Descendants 3 New Dolls with Clawdeena!

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New Descendants 3 is coming soon and we have a few of the new dolls to show you! Thank you Hasbro for sending us these Disney products for free! Thank you to special guest star Clawdeena for being in this video.
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Comments 33
Jahwanna Yough
Jahwanna Yough 7 months ago
I love trash
Fiona 8 months ago
So much fun to watch you guys together :)
Loulou Vitt
Loulou Vitt 8 months ago
Ok but all the HAIR in this video is FABULOUS!!!!!! 😍🤩
Robin C.
Robin C. 8 months ago
Love Dizzy! She's so cute!
Jillian and Addie
Jillian and Addie 8 months ago
The box is amazing.
tenkochabashira12 9 months ago
Clawdeena looks like nikita dragun
Anthony Brazell
Anthony Brazell 9 months ago
How do they send it to you?
Ashley Animal Lover
Ashley Animal Lover 9 months ago
She kind of looks like yammy here
Sydney G.
Sydney G. 9 months ago
I love that you're doing videos with Clawdeena now. You two are super charming together.
descender_ disney
descender_ disney 9 months ago
I think hades is mals father I am in love with these dolls and i cant wait to by them and i am beyond excited for descendants3 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
clawdeena9 9 months ago
That clawdeena girl is so rude!! I love it!!
Mark's Lego Channel
Mark's Lego Channel 9 months ago
bluethoughts2581 9 months ago
My how the quality of the descendants dolls have fallen, compared to the first release. I’m not a fan of the cheap material and printed on design. I do like Uma’s pants though. But yeah, nothing special about them
i'm not a big fan of evie's new face! i liked her older face look best! - Stephanie
jennifer half
jennifer half 9 months ago
But where's Robin....
Mike Zacharias Girl
Mike Zacharias Girl 9 months ago
Luckily I’ve got bodies for all of the female dolls, so at least my doll bodies are articulated.
Kayla Lawson
Kayla Lawson 9 months ago
I screamed when clawdeena said she doesn’t like trash anymore omg 😂😂
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams 9 months ago
I Love You All So Much!!! And thank you for giving your opinions on these dolls. I really love the Uma doll though. (: She's the main one that's speaking to me the most.
Zena Morgan
Zena Morgan 9 months ago
I can’t seem to find decedents anywhere !!
jay 9 months ago
Love the honesty from this channel as always, I think I'll get Evie and Uma for this line ♥
dollsandlizards 9 months ago
I love the Evie so much! And Hades is 110% Mal's dad!
Hekky Bloom
Hekky Bloom 9 months ago
I believe the facesculpts haven't changed, they just got new face screenings. Love seeing videos with yall together ❤
LEANNE NORMAN 9 months ago
I always like your honesty, I feel like every doll line is a compramise now.
wil 9 months ago
girl it must be so easy for y’all to be “honest” bout these dolls when you get sent them for F R E E.
The Doll Circle
The Doll Circle 9 months ago
Wilfred very true. We just are expressing how we feel and having fun. I hope people buy the dolls if they love them.
wil 9 months ago
The Doll Circle i completely respect that because you’re so right. many people are afraid to not receive free items. but also many people also spend hard earned money on dolls because they like them. i don’t just think being shady is the right attitude to be having when it comes to critiquing a product. it’s not helping anybody out.
The Doll Circle
The Doll Circle 9 months ago
Wilfred it is quite difficult and many people don’t want to be honest because they are afraid to not get more free items. We try to give positive and negative points to all products.
seçil kır
seçil kır 9 months ago
Orange hair perfect
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez 9 months ago
I don't care how they look I love them no matter what they look like and I am going to get them too when they come out
descender_ disney
descender_ disney 9 months ago
Thats exactly how i ferl
Serenity Ridge
Serenity Ridge 9 months ago
The evie and uma dolls are gorgeous
Ashly Lynne
Ashly Lynne 9 months ago
I think the dolls themselves look good but the printed on stuff and some of them not being articulated is such uhhhhh for me.
Mark's Lego Channel
Mark's Lego Channel 9 months ago
jennifer half
jennifer half 9 months ago
I agree about the printed on patterns. Like the doll itself is gorgeous but they just go cheap with the cloths and accessories.
Jessika Mendez Cordero
I Love dolls😘😍🤗🤩💓🤤💖
MyDollStudio 9 months ago
evie and uma are definitely my faves
AriJimni Love
AriJimni Love 9 months ago
I love it 💗💗💗💗💗
Tammy Bailey
Tammy Bailey 9 months ago
you two look beautiful!!
Ryan Jasche
Ryan Jasche 9 months ago
Love you guys
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