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Descending · TOOL
Fear Inoculum
℗ 2019 Tool Dissectional, L.L.C./Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C..
Released on: 2019-08-30
Other: Lustmord
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Joe Barresi
Assistant Engineer: Jun Murakawa
Assistant Engineer: Morgan Stratton
Assistant Engineer: Kevin Mills
Assistant Engineer: Wesley Seidman
Assistant Engineer: Scott Moore
Assistant Engineer: Greg Foeller
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Misc. Prod.: Mat Mitchell
Misc. Prod.: Tim Dawson
Misc. Prod.: Andrew Means
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Aug 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Biko Bleifrei
Biko Bleifrei 17 hours ago
markfromct2 23 hours ago
The fact that I'm listening to this album...alone....makes me alone.....
Timothy McNamara
Azza46two 2 days ago
Dantés Inferno
Dantés Inferno 8 days ago
Fuckin best band ever.
le Fritz
le Fritz 8 days ago
Most positive comment section on youtube ive ever seen...really awesome!
Anthony Prewitt
Anthony Prewitt 10 days ago
It never ceases to amaze...
Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson 11 days ago
Amazing work of art. The Picasso of music. 2020= history
Firat 11 days ago
most probably da Vinci
andrew kimber
andrew kimber 12 days ago
the most awesome song ever from tool?
Johnny McLinden
Johnny McLinden 14 days ago
I hope whomever decided to name it Stats for nerds rather than Stats for Nerds dies slowly.
Apostolos Ntovas
Apostolos Ntovas 15 days ago
Tool is a blessing and a hard reality, i ve been with them since 1999. Believe the trip was worth taking
Thomas Christensen
Thomas Christensen 18 days ago
selfatrophy 21 day ago
Tim Mohr
Tim Mohr 21 day ago
Geh` in meinen Kopf. Geh`raus. Später erinnere ich mich.
Todd Robison
Todd Robison 22 days ago
Congrats Maynard on your grammy for tempest. I can't seem to get off of this song and invincible. It hits the sole where no other song or artist can. Thank you. Chills down my spine every time
fanlages 23 days ago
5:51 - 6:51 = the best minute in the history of music. period. holy crap. I want to live in an eternal loop of that minute.
Lindy Latham
Lindy Latham 25 days ago
Save u guys time right the end last quarter
Lindy Latham
Lindy Latham 26 days ago
Awsome guitar
Lindy Latham
Lindy Latham 26 days ago
Wutever im decending to i want it!
Jeremy Doe
Jeremy Doe 26 days ago
Blackwalls Hermaphrodite You'll be losing the D Like a native in a cave Hiding from the sun, you'll be feeding on spiders in the corner Brown thumbs, could've been green Hiding like a native, losing vitamin D. Green grass Wine glass You'll be plucking cellar spiders from the corners Like a native you'll disappear Into the musty stale air You'll be missing D.
Michael Dickson
Michael Dickson 28 days ago
One love Rainee i love you more than you will ever know one
Michael Dickson
Michael Dickson 28 days ago
Black Widows
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 28 days ago
Roval 29 days ago
Tool for me is like a paradoxal mix of tranquility and arousement. Nothing else can provide such experience
Joey Kavarra
Joey Kavarra Month ago
I got a fever,and the only prescription is, more TOOL!
Maihiti Anu
Maihiti Anu Month ago
Tool was a great band to me, BUT these creative artist so easily become conformist saying things to be liked by the general public. Making their music feel paper thin. Tool is in the metal category. As a child and as an adult, raised in metal, it has always been a music of America and patriotism. When the singer talked shit on trump I realize that tool was for fools. Half of America voted for trump, 1/2 America will take his side over enjoying your music because that's what we do. Another example of how the liberal extremist don't know how to shut their mouths and they feel entitled to perform separatism on the American people. All you're doing is dividing your fan base in 1/2. Your music is weaker than ever, with worthless buildups that lead nowhere. Sounds like wham uk mixed with the alarm !lol
Bruno Passos
Bruno Passos Month ago
this album was made in a laboratory in china
Evan Aronson-Neel
Ganesha plays the drum parts on 4:27 through 5:00
Luis LR
Luis LR Month ago
Paul Castonguay
Paul Castonguay Month ago
I hope this quarantine ends soon because I need my Tool fix!! I hope everyone is safe and that we can come back together soon to “hold the light” of Tool in our souls once again! Hold strong Tool nation!!!
The Warrior Mindset
You don't listen to TOOL, your entire physiology experience TOOL. 5:50 Get ready for an adrenaline shot. Adrenaline is primal strength, time to access your primal DNA people! ONE DRVE TO STAY ALIVE.
Stock Fadi
Stock Fadi Month ago
The lyrics to this song makes me cry. . it reminds me of how Israel sends US troops to die for their fake Zionist Jew wars . .
Anant Vijay
Anant Vijay Month ago
My Idol band. Amazing music! That odd timing signatures! That amazing lyrics! Tool \m/
Dean Mandel
Dean Mandel Month ago
I am hearing this song for the 1st time. Like everything on this Album, fantastic.
The Warrior Mindset
Once a tool fan you never go back
Vincent Month ago
Covid 19
Olikiscrazy Month ago
This is epic!
MA 1
MA 1 Month ago
Tool is one of those very few bands that nearly everything they have done on every album is a masterpiece. Keep rockin guys well into your 60’s Some things in life do get better with age!
TriVos Ahren
TriVos Ahren Month ago
10:33 sounds so much like Buckethead.
Pablo Manquero
Pablo Manquero Month ago
Ok, here we are. We arrived right on time.
Brooke Deaton
Brooke Deaton Month ago
awesome 👍
william p
william p Month ago
If i succumb...im glad I heard this one more time
The Lord of Entropy
Up there with my all-time fave Tool tracks. Absolutely stellar.
Chandler Man
Chandler Man Month ago
reading some of these comments all though alone in my room quarantined I know that I have brothers and sisters out thgere doing the same thing. We are one in a sense thi is why we can all stay safe and know that we are not alone. so much power in music
I was listening to A perfect circle and all of a sudden it's Tool what's going on am I drunk yes I am.
fanlages Month ago
This should be 30 minutes long! FFS! I need more. Such a relief in times like these.
Adrian Plewa
Adrian Plewa Month ago
159/5000 A song tailored to our time to survive this crown spierdoline. Health Health first and foremost. We borrow the rest, steal ... when we run out of breath we wither
Claudio CRJ
Claudio CRJ Month ago
Debido a que buscaba la traducción al español de esta canción y no encontraba la más precisa, terminé haciéndola yo mismo. Sé que lo agradecerá más de alguno. Aquí va: Caída libre a través de la medianoche Este epílogo de nuestra propia fábula Negligentes en nuestra hibernación Flotando ignorantes, nosotros Caída libre por esta infinitud Esta locura que nosotros creamos Caer no es volar Flotar no es infinito Viene, nuestro fin, repentinamente Todo natural de nuestra apatía Cede de pronto A la disolución acelerada Rezando mitigamos la ruina Llamando a todos a las armas y al orden A la deriva por esta infinitud Esta locura que nosotros creamos Suena nuestra funesta diana Despierta todo de nuestra apatía No sea que Dejemos de estar Despertarnos de nuestro Sueño sin sentido Mitigar nuestras ruina Llamarnos a todos a las armas y al orden Suena la temible alarma Por nuestro cuerpo primigenio Suena la diana Ser o no ser Subir Quedarse al gran final Quedarse a la lectura de nuestra canción y epílogo del cisne Un instinto para sobrevivir Elemental Juntar cada fibra Movilizarse Mantenerse vivo Despertarnos de nuestro Sueño sin sentido Mitigar nuestra ruina Llamarnos a las armas y orden Saludos desde Chile!
Brian Lunn
Brian Lunn Month ago
1:12 just cause its not the video i'm putting this timestamp here for when the song actually begins
Brian Lunn
Brian Lunn Month ago
this song is strangely hard to bob/nod to. not cause its bad but because I feel off the beat. its weird like seriously try it and tell me if i'm crazy. Edit: OK i figured it out.
varialheelz Month ago
Did tool write the soundtrack to our extinction....? These lyrics seem so much more profound now....
Firat Month ago
my favourite part starts at 5:52
Firat Month ago
Sound the dread alarm Through our primal body Sound the reveille To be or not to be Rise Stay the grand finale Stay the reading of our swan song and epilogue One drive to stay alive It's elementary Muster every fiber Mobilize Stay alive Stir us from our Wanton slumber Mitigate our ruin Call us all to arms and order
Janice Haynes
Janice Haynes Month ago
Orca sea light of antiquity. Heart that binds us the world of wonders yet stagnant as afraid to answer is to become insane! Know isn’t it! I am not afraid! Never be the ego that will not hold the staff of truth! May they go deaf and blind! Lost is their 👁
Danny Torres
Danny Torres Month ago
I love this song so much 💙
markfromct2 Month ago
The fact I know I'm listening to this album, though alone in my bedroom.....BUT there is NO ONE here....click YES I AM here in 2020 click NO "Get to f out of my life"
novymir Month ago
They are being agents and instruments of the Divine. As Smith said " it's inevitable" Yes,, it IS. Unstoppable. Already Done. We're just moving through time, to what already IS,, and Always Will Be. Always Always Land. Home.
Uist Lewis
Uist Lewis Month ago
"One drive (less) to stay alive" Mitigate our ruin: very fitting for today
hednersgame911 2 months ago
I can’t listen to Tool without having ACID flashbacks. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about that.
Shaun Bloodsworth
Shaun Bloodsworth 2 months ago
Love this song so much, and in fact this song is actually 1337
Kevin Mock
Kevin Mock 2 months ago
There heeeeeeeeeeere!
Alejandro César Villarreal
Dios, que maravilla!!!
Michael Marsh
Michael Marsh 2 months ago
You’re either open to understand and feel it or you just rock on regardless.
Sal Fisher
Sal Fisher 2 months ago
I saw TOOL play last year at Download Fest. Can easily say it was the best day of my life.
S Eccc
S Eccc 2 months ago
That's from two different groups
S Eccc
S Eccc 2 months ago
Everyday is the same trust in me and fall as well
Emir Elbasan
Emir Elbasan 2 months ago
Albümün en iyi parçası desek abartmış olur muyuz?
Alberto Said
Alberto Said 2 months ago
thank you Tool, for this masterpiece.
Abram Ring
Abram Ring 2 months ago
now more than ever...
Dimitri Randsdorp
Dimitri Randsdorp 2 months ago
markfromct2 2 months ago
Amazing there are only 1.7m views
markfromct2 2 months ago
My friends in the next village complained to the AUTHORITIES about me playing this track TOO LOUD at 2:00 AM now I play it at 3:00 AM ....problem SOLVED!!
DemonGuysaysHi 22 days ago
*opens third eye and ascends to the godheads*
Dominick M.
Dominick M. 2 months ago
They are getting better and better. I didn't think this band could ascend past the skills they had in the 90s. Their method of music making is not of this universe.
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson 2 months ago
667 people I would never invite to any party gave this thumbs down...
il Re-verendo
il Re-verendo 2 months ago
i don t know 'bout you but my whole life is made by failures and suffering, probably as some of yours,but when you hear the good quality of music like this, you always remind yourself how can a life have a purpose to live for it
Jesse Valdez
Jesse Valdez 2 months ago
Think this my fav off album. right now ...
Harley Regular
Harley Regular 2 months ago
How'd you know, though?
Jon Collier
Jon Collier 2 months ago
Only a fool could not love tool. Don't be a fool love tool.
509th Recon
509th Recon 2 months ago
Portland March 11th before the world shut down was an amazing experience. They were incredible. From the second song just kicking you in the face with 7empest to Adam and Danny shredding Descending the entire show was top shelf. Something special happened that night.
509th Recon
509th Recon 2 months ago
@Jared Aikins They played like pros, the music did most of the talking. Maynard was in full Reverend mode, but didn't speak until the end. Thanked everybody for coming out and said pull out your phones and take some video for the last song (stinkfist).
Jared Aikins
Jared Aikins 2 months ago
Did they have anything to say about the current state of the world?
Gordon Schultz
Gordon Schultz 2 months ago
bro this is deadass like one of tool's best songs
Lyoti Machida
Lyoti Machida 2 months ago
We need a video for this! "sound the DREAD ALARM"
Nathan Peatling
Nathan Peatling 2 months ago
This song is so 1337
Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennett 2 months ago
all these years. I don't know. Rock N Roll just has the cahones that dark disco and techno dont
Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennett 2 months ago
wow i never really listened to Tool before but i love your work. and Leary's product too.
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