Deploying ANOTHER PETABYTE of Storage!

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What do you get when you give Linus a bunch of hard drives and an EPYC system to put them in? Petabyte Project 2, that's what. What could go wrong?
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Feb 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Alexandre Severino
Alexandre Severino 38 minutes ago
With something like that, I would probably not have to worry about COD updates anymore.
Der Keit gamer
Der Keit gamer 4 hours ago
now, linus can play flight simulator 2020 offline
Allen Byler
Allen Byler 14 hours ago
Linus, "It isn't even that loud." The thing sounding like a jet engine...
banan163 Day ago
Linus forefathers during the medieval was in charge of the execution and you'd hear "Go ahead and cut"
Nate Sharlette
Anthony needs a hat
Joseph Choi
Joseph Choi Day ago
9:35 that's me like everyday
sometimes I wish I had like 10 tb of storage, meanwhile you guys are just here with 1 petabytes of storage
81Alfetta 2 days ago
This is honestly my favourite sort of LTT content.
T.J. Snyder
T.J. Snyder 3 days ago
4 days… my great grandma had a ravioli recipe that took 4 days.
vfosterm 4 days ago
classic Linux experience. Google errors on my phone when I inevitibly break something again.
Aqua Venus
Aqua Venus 4 days ago
sometime soon he should just partition alex's workshop to make a dedicated storage room that is more accessible and manageable compared to the current one, and make sure to have enough space to add one or two more rack for future upgrades, or just rent the warehouse next door and turn it into a fully dedicated server storage
Vladimir Vladimir
Are you ever going to build a real server room?
Amey Jangde
Amey Jangde 5 days ago
Personal best.? Yeah definitely!
Wizzard 6 days ago
Ah yes the ultimate raid storage for all the por# ehm...... Minecraft worlds.
cluxter -
cluxter - 6 days ago
"Don't fix you hardware to fix your software." Best line ever
Ewy TOTA 6 days ago
to quote linus molex to sata lose all your data
itsmemun 7 days ago
Go ahead cut... Go ahead cut... Go ahead cut... Go ahead cut...
Jono 10 days ago
Would be interresting what one drive costs...
ingfre1000 10 days ago
If people have room for that...
SHUAI RUAN 11 days ago
Linus 2017: Welcome to PETABYTE project. Linus 2017: Unboxing RED 8K. Linus 2020: Welcome to (3)PETABYTE part 2. Linus 2025: Welcome to EXABYTE project. Linus 2027: Unboxing RED 16K. Linus 2030: Unboxing RED 32K. Linus 2031: Welcome to ZETTABYTE project. Linus 2032: Welcome to Datacenter project.
SHUAI RUAN 11 days ago
Anthony: Do "rm -rf /". Linus: start_typing{rm -rf /} Linus: Going to hit enter. Anthony: Don't do that. Linus: (Wanted to speak ****) Linus: OHHHHHHHH Wait you were gonna ruin my stuff now. Anthony: (Do as I say, not as I do).
Venality 13 days ago
14:53 he do be rocking dat gamer neck doe
Jeric Lauresta
Jeric Lauresta 13 days ago
10:21 are you guys having the time of your lives?
Pompom Yourkey
Pompom Yourkey 14 days ago
P at a BYTEs
Mark Randle
Mark Randle 14 days ago
How far we come from 2011 "A petabyte of storage would: Cost $93,662,499,307,520. Require a building the size of 10,814 football fields to hold the drives. Require 472 of the world's largest data centers to hold the drives.Jun 21, 2011  www.backblaze.com › blog $94 Trillion Petabyte - Backblaze"
Sylomer 14 days ago
Still not enough to load a full Minecraft world, smh
jujufactory 15 days ago
The fat guy needs a diet. He will die of a heart attack or diabetes if he does not get on it.
Haneesh kenny
Haneesh kenny 16 days ago
Love. Anthony
Valthar 16 days ago
I mean, they have gobs of $$$. They must, by the way he just tosses and throws electronics around worth hundreds (or more) of dollars. So with all this money, why do they have the absolute shit space for a "server room"? For less than a $1k, expand the damn thing by 2' in any direction, hopefully a couple directions. Two feet in any direction would double the area they currently have. Server rooms should not be a 4' x 6' closet. Especially when you have the means to do something about it.
wsedrftgzhujikol 17 days ago
Just a question. Why not use CEPH? With so many drives and servers, you could use it. But why not?
How to buy this case
Creativity Burst
Creativity Burst 18 days ago
14:23 linus activate ur windows
Marco Käpnick
Marco Käpnick 18 days ago
Go ahead and cut.... someone's storageservers are full :D
Benedicto Diptasuta
Mac: Best for Cafe-working (some basic working stuff when going out) Windows: Best for workstations Linux: Best for servers
GILOR 00 18 days ago
I love how he is too hyped at the start hahah
Marlon Perera
Marlon Perera 19 days ago
Too bad the video is not in English
FaZeT-series 20 days ago
I use that PC to play "Fortbyte"
Triky Briky
Triky Briky 20 days ago
2 hours - 4 days 🤣🤣
Thomas Gray R. Ramos
Linus (1 Hour before): 3 Petabytes! Linus (1 Hour AFTER that): ANOTHER ONE
aqil ginting
aqil ginting 21 day ago
Ok i dare you to make pc but the ram is 100 terabyte and storange only 1terabyte Can you
Adr Sngp
Adr Sngp 21 day ago
Linus becomes more silly to balance the sombre tone of Anthony. This video reminds me of me and my elder sister. I miss those simple days. Now, she has a family of her own.
Szymon Strożek
Szymon Strożek 22 days ago
The title should read "Downloading..." not "Deploying..."
Ancelestria 24 days ago
10:17 eyes closed
Steve Lurvey
Steve Lurvey 27 days ago
Content is easy when Anthony is on an episode. U sir are lucky to get all the quality employees
MigotRen 27 days ago
Me watching this while I was so happy that i managed to set up a 3Tb nas... YEAH TECH
Adam Ossowicz
Adam Ossowicz 27 days ago
Day 3 was amazing xD
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov 27 days ago
Okay, but Linus is definitely on fucking cocaine in this video.
Ghost_Me 28 days ago
How much does it even cost for this much storage!? 🤯
John M. Ungerleider
How'd that work out for ya We were the worst performing store in Canada Lmaoooo
Wood Ant
Wood Ant 28 days ago
I did my own version. It's called the two terabyte project😂😂 preceding that it was the 500GB project. Luckily Im expanding
Scarfqce_ 28 days ago
i accidentally understood "shooters" as "shitters"
Madmaximus 28 days ago
how much bloody storage do u need holy crap man. surely u can't have that much data and media that u need a petabyte...insane
Dread 28 days ago
Imagen haveing 1.2 PBs in a pc jesus the shit you could have on there
Tygo van Baak
Tygo van Baak 29 days ago
I've just received an ad from pulseway with linus in it!
Progressive Rider
At 9:42 Anthony’s describes when you first build a pc and then have to take it apart because you didn’t plug something in haha
Shaun600RR Month ago
It's like watching Timon and Pumbaa. The calm philosophical one and the slightly hyperactive jolly one. Love watching these videos.
Jack Baldyga
Jack Baldyga Month ago
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Month ago
Anthony creeps me the F out dude. That combover covering up that canadian skullet......
Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong Month ago
I don't understand half of this (I'm more software) but it's Interesting (I'm probably still bad at software compared to you guys though)
Caleb Krauter
Caleb Krauter Month ago
Can't believe Linus touched the screen! Noooooo!!!
Gabriel Martinez
Tristan Holmes
Tristan Holmes Month ago
Anthony is a fucking genius
Alexander Werth
Alexander Werth Month ago
8:08 Apparently there were some sharp edges in that server case. Ouch.
Riggs Kephart
Riggs Kephart Month ago
Hey linus just replace all that crap and get one of these www.cdw.com/product/Samsung-PM1633a-MZILS15THMLS-solid-state-drive-15.36-TB-SAS-12Gb-s/4079174?pfm=srh
Arjun Reji
Arjun Reji Month ago
ഇതിനുംമാത്രം എന്ത് data ആണ് ഇവര് generate ചെയ്യുന്നത്🧐
Hex [archived]
Hex [archived] Month ago
“Easy, right? Easy.” Narrator: “it was not easy.”
Menki Guo
Menki Guo Month ago
Actually rm -rf / will make your computer much faster. XD ruvid.net/video/video-kAXbzMPMFAE.html
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas Month ago
If I had a dime for every time Linus said "go ahead and cut"
Bill Tsevis
Bill Tsevis Month ago
Linus Drop Tips
Alisuperroyale Month ago
Anthony is the best pls keep him in the vids linus
kwith Month ago
Anthony reminds me of a friend and the pain he shows at 9:39 is a face that is all too familiar haha.
Diamond Warrior
Diamond Warrior Month ago
How much fps can you get on that thing
Cocktus 23 days ago
Comments like this make me that the entry bar for building computers is too low.
Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien Month ago
"We only have 2 hours to deploy this server" sounds like you're not going to have a server
Dash Gamer Podcast
You can just tell that Anthony is so annoyed by Linus 😄😂
marcel151 Month ago
11:16 That‘s 64. 😏
Corey Black
Corey Black Month ago
2 guys in one room with a cameraman should never say "yeah let's pull them together"...at least not in this context
NXG Month ago
The grossly underestimated time is me every single time I start programming something
Nexus 7 Tablet
Nexus 7 Tablet Month ago
why? would you try using a known faulty ram slot on a storage server? surely you are just introducing a failure point for no reason Can't you just use higher capacity ram sticks to get 64gb?
Addison Kimball
Addison Kimball Month ago
Anthony and Linus interacting = Appa and Momo interacting
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