Designing Earth-like Atmospheres

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Thanks for watching everyone. It means a lot. :)

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May 7, 2018




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Comments 439
Redstone Ewok
Redstone Ewok 3 days ago
"earth like atmospheres" Thumbnail: FIRE!!!!
Mateus Mundstock
Mateus Mundstock 16 days ago
Combining a whole bunch of things together: Could you have a high-oxygen world, and in that world have a forest/savanna with green skies? I was thinking of an habitat with constant, big wildfires, big enough that the atmosphere nearby would have a whole bunch of water vapour. In that place, flying microscopical algae would have evolved to live of that water vapour and CO2 produces by the wildfires, and a big concentration of them would make the sky green. Imagine how cool it would be for explorers to find an untouched land of green sky!
Ops Fox
Ops Fox 21 day ago
What is 1 earth temperature in your spreadsheet?
Mishka Leom Pilapil
Freaking try this on a phone
ChefBrad, The Blue Fam
Imagine valleys filled with chlorine gas... and highlands filled with argon...
Crazy Dave
Crazy Dave Month ago
Humans using flapping wing-crafts to travel across the badlands without dieing.
irmuu sanaa
irmuu sanaa Month ago
So what would happen if the star was red?
Mateus Mundstock
What would a world with, say, 10% Argon look like?
Tauron 5
Tauron 5 Month ago
I have a question, where does the huge amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere come from? And why don't other planets like Venus and Mars have it?
TheDyingOfLight 2 months ago
There's a mistake in the video. Oxygen maxes out at 0.3 atm as above that runaway wildfires won't stop burning, thus the O2 concentrations will be lowered.
J.T. Davis
J.T. Davis 3 months ago
How do you determine the temperature of your planet? Does it have to do with the luminosity of your star, or do you put in what you want the avg temp of your planet to be and hope that such a temperature permisses a habitable atmosphere?
ChickenSplash 3 months ago
I thought oxygen is bad for you, I wouldn't want to live in a world with an oxygen pressure of more than 0.3 atm
Le Daverix
Le Daverix 4 months ago
hanks40cents 4 months ago
Is also of note the implications, that that would have on cooking, as in a higher pressure the boiling point of water is going to be higher. In a 1,7 atm the boiling point would be at around 115°C (for comparison, a pressure cooker cooks at approximately 2 atm at 121°C). So anything cooked or steamed would cook in less time. Saunas would have to be drier or you would risk death, or they would only be possible at high altitudes. In low pressures on the other hand, pressure cookers could have developed earlier, or the cuisine could have been more filled with grilled, broiled and fried foods.
Gabriel Meyer
Gabriel Meyer 4 months ago
Darn, I made a whole system and everything, and then I find out that I need 5x Earth's greenhouse effect just to get it habitable, Darn
chicken foot
chicken foot 2 months ago
Lindhardt Von Hevring
*has aneurysm*
Xeno Shvetsario
Xeno Shvetsario 6 months ago
6:04 How did you figure that out? I don't get how you're supposed to convert the habitable atm into those habitable distances below and above sea level.
abdamit 6 months ago
I love this kind of shit.
T M Suhanthan
T M Suhanthan 6 months ago
KelixKatzGaming 6 months ago
4:31 death by twitching? how?
LeviaRiosh 7 months ago
If I put laughing gas, would I get giggling creachures?
iiKyanite 8 months ago
How the hell do I get temperature of my planet xD
Azazel 9 months ago
If I built a world I would make the plants use retinal (I think that's the name) instead of chlorophyll for photosynthesis so the planet would be purple instead of green.
Hating Mirror
Hating Mirror 9 months ago
Argon is a gas on it's own, it doesn't consist of other gases Amino acids are created of mineral nitrogen, N2 in the air is just a good common gas that doesn't react with things much
Parthian Capitalist
Parthian Capitalist 10 months ago
4:59 California world it is!
Thomas Duursma
Thomas Duursma 10 months ago
O2, N2, etc.... you can remember it with the following shorthand H-BrONClIF = H2 Br2 O2 N2 Cl2 I2 F2!
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe 10 months ago
One thing you didn't mention, but probably should have, is vapor pressure of volatiles like water. That creates a lot of interesting effects and also some really dangerous ones like the potential for needing a pressure suit, or for that matter the atmosphere homogenizing above a certain altitude. Or there being mesospheric mountains that stretch into realms where water cannot exist as a liquid at background temperature.
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe 10 months ago
"High Oxygen worlds are really fun." Maybe in the Dwarf fortress version of the word fun...
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe 10 months ago
Let's see... 80 atmospheres of Helium, 5 Atmospheres of Neon, 2 atmospheres of N2, and half an atmosphere of O2. Plus a bit of Argon. Who says we can't build unpressurized surface structures on Venus?
brachypelmasmith 10 months ago
retinal detachment? Uff.
Emeraldstar_14 11 months ago
I might make a high-density air world, but gravity is already low (0.9🌏) and the world is full of dragons. But I guess with their large size, flight will be easier
Dead Knight
Dead Knight 11 months ago
Can I get the partial atmospheric pressures by multiplying the atm of my world's sea-level by the percentage of the gas? No matter which file I download the spreadsheet as, I can't use it.
Speedbun Year ago
Alright, but I *can* have a lot of krypton in the atmosphere? I just want the inhabitants to have ridiculously deep voices.
quakerdevil08 Year ago
How did you calculate the habitable ranges in the spreadsheet? It appears your values in the Partial Pressure column changed while mine did not. Help please and thank you! :)
EthansBarf Year ago
I want to create a world at 0.2 Earth radii but 1 G gravity, but apparently it says it has 0.5 Earth’s escape velocity, meaning that barely anything can hang around in the atmosphere, how do I fix it?
EthansBarf Year ago
But could I still have a ~sea level atmosphere, because I want living things on it, besides I want it to also have a flatter topography with shorter mountains. I also put in a low scale height so the atmosphere does not go up all that high anyway, it has a Karman line of 20km compared to Earth’s 100km
Tiler Year ago
The escape velocity is determined by the gravitational influence your planet has, which is directly related to its mass. If you want a planet with a higher escape velocity, you need either a bigger planet, or a denser planet. Your planet may be 1G at sea level, but it would taper off to 0 much more quickly than it would on a more massive planet, hence, less energy is required to escape
Grim The Ghastly
What equation did you use to find the habitable elevation range?
Joao Paulo Teixeira Pereira
Artifexian I have a question!! Help Please! Whenever I change the Atmospheric Pressure at Altitude, the values of the gases won´t change (when you put -1000m the CO2 was at 0,01916) but when I changed and put below 1km everything stayed the same :/ I think the 0,01916 only depends of the Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level and the % of the Atmospheric Composition. Therefore, why did your numbers changed?
Corey Reid
Corey Reid Year ago
It means they got Vulcan almost right, re: humanoid life forms. The canon for prime Vulcan has a lesser oxygen content and lesser air density. It meant that Vulcans at baseline were "normal" but on Earth had better hearing and better stamina, and in females heightened sense of smell. It also explains why the Animated Series might have other fauna wrong: animals may not be as large as on Earth, and Vulcans probably could not live in lowlands because of the toxicity of the air (something "Enterprise" got right, oddly enough.)
Mithrax Year ago
I watched 2 videos now without reading descriptions and all that stuff... I have no clue what this channel is about. But I like it very much.
LemonGuy Year ago
What if you increase the amount of neon to 1.5%? How freaking cool would the sky look during a thunderstorm (red flashes in the clouds at every lighting strike)
V�ctor Alemany P�rez
Just amazing
Maarten van Duijvenvoorde
Hmmm I made up a world where the mountains are around 16K high and habitable, but at 0m it also needs to be habitable. I wonder if this is feasible. Thanks for the tool, I'll see if I can make it work
shaun03a Year ago
earth during the carboniferous period sounds like actual hell
Pulse Year ago
so let me get this right the chanel is about making your own fantasys world work with maths like. lol
Indecisive Year ago
I'm doing some donut planet stuff and I was looking for other ways to spice it up. I think I'll make it so the inner equitorial societies have achieved human flight to some extent. Storms will be nasty, but they are bound to have some cool caves and stuff with all those mountains. I was also looking for a way to start conflict in this story, so if the main character is out flying and gets caught in an unforeseen storm, I could totally make a story out of that.
J's Music
J's Music Year ago
How did you call when something would be poisonous???
Razorback1, Year ago
Actualy most of earths hidrogen stayed with Earth . Before oxogen arrived , thus why Earth has water
Michael Carter
Wow! One of my worlds has bigger animals and more thunderstorms. Cool to know that there's a good reason!
Wiggy Year ago
You should make an app of your spreadsheets
What if the creatures on said planet didn't breath oxygen?
Adam Fisher
Adam Fisher Year ago
Are you going to talk about society and politics
Daniel Rossy
Daniel Rossy Year ago
2 recommendations: when you convert units on the fly (psi to atm in this case) I get confused. It would be nice if you include some converters in your spreadsheets. I would also like this for the comparison with Earth Values. The Second recommendation is about the state of the spreadsheets. When I download them, they appear with the values you'd set in the video. I think that the "pristine" state of the spreadsheets should be "all inputs set to 0".
Σeegma Year ago
1:39 "rule of thumb"
Sabersonic Year ago
Apologies for the belated comment, got distracted. As always, GURPS Space 3rd Edition barely even mentions such creative variety, especially in the altitude and composition of the atmosphere or at least the consequences of such variables outside of "your character takes this kind of damage if exposed". The altitude one and the atmospheric pressure intrigues me the most such as your two examples of CO2 valleys and habitable mountains vs wearing a space suit to climb a mountain. It certainly gives some creative ideas when it comes to extrasolar colonization. Either way, thanks for the inspiration Edgar.
aggese Year ago
Daniel Rossy
Daniel Rossy Year ago
Could you share or point to the place where I can get the graph you shown at 3:36?
garrondumont Year ago
On your planet, considering human flight might be possible in the right circumstances is it possible that the lowlands could act as a toxic sea that people "sail" on?
Blocky Universe Productions
Whatever happened to Oa?
Yehia Falcon
Yehia Falcon Year ago
So uhhhhh, u Taking a break?
ElTagno Year ago
I love your accent. Where abouts in Scotland are you from?
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