Destroying a scam call center

Jim Browning
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Karl Rock and I went to work on a scam call center in Delhi and managed to shut it down. This is how we did it...
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A few links:
Karl Rock's channel: RUvid.com/KarlRock
Karl's video on Renewed Technology:
ScammerBlaster's site:
Web: www.renewedtechnology.com
Alias: www.renowncomputer.com
Alias: www.renowninfotech.com
Name: Renewed Tech Pvt Ltd
AKA: Web Infotech LLC / Tech Philosophers
GPS: 28.699745, 77.107635
Address: B-5/61,62 Sec 3 Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India
FB: facebook.com/pages/category/Telecommunication-Company/Renewed-Technology-PVT-LTD-326305451208963/
Himanshu Nigam's LinkedIn Page: www.zaubacorp.com/director/HIMANSHU-NIGAM/07632065
WebInfoTechLLC details:
Director: Mihir Shah
Details: www.linkedin.com/in/mihir512/
FB: facebook.com/mihir.shah.7165
Catch me on Twitter: twitter.com/JimBrowning11 @JimBrowing11
My RUvid channel is here: RUvid.com/c/JimBrowning
Outro music:
freemusicarchive.org/music/BoxCat_Games/ (Epic Song)
The 3D logo smash was created by 'Please Subscribe Dad'... check out his great channel:

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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 100
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 11 months ago
Thanks Jim. It was fun working with you on this one! I hope we can do it again
Gamer Gomali
Gamer Gomali 11 days ago
See Internet can also be good 😌
Brenton Shepherd
Brenton Shepherd 12 days ago
You need to get these people locked up.. Please these people are taking money from hard working individual's.. Thank you for everything you do but these need to be reported to F.B.I or C.I.A Thanks
Brenton Shepherd
Brenton Shepherd 12 days ago
Please lock all these people up..
frenquencie 18 days ago
HAMMER GAMING 2 months ago
Great job Jim
Sudheer Kalmidi
I can assist you if you want to proceed with any operation in bengaluru with my full potential.
Eternal Reign
Eternal Reign 4 hours ago
Steve Smith lol? Are they not aware of their own accent or what? Yeak ok, "Steve Smith".
J Michael Ewan
J Michael Ewan 4 hours ago
So to my absolute delight...😂
Star platinum
Star platinum 11 hours ago
This Indian's well I am too but I don't want to be like this I want to be like u maybe I can help somehow?
Bigolas_65 11 hours ago
Karl looks like Pewdiepie lite
Praveen 12 hours ago
6:56 😂
caroline gemini
caroline gemini 13 hours ago
E 357
E 357 15 hours ago
Jim wacked Epstein
BrixMotion 15 hours ago
The scammer better not be watching this.
JMA 16 hours ago
I wish i had Jims skills so i could do this also lol
The Chick House
The Chick House 16 hours ago
9:55 sounded like a bee swarm
Hrishikesh Adsul
Hrishikesh Adsul 19 hours ago
Go to police stop taking law in you hands ... although I really appreciate what you are doing ...👍 Kudos
Ashutosh Charan
Ashutosh Charan 19 hours ago
I was thinking to open a call centre but I change my plan 😂😂😂
KHYZAR KHAN 21 hour ago
This does, put a smile on my face
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 21 hour ago
Zigfrid Sev
Zigfrid Sev 22 hours ago
You are a hero, Jim, sir!
David Bellis
David Bellis 23 hours ago
If you get one of these alert screens pop up how do you get rid of it?
xCz Knives
xCz Knives 23 hours ago
this man is the definition of the one man army perk from mw2
Fatima Ullah
Fatima Ullah Day ago
You expose booters on online gaming and
Hiroki Drew
Hiroki Drew Day ago
This dude is aiden pierce from watch dogs 1
Quoc Hiep KIEU
Beside of just taking the center down, do the people behind it faces legal charges though?
Keshav Day ago
If India becomes isolated (like China), that will be better for all of us.
Samapan - Sam Sarkar
Hi Jim! I reside in the Delhi - NCR and work in bona fide companies where thankfully we do not scam anyone or provide tech support. In fact we use our real names and no fake aliases. At the end of the day my conscience is clear however, feel that because of such scammers our work is greatly misunderstood and undermined.
john phipps
john phipps Day ago
This video is a scam
john phipps
john phipps Day ago
This video is a scam
Harikiran C J
Jim. Today I recieved a call from scammer. she said calling from amazone and I won 3 prizes
radeon graphics
Karl rock is great. Please make a video on how to u know scammer and how u hack their CCTV.. I was scammed once...
Matthew Zhang
great job sir!
GhostLIVE Day ago
Reminds me of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen when you are raiding the Team Rocket base, dismantling their team.
Randy Asi TV
Randy Asi TV Day ago
Alwys india
Apoorv Sahay
Apoorv Sahay Day ago
petition for jim to start an office in india to shut down these pricks
Mr Davis
Mr Davis Day ago
So for 19 years the American NSA and CIA have been invading Americans’ privacy with 0 results, but a handful of tech savvy civilians are dismantling multi-million dollar scamming organizations? Sounds like typical American backasswardness!
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh Day ago
a huge salute to you sir
Haha haha
Haha haha Day ago
ur insane
LordHollow Day ago
I had an issue where the computer still ran fine, but any and all files ending in .jpg, mp3, mp4, and files like that were all behind encryption. Then the alert popped up to "fix" it. I was so mad, I just scuttled the whole computer, wiping everything and reinstalling the os.
Phiro NoSurvivors
Pro.. Professional.. You're awesome! I'd social media shame them too and really drive things home.
William Brewer
Some tear gas and one or two frags into that window should fix our pest problem.
THEREALkid boy
I almost got scamed
Othman Empire
All those accents they speaking: Gudhu gudha gum Sir😁🤣
Randy Day ago
Very well done. Everyone involved with destroying these scams are heroes.
blaze sniz
blaze sniz Day ago
Who went into their mailbox to check if they have got an email from Jim.?
Reel Master
Reel Master 2 days ago
800-319-2203 is a tech support scam in October 20 2020
Windows Rocks!!!
Windows Rocks!!! 2 days ago
1:21 Computer is beeping. Audio from tab, look at the tab title.
James Best
James Best 2 days ago
Woowww, I am so glad you are showing of your gifted skills in humanity... Well done...
Sahara Jr
Sahara Jr 2 days ago
internet hero jim browning
MrMojoSuper 2 days ago
Wow! This guy is something else!
Mrs P Sades
Mrs P Sades 2 days ago
Scamming nurses. How FUCKING LOW can you get?!
Salvador Fuentes
Salvador Fuentes 2 days ago
Jackson Secrist
Jackson Secrist 2 days ago
You sir, are the kind of person this world needs more of. It makes me feel a bit safer know that you are out there doing this, protecting the unlucky people who have and will fall for these types of scams. Thank you
Kyle McW
Kyle McW 2 days ago
I can’t believe that guy refused to pay the money back to their victims!..... Fancy challenging Jim!?.... little did he know! 😆
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 2 days ago
You are an incredible humanitarian. The amount of work and diligence you go through is amazing. Not to mention the sheer amount of risk you involve yourself with criminal organizations like this.
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 2 days ago
Why doesn't the federal government have a building full of people doing what this hero is doing ?
Rishi patel
Rishi patel 2 days ago
90,000 Canadian Dollar equals 5,016,037.07 Indian Rupee
Kenston Krizty
Kenston Krizty 2 days ago
Manh you can find many of them from Hyderabad,India
U. M.
U. M. 2 days ago
0:42 Publisher: Unkonwn --- 1. Clue that somethings is wrong with this Message
Abhishek Bajaj
Abhishek Bajaj 2 days ago
Windows defender is very much efficient without any third party defenders
Kriegen ML
Kriegen ML 2 days ago
you know its a scammer when it has an indian accent lmao
Nevets 3 days ago
Scammer bait Royalty. God bless you Jim.
Ammar Khan
Ammar Khan 3 days ago
India is the hotspot of scam, fraud, rape and terrorism including state-terrorism. Terrible
SSG Viper
SSG Viper 3 days ago
amine bouaita
amine bouaita 3 days ago
We just can't thank you enough
They claim to be tech support but they don't even know what a DDoS is?
Danielle Cateley
Danielle Cateley 3 days ago
This video made me cackle like an evil villain 😅 😂 🤣
Anubhav Yadav
Anubhav Yadav 3 days ago
we need more people like you
Meptune Le Verrier
Let's appreciate the fact that the address of that guy selling the 'Advanced Identity Protector' is ras al khaima [ all lowercase, like every other gulf town ], Arizona, USA.
Shamrock 3 days ago
The best of Norn Iron!
Mohd Bukhary
Mohd Bukhary 3 days ago
Please Shut Down Macau Scam At Malaysia😭 it's really a Big one Involveving amount nearly 100 Million MYR. i'm begging You Jim🥺 This case now is hot at malaysia news. hope you see my comment😆 actually the head of this operation scam just jump out of a brick wall at SPRM Place😑 it doesnt make sense my goverment actually back up this scammer😔
slayershadow1 3 days ago
We need more white hats like you!! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts. Be sure that your actions could save some lifes... Greetings from Brazil!
Donny Louni
Donny Louni 3 days ago
Proof CIA and FBI and police are a joke
Permeet Singh
Permeet Singh 4 days ago
Well done Jim!!!! There are bunch of those in delhi! If the Indian police can't do it! There should be some one like you! Well done 🤩🥳🥳🥳
ZAN SHA 4 days ago
I think he is married
dyll 4 days ago
you are literally a god
omg jim m8...i nearly pissed meself watching this. well done bud :D
Talha Shaikh
Talha Shaikh 4 days ago
just dont entertain any call from subcontinent in any circumstances..jim you should make your people aware of this frauds by any means possible...get rid of these rodents..together
Jim, you are great and funny!!!! I love this!!!
ANIL KUMAR 4 days ago
good job Karl and Jim. Keep destroying these scammers.
AsianPrince360 4 days ago
I apologize in advance for my Indian people. This is a shame and an embarrassment for our people. Thank you for your services
Arghadeep Das
Arghadeep Das 4 days ago
There's a place reserved for you in heaven, man❤️...Peace🙏🏻
TheM275 4 days ago
I can’t believe how gullible people are. It’s so sad.
Marcus Gracy
Marcus Gracy 4 days ago
show me how to do this
In Vis
In Vis 4 days ago
He’s so good and calm
In Vis
In Vis 4 days ago
Very kind and considerate
Frank Lemanschik
Frank Lemanschik 5 days ago
Thanks for Publishing that so others can scam more easy other people the problem will get bigger not smaller :)
football kid
football kid 5 days ago
As a person that ALMOST fell for a scam, I really appreciate you and everything you do.
football kid
football kid 5 days ago
Story on how I almost fell for a scam: I was 7 or 8, it was early 2014. I saw an giant ad that said “Win a FREE IPhone 7” I was using my pc, It was a somewhat old laptop for anyone wondering, I clicked on the ad, then I saw it asked for an address and credit/debit card. When I saw that I knew it was fake.
responsibleparty 5 days ago
Why on Earth would you blur the scammer's face? Who are you trying to protect? Also, how are you monitoring their conversations, or capturing their screen while they scam people? Do you cover this in another video?
Globe255 5 days ago
They have 1000s of scams, so this is shutting nothing.
Amaniel Mesfin
Amaniel Mesfin 5 days ago
Does this happen for Amazon Customer support too? Or is there customer support located in India for real. I live in Germany and if I want to call up the customer support, I have some Indian guy on the other side talking to me. I tell them I want some one who speaks german and they somehow get one of their Indian people in there to speak german with a heavy accent that's how know it's an Indian speaking to me.
Uddipta Khataniar
Thank God Jim is on our side ❤. I feel bad as due to these people, India gets the blame
Aadithya Mohan
Aadithya Mohan 5 days ago
volipz 5 days ago
Hosa Belaku Artisans Foundation
legal or not we need people like you
The Motorcycle Boss
Not all heroes wear capes...
The Motorcycle Boss
I love people who go out and screw scammers. Thank you so much!
Conscious Beings Community
You really do need some sort of boss theme music that starts playing as you reveal that you are, in fact.... *agent Browning*
Mark 15
Mark 15 6 days ago
Why dont you hack or scam a scammer
Danielle Peel
Danielle Peel 6 days ago
How long can people keep getting away with these scams. I don't understand. We need more awareness, because these pieces of shit aren't going to stop.
Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill 6 days ago
Jim, you really are an amazing guy. Thank you for doing this. ♥️
earthboundm1sf1t 6 days ago
Not all heroes wear capes. You, sir, are a serious blessing to those who do not understand scammers and how they operate. Please keep doing this and keep exposing scammers. You're doing amazing things.
Santosh Sahu
Santosh Sahu 6 days ago
Thanks alot sir💕🙏for help us from this scam
Aakshay Patil
Aakshay Patil 6 days ago
Steve Smith??? Come on man his is a cricketer
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