Derrick Jones Jr. Dunks Over Bam Adebayo - 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights - 2020 NBA All-Star Saturday Night
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House of Highlights
2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights: ruvid.net/video/video-LGR-Qfeb88c.html
🔥🔥🔥 *beautifull play* 0:50 ❤💖 👇👇👇
E Cov
E Cov Month ago
"He bouta Fly" lol
Deadmanlyndon Month ago
台灣VC Month ago
Ur not real champ
///AMG Month ago
Missed dunks just kill the vibe top dunkers don’t miss period Vince was flawless
///AMG Month ago
Gordon taco dunk was sloppy honestly it was like he try to hard just wasn’t a good looking dunk
Rod smith
Rod smith Month ago
Dunk contest get silly and siller every year
One Shippuden
One Shippuden Month ago
When Derrick jones jr misses the first dunk and uses his hands to boost himself to make a dunk, gets a 46. Aaron Gordon skims his legs on tackos hands, makes it first try, sure it maybe a lil off but the man is 7’5 and he is 8 inches taller than Adebayo, and gets a 47. Thank you D-Wade
Snoop Da Dawg
Snoop Da Dawg Month ago
Derrick Jones jr got a 46 on his first dunk, which is lower than A.G.’s score, and again, Derrick Jones jr jumped over bam from the free throw line.
One Shippuden
One Shippuden Month ago
Gordon at least jumped a little over 7 ft, BAM IS 6'9 THAT'S STILL A FULL 3 INCHES OR MORE. Plus you got D-Wade supporting his team, also include the same dunk 3 times in a row, gotta include the ON HIS FIRST DUNK HE MISSED HIS FIRST ATTEMPT and still gets a higher score when A.G. performs a much more challenging dunk and does it FIRST TRY and GETS A LOWER SCORE. And he didn't use the ball to boost him up, his legs got caught by his hands and that's why you see Tacko ducking just a lil bit
Snoop Da Dawg
Snoop Da Dawg Month ago
Tacko was literally just a little taller than Bam’s height because his whole head just bent down. Also, Derrick Jones jumped from the darn free throw line over Bam! And lastly, Aaron Gordon had some 2nd try dunks that got a 50. Oh and also, Aaron Gordon used his hands to push on the ball that Tacko was holding, which boosted him up to dunk over him, but his legs still caught Tacko.
Xclusively Great
So ag dunked over 7’5 tacko fall and basically cleared him yet djj had to use his hand to push off 6’9 maybe 6’11 bam? and he deserved to win? Yea ok
Xclusively Great
dopey3511 there was literally distance from the rim with AGs dunk which was over a person who is 7’5 but according to your logic his height was cut down because his head was down which makes no sense but anyway like i said djj couldn’t clear someone who’s way shorter than taco without pushing off so
dopey3511 Month ago
Taco’s head completely down and still lands on him? Com’on! Bam i believe was texting when he was jumped over and with distance from rim!
Steven Washington
That's was a solid 10 dunk, but Tacko is like 10 feet tall. Gordon should have won the contest.
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
I hate that people try to make it seem like that this guy didn't win Gordon was good but this guy dunks was better
Eli Veesion
Eli Veesion Month ago
He won for blowing the candles.
mlyniecm Month ago
Gordon didn’t need to push off to jump over a 7 footer
HotBlazer 12
HotBlazer 12 Month ago
Why people are hating on wade he was the one who gave Gordon 10s throughout the evening and the first time he gave Djj a 8 or 9.
666 like 999
666 like 999 Month ago
2:21 why trae young record using his phone with flashlight ?😂🤣
Exotic PAPS
Exotic PAPS 7 days ago
Its the flash dummo
8NBA KING24 Month ago
DJJ deserved this one, people are ruining his moment, I’m not a heat fan, DJJ’s dunks were way better
xXTheBeastXx Month ago
Nahhh.... DJJ did the same dunk in like 3 different angle. All same dunk from the left, front, and right side view of the court. AG got robbed for sure. But don’t get me wrong, DJJ is a great dunker but he can’t do many different types of dunk like AG. I would be mad as hell if I would lost to someone who did the same dunk over and over again while I do different types of creativity dunk. Good thing AG is done doing the dunk contest. He know he will get rob again on his 3rd attempt.
High Life
High Life Month ago
Somebody said dwade is confused he can't even raise his son 🤣
Ziplok Month ago
INCREDIBLE. nice job huge birthday SALUTE
Show me De wey
Show me De wey Month ago
Wack 😡
paj parallag
paj parallag Month ago
He's d only one celebrating after he won!😂👺
Kills You
Kills You Month ago
0:28 Chicago bulls got some thick white gurl cheerleaders 😭😍🥴
So So
So So Month ago
10 for me
Ezra Pardede
Ezra Pardede Month ago
Aaron gordon got robbed
J El Native
J El Native Month ago
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Month ago
Heat had a mole and his name rhymes Dwain Waid
LiL Zay
LiL Zay Month ago
never heard of him wen did he play for em?
Moonrock q3
Moonrock q3 Month ago
That not how you spell it, it's Dwyane Wade
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
Congratulations champ...
dict tiu
dict tiu Month ago
Use his hand to lift himself up get 46. AG was all air jumping to a 7’5(height listed without shoes) and get 47? Rigged men
sycho67ak Month ago
he didn't use his hand to get lift but his dick was all over Tacko's head.
sycho67ak Month ago
@Jhb different rounds
Jhb Month ago
dict tiu how did ag lose when he got the highest score lol? Can you explain please
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen Month ago
He pushed off. Thats why I don't watch this anymore
Fuck Rudy gobert
@Mike Killagreen STFU Virgin
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen Month ago
@EP Look who's talking
EP Month ago
​@Mike Killagreen you must be some kind of a genius.
Online Piano Teacher Emmar
@Mike Killagreen coz u did LOL
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen Month ago
@Online Piano Teacher Emmar No I did not. How the hell would you know what I watched Jack of Lames
BZ Man
BZ Man Month ago
Pause @ 2:10 - 2:11 good dunk, but boost?
LAR Rodriglu
LAR Rodriglu Month ago
THis bum actually won over gordon, please
Destiny Torres
Destiny Torres Month ago
Lmao I saw lil huddy charli damileo and her sis and Addison
Hamzah Teli
Hamzah Teli Month ago
Gordon got robbed again smh
Hamzah Teli
Hamzah Teli Month ago
@cedie p0tp0t are you blind? jones just kept going through his legs, no creativity at all
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
Gordon was robbed against lavine.. But not today
Borracho209 Month ago
And ratings dropped
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Month ago
Rigged!! AG won
Nokia Boomin
Nokia Boomin Month ago
Kobe Bryant I saw DJJ holding the trophy tho 🤔
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
Yeah gordon won in your dreams
Mot Minute
Mot Minute Month ago
Stand strong my Nigga, like you ain't afraid of the White Man sneaking up behind you for a dunk!
Arya Tikku
Arya Tikku Month ago
Gordon got robbed
Chamberlain Achilihu
Oh my Lord derik Jones is boeng 47 Airline. He is too much for NBA. Waooo
Mr. Ævidd
Mr. Ævidd Month ago
Gordon got ROBBED this boi not even close 🙅‍♂️🤦‍♂️
H vega
H vega Month ago
it not a dunk if you have to push off someones back. Tired of these wack "dunks"
H vega
H vega Month ago
@cedie p0tp0t yeah
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
Can you dunk?
FAC DumpyArcher1
At 0:00 , you can see Charli and Addison on the very left of your screen
BR33CH HD Month ago
Really a 10 and 9s? He pushed off the guys shoulder for crying out loud
BR33CH HD Month ago
What is this leapfrog ?
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews Month ago
Lmao he missed 🤣🤣
Anson Month ago
Anson Month ago
UwU Month ago
But Gordon lost.🤦‍♂️
Swish 955
Swish 955 Month ago
What does Gordon have to do to win get 5 50's in a row then jump over a 7'5 NBA PLAYER oh wait......
Reactin rollin
Reactin rollin Month ago
Ikr 😂😂
Danielle Trinidad
That shit was trash everything he did wade so dam gay
Dom Mill
Dom Mill Month ago
Man I ain't singing happy birthday to this dude until he dunk over somebody 😂😂😂
Triple Hoops
Triple Hoops Month ago
Jones deserved the win
Og skinhead Skinhead
Fuck that dunk contest they rob my nigga Aaron
George Kozlovic
George Kozlovic Month ago
Aaron gordon got robbed! like if u agree | | |
Enrique Ramos
Enrique Ramos Month ago
Why they Stay robbing aaron gordon bruhhhh
Christian 18
Christian 18 Month ago
Its a robbed baby 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t Month ago
Nope.. The best dunker won
Giedrius Grudzinskas
it is bed for the league ,sorry,,u are the throphy ,gd show ,takes some balls ,thank u
Tank Harper
Tank Harper Month ago
Best dunk contest ever.
Matt Balboa
Matt Balboa Month ago
#Boycottthedunkcontest 7'5"
Watkins Month ago
didn't clear it
Chris Heyward
Chris Heyward Month ago
Them Talentless Hype House Tik Tok celebrities just ruined the mood
Chris Heyward
Chris Heyward Month ago
@Ethan Wilkins they literally looked lost
Ethan Wilkins
Ethan Wilkins Month ago
Fax Tik Tok is ass
Issa Datuimam
Issa Datuimam Month ago
History Repeated itself dunking on 7,5 ft then loss ,, Aaron got robbed again.
Watkins Month ago
@Demontae Gearing he actually did boost off cuz his nuts were on tackos head
Watkins Month ago
@Demontae Gearing wtf, adebayo ain't shorter bro and it wasn't a push off really, look at how high he's above adebayo
The Natural Nguyen
Demontae Gearing Aaron Gordon wasn’t doing no one handed windmill now, was he hot shot?
Bill Sahagen
Bill Sahagen Month ago
@Watkins if Tacko dropped his hands that would've looked a lot cleaner. He kept his hands up after the ball was taken
Watkins Month ago
He didn't clear 7'5, Tacko DUCKED
ronaldjohnson86 Month ago
D WADE way to support your fellow brother, even though you know he lost, Wade needs to get his eyes checked, SMH
Meaggs XBL
Meaggs XBL Month ago
Derek Carter
Derek Carter Month ago
Gordon got robbed .. That's some BS
Giedrius Grudzinskas
u gd fam ,basketball ,thanks all day long
Aaron Gordon Got Robbed
Aaron Gordon got robbed again 😤
funny guy sometimes
Aaron Gordon got rob again smh
Tamia Jae
Tamia Jae Month ago
Sitting here watching this with Hubby and I am very DISAPPOINTED, Because Aaron Gordon should have won, this is the reason why i STOP WATCHING THIS, they don't do RIGHT
Giedrius Grudzinskas
bad look ,howu cant get slam for goordon,
Ethan Kramer
Ethan Kramer Month ago
AG got robbed
Vicente Ramos
Vicente Ramos Month ago
pstuddy Month ago
JackGeezy Month ago
This was great dunk contest
David Austin
David Austin Month ago
One of the best contests I’ve seen in recent memories!!!
bojo perez
bojo perez Month ago
Chrisanity Month ago
I thought he gonna eat the entire cake before he jump over to Bam ... correction, got the arm hop over to Bam. Good thing, he save the last for the best. Wish you good luck D.JR
Slingzoo Month ago
He did real good
hennesysmith Month ago
Yoo the judges are as high as me
Snoop Da Dawg
Snoop Da Dawg Month ago
hennesysmith LOL
Seth Cornista
Seth Cornista Month ago
35 points
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Month ago
Chris staples hit a between the legs of the top of 6’10 kris London
Radion Romanoviç Raskolnikov
Bok gibiydi
NV_1790 Month ago
They should have dim the lights a bit and have some light dots like runways
Brimstone Helix
Brimstone Helix Month ago
9 cus of the miss.
J W Month ago
First of all, thanks for the upload! You fast AF. Second, why cant we hear D wade commentary? I see he has a mic...
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