Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Aug 13, 2019




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Comments 15 155
Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers 9 days ago
Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.
Maddiebeauty04 10 hours ago
Alex Meyers Been
The Grey Siblings
The Grey Siblings 12 hours ago
A lot doesn’t make sense cuz you gotta read the books 😂 it’s stupid ik but most of the info is on the books so if you don’t read it, it won’t make a lotta sense
Ilendy's Channel
Ilendy's Channel 14 hours ago
Oh ok cause it’s just a kid movie so yea lol
djw07 Williams
djw07 Williams 17 hours ago
it ok
Mal Possible
Mal Possible 21 hour ago
Ryan Akwar 😭😭😭
foca foxxi
foca foxxi 5 hours ago
7:37 that was my favorite part of the movie 🤣🤣
The Otp Sailor
The Otp Sailor 5 hours ago
Honestly Ben looked good as half beast
Baby C • .
Baby C • . 6 hours ago
*"DeViL's TaNgO"*
Kelsey Vadney
Kelsey Vadney 6 hours ago
The education system in auradon... *Inhale*... W.T.F
Amalphia Tales
Amalphia Tales 6 hours ago
Hen he was talking about the movie and says “and it’s just so” then it cuts off to play a tiktok ad
vahan man
vahan man 6 hours ago
if you think this has a lot of songs, watch mamma mia!
Amalphia Tales
Amalphia Tales 7 hours ago
So are Celia and Freddie sisters or something cuz Dr. Facilier (Voodoo guy from Princess and the Frog) has a daughter in the Descendants animated series named Freddie and now there is this Celia girl who they made instead of Freddie or something?
Ian Said
Ian Said 7 hours ago
Can you do a LOST Reaction? I think it would be perfect for the show
Kirishima _ManlyHoe
Everything you watch seems to not make sense XD
Charlotte Schone
Charlotte Schone 7 hours ago
Also I would’ve let that bitch Celia die after she threw the ember in the water
Brook 7 hours ago
This guy-D3 is pretty dark Me-yeah you know what your dark
Domenic Pizzo
Domenic Pizzo 7 hours ago
Delliana Torres Campos
When in doubt leave some room for Jesus
PArkerdapotato 8 hours ago
When I watched the movie I actually laughed at the “nets have gum.” Lol
ella jarvis
ella jarvis 8 hours ago
they were always called VK's fool
Ohhh 8 hours ago
Adults complaining about kids movies But I mean it is funny watch
Sara Arana:]
Sara Arana:] 9 hours ago
Lol I new from channel and I already love your animation
Sara Arana:]
Sara Arana:] 9 hours ago
Plus I hate eeeenebnejsb I don't know what's it's called
Bubbles 9 hours ago
Why do you say all movies doesnt make any sense...? well you do make good points
VB TTS 9 hours ago
The second movie is definitely the best.
Gabalaxygaming 196
Gabalaxygaming 196 9 hours ago
Why you be so mean 👎
Gabalaxygaming 196
Gabalaxygaming 196 9 hours ago
Are you serious
FranFranBurger 9 hours ago
i'm watching this with 0 context and i think it makes it better
Duc Dang
Duc Dang 9 hours ago
Omg this is my fav vid of all
Ima wolf Boo
Ima wolf Boo 9 hours ago
Does anybody notice that mall is doing this 👌 while holding the hades gem of what ever it is
thedreadedzero 10 hours ago
So at the end they lower the barrier even though it’s not just innocent kids over there that deserve a new start. There’s also all the actual villains who literally want to kill everyone and take over the world. So they’re all just free now and get to come over...?
• TinCan •
• TinCan • 10 hours ago
Oh BOY! I'm *SO* excited to watch this ABSOLUTELY *AMAZING* MOVIE!!!!
Sara Souzarte
Sara Souzarte 10 hours ago
Sioeli Latumailangi Jr Tu’ifua
r.i.p cameron boyce you were always funny in jessie and looked cool in descendants
ChaosControl0ne 11 hours ago
A great series you can do is The Zenon series. There are a lot of great things to talk about in those movies and it is a guaranteed 3 videos to post on your channel
Anime Fetish
Anime Fetish 11 hours ago
I...haven’t watched the 2nd or 3rd AHHH
Zaria Mena
Zaria Mena 11 hours ago
11:10 has me dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
You Hoe
You Hoe 11 hours ago
How did you make Uma a squid
livetoalove 11 hours ago
another thing that bothered me was when the adults (beast and belle) looked at Mal (and the teens) for answers on how to deal with the problem. like you’re adults with more experiences and you’re asking teens for answers that could affect so many people. i feel like movies are pushing the idea that teens need to be mature and have everything together when in reality it’s far from it.
Elmore Animations
Elmore Animations 11 hours ago
Male mom isn’t a lizard anymore they to her to the isle of the lost
Ava Bruno
Ava Bruno 11 hours ago
the third Descendants was honestly the worst one. Just saying
victoria princer
victoria princer 12 hours ago
8:13 - 8:24 Ben turned into a beast because his father is from Beauty and the beast and you know (his dad is the beast) so Ben hurt himself causing him to be mad and turn into a beast be he can be changed back by the magic lake water. (Yes, I did was Descendants 3)
Pineapple Princess
Pineapple Princess 12 hours ago
1st movie: mom issues 2nd movie: boyfriend issues 3rd movie: dad issues PATTERN!
Undead 12 hours ago
I dare you to make a video series like this, but for the books. The stuff that's happening in between the movies. I'd live to see what your take on the books are.
Talia Rendings
Talia Rendings 12 hours ago
We didn't even get to see Mal's wedding dress
itsme glenn:/
itsme glenn:/ 12 hours ago
Therese Dee
Therese Dee 12 hours ago
Y’all need to stop are you gonna stand for your childhood or not. this guy hasn’t experienced growing up with DESCENDANTS i love them to death and i wouldn’t ever hate on it for clout and looking like a bad ass. some of his points are true but was he the director? no. if he’s so cool then why shouldn’t he just make the movie himself if he’s so sure of himself.
Evie Designs
Evie Designs 13 hours ago
"Evil queens crown " sorry it's the queens crown
Wet Rag
Wet Rag 13 hours ago
Wait the princess and the frog movie villain dies or is taken by demon creatures so how did he have a daughter
Infinity Firestar
Infinity Firestar 13 hours ago
I feel like there WILL be a Descendants 4 and maybe a 5
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 13 hours ago
Rip Cameron Boyce
GachaStarr 1406
GachaStarr 1406 13 hours ago
I think it makes sense and your just confused...no offense btw I’m not trying to be mean😊
Mr. Sans
Mr. Sans 14 hours ago
The Security Didn't Alarm IN Desendants 3 That's Whats concerning and doesn't make sense
Sansey 14 hours ago
Sherita’s Kitchen
Sherita’s Kitchen 14 hours ago
Descendants 3 do make sense
Slap shot Studios1708
Sherita’s Kitchen explain
Mindaugas Mazeliauskas
I hateu
Night_TheFluffy 2.0
Night_TheFluffy 2.0 14 hours ago
*Angry Descendants fans have entered the chat*
Ur mom Gay.
Ur mom Gay. 14 hours ago
Ben is a furry
J Wild
J Wild 14 hours ago
At one point Jane says I guess the enchanted water doesn’t do everything because Ben has a beard and fangs. If it doesn’t do anything then maybe Ben is still spelled into being in love with Mal.
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Omg I wondered why the museum wasn’t better garded to
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Um they have been called VKs sense the 1st movie
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
What’s your first to least favorite Descendants movie? Mines 3 1 2
Trinity West
Trinity West 15 hours ago
Gail Mohammed
Gail Mohammed 15 hours ago
Griffin2008 15 hours ago
You know I’m starting to think the island of the lost is safer then Oridon...
C Christie
C Christie 15 hours ago
I’m laughing my life away!😂😂😂😂
ASK marinya
ASK marinya 15 hours ago
I had such expectations for the 3rd installment. Kind of dissapointing. But i did cry mostly for like every Camron Boyce scene
Eve D.
Eve D. 15 hours ago
i honestly think the first one is the best
Boobarry Milkshake
Boobarry Milkshake 15 hours ago
I like descendents but your so funny I can’t argue
Kendall_ _cox
Kendall_ _cox 16 hours ago
Ok can we just say how selfish it sounded when mal said “I need to be queen of 2 places!!!) lol
Shaellyz Fuentes
Shaellyz Fuentes 16 hours ago
I love how he criticizes the movie but still knows everything about all three😂💀
Slap shot Studios1708
Shaellyz Fuentes yea because he watched all 3
Anita Neziraj
Anita Neziraj 16 hours ago
This is funny but I love descendants 3🤣
Anita Neziraj
Anita Neziraj 16 hours ago
This is funny but I love descendants 3🤣
Anita Neziraj
Anita Neziraj 16 hours ago
T A O K A Y /Celline Martins
Audrey is ugly lol
Skye Foreman
Skye Foreman 16 hours ago
I feel like if it was made with Ben being the main character focus everyone would be mad because Mal is his manic pixie dream girl
Kyle Kao
Kyle Kao 16 hours ago
Actually we know about Hades and Magnificent in this old video.ruvid.net/video/video-GX6cywsGzLg.html
Otokagi 16 hours ago
Issa Samba
Issa Samba 17 hours ago
I just assumed this was a 16 minute tribute to Cameron Boyce
Gladys Ordaz
Gladys Ordaz 17 hours ago
Love your videos 🙌🏻
Satxn 17 hours ago
why does hades look like that LMFAO
Skye Foreman
Skye Foreman 17 hours ago
You putting you dog in the museum really made this video
RubySt0rm AJPW
RubySt0rm AJPW 17 hours ago
Wolfie Pup
Wolfie Pup 17 hours ago
Fudge you
Marlenaz3 18 hours ago
Ja tam lubie następcós
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