Derrick Rose Epic ALL-STAR Season Highlights! | CLIP SESSION

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Derrick Rose Pistons Highlights with some replay angles 1080p 60fps
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Jan 25, 2020




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Comments 169
x12 417
x12 417 20 hours ago
Subscribed because of this👌
Steem red
Steem red 5 days ago
u have to learned to play dirty basketball to avoid injury..show them the young drose,i believe in ur talent and greatness..
Chen Rio
Chen Rio 6 days ago
can rose slam dunk for now ?
AD InYT 6 days ago
He become iluminaty. So sad
Armando Remy
Armando Remy 6 days ago
Derick Rose. The only rose that sprouted, grew and flourished in a concrete jungle. Deserves the hype.
EastsideOfDaD313 7 days ago
Give that man his money dont let this slip through y'all hand like everything else
RANDOM EATS 7 days ago
D rose scored 17 pts and 3 asst . . . Die hard fan: D Rose should have been the MVP and Defensive player of the year
lezt cerdeña
lezt cerdeña 10 days ago
Still waiting to see him returning on Bulls..
AlmightyMe 15 days ago
Bro rose and wood together is unstoppable
James L.
James L. 15 days ago
LOTS of contact on his drives with no calls from the refs too...
Isaac Siu
Isaac Siu 15 days ago
he would be still the top tier player today ,if he played in this style back in the MVP season
Joe Vang
Joe Vang 16 days ago
Honestly he should have been an all star the way he’s been playing. Maybe not a starter but back up would have been more deserving than some others. I always love watching d.rose play. Much love D.Rose!!!
Prateek Chaudhary
Prateek Chaudhary 17 days ago
keep up the good work. your edits are cool and on point🙏👍👍👍
ty bur
ty bur 17 days ago
He byke af
J. Walt
J. Walt 17 days ago
Finally the truth being told this guy has always been the electrifying with dominance and greatness. Sad how sooo many ppl counted him out .
German Hernandez
German Hernandez 18 days ago
Go d.rose reclaimed what u have
Alinor Mohamad
Alinor Mohamad 19 days ago
Ilove drose
Champ Shurado
Champ Shurado 19 days ago
Is he an all star this coming allstargame
Carmen Gillard
Carmen Gillard 20 days ago
Keep on moving on the sky is the limit!!!!!!!!
day To
day To 22 days ago
why he wasn't choosen an allsterrrr ?
j agustin
j agustin 23 days ago
@ :43 damn that speed.
Paul Pheonix
Paul Pheonix 23 days ago
It’s crazy how this man has had a torn acl and two meniscus tears and is still one of the fastest players in the league. 😳
Deon Sotó
Deon Sotó 24 days ago
He got ROBBED again last year and this year
Franco Cuomo
Franco Cuomo 25 days ago
This title did not age well
MaxaMillion711 25 days ago
Derrick Santos
Derrick Santos 26 days ago
Snubbed 🤦‍♂️
eirik tandberg
eirik tandberg 26 days ago
this.... this is good shit
Argiris Sergiannis
Argiris Sergiannis 26 days ago
Welp... They snubbed him 🤦🏽‍♂️
晨孟書 26 days ago
我發現ROSE的動作跟以前差不多 只是沒辦法墊步扣藍而已 還是永遠的風城玫瑰啦 速度也還蠻快的.....打法也很成熟 取代的是用更加穩重的上籃曲代譁眾取寵的 灌籃.....拜託 膝蓋有限好嗎 可以給我們心目中的MVP一點空間嗎?
Super G
Super G 26 days ago
NOW IM FUCKING PISSED...WTF NBA Fucking Drose got snubbed again... Sabonis??? Rose is playing wayyyy better than this guy you dont have to be blind to see it Simmons???? Rose has a higher ppg...this bum is overrated Bam??? aint nobody finna give a shit bout a damn bam adababab...no disrespect but again Rose has better stats Lowrys bum ass somehow made it again...nobody cares bout lowry at Chicago BIG SNUBS for Rose and Beal SMH I thought the all star game was for the fans...ig its not anymore 🤷‍♂️
awsnapz11 26 days ago
Adz1086 h
Adz1086 h 26 days ago
D Rose got snubbed smh
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira 26 days ago
Maurice Martin
Maurice Martin 27 days ago
Go drose get em
Scrap lover
Scrap lover 27 days ago
Derrick is in All-star mode. D rose 1 "Simeon" retro #rip "Benji" 🙏🏽
Bread 'N Budda
Bread 'N Budda 27 days ago
I better see D Rose back at home for the All Star game, he deserves it.
ぱんぱんだ 28 days ago
Alaniyah Bantaan
Alaniyah Bantaan 28 days ago
Derick rose has back
Mohamad Anwar
Mohamad Anwar 28 days ago
Awesome !! Drose fan since 2011
Dj Supreme
Dj Supreme 28 days ago
Not one dunk..stopped the high flying act, stayin healthy. Lakers need that!
Dj Supreme
Dj Supreme 28 days ago
Not one dunk..stopped the high flying act, stayin healthy. Lakers need that!
KYNG Sea 29 days ago
Derrick Rose true definition elevating your game coming back off injuries it nice to see
John doue Quebec
John doue Quebec 29 days ago
Dude had the potenial to be the goat now its gone....
Béni 29 days ago
He deserves it and I don't see how he isn't besides the Pistons record
Béni 29 days ago
Then again Trae Young is an All Star Starter and he the second worst record in the whole league
Reggie Mitchell
Reggie Mitchell 29 days ago
Damn this his best season since 2011 but trash how it’s getting wasted 🤦🏾‍♂️
Passion in blood
Who does a layup like him In is prime he did not miss many layups
j.v smoeti
j.v smoeti Month ago
2020 all-star weekend will be more meaningful if a chicago native hero will play as an all-star. I'm actually having a goosebumps just by thinking how the crowd will react calling Drose's name and jersey in the introduction. id biasly not watch the all star weekend this 2020 if his not in the allstar lineup hahahha
Common Sense America
He is reaching his final form.
Kisione Tatola
Kisione Tatola Month ago
The little engine that could. Never gave up on himself when most did. Just too big,too strong, too fast, too good🌹. R.i.p Kobe💜💛wont ever forget that 2k commerical with d.rose on the couch funny as hell.
Delly Ebay
Delly Ebay Month ago
He’s got like 8 yrs if healthy don’t he??
Christian Forbes
James Fisher
James Fisher 4 days ago
Me tooo bruh :(
ImAightDoee Month ago
Man he got so crafty over the years
Zarrex Atilano
Zarrex Atilano Month ago
Praying for your good health🌹 keep up Drose my man
Frenton Askins
Frenton Askins Month ago
I believe he can come back to at least near his original status. I saw some explosion in a few clips.
Yong Rui Ng
Yong Rui Ng Month ago
ChoDuhMax Month ago
Maxamillion is the 🐐
Batuhan Özdemir
Charlie Bandao
Charlie Bandao Month ago
He deserves to be on the all star
Just Being Junie
High IQ is through the roof now 💪🏾🌹
Davis Gaming
Davis Gaming Month ago
Do DeMar derozan
George Smith
George Smith Month ago
D🌹is deserved to be a Allstar❤️
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