I might have to purchase this one. Wow!
Stephanie Wilcox
Stephanie Wilcox 9 months ago
"Get fucked, I can't believe I got this" This is my new saying.
Jordan Castillo
Jordan Castillo 9 months ago
I literally love hypothermia literally put it allllll over my body when I go to shows and raves looks so fucking bomb on darker skin
google e
google e 9 months ago
unless I want to look like a drag queen I would never buy his makeup
Mickey Thompson
Mickey Thompson 9 months ago
How do I private message you about a product I would like to see tested ... I got a Fenty lip in, opened it Dec 25 used it 2 time and 1/3 of the product is gone ... is it Fenty or Sephora selling returned products ???
Les Hayenga
Les Hayenga 9 months ago
jeffree star needs to react to this
namjoons dimple
namjoons dimple 9 months ago
after taking off a star off of highlighter it looked like Patrick from sponge bob
XxThePixieSlayerXx 9 months ago
Hmm not impressed 🤔
pw50bike 9 months ago
When they destroy makeup it makes me feel cheep
Justin Moyer
Justin Moyer 9 months ago
This physically hurt my heart and wallet
Adele May
Adele May 9 months ago
you came for 8:58 - you’re welcome
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