Destroying FaZe Rug's Footage, Then Surprising Him With $10,000 of Gucci

FaZe Rug
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My camera man Noah made it look like he deleted all of my footage, but then he had a crazy Gucci surprise for me after...
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Nov 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Simplistic Year ago
why is one of noahs eyes bigger than the other 🤣
Im your hope, your my hope, im j-hope
One of my eyes is smaller then the other 😂😂😭😭
Sweaty Mr.prø
Sweaty Mr.prø 4 months ago
TrashIQ 4 months ago
v1nce 4 months ago
mzeeshanmancity38 ZEESHAN
Henry C
Henry C 2 days ago
Noah’s funny
jayla igamer
jayla igamer 3 days ago
He's lucky asf
Cristiano Dsouza
Cristiano Dsouza 4 days ago
Gamer 4 days ago
Noah is everyone’s dream cameraman
God Has A Plan For You Trust the process
RUvidr worst Nightmare 😂🦍
Science Kids
Science Kids 6 days ago
When he said 3,000 bucks, it looked like he knew it.
Juice WrLd
Juice WrLd 6 days ago
Why is everybody talkin about me my name is Noah
Zayan Ali Syed(Student)
I am not new but I subscribed your and Noah RUvid channel
bacon 8 days ago
That's why you should never fire noah
Nizzie Turnt
Nizzie Turnt 8 days ago
You know when Brian and Noah are just the vibe you continually watch their pranks and challenges everyday, I am one of your biggest fans on RUvid.
Kayla Lizok
Kayla Lizok 14 days ago
Happy birthday faze rug have a good happy birthday
Dominic Pineda
Dominic Pineda 15 days ago
That is how u know FaZe rug is committed because he would film on his birthday for his fans
AllanLuvsU 18 days ago
Probably the best prank yet 😎
Abdullah Imran
Abdullah Imran 18 days ago
Do some one know there is only one thing better then Gucci faze rug merch
Soldier Animations
Soldier Animations 19 days ago
1:05 what is that noise???
Christine Wu
Christine Wu 19 days ago
Imagine the camera wasn't recording :0
Christine Wu
Christine Wu 19 days ago
I know this was a while ago, but they could have filmed on his birthday! That would be cool to watch!!
Emmanuel Ricketts
Emmanuel Ricketts 23 days ago
Noah is a real g
Royale Boba
Royale Boba 23 days ago
The fact that he wanted to give up his bd for us🥺
therealDMAS 25 days ago
that hapend to me once
Alvina Haque
Alvina Haque 25 days ago
When Brian opened the closet, and an ad came on. 😂😂
Trick Shots
Trick Shots 28 days ago
Soi Ian Ryan
Soi Ian Ryan Month ago
To be honest Noah being a camera man is the best prankster as a camera man
Tammy s
Tammy s Month ago
Y'all are best friends I thought y'all are bro thers
Gabor Kovacs
Gabor Kovacs Month ago
My insta: gabor.kovacs2010
Gabor Kovacs
Gabor Kovacs Month ago
Tyyppi kyl
Tyyppi kyl Month ago
I'm just wondering during the whole video how much rug pays him to afford gucci
Jaylan Wilson
Jaylan Wilson Month ago
You know how, fazes birthday is coming up my birthday is in two days, no joke, it really is
Lily Orr
Lily Orr Month ago
Gavins World
Gavins World Month ago
Who's here in 2021?
Nofael Anwaar
Nofael Anwaar Month ago
Pan is so good he is op I like you bro
TTrendy7 Month ago
Brian u should why u did u say why me you should say try me loll
Jean Williams
Jean Williams Month ago
Yo FaZe is the most nicest person I wanna cry 😢
Creative Time
Creative Time Month ago
Faze rug no need to be mean but you feel way to sorry for yourself.
Prachi Lalwani
Prachi Lalwani Month ago
Poor ruggy 😭😭
Snipzy Month ago
4:45 Noah: "Im gonna leave all the gucci in my car SO HE DOESNT SEE IT." ***leaves it in the front passenger seat***
School Work
School Work Month ago
3:04 I didn't know it did that..
bailey 124
bailey 124 Month ago
Nobody: The llamas in the closet :👁👄👁
R Dean
R Dean Month ago
he acuttly cares evan off camera
Iron Doge
Iron Doge Month ago
Rug why do u lock your doors in rooms its not safe
CG_Moles05 Month ago
"I dont care about my birthday" Just a dedicated RUvidr
CHEPZ ._. Month ago
If someone did this prank on me I would be pretty mad too
Humaira Desai
Humaira Desai Month ago
Harraz 1942
Harraz 1942 Month ago
Brian is a good boss
Khalen Pitcher
Khalen Pitcher Month ago
Don’t hate on Rug
Lance Jareck M. Olfindo
LOL 2:51
Abdullah Nasir
Abdullah Nasir Month ago
I started f ing crying
Elsie obra
Elsie obra Month ago
Who esle noticed that noah is kinda good at editing than me
H T Month ago
Bro u left the dog in the room
riley lee
riley lee Month ago
imagine if Noah said " and btw I used your credit card."
Maxwell Skanse
Maxwell Skanse Month ago
May Forester
May Forester Month ago
Noah should make is own channel
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez Month ago
F-rain Stephen
F-rain Stephen Month ago
Noah and faze rug are looking like a brother
WALT 32 Month ago
13:08 lets fuckin go!
Cubing Mario
Cubing Mario 2 months ago
Only gods know that the title and thumbnail changed
Equinox Gaming
Equinox Gaming 2 months ago
this video is the nice noah is super kind and faze rug thay are just legends like it if you think so to
Abdullah 2460
Abdullah 2460 2 months ago
Lol 😂
Fortune Coochie
Fortune Coochie 2 months ago
Rug really didn't know, it was a prank?
Gloria Glam
Gloria Glam 2 months ago
he had to stay for santa!
Marshadowmello X
Marshadowmello X 2 months ago
Faze Rug is a total G. He says he will film on his birthday. Us RUGRATS are sooooo lucky that we are his fans
Linsay Vickers
Linsay Vickers 2 months ago
Faze rug says this is the best kiss ever
OP__ LORENCO 2 months ago
If Brian's birthday it's in November mine too mine it's in November too
Paul Bozewicz
Paul Bozewicz 2 months ago
I got you back! But I got "Your" back
Avya Agarwal
Avya Agarwal 2 months ago
i want to see more likes guys
I’m Gay
I’m Gay 2 months ago
i’m the newest comment stupid
Ahsan Alvi
Ahsan Alvi 2 months ago
6:35 i died of laughter
Rajay Wright
Rajay Wright 2 months ago
Noah remember that Brian prank call out and give you a car you should not be pranking him back
killer trainz
killer trainz 2 months ago
If i was rug I would have at least smashed the monitor or broke the PC still good prank tho
the unique gaming nivas
0:00 secret
Hope Builders
Hope Builders 2 months ago
Kye Archer
Kye Archer 2 months ago
My birthday is the day before Brian’s
Terry 2 months ago
Re watching this video just made my day of how nice Noah was to rug and how happy he was
Arez Chiay
Arez Chiay 2 months ago
It smells like Gucci shoesh Me : bro is literally Gucci shoes😂
Devil Gaming
Devil Gaming 2 months ago
Noah be like : m let’s prank ru- OH MY GOD . IS THAT SANTA CLUAS? (unexpectedly takes a picture with Santa ). K now let’s go to prank rug :)
Mr. Buckethead
Mr. Buckethead 2 months ago
1 like = 1 🪦 to Noah’s bank account
Shinobi SZN
Shinobi SZN 2 months ago
In all honestly both faze rug & brawadis & the family are gratefull for everything , Doesnt matter how much money they have , there always humble !
Mr. Bozz ツ
Mr. Bozz ツ 2 months ago
10:26 Noah's giggles tho 🥺
Murshid Asad
Murshid Asad 2 months ago
Brandan brother is always mean to nohas
alysarox1 2 months ago
Brian’s acting was not to good lol
my little pony Lover
I have saw it before
my little pony Lover
Young Noah LOL
NAH 2 months ago
yay noah
Khalid Hussain
Khalid Hussain 2 months ago
Is it only me or the Gucci gifts are packed aren't wrapped properly 🤔🤔🤔
Bosilu Delpachithra
Bosilu Delpachithra 2 months ago
Like how much faze rug said bro
DaJameZy 2 months ago
Who Is Watching This 2021 I Always Watch This Cuz Is Funny This Is The Best Prank Ever
Jayden Villatoro
Jayden Villatoro 2 months ago
noah thats harsh dude
Shikhar Gupta
Shikhar Gupta 2 months ago
I swear Noah is like the best cameraman ever
Thompson airsoft
Thompson airsoft 2 months ago
Wait why is one of the paintings in rugs room censored?
Vallitex 2 months ago
Dahm let me be faze rug’s camera man he be balling
Official MBM Gabe
Official MBM Gabe 2 months ago
Why does he look different
Yair Ayala
Yair Ayala 2 months ago
Out of the 4 boxes I would take the backpack, it’s looks more fire.
Austin Rood
Austin Rood 2 months ago
Noah says Rug does all good things for him but Rug pranked him and that is why this video is happening
nicholas cottrell
nicholas cottrell 2 months ago
video memes
video memes 2 months ago
I think brawadis got a ticket.
Kiddoss kid
Kiddoss kid 2 months ago
I love how rug can do 100000$$$ challenges but cant pay 30000 $$$$$
استغفر الله وأتوب اليه
Bruh that is like the best prank ever lol
Arshad Slamang
Arshad Slamang 2 months ago
Arshad Slamang
Arshad Slamang 2 months ago
Rug said this is the best kiss ever bro I heard it but then said no can't be but then I turned on captions and it said the best kiss ever bro who is watching this it 2021 this is my 10th time watching this
Oh No.... 😂
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